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★★★CURED ★★★

Lucifer took a step closer to Anne, leaving just an inch between them. “I think I asked you a question,” Lucifer’s voice dropped with anger.

★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★ ★★★

“Allow me to explain, it’s really not what you’re thinking,” Anne pleaded, shifting back in fear. She wasn’t scared of Lucifer, but the fear of losing him as a friend was deeply engraved in her.

Lucifer shook his head and softened his face slowly. He knew it wasn’t possible for Anne to do something bad, especially to Carol. So, he tried to calm his nerves. “I hope the explanation is worth the time,” Lucifer said.

Anne breathed a sigh of relief, grateful that Lucifer gave her a chance to explain. On the other hand, Carol was already drenched in sweat, realizing that her family couldn’t provide a cure. Who would be able to help her? She felt like she was going crazy. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her body and instinctively jerked back in her chair, as if she wanted to flee.

Author knelt in front of Carol, gently holding her hands, as if cradling a baby. He stared into her eyes, sensing the truth. Without any sign from her, he knew. She was his daughter.

Anne cleared her throat, signaling that she wanted to start explaining. “That day, when Carol lost her sight, I knew it was the Yang family’s doing. But there was nothing I could do. Gwendolyn gave me strict orders not to interfere. I knew how much Carol longed to see her family, how her heart ached to be reunited with them. So, I had no choice but to lie. I visited the doctor who came to treat her, and I told him to lie as well. I told him to say that only a family member could heal her. I knew that if the doctor added that to her treatment, you would quickly find her family. And that’s why I lied,” Anne explained, her voice filled with sincerity.

Lucifer released a hot breath, turning his back to Anne.”So, in everything you just said, what’s the solution to cure her blindness?” Lucifer asked, eager to find a way to help Carol.

“Well, it’s not a difficult task,. She just needs the blood of the person who took her virginity,” Anne revealed.

Lucifer turned to face Anne again, his curiosity piqued.

Carol sat in anticipation, listening to every word Anne said. author couldn’t help but stare at Carol, wishing he could see the affection on his face.

“What do you mean by that?” Lucifer asked, wanting to know more.

“Oh, about that, it’s not hard at all. Since you guys have already… you know,” Anne said, giving a gentle smile.

“I’m not here to joke,” Lucifer responded with a cold voice, causing Anne to change her expression to a serious one.

“She only needs your blood to wash her face,” Anne declared. Lucifer raised his eyebrows in confusion.

“I mean, your blood. You just need to volunteer your blood for her to wash her face,” Anne clarified when she noticed Lucifer’s confused expression.

“What do you mean by that?” Carol asked, trying to stand up. But she felt a hand pulling her back and she asked, “Who is that?”

Author wanted to talk but Lucifer signaled to him to keep quiet, and he obediently complied. Carol, now standing, spoke up, “What did you mean by that? His blood? Can you explain further?”

Anne reiterated her previous statement, “It’s just as I said. His blood will heal you. You just need to wash your face with it, and you will see again.”

Carol expressed her frustration, “But why did you lie in the first place? You should have at least told someone.”

Lucifer approached Carol, walking closer to her. He gently held her hand, gesturing for her to move forward.

Anne intervened, stopping them in their tracks. “Don’t do it now. I mean the healing. Just wait until bedtime,” she advised.

Lucifer turned back, giving Anne a questioning look. “That’s what I wanted to say,” Anne added before storming away.

“Let go” Lucifer said and walk Carol away followed by max.


Anne walked down the entrance her mind filled with thoughts and questions. She didn’t know if Lucifer was angry at her or if Carol would be able to forgive her. She had only thought that lying would help her reunite with her family, but it seemed that they didn’t see the importance.

Regret washed over her as she realized she should have just let things unfold naturally. Lost in her thoughts, a voice called out her name, causing her to turn around.

“Prince Rome,” Anne called out when she saw him approaching.

“Where are you heading to?” Prince Rome asked when he reached her side.

“Just heading somewhere, what about you?” Anne replied.

“I’m here to check on you and Carol,” Prince Rome answered.

“I don’t think you’ll be able to see Carol. She’s with Lucifer,” Anne said.

