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Author was inside his room flipping the pages of the book on his hand. He lay on the bed, supported by his hand under his head. Enjoying the book he was reading, a gentle smile formed on his cheek.

The hurried opening of the door distracted him, causing him to sit up on the bed. ‘What’s wrong with you?’ he asked his bodyguard angrily.

The bodyguard, who quickly kneel on the floor, stammered, ‘I’m sorry for bursting in, but the situation is urgent… Lucifer.'”The mention of Lucifer’s name sent shivers down the bodyguard’s spine, as he knelt on the floor, sweat beading on his forehead.

Author, who had been sitting calmly, now trembled with fear. He had no idea what his bodyguard was referring to, but the mere thought of Lucifer discovering Trigger’s background or mission made his mind race. Suddenly, a strong wind blew into the room, causing the books on the table to fly off. In an instant, Lucifer appeared in front of Author, sending him scrambling to the corner of the room, his clothes soaked with sweat.

Lucifer smiled, hoping to put Author at ease and show that he meant no harm. But to Author, the smile seemed like a cruel taunt, promising pain and suffering. He dropped to his knees, his body trembling with fear.

“I’m here to see you,’ Lucifer said gently. “There’s no need to be afraid. I only wish to speak with you,” He gestured toward a chair across from him.

Author hesitated, unsure if Lucifer could be trusted. He stared at him without saying anything. his mind doubting if Lucifer really mean no harms.

“Should I help you..I mean to sit down” Lucifer asked with grin.

“No..No..I’m…I’m okay like this….ple..ase carry on” Author Tension filled the room as he grappled with Lucifer’s cryptic statement.

Lucifer watched with a sly smile, with a mischievous grin, asked, “Should I lend you a hand?”

Author, taken aback, stammered, “N-No, I’m okay.” But Lucifer wouldn’t have it. He declared, “I can’t let my dear father-in-law kneel!” Locking eyes with Author, in the blink of an eye, Author found himself magically seated.

“Good,” Lucifer said, satisfied with his little trick.

As Author processed the sudden turn of events, he couldn’t help but wonder why Lucifer referred to him as his father-in-law.

“Father in law?” Author recalled still wondering what Lucifer meant by his tragical word.


(Palace~Prince Rome chamber)

Rome stood before the mirror, admiring the chiseled angles of his jawline and the deep, mysterious green of his eyes. With a smirk, reveling in the flawless image he saw reflected back. “Simply stunning,” he murmured to himself, his confidence radiating off him like a powerful aura.

Rome, lost in his own reflection, reveled in his flawless appearance. But his moment of self-admiration was interrupted by the creaking of the door. Prince Vernon entered the room, his cold gaze fixed upon Rome. “Heading out?” he asked, stepping further inside.

Rome, still focused on his reflection, replied, “Yeah, just going to check on a friend.”

Vernon cleared his throat, causing Rome to give him a questioning look. “Is there something you want to share?” Rome asked, sensing that something was bothering his brother.

“We can discuss about it when you come back”Prince Vernon said simply.

“No, let’s talk about it now.” Rome insisted and found a seat, ready to listen and address wh@ťěver was on Vernon’s mind.

Vernon, with a puzzled expression, began to reveal the scandal involving him and Princess Ann, his betrothed. Rome sat down, eagerly listening, making sure not to miss any details.

As Vernon explained, his face filled with confusion. Ever since Ann had shown him her nakedness, he hadn’t been himself. The memory of that moment made his heart race as if ready to explode.

After listening to the explanation Rome puzzled his face and asked “Wait, so she actually showed you her nakedness?”

Vernon nodded, and Rome exclaimed, “Wow, she’s so bold, yet she looks innocent.”

Vernon touched his chest, saying, “Just now, when I talked about her, it felt like my heart wanted to burst.”

Rome asked, surprised, “Wait, your heart is beating? That means you have feelings for her!” Rome concluded, but Vernon denied it, shaking his head. “No, I don’t feel anything for her,” Vernon insisted.

