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Nicole was too shaken to get up from the floor. She began shedding tears because of how badly the slaps hurt.

Amelia looked at her without feeling any pity for her. She felt so bold with Asher by her side.

“Princess Nicole get up,” Asher ordered.

Nicole trembled her way to her feet

“Asher, your mother will hear of this, I swear it!” She spat, trembling in tears.

“Nicole tell your father that I know he’s gay, meaning that he cheats on your mother with men. If you dare say anything to my mother or refuse to break this alliance quietly, I’ll expose your father and ruin your family,” Asher thr_@tened.

Nicole was shocked his words and Amelia was surprised as well.

“I also know that you were the one who ki||ed your brother. I have evidence,” Asher smirked.

He had gotten all his information from his friend Dominic. Dominic was like an informant and he was very dangerous.

Someone who didn’t believe in love, would certainly have something else he believed in.

“How…did you…know?” Nicole trembled.

“I have my ways,” Asher shrugged. “I just want you to tell my mother that I’m not handsome enough for you…”

“But you’re so handsome,” Amelia interjected, turning to him.

“Thanks Lia,” Asher snickered, pecking her forehead, then her lips.

“As I was saying…tell my mother that I’m not handsome enough and you’ll prefer a better king,” Asher instructed.

“Yes…your majesty, but please promise not to…”

“Just shut up and vanish from my presence. Do what I said and avoid hurting my Amelia or you’ll forever loathe your existence,” Asher thr_@tened, pulling Amelia into a hug.

“Yes…your majesty,” Nicole cried her way out of the dining room.

“How did that feel, Amelia?” Asher smiled.

“Slapping her back felt good,” Amelia giggled with the king.

They looked so cute together.

Asher wanted to kiss her again, but the door to the dining room slowly opened.

He gave her one last kiss which was so sweet, that he didn’t want to stop.

“Asher!” Grandma Rose gasped at sight of them.

“Grandma Rose,” Amelia quickly pulled away from the kiss and bowed her head.

Grandma rose walked slowly to them, looking shocked.

“Asher, you’re having something with the…maid,” her voice cracked as usual.

“Yes, I’m courting Amelia,”

Grandma Rose gasped again.

Amelia was so scared, she thought that Grandma Rose was going to be angry.

“Amelia is a beautiful and good girl. Although her status is too low for a King, but she takes care of me very well, even more than the caregivers you hired. She’s a good choice,” Grandma Rose chuckled softly.

“Thanks, Grandma,” Asher grinned.

“You’re the first girl that he’s bringing here. I think someone is in love,” Grandma Rose chuckled softly before touching Amelia’s shoulder.

“Have you both started doing it?” Grandma Rose asked.

“Grandma!” Asher gasped.

“He doesn’t bring ladies here, so I thought that thing isn’t working,” Grandma Rose pointed at the king’s cøck. “I was suspicious,” She said with Amelia.

“Grandma, I’m fine, there’s nothing wrong with me.” Asher chuckled softly.

“I’m glad to hear that,” Grandma Rose chuckled harder, then began coughing.

“Grandma Rose, take it easy,” Asher attender to her and helped her to a seat.

“Thank you,” Grandma Rose whispered.

“You both look likes fine couple, If she makes you happy then go for her. It’s always sad to be with someone you don’t love. So be with her,” Granma rose urged with a soft smile.

She was being supportive because she was on d married to a man that he didn’t love, he put her through hell

“Thanks Grandma,” Asher smiled.

He glanced at Amelia and wrapped his hands around her.

“We have one more supporterr,” Asher laughed softly.

Amelia didn’t know why it felt like the king was going to marry her. He was acting pretty serious and defending her so much.

‘Is the king going to marry me? Is that why he’s courting me? OMG!!’

Emma finally got home after parading for a while and she met Henry in the sitting room.

“Amelia,” He smiled, standing to his feet.

“Don’t you dare mistake me for that piece of trash!” She spat h@ťěfully.

“Amelia isn’t a piece of trash,” Henry muttered, walking to her. “Anyways, where did you go? You seem upset,”

“I don’t want Amelia to be with the king. The king deserves to be with someone better and that’s me,”Emelia frowned.

“Well, we want something similar, I want to get back with Amelia,” Henry sighed.

“So, what do we do?” Emma asked, curiously.

“Let’s join hands together and pull them apart,” Henry snickered.

“Why do you want to be with Amelia after you cheated on her. I’m just curious,” Emms said, squinting at him.

‘The doctor said that I had a low spěrm count and I could never impregnate a woman if I don’t donate my spěrm. Many women have tried being my baby mama, but my spěrm never formed with an egg. Later, I went to a witch about this and she showed me that Amelia was the right person to bear my children,’ Henry thought.

‘I had to find a way to get her pregnant with my spěrm, but I want to love her while at it,’ Henry thought.

“Hey,” Emma snapped her fingers in his face.

“I want to get Amelia pregnant with my spěrm. I have a low spěrm count. But I don’t know how to go about it. She’s refusing to be with me, I don’t know if there’s any way I can get her pregnant without her knowing,” Henry sighed.

He knew Emma h@ťěd Amelia, so telling her some things wouldn’t hurt him in any way.

“So, you just want Amelia to carry your baby and if she get pregnant then her relationship with the king would be over!” Emma squealed. “Perfect!”

“I have a plan,” Emma smirked.