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“It can’t be. Our child can’t be dead. The thought of seeing that child have been what have kept me going for years” Teddy said, feeling deeply hurt.

“If I had my way then you would still be oblivious about this cause it was Sophia’s wish that I said nothing to you. She didn’t want you to go through the pain she did” Lucia said.

“How did…my child die?” Teddy ask, his voice coming out in a whisper.

“What do you think?” Lucia said and that got him looking at her.

“Don’t tell me that….” He pause waiting for her to finish which she did.

“Desiree ki||ed the child and went on to doing the same with Sophia” Lucia told him.

She watch him stay still for a while and suddenly, In a fit of anger, he lift the center table and flip it over, scaring the hell out of Lucia.

“Not only did she ki|| the love of my life, she also ki||ed my child, I will make Desiree Landon pay in blood, she will suffer the same way have suffered!” Teddy said, making a vow to himself.

Lucia watch him head to his study and a while later the man that brought her walk escort her out of the house.


James was having a important team meeting with four of his colleagues when he got a call from May.

Since he’s very busy, he choose to ignore it but when he got a certain message from her, his gave his full attention to it.

“Listen up guys. If your woman suddenly send you a message that she’s getting an abortion, what does it mean?” James ask his male colleagues.

“She’s getting rid of your child” One of them replied.

“Am sorry guys but I need to leave, take care of the rest and send an email to me, I need to go” James said, dashing out of the meeting room.

All through his way to his car, James kept calling May number but she wouldn’t pick.

It wasn’t until he got into his car that she send him a message.

It’s the address of a hospital, James thought as he step on the accelerator.

The drive to the hospital took him an hour. He got out of his car and was running in when he heard someone call his name.

He turn to see May waiting outside and quickly, he ran towards her, pulling her into his embrace.

“Are you okay? Why didn’t you tell me that you are pregnant?” James ask, pulling back to stare at her.

“That’s because I just found out today! And when I called my boyfriend to tell him about it, he ignores my call” May said, sulking.

“Am sorry. I was just….tell me you didn’t abort the child?” James demand, remembering the text that brought him there.

“Do you think am that callous!” She said hitting him on the chest and he pulled her into his arms in return.

“That’s a great relieve” he said, feeling excited at the prospect of having a child.

” Don’t tell me that you want us to have this child?” May ask, pulling back to stare at him.

“I do want us to have it. Don’t you?”

“Am not ready yet. Am not ready to be a mother, I have my career to begin with and have seen a lot of women giving up everything just to take care of their children, I don’t see myself doing that , James”

“So you want us to get rid of the child?” James ask.

“No! Yes, I don’t know. Am just so confuse right now. I want our child but I also don’t want to give up on my career” May said, utterly confuse.

“You don’t have to give up on both,May. I know a way you can have our child and also have your career”

“What way?”

“Marry me” James said, taking hold of her hand.

“This isn’t a joke, James”

“Do you think am joking? ”

“You really want to marry me?” May ask, seeing the seriousness in his gaze.

“I want to. Not just because of our child, even without the child, I would have ask you to marry me because I love you,I love you May and I want to spend the rest of my life with you if you will have me” James said, proposing to her.

Tears glisten May eyes as she pull her hand out of his to wound it around his waist, revelling in being in his arms.

“Marrying me will be like a life sentence. Are you sure you want to carry on?” May ask, burying her face against his chest.

James smile and made her look at him.

“If it will entail you being by my side forever then I will gladly accept this life sentence” he said as a smile spread across her face.

“I love you,James and I will marry you” May said, consume with happiness.

The two kiss each other giving a sweet view to the passerby who walk by them.


Sally wake up to find herself in an unfamiliar room. The last thing she remember was taking the drink Adam gave her.

Did he spike it? Sally thought as she sat up, feeling a rush of nausea.

“Drink this, you will need it” on hearing Xavier voice, a gasp left her lips as she stare at him.

What happen last night? Why is he here? Did Adam do something to her?

“Quit it with the questions and drink this” Xavier said as if reading her thought.

Sally drink the strong coffee given to her and return the empty cup to him.

“Now before you ask me any question. I want to make something clear to you. I don’t want to ever see you hanging out with that Adam guy or I swear, I will break his bones” Xavier said, his voice sounding dangerous to the ears.

Sally swallowed hard and gave a nod.

Xavier sat beside her on the bed and explain the whole thing to her.

“I can’t believe Adam and Genova will do that just to make us separate” Sally said, feeling hurt by this.

“Adam wants you and Genova wants me. They are doing their best to get the people they love but what they don’t know is that even if you and I part, I will always love you” As soon as he said that, Sally stared at him,shock written all over her face.

“What’s wrong?”Xavier ask.

“You just said you love me” Sally said, ray of hope shimmering through her.

” Is that something new?”

“It is. You’ve never said it before and so I thought you didn’t love me. I was at first reluctant to marry you when I knew that I love you and you didn’t but I decided to give it a try hoping that someday you will love me” Sally reveal.

“I will admit that at first, I only thought of you as a suitable bride but when I got to know you, I was caught in your web” Xavier told her and too choke with happiness to say a thing.

Sally move towards him to claim his lips.

“Oh! Am naked” she said, pulling the cover over her body but Xavier stop her, a naughty smile splaying on his lips.

“You can’t really want to….”

“You know I want to”

“But this room…”

“Have been book by Genova. She wanted to use it for her evil deeds but it back fired on her” Xavier said, trailing kisses down her throat while his hand fondle her bre@st.

” Should we still stop?” Xavier ask, his hand working wonder on her bre@st

“Don’t stop. Love me all you want” Sally said, wrapping her arms around him.

“Your wish is my command, my love” Xavier said before claiming her lips.


“Are you sure about this boss?” Robbin, Teddy’s hit man said as he stood in his boss study.

“I am sure. I want us to hit Desiree where it will hurt her the most” Teddy said

“And that is by ki||ing Xavier Landon?” Robbin ask.

“Yes. ki|| Xavier and once he’s out of the way, you go after Desiree” Teddy said.

“Got it boss”

“I want Xavier done today and no mistake ” Teddy added, his head filled with the pain Desiree will feel when she loses her belove grandson.


“This just arrive for you, madam” the maid said, giving Desiree a box which has a gift wrap around it.

Desiree smile as she took the gift from the maid.

No matter what happen between her and Xavier, he wouldn’t forget her birthday.

Desiree thought as she unwrap the gift only to throw the box away when she saw the content.

There was a picture of Xavier covered in blood and next to it had her picture which had some words on it.


“S…S…Stella! ” Desiree yell and immediately the maid return.

“Call Xavier, Call him now!” Desiree scream.


“Are you sure you can drive back home, I can come with you” Xavier said as he stood outside the company with Sally.

“And do what exactly?” Sally ask, knowing what he had in mind.

“I really want to come with you” Xavier said, pouting like a baby.

“No. You’ve got work to attend to and I need to take care of some things”

“Things like what?”

“It’s a secret”

“Tell me about it, don’t hide anything from me” Xavier said, giving her light kisses on the cheek.

They were so engross with each other that they fail to see the car that pull up some distance away.

“Xavier Landon” a man in a mask called, pointing his gun at them and firing a shot at Xavier……..

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