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(Dining with devils)

“You aren’t my future wife, stop being delusional,” Asher glared.

“Your mother said so and that’s how it is,”Nicole said confidently.

“My mother’s words aren’t the law. My words are the law and I have no plans to marry you. You should leave,” Asher sneered.

His face was cold and his voice icy. Amelia was surprised by his sudden change.

“Asher you can’t do this,”

“It’s king Asher to you. Now leave,” Asher ordered.


“Leave!” Asher growled, scarily.

Nicole jumped in fear and rushed out of his room.

Amelia swallowed hard and wanted to leave as well, but Asher held her back.

“Don’t go,” He held her wrist.

“You’re getting married,” Amelia muttered, sadly.

“I’m not and my mother knows that she can’t force me into anything. This is just her way of telling me that I need to produce an heir,” Asher rolled his eyes.

“But that isn’t what I want to do right now,” He held both of her hands and kissed them

Amelia’s knuckles reddened.

“So, you aren’t really marry her…she’s quite beautiful,” Amelia said, having a low esteem.

“You are more beautiful than her. You’re beautiful inside and out,” Asher complimented, kissing her hands.

Amelia blush and chuckled softly.

“Thank you, Asher,” Amelia smiled again.

“So, about that date that I talked about, are you still up for it? Will you go out with me?” Asher asked and Amelia giggled.

“Why not?” Amelia chuckled excitedly. “I would love to,”

“Good. I want you to come to dining room after you end your shift. We will be going to a special place together,” Asher smiled at her.

“I would go anywhere with you,” Amelia grinned.

“Amazing,” Asher muttered, pulling her closer to himself.

He cupped her cheeks and captured her lips tenderly.

Asher loved the softness of her lips and he wanted to taste her. He nibbled on her bottom lip and she allowed him in. His tongue went into her mouth and he was welcomed by an exotic vanilla taste.

“You taste so good,” He whispered on he lips and sunk his tongue back in.

Amelia loved how he tasted as well. So sweet.

Their kiss went from a bit of passion to an intense mixture of desire.

“Mmm,” Amelia Mõ@ɲed, getting carried away by his delicious tongue.

She circled her hands around his neck and raised her feet a bit to kiss him deeper.

Asher suddenly pulled away from the kiss and sighed.

“If I don’t stop, I’ll make love to you so hard that you’ll be screaming at the top of your voice. So It’s better that you go for now,” Asher sighed, feeling his Ç0çƙ getting more swollen in his pants.

Amelia swallowed hard at his words, but she wouldn’t regret it if he slept with her. She was tired of being a vîrgin anyways. It wouldn’t be so terrible losing her innocence to her crush. Her handsome crush whom she was liking more and more every moment of the day.

“Go,” Asher insisted and she rushed out of the room with a smile on her lips.

Asher lowered his gaze to his cøck and laughed.

“You couldn’t control yourself, could you?” He said to his dîck.

The Dread college.

Polly had finished talking to Jerome and she couldn’t deny that her heart fluttered while talking to him.

He was being so respectful to her and less pushy than other guys she had met.

She couldn’t help smiling throughout her lectures.

Maureen noticed this and she wasn’t happy about it. She was looking for the right moment to exact her plans and when Jerome headed out of the class, she saw an opportunity.

She followed him out of the class and grabbed his hand.

“Hey,” She smiled.

Jerome felt annoyed my her touch and jerked her hand away.

“Don’t touch me without permission!” He raised his voice.

“I’m sorry,” She gave an insincere apology.

“Wh@ťěver,” Jerome sighed.

“I want to talk about polly. I know that you like her and all, but she’s not a good girl,” Maureen said.

“What do you mean?”
“Aren’t you her friend?”

“I am, but I don’t want other guys to fall into her trap. She told me that when she was in high school, she always tried baby trapping boys and if they don’t give her enough money or marry her, she kîlls the babies or commit abortion. Why do you think she’s so chubby?” Maureen whispered.

Unfortunately, Jerome believed her lie.

“How could she be so evil?” Jerome gasped. “She had so a kind face and nice smile. I thought she was a kind person,”

“No, she’s awful,”

“Thank you for telling me, I’m grateful,”Jerome sighed and felt a hatred for polly.

He loved kids and Maureen’s story angered him.

“You’re welcome, but please don’t tell her that i said anything,” Maureen said.

‘No one can have molly apart from me, no one!’ Maureen thought as she watched him walking away. ‘I love polly. I love her!’

Later that day, Polly tried talking to Jerome.

“Jer.” She rushed after him when he didn’t answer her the first time.

“Jerome, are you okay?” Polly asked, following him.

“Get your fat self away from me and rot in hell!” He turned back and yelled.

“You disgust me!” Jerome spat.

“What did I do?” Polly asked quietly.

“Polly, you’re despicable. You shouldn’t even exist. What kind of a person are you???” Jerome sneered. “No wonder your parents died. They must have been unable to bear your irritating self!” He spat and walked away.

Polly’s eyes filled with tears, she was broken by his sudden reproach.

Maureen was watching everything in the hallway with a smile on her lips.

Thd king’s mansion… 7pm.

As Amelia changed into her normal clothes, she received a message from Asher.

‘Are you ready, I’m waiting outside the mansion, right in my car,’ Asher texted.

Amelia giggled and rushed out of the changing room. She left the mansion, but as she got a few steps away from the main gate, a bike stopped in front of her.

The rider of the bike moved the helmet’s visor, fear gripped her heart.