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The king’s mansion.
“This is your tea, Grandma Rose,” Amelia smiled, handing over the cup of tea to the king’s grandmother.

“Thank you so much dear,” Grandma Rose smiled. “You may go. Have a good night,”

“Good night, Grandma Rose,” Amelia beamed and made her way out of the room.

She went to the servant’s changing room and changed from her maid’s uniform. She wore a faded jeans trouser and a pink blouse that showed a bit of her cleavage.

As she got dressed, another maid walked in. Her name was Sylvia and she was Amelia’s neighbor.

“Sylvia, can we go home together?” Amelia asked with fear in her eyes.

“Sorry boo, but I’m still busy,” Sylvia replied, sadly.

“It’s okay, I’ll go on my own. Goodnight,” Amelia grabbed her bag and waved.

“Good night,” Sylvia waved.

As Amelia walked on the mildly dark path, she kept looking around her.

There had been someone following her for the past weeks and it was getting scary every day to go home alone.

“Good lord, protect me,” Amelia muttered, her heart pounding fearfully in her chest.

As she suddenly looked back, she saw the masked man who had been following her, but this time, he had a knife in his hand.

“Oh my God,” Amelia panicked.

She started walking fast and the masked man walked fast as well.

“Why does he keep following me?” Amelia lamented.

Amelia looked back and he was getting closer to her. She had no choice, but to start running. The moment she ran, the masked man ran after her.

“Ahh!!!” Amelia began screaming during the hot pursuit. “Ahh!!!”

Amelia managed to run into the road, but then a car came rushing towards her. She fell to the ground before the car could reach her.

The car came to a halt and someone stepped out of it. He went to her and she screamed in fear.

“Ahh!” Amelia cringed and looked nervously around her.

“Are you okay?” He asked, bending down beside her. “Did you get hurt?”

Amelia looked at the person and recognized him to be Asher Forbes, the king of the Dread kingdom.

She was shocked to see her crush right in front of her. She started having a crush on Asher when she followed him on Instagram. He was so handsome, that she couldn’t resist thinking of him and wishing to meet him.

“Your…majesty,” She stuttered.

Asher stared at her and couldn’t help but get attracted immediately. She has blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, and kissable pink lips, and the shocked expression on her face makes her more beautiful.

However, he pushed his lustful thoughts aside and tended to her.

“Did my car hit you?” Asher asked, holding her arms.

“No, I’m fine,” Amelia smiled, lowering her gaze shyly. “I don’t even have a scratch,”

“That’s good,” Asher sighed.

He helped her to her feet and gently removed his hands from her cute arms.

Amelia glanced behind her and realized the masked man was gone.

Asher noticed this and asked, “Why were you running like that? Was someone following you?”

Amelia faced him and sighed.

“Yes, someone has been following me for weeks now. I don’t know who he is or what I should do?”

“Report to the cops tomorrow morning and if they don’t help, you can go to the palace and lay a complaint,” Asher instructed.

“I’ll do that,” Amelia nodded, having a better look at his handsome face.

‘He looks more handsome in real life. His dark eyes are so pretty, his nose is so perfect. I have never seen such a cute and handsome face before, wow,’

Asher watched her staring at him like he was an art piece or something precious. He couldn’t help smiling at her.

“Let me take you home,” Asher said, snapping her back to reality.

“What?” Amelia’s fair cheeks flushed.

Asher smirked and grabbed her bag from the floor.

“I want to gawk a bit more at your beautiful face, so I’d love to take you home,” Asher said, before winking at her.

Amelia almost fainted at the spot. Did the king just flirt with her???

At first, Amelia was unable to put on the seatbelt. She didn’t know that a button had to be pressed.

“Let me help with that,” Asher said, pressing a button beside her.

The seat belt suddenly strapped over her and she gasped.

“Don’t be scared,” Asher uttered.

He pressed the button as well and started driving.

‘I thought he would be handsome and mean, but he’s nice. Why is he driving himself? I thought he would have a driver and a ton of bodyguards. He’s such a strange king,’ Amelia thought, gazing at him.

A warmth spread in their heart as she thought of him.

“So, what’s your name, beautiful?” Asher asked.

‘Did he just call me beautiful? OMG!!!’

“My name is Amelia,” Amelia replied.

“Doesn’t Amelia have a last name, is it Amelia Princess, Amelia captivating eyes, Amelia gorgeous,” Asher said, making her laugh.

He loved her laugh. He had never felt attracted to any woman before. They always seemed uninteresting to him, but this woman was gorgeous and she gave him a captivating feeling.

