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Asher’s eyes snapped open when he saw the vision.

He stopped kissing her underwear and sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Amelia asked, wondering why he stopped.

“Amelia stay still,” Asher muttered and straightened himself on the bed.

“Asher, what are you doing?”

“Amelia listen to me carefully. Don’t raise your head or sit up. I just need you to roll to the floor. Please don’t lift yourself,” Asher pleaded.

Amelia was confused, but she agreed.

“At the count of three, one, two, three, go!” She began rolling slowly off the bed and Asher rolled with her.

They both dropped to the floor, but she fell on Asher.

“Ah!” She whimpered, then looked at him. “Asher, what’s the problem?”

“Just stay low,” He muttered, pushing her head gently to his chest.

“There is someone around with a gun, I need you to check the whole place and get rid of him before he hurts anyone,” Asher whispered into his collar.

“A gun?” Amelia gasped.

“How did you know that someone has a gun around?” Amelia wondered.

Asher quickly switched positions, placing her on the floor and hovering slightly over her.

“I see things sometimes,” He smiled.

“What do you mean?” Amelia asked, blinking rapidly at him.

“Sometimes, I see what would happen before it happens,” Asher revealed, shocking her.

“Wow,” Amelia gasped.

“Before I met you that night, I had a premonition,” Asher smiled softly.

“So, you knew that you were going to meet me,” Amelia smiled.

“Yes, I knew…” Asher nodded.

“My visions or premonitions always come to pass,” Asher revealed with a smile.

“That’s surprising. It’s amazing,” Amelia giggled, reaching for his face and caressing his cheek.

“Yeah, it’s amazing sometimes and fortunately, it can be averted. But I couldn’t avert meeting you, I needed to see the beautiful girl with blue eyes,” He beamed at her.

“Thanks for not avoiding me,” Amelia said, then pulled him down into a hug. “Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. I don’t know what I would have done without you,”

“Me too, Lia. Me too,” Asher sighed, placing his hand on her hair and stroking it.

She finally let him go and heard yells from outside. It seemed like they had caught the person.

“Your powers are amazing, Asher,” Amelia giggled softly.

“Yeah, they are. Now let’s continue from where we stopped,” Asher smiled, raising himself a little.

He crawled backward a little and took his hands to her P@ŋtîēṣ. He pulled them down and licked his lips at the sight of her pûssy.

“You have such a beautiful body, Lia. Everything about you is so perfect,” He muttered, putting his face in between her legs.

Amelia bit hard on her lips, feeling so nervous but excited about what he was going to do.

In her previous relationship, she didn’t allow her ex-boyfriend to touch her like this. Well, she was young at that time and was afraid of getting pregnant.

But with the king, she felt so comfortable and wanted to lose her vîrgînity. She wasn’t a baby anymore and she felt that Asher was the right person.

The sudden lick on her pùssy snapped her out of her reverie. Another lick made her Mõ@ɲ.

She whimpered when another flap of his tongue came.

Amelia couldn’t believe that the king was lîcking her pûssy. She would have never dreamt of something like this.

“Ahhh,” Amelia Mõ@ɲed, closing her eyes and relishing each smoother of his tongue.

The more his tongue lapped on her Pů$$¥, the wetter she got. When he took the tip of his tongue into her hole and twirled it, her Mõ@ɲs increased.

Teasing her core didn’t seem like something, she could handle. Asher believed he had found the weak spot that would put her where he wanted her.

“Oh my God,” Amelia Mõ@ɲed, feeling a sweet and tingling sensation as his tongue continued twirling inside her Pů$$¥.

She began breathing heavily and squirming a lot more when he focused his whole attention on that spot, rolling his tongue in it and licking the surface with the tip of his tongue.

He even went as far as th-ru_sting his tongue into her.

Asher loved how she scented down there and tasted. She was good in every aspect.

“Asher…” She Mõ@ɲed and gripped his hair.

Her pleasure was getting heightened.

“Aaahh,” She raised her hips, having more contact with his tongue.

Asher increases his pace, lapping his tongue faster on the area, while enjoying her taste.

Amelia’s Mõ@ɲs intensified and she bucked her pûssy against his face. She was getting closer to her climax.

Asher continued pleasuring her, working his tongue on her Pů$$¥, until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Asher, Asher…”She Mõ@ɲed uncontrollably. “Aaahh…fûck…mmmh!”


“Aaahh…aahhh,” She gripped his hair tighter and caressed it. “Oh my god…”

“god isn’t the one tongue fûcking you,” Asher muttered, then buried her tongue into her core.

“Ohhh,” She whimpered, squirming her hips that were finally held in place by Asher.

“Asher…I can’t…” She couldn’t take the pleasure anymore.

“Please,” She pleaded for reasons that she didn’t even know.

“Ah, ah, Ahhh…”She cried out and began shaking.

Her 0rg@zm was searing through her and it was more intense than the one she had before.

“Ah-h!” Her legs quivered and her Pů$$¥ trembled against his tongue.

“Mmh!” a bit of her wetness dripped as her body relaxed.

Asher didn’t think it was enough and he began teasing her Pů$$¥ again and this time he used his finger as well.

“Asher…wait, ah!” She Mõ@ɲed loudly.

Asher lapped his tongue on her pink surface and massaged her clît with his finger. Her Pů$$¥ became so sensitive that each touch electrifying.