Rome noticed the uncertainty on his face. He realized that his brother was likely refusing to accept his feelings for Ann. “Are you thinking about Anne?” Rome asked, understanding the internal struggle. Vernon took a deep breath, trying to come to terms with it, and gently nodded. Rome continued, “Talking about Anne, I know she would be hurt if she found out about your affection for your betrothed, but I think she would understand. You can’t choose who to love; it’s our hearts that decide. Even if you don’t like someone, your heart might choose to love them. Your feelings for Ann weren’t planned, but your heart chose her. So don’t blame yourself too much. Speaking of Anne, I’ll find a way to tell her, so don’t worry too much.” Rome stood up, “I’ll be on my way now. Make sure you enjoy your day.” He rushed out, leaving Vernon staring after him.


(Frida chamber)

Frida was peacefully dozing off in her cozy chamber when she jolted awake to the sound of a thunderous knock on the door.

She groggily opened her eyes, trying to make sense of the commotion, but the persistent knocking forced her to fully wake up.

Still clad in her rumpled white nightgown and with her hair in disarray, she stumbled towards the door, wondering who could be causing such a ruckus. The only person that came to her mind was Trigger, but to her astonishment, it was Oscar on the other side, his face radiating anger.

“Why are you banging on my door so loudly this early in the morning?” Frida grumbled, her irritation evident.

“If it annoys you, then I’m not sorry. I need your attention,” Oscar retorted, lacking any hint of sympathy and leaving Frida suspicious.

“What? You’re not sorry? Where are your manners?” Frida shouted angrily, but Oscar remained unfazed.

“Will you come with me willingly, or do I have to drag you?” Oscar challenged, his tone dripping with confrontation.

Frida’s voice rang out with defiance as she glared at him captors. “Tell whoever sent you that I’m not going anywhere, not even if Lucifer himself demands it!” she declared. But before she could make her escape, Oscar grabbed her by the arms, delivering a punishing blow that knocked her to the ground. Undeterred, Oscar hauled her over his shoulder, going straight to the nearest prison.

“Trigger,” Frida whimpered slowly, feeling the fire of her anger burning inside her. If it weren’t for the blow Oscar gave her, leaving her weak, she would’ve shown him a lesson spicier than a jalapeno!

Oscar strutted over to the nearest prison and chucked Frida inside.

She bounced into the prison, her fiery gaze unable to meet the person next to her. She longed to scream, but her body was too weak to let out a spicy roar.

“You can have a family meeting in here,” Oscar sneered before making his exit.

As Frida pondered Oscar’s words, she glanced around, and to her surprise, she spotted a familiar face.

“Dad?” Frida called out, her heart pounding as she laid eyes on Trigger, who had already fainted.

“Frida,” Max choked out, his voice trembling with emotion. It was clear he was on the verge of tears.

“What the heck are you doing here?” Frida asked, her voice filled with sympathy and a dash of frustration.

“Lucifer’s bodyguard was the one who invited me here. I thought they had something important to say, but as soon as I arrived, they locked me up,” Max explained, his voice laced with disbelief.

Frida managed to find a seat, tears cascading down her cheeks like a waterfall of emotions.


Anne had finished pampering Carol, making her look and feel like a million bucks. As they strolled together, their laughter filling the air, it was clear that their friendship was stronger than ever.

Carol’s hair bounced around her shoulders, her smile brighter than the sun. Anne couldn’t help but admire her newfound glow she looked radiant and happy, her eyes twinkling with excitement.

They were two peas in a pod, walking down the compound.

Carol’s giggle was infectious and contagious. It was obvious she was happy about something. Her bubbly demeanor and cheerful energy made it hard not to smile along with her.

Anne couldn’t help but notice the radiant smile on Carol’s face it was as if she was glowing from the inside out. “You seem like you’ve got a secret,” Anne teased, her eyes dancing with curiosity.

Carol just chuckled and gave her a knowing look. “You could say that,” she replied, a hint of mischief in her voice.

“I can sense your excitement! What’s got you so stoked?” Anne asked, eagerly anticipating Carol’s response.

