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” I can’t stand being here, Let’s go, Sally” Lucia Sawyer said pulling Sally stood her ground.

“I can’t leave, mom. Xavier is my husband whether you like it or not”

“I know you are angry mom but if you just come in with us and….”

“Don’t call me mom and stay out of this!” Lucia yell at Xavier.

“Don’t talk to him like that, mom!” Sally defends.

“If you don’t want me talking to him like that then you should come with me”

“Am not going! This is my home now and Xavier is my….” The rest of her words were left unsaid when Lucia slap her.

“This is why you and I get into arguments all the time. It’s because you don’t always agree with me!” Lucia said, already regretting her action.

“What is going on here?” Someone ask.

While Xavier and Sally stared at Desiree, Lucia stood still, her body tense with fright and anxiety as she stared at Desiree.

“Why are you here grandma?” Xavier ask.

“I have a very important matter to talk about with you”

“Can we save it for later. I need to handle this” Xavier said, closing the gap between him and Sally.

He took hold of Sally hand and turn to Lucia.

“I know our marriage took everyone by surprise but we are married. Sally and I knew what we were getting into when we agree to this marriage. So you asking us to get a divorce is impossible” Xavier said to Lucia.

“A divorce you say. Seems like we are on the same page. I am Desiree Landon, Xavier’s grandmother and let me tell you that I definitely agree that they should get a divorce. They are not a match at all, don’t you think?” Desiree said, moving towards Lucia.

Lucia stared at her and she remember what Desiree did at the hospital years ago.

“You look familiar, have we met before?” Desiree ask, cutting into Lucia thoughts.

Not bothering to answer, Lucia took hold of Sally hand and began to pull her off.

Xavier made an attempt to follow but Desiree stop him.

“Your mother in law is angry, let her anger dissipate first, just let them go” Desiree said softly.

“Why exactly are you here? ”

“To talk business with you”

“Am in no interest for that….”

“Have found an investor for us” Desiree said cutting him off.



“Genova? Where on earth did she get the money to invest with us?” Xavier ask, stunned.

“I don’t know. All I know is that she will be joining the company as an investor, make sure you treat her well after all she’s bringing her money to us because she trust us ” Desiree said, tapping him lightly on the arm before making her way to her car which had her chauffeur on standby.

“Where on earth did Genova get such money to invest?” A confuse Xavier mutter to himself, looking puzzled.


“Why are you being this way, mom! It’s not a big deal that I married Xavier” Sally said the moment they got to her apartment.

Seeing Mathew, Marie and May present in the room, Lucia pull Sally up stairs to talk In private.

“To me it is a big deal. I don’t want you with that man. Any man will be good but a Landon, definitely not!” Lucia yell at her.

“Why are you against the Landon or are you just against Xavier?” Sally ask.

“For once, Sally. Stop arguing with me and do what I say. Xavier is not the right man for you” Lucia said softly this time, taking hold of Sally arms.

“Do you know something about the Landon? Like a secret? Is that why you are so bent on it that I leave Xavier?” Sally ask, finally noticing the desperation in her mother words.

“What can I know about someone I just met today?” Lucia return, turning away from her.

“You do know something. You wouldn’t have behave the way you did if you just met the Landon. Is it Desiree? Do you know the dirt on her?” As soon as Sally ask that, Lucia turn around.

“Do you know about Desiree?” Lucia ask and Sally gave a nod.

“All I know is that Desiree ki||ed someone called Sophia”

“How do you know that?” Lucia ask and Sally explain.

“That explains it” Lucia said sometime later when Sally finish her explanation.

“What do you know about the Landon mother? Tell me about it” Sally said softly and once again Lucia turn from her gaze.

“I can’t tell you. All I can is that Desiree Landon is a devil and you shouldn’t be around her, which is why I want you to stay away from Xavier”

“I can’t do that mom. I love Xavier and I knew about Sophia’s death before I married him” Sally reveal.

She walk towards her mom and took hold of her hand.

“Xavier isn’t like his grandma. He’s different, he’s kind, sweet and also a victim of his grandmother cruelty. I have this great urge to protect him from her which is why I married him,so don’t ask me to leave him, I can’t do it” Sally said softly.

“You really are in love with him” Lucia said, seeing the love shinning in her daughter eyes.

“I am and also we can use this opportunity to bring Desiree down”

“We can’t! Desiree is too powerful and cruel and….”

“And she’s not above the law. We just need to find evidence against her and she will be lock up in jail forever. I once suggested this to May but we had no proof. But we can get the proof if there is none” Sally said quickly.

“What you are saying isn’t a simple task and I won’t let you put yourself in danger just to get evidence against that witch” Lucia said.

“Don’t worry mom. I won’t be doing it alone, Xavier will help me”

“Do you think so? She’s his grandmother” Lucia said doubtfully.

“Even if she is. Xavier knows what is right from wrong and he will definitely help once I tell him about it, trust me” Sally said tightening her mother hand in reassurance.

The knock on the door reveal May who was treading with caution.

“Sorry to intrude but Xavier is downstairs. He wants to talk to mom” May said.

“Promise me you won’t be rude to him?” Sally ask her mom who reluctantly gave a nod.

Together they went downstairs to see a nervous Xavier waiting.

“Mrs Sawyer I….”

“Just promise me one thing. You keep my daughter save” Lucia said cutting him off.

“I promise” Xavier reply quickly.

“That’s good cause if you fail to watch over her and make her happy and if you so much dare make her cry, I will be your worst nightmare” Lucia thr_@ten and Xavier swallowed hard before replying.

“Sally means a lot to me. I won’t ever make her cry” Xavier said and it wasn’t until Lucia smile that the tense atmosphere dissipate.

“Since we are all acquainted now, why don’t we drink a toast” Marie suggest.

“And where exactly will you get the wine to toast with ?” May ask.

“Marie and I found a hidden bottle in the kitchen cabinet” Mathew said already moving towards the kitchen.

“No! Not my vintage wine!” May said running after Mathew and everyone laugh.

Lucia on the other hand hope within her that she’s making the right decision by letting her daughter be with Xavier Landon.


” You want to do what?”

“I said that I want to help you in any way to end Sally’s marriage to your grandson” Adam reply, starring at Desiree Landon.

“But why will you help me?” Desiree ask.

“It’s simple. I want them to separate, you see I have this interest in Sally and if your grandson didn’t come in my way, Sally would have been my woman” Adam reply.

“You are the company’s model, right?”

“I am but what has that got to do with this?” Adam ask.

“Nothing. I just wanted to know and you are sure that you want us to work together?” Desiree ask.

“Very sure”

“Fine then. I have this thought in mind and if we pull it through, you get your Sally and I get back my grandson. Interested?” Desiree ask.

“Interested” Adam said in return.

A while later, Adam got to his car and made a call to Claire.

“It’s on,Claire”


“Yeah and we even have a plan. A plan which will get those two falling in bad terms”

“Tell me about it” Claire urge

A while later, Adam ended the call to start his car.

His only hope with all this is that he gets Sally, the girl he loves.


Teddy was alone at the balcony, having some alone time when he got a call from his investigator.

“I found her sir and she’s currently in the city” the man said down the line.

“Really? Where? Or better yet, bring her to see me” Teddy let out in a rush.

“That’s going to be hard cause….”

“No more excuses, Payne. Have been waiting for long in finding Lucia Sawyer and now that you’ve find her, you are saying it’s going to be hard?”

“Am not tolerating it. Bring Lucia Sawyer to me and do it ASAP!” Teddy yell before ending the call……..

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