“Ah, Ah,”

Her cries echoed in the room and he didn’t stop with pleasurable torment until she was soaking and reached her second 0rg@zm.

He gave one last lick on her pûssy and pinched her ćƖĩť. That was enough to make her climax and squirt in his face.

Asher smiled as her cûm splashed on his face.

“Good baby, cům on me,”


“Mmm…” her pûssy trembled uncontrollably and it took a while before her body relaxed.

Asher wiped his face happily. He loved every second of pleasuring her. He listed his face from her legs and gazed at her.

Her face looked so flushed and beautiful.

“Did you like it?” Asher asked, slipping to her side and lying down beside her.

Amelia opened her eyes and sighed, “Yes, I loved it…”

“I would like to do it again,” Amelia smiled and looked at him.

“I’ll do it with pleasure…my love,” He whispered, taking his hand to her face. “You taste exceptionally well,”

He slammed his lips on her and hovered over her.

Amelia could feel his hardness against her thighs and she loved it. She wanted him inside her and she couldn’t deny the arousal and got from that thought.

As he kissed her she Mõ@ɲed, Mõ@ɲed from thinking about his cøck in her. Her Pů$$¥ was clenching as she imagined his cøck driving into her.

She had never experienced dirty thoughts before, but now, she couldn’t help it.

As Asher cupped her @zz in his palm, she trembled under his grasp. She was even feeling his imaginary cøck th-ru_sting into her.

“Hmm,” She Mõ@ɲed in between the kiss. “Aaah,”

Asher got harder as she kept Mõ@ɲing into his mouth. He didn’t know how long he could hold back.

He kneaded her @zzcheek in his hands and she Mõ@ɲed again.

“Aaahh,” Amelia couldn’t keep her legs close anymore, the sensation between her legs was getting hotter.

She grabbed Asher’s hand from her face and put it on her Pů$$¥. The moment his finger touched her there, she felt like peeing on herself.

The pleasure she felt was immense.

Asher didn’t need to be told what to do next. He th-ru_st two of his fingers into her core and she pulled away from the kiss, throwing her head backward.

He began th-ru_sting his fingers into her cøre.

“Aaahh…” Amelia Mõ@ɲed.

He didn’t go too deep to avoid breaking her hymėn.

“This feels so good,” She Mõ@ɲed out.

Her Pů$$¥ tightened around his fingers, then adjusted a little. As he th-ru_st his fingers into her again, her body went into tremors.

“Ahhh, Asher…” She trembled, her eyes rolling.

Asher pulled out his fingers and she squirted miserably.

“Aaahh!” She felt so embarrassed after that she had to bury her face in his chest.

Asher licked his finger and smirked.

“Amelia, you’re awesome,” Asher grinned.

“Thank you,” Amelia laughed.

“Do you wanna have dinner tonight? Will you wait for me at the central park?”

Amelia raised her head and smiled shakily, “Sure, I’ll wait for you…”

“A dress will sent to you, please wear it,” Asher smiled.

“I will,” She raised herself to kiss him. “I like you very much, my king,” She suddenly muttered.

“I like you more,” He grinned, before capturing her lips again.

Later that night, Asher got ready for dinner and he looked so handsome. He couldn’t help smiling at the mirror like a dummy.

“The Queen Mother of the Dread kingdom is here!”

Asher frowned as he heard the announcement. Before he could do anything, his mother barged into his room.

“Mother, knock,”

“Where are you dressed up for? Are you going to meet her? A maid!” The Queen’s mother yelled.

She looked extremely beautiful at her age and her dress was like that of one of those queens in the Victorian era.

“Mother, I don’t have time for this,” He said and looked at the mirror.

“You are a king, you’ve got to stop having the mindset of a commoner. You’re not going to see that girl again!” His mother yelled.

“You can’t tell me what to do,” Asher said plainly and wore his suit.

“Asher, don’t tempt me,”

“I don’t care if you’re tempted. I will be with her. Don’t get involved,” He sneered and walked towards the door.

His mother stood in front of him and thr_@tened, “If you dump that maid, you’re going to regret it,”

“Mother, you can’t control me…”

“I can,” She smirked. “It’s either you marry Nicola or I tell the whole kingdom, your secret. Choose one,”

“Mom, you won’t dare,” Asher’s face paled.

“Meet her tonight and have your secret revealed. Dare me, Your Majesty,” His mother sneered, her expression wicked.

“Mother, don’t do this to me…”

“Try me,” She frowned deeply.

Amelia was waiting in the park, wearing the beautiful dress that Asher sent to her.

She stayed there for hours, but he never came. She called his number several times, but he wasn’t answering.

“What’s happening to him?” Amelia asked with a worried expression on her face. “Is he okay?”

Thunder rumbled in the sky and she shivered. Soon, the rain started falling and she had to go hide somewhere. She was still waiting for Asher.

Minutes passed and he didn’t come. She was already getting wet because of how the wind blew the rain in had direction.

“I’m cold,” Amelia shivered, lowering her head.

She suddenly saw a pair of shoes in front of her and raised her head excitedly. But then she frowned at the sight of the person.


Henry hovered an umbrella over her and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Nothing,” She glared at him.

“We should find somewhere better to stay, maybe a restaurant,” Henry suggested.

‘This might just be my opportunity to get you pregnant…’