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They sucked each other’s lips deeply, not minding the person watching them. It seemed like they were eating each other. It was such an intense sight to behold.

Amelia Mõ@ɲed into his mouth and trailed her hands all over him.

She didn’t just like Asher, she loved him. She didn’t want to lose him like every other person in her life.

She wanted to have someone to herself. For the first time, she didn’t want to let go. She had always given up on almost everything in her life, but she had refused to give up on Asher.

Even if she had to become bold or a devil to keep him, she would do it. She loved him too much to leave him or let him leave her.

Her emotions were too much for this man she was kissing. The love she felt was different from any other. It ran deep into her soul. It was quite wonderful.

She didn’t want that part of her heart to be void again. She didn’t want to lose the person that made her the happiest.

Call her selfish, but she didn’t even care who gets hurt for her to be with him. She wanted his love, she needed it and in return she would shower him with affection in her heart.

She cared too much about him and besides, he had dug so deep into her heart that she could feel every part of her change at the sight of him. He had this effect on her that she couldn’t explain.

“Asher, I’m ready to die with you,” She whispered, sucking his tongue. “I don’t want to ever leave your side, please don’t push me away,”

“I don’t want to leave you either,” He whispered as well, capturing her lips softly.

They kissed for a few more minutes, before Asher carried her in bridal style and began walking away.

Amelia circled her hands around his neck and still kissed him as he walked.

Henry was left standing in the rain, dumbfounded. He didn’t even realize that was standing in the middle of the road. He looked so pathetic.

Asher got to the mansion with Amelia and he took her all the way to his room.

He dropped her close to his bed and apologized.

“I’m so sorry for almost giving up on us,” Asher whispered and slammed his lips on hers. “I was under thr_@ts,”

“I’m so sorry,” He apologized again.

“You don’t have to be sorry. You were trying to protect me. That shows how much you care. You’re even the second person to do that. The first is my best friend, Polly. She’s quite protective,” Amelia smiled.

Asher smiled as well and kissed her wet lips. He wrapped his hands around her and it felt like they were cacooned in their own world.

Asher took his hand to her zip and his fingers undid it. His lips was still glued to hers as he removed the straps of her dress.

He gave her a little space without breaking the kiss. He let her dress flow down her body and pool at her feet.

Amelia smiled on his lips and reached for the buttons of his shirt, she began undoing them. They undressed each other, while still kissing and breaking away momentarily.

Once they were both naked in front of each other, they gawked at their bodies. Amelia loved everything she saw, from his biceps and abs to his good looking Ç0çƙ that she wanted in her. She loved every bit of it.

Asher was stunned and turned on by her beauty. She was making his Ç0çƙ throb already. She had such a divine body.

“You’re extremely beautiful. Inside and out,” He smiled.

“You are perfect too. Extremely perfect,” She grinned and raised her feet to kiss him. She had been doing it for a while.

Asher couldn’t waste another second again. He quickly took her into the bed and spread her legs apart.

He took his hand to her pûssy and began stroking it with four of his fingers while his thumb massaged her ćƖĩť. Amelia Mõ@ɲed into his lips as his fingers kept pressing against her clît.

“Hmm,” She Mõ@ɲed softly.

He began stroking his fingers down to her slit and her hips squirmed repeatedly. He stopped doing that for a second and th-ru_st his middle finger into her cûnt.

She whimpered a little, but enjoyed every second of his entry. He th-ru_st his finger in and out of her pûssy. In and out. In and out.

He wasn’t slowing down his pace. He kept going faster, torturing her pretty høle with his ceaseless th-ru_sts.

“Mmmh!” Amelia Mõ@ɲed, her legs were shaking already.

He didn’t stop for a second, his finger simply kept going and going. She pulled away from the kiss, squirming and gasping underneath him.

Although, he wasn’t hovering over her, but kneeling in between her legs, the way his finger kept driving into her was too intense.

“Asher…” She Mõ@ɲed loudly, gripping the sheets.

She was getting closer to her climax. Her breathing became more heavy and she ruffled the sheets with a sense of heavy pleasure.

“Aaah,” She was already at her peak. Her legs were trembling uncontrollably and her pûssy was tightening around his finger.

Asher smiled at her every movement and reaction, she was so pretty.

“Aaahh, Ahh, Ahhh!!!”

She raised her hips, grinding hopelessly into his finger. She wanted to have an orgåsm so bad.

Asher saw how needy she was and he pulled out his finger, ending the surging excitement.

“Why?” Amelia gasped.

He gripped her hips and pulled her closer to him. He couldn’t play with her anymore or hold back. He wanted to feel her wet pûssy around his cøck, he wanted to see her expression when his cøck drives into her.

With a smirk on his lips, he th-ru_st his member into her at once and made her shriek.

She was wet, but it still hurt. Tears filled her eyes as that one th-ru_st brøke her hýmen.

“Ohh,” She whimpered.

Her bløød trickled down his Ç0çƙ, but he didn’t mind. He loved the fact that he was her first and he intended to be her last.

He wasn’t going to leave her again. He loved her already. He was too deep into her, nothing could separate them.

Asher pulled out his cøck half way and th-ru_st back in, making Amelia whimper again.

“Shh, the hurt will soon disappear. I promise. Just trust me,” His smile was enough for her to forget about the pain.

He th-ru_st into her again, and with each th-ru_st, the pleasure began setting in again. He went faster and faster with each second that came.

“Ahhh,” She Mõ@ɲed, lost in pleasure.

He reached for her pretty and bouncy bøøbs and pressed them while still fûcking her. With each th-ru_st, her pleasure heightened and her body trembled.

“Ah, ah, ah,” She was Mõ@ɲing as quick as his th-ru_sts were.

His th-ru_sts were so deep and amazing. He knew how to meet the sweet spots that placed her in cloud nine.

“How do you feel with my cøck inside you?” Asher suddenly asked, relishing every second that the head of his cøck slammed into her.

“It…feels so good…so…ah!” She cried in pleasure, her Pů$$¥ clenching to around his cøck.


Her blurry eyes stared at the ceiling for some seconds, then rolled when his cøck slammed into a sensitive point in her cůnt. It was so hard and sweet.

Asher pulled her much closer, making cøck go so deep that she released another shriek. As deep as he was, he pushed his hips forward and rotated them in such a way that her eyes rolled again.

Her Mõ@ɲs hit the rooftop and even echoed down the hallway. She gasped, cried and Mõ@ɲed at the same time.

Asher finally hovered over her and raised one of her thighs, making the position a little different and immense for her.

“So beautiful,” He whimpered and kissed her.

As he kissed her, he went harder than before. His pace was faster and she couldn’t control herself anymore. She pulled away from the kiss and screamed.


“Yes, call my name… Lia,” Asher’s breath was getting ragged too.

“Asher…” She cried out, her eyes rolling again as her půssy spasmed around his cøck. “Ash, ash…”

She gripped his arms as he was th-ru_sting mercilessly into her.

“Say it again,” He groaned.

He noticed how her Pů$$¥ became so tight around his Ç0çƙ and he moved his hips forward, going as deep as he could.

“Asher!” She orgäsmed like a bîtch in heat.