“My name is Amelia Muffin,” She smiled. “You can turn left,” She directed.

Asher turned his steering wheel and smiled, “Beautiful name for a beautiful woman like you. Well, my name is Asher Forbes and it’s wonderful meeting you,”

It felt like Amelia had butterflies roaming in her stomach with all the compliments and kindness of the king. He was one of the few people that had ever been kind to her.

“How old are you?” Asher asked because he didn’t want to like a minor or an 18-year-old girl.

“I’m 21,”

“I’m 29,” Asher said.

“I know, I follow you on Instagram and everywhere else. I also work as a maid in your house, Your Majesty” Amelia responded.

Asher wondered why he never met her in his mansion, but that revelation made him happy.

“You can go through the right path, your majesty,” She said.

“Call me, Asher,”


“Call me by my name,” Asher insisted.

“I can’t do that,” Amelia refused.

“I want you to do that,” Asher smiled warmly at her.

Amelia almost melted in her seat, she never dreamed of tonight. She was kind of glad that the masked man chased after her, if not she wouldn’t have met her crush.


His name sounded so amazing coming from her lips. His heart weirdly skipped a beat.

“You can stop here,” Amelia said as they got close to her house.

Asher didn’t want to stop seeing her, but he had to stop the car.

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” She pressed the button, which removed the seatbelt.

She wore her bag and attempted to push the car open. But Asher suddenly grabbed her wrist.

Amelia’s entire face got red because of the warm contact of his akin.

“Amelia, can I have your number??”
Amelia arrived home and was still shocked by the king’s behavior towards her. She didn’t expect it.

She started her overbearing house chores with a smile on her lips and her best friend who lived with her, wondered what had happened to make her smile so happily.

Amelia narrated everything to Polly and Polly went crazy as usual. Polly was 19 and she lost her parents three years ago. Amelia pitied her and asked her to live with her.

Although her parents didn’t approve at first, she managed to convince them.

Polly was more of an introvert, but when she was with Amelia or any other friend, she was always crazy.

“Oh my God!!!, I can’t believe this. The king asked for your number??”

“Yes, he did. I am so excited,” Amelia giggled and continued washing her father’s clothes. “He’s so hot in real life. He was even wearing casual clothes, but he still looked segzy,” Amelia whispered.

“I’m so glad that you’re finally interested in someone after your hurtful breakup with Henry,” Polly sighed.

Henry was Amelia’s boyfriend, but they broke up four years ago. Amelia was so in love with him.

“I don’t want to talk about him,” Amelia sighed.

“Has Mother found a tenant for that storeroom?” Amelia asked, changing the topic.

Her mother had cleared the storeroom to rent it out, so they could get more money.

“No, she hasn’t,” Polly replied.

“Okay,” Amelia sighed.

“Shut your @zzwipe of a mouth and wash those clothes!” Emma interrupted.

She walked into the laundry room and threw her mensuration-stained underwear at Amelia.

“Eww!” Polly pouted.

“Say that again and I will ask Mommy and Daddy to send you away,”

Emma looked exactly like Amelia, but she was very wicked, and she always made Amelia’s life hell.

“I’ll wash it,” Amelia sighed and picked up the underwear.

Emma suddenly noticed that Amelia was putting on a new blouse and she wasn’t happy about it.

“Amelia, take off your blouse!”

“What?” Amelia’s eyes widened.

“I like that blouse, take it off!!!” Emma yelled.

Amelia began shaking and fearfully took her blouse off.

“Bring it to me,” Emma commanded.

Amelia swallowed hard and slowly stood up. She strolled to her.

Emma grabbed the blouse and slapped her hard on the face. Amelia fell to the floor and cried. She couldn’t retaliate or would get a worse treatment from her mom or dad.

“I think I like the trousers too. Take them off,” Emma ordered and kicked her.

The next morning, Amelia got ready for work and Polly got ready for school. They would walk together until they reached each other’s destination.

“Have you taken everything you need?” Amelia asked, walking towards the door.

“Yes, I have,” Polly said, walking behind her.

“Okay,” Amelia muttered, reaching the door.

As she was about to open it, the doorbell rang. She opened the door and her eyes widened in shock.


Amelia couldn’t believe that her ex-boyfriend was right in front of her.

“Amelia,” Henry smiled at her.

“What are you doing here?” Amelia asked in shock.

“I am going to live here. I am here as a tenant in your house.” Henry replied.

“As a what!!!” Amelia gasped.