Carol just grinned even wider, savoring the anticipation she was creating.”“talking about Lucifer, I think I like him….no I love him. I don’t know when it all started but I found myself drooling in the pool of love.I can’t deny it” Carol explain truthfully.

Anne couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride at how far Carol had come. She had been Carol’s guardian and protector for so long, but now she could finally let go, knowing that Carol was safe and happy. Anne allowed herself a small smile, a glimmer of hope for her own future. She felt a newfound freedom to pursue her own happiness, no longer bound by her duty to Carol. It was a liberating feeling.

When they finally found somewhere to sit, Anne assisted Carol in sitting down and took a seat herself.

“You know what?” Anne asked, gazing up at the sky. She felt it was the perfect moment to reveal everything she had been keeping hidden from Carol.

Carol shook her head, indicating that she had no idea.

“Do you really have no clue who I am?” Anne inquired, a smile playing on her lips.

“Of course I do! I know everything about you, even your deepest secrets,” Carol replied, her smile widening.

“Deepest secrets?” Anne questioned, seeking confirmation, and Carol nodded.

“Yeah, I know everything about you. We’ve been friends since forever, so why wouldn’t I know you?” Carol explained, emphasizing their long-lasting bond.

“You sure know a lot about me, but there are still some things you don’t know,” Anne assured, a hint of mystery in her voice.

“Is there something else I don’t know besides you being Lucifer’s friend? You both come from the same place. Your real name is Jezebel. You only came to this world to protect me,” Carol explained, leaving Anne gasping in surprise.

“When did you find out all of this?” Anne couldn’t help but ask, her tone filled with astonishment. She had never shared any of this with Carol, yet somehow she knew everything.

“Don’t be surprised, I overheard everything that night when you were talking to Lucifer. I sensed there was something deeper between you two that could make you exchange words like that. And truth be told, you’re more than just something. Oh, and by the way, I also know you’re dating Prince Vernon,” Carol said, her smile growing wider. “I’m not spying on you, Prince Rome told me,” she quickly added, wanting to reassure her friend.

“That parrot!” Anne exclaimed, expressing her frustration.

“You don’t have to feel uncomfortable around me. I see you as my mate and my friend,” Carol reassured, trying to ease any tension.

“Who says I’ll be uncomfortable around you? I’m more comfortable than your own eyes!” Anne joked, and they both burst into laughter, lightening the mood.

“But there’s something else you don’t know,” Anne said, her expression suddenly changing. If only Carol could see it, she would have noticed.

“What is it?” Carol asked, curious to uncover the mystery.

“It’s your eyes!” Anne exclaimed, and Carol’s expression grew more serious.

“I hope you won’t be angry if I tell you,” Anne hesitated.

“What is it?” Carol urged, her voice changing slowly.

“The solution to your eyes, it can’t be solved by your family,” Anne revealed, causing Carol to smile with anger.

“What are you talking about? You’re scaring me,” Carol said, her confusion evident.

“I’m sorry. I only told the doctor to tell Lucifer that you can only be healed by a family,” Anne admitted, leaving Carol stiff as she tried to make sense of everything.

“Can you come clean? I don’t understand a thing,” Carol pleaded, her voice filled with confusion.

“I told the doctor to lie to you, saying that only a relative could heal you. I thought it would make Lucifer rush to find your family and bring you closer to him. About the virginity thing, it’s true that being a virgin affects the healing, but the rest? All lies. Sorry about that.” Anne spilled the truth, and before she could finish, Carol got drenched with sweat.

“What did you mean by all those words?” Lucifer, who had just returned, overheard the conversation and his anger mixed with his emotions.

Anne lifted her head, feeling a cold arrow piercing through her body from Lucifer’s icy gaze. She quickly stood up, staring back at him.

Author was also there with Lucifer. He insisted on following him after explaining everything. The moment he laid eyes on Carol, he sensed something was off. He could feel his own blood boiling just by looking at her.

Lucifer took a step closer to Anne, leaving just an inch between them. “I think I asked you a question,” Lucifer’s voice dropped with anger.