“Oh. Then I can stay with you. As a matter of fact, I have something to tell you,” Prince Rome said, his expression changing.

“Wait, what’s going on?” Anne asked, her voice filled with concern.

Prince Rome took a deep breath, preparing himself to share the news about his brother. “It’s about my brother,” he replied.

Anne’s heart raced as she rushed to ask about his well-being. “What happened to him? Is he okay?” she asked, her words tumbling out in a hurry.

Rome avoided eye contact, his gaze fixed on the floor. He knew that what he was about to say would hurt her, but he had no choice. “Anne, I… I don’t know how to say this, but…” he trailed off, struggling to find the right words.

Anne, sensing his hesitation, already had an inkling of what he was about to reveal. She mustered a fake smile and said, “You don’t have to say it if it’s what I’m thinking. Don’t say it.”

Curiosity got the better of Rome as he asked, “What are you thinking?”

“I know… I know everything,” Anne replied, tears welling up in her eyes. She tried to hold them back, but it was too difficult.

Rome opened his arms, offering comfort. “Come cry here. I’ll be here, patting your back,” he said, his smile wide.

Anne nodded, tears streaming down her face. She tried to hold back her emotions, but it was too overwhelming. Prince Rome walked closer and pulled her into a comforting embrace.


“Dad, you did all this and you never told me? Why?” Frida cried out, her voice filled with anguish, as Max explained the whole scandal that had unfolded between the Ling and Yang families.

Trigger, unable to contain his emotions, wept uncontrollably. Max had no idea who Trigger was, which is why he opened up about everything. Trigger cried until his throat felt raw, his eyes burning with anger. If it weren’t for the love he had for Frida, he would have shown her dad the true meaning of a beating.

Frida sat back, releasing a soft breath as tears streamed down her cheeks. She felt a mix of regret and anger towards her dad. It was hard for her to accept that he had done all of this to protect her.

Max, with a regretful tone, confessed, “I only did that to protect you.”

“You shouldn’t have done that” Frida said crying even more, She now regrets everything she did, realizing she’s not the real bride of Lucifer.

Trigger, overcome with emotions, couldn’t find his voice and could only cry.

Frida, frustrated, complained, “If Lucifer finds out, he’ll surely ki|| both of us! You shouldn’t have done it in the first place”

“You’ve done terrible things too. Stop blaming your dad alone. He did everything because of you.”Trigger voice beamed


After a grueling training session, Apple lay down on the bed, exhausted. Ever since her breakup with Oscar, she’s been keeping herself busy to distract from thinking about him. But no matter how tough she tries to act, she still misses him.

Suddenly, she hears the creak of the door and jumps up in surprise. “Who’s there?” she asks, walking closer. Opening the door. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Oscar standing at the door. “Oscar!” she exclaimed, surprised and excited.

“It’s been a while,” Oscar said with a dry smile.

“Yeah, how have you been?” Apple asked, feeling a bit shy.

“I’m doing good. I just wanted to check on you,” Oscar replied, turning to leave. But then he turned back to Apple and added, “By the way, Did you know Frida will be expelled from here tonight.”

Apple was taken aback. “Why? Is there something I don’t know?” she asked, curious.

Oscar’s expression turned serious. “She’s not the real bride of Lucifer,” he revealed.

Apple was shocked. “Then who is the real bride?” she asked eagerly.

“Carol. She’s the real bride,” Oscar confirmed.

“Really? Are you serious?” Apple asked, her excitement building. Oscar nodded, and Apple couldn’t contain her joy. She jumped on Oscar, thrilled by the news. “Oh I’m sorry” Apple said when she ealized she was on Oscar.

Oscar chuckled and hugged her back. “It’s okay, I missed you and I want to hug you too. Are you still angry at me?” he asked, gently patting her back.

Apple sighed. “I’m still a little angry, but I’ll allow you to hug me tonight,” she said, giving him a small smile.


(Lucifer chamber)

Carol sat in front of him, waiting for him to wash her face with his blood. The anticipation filled the room as Lucifer raised the bowl containing his blood.

Lucifer was filled with excitement as he eagerly anticipated the moment when he would wash her face and share an intimate kiss with her. The thought of it made his heart race.

Max, on the other hand, couldn’t contain his anticipation either. He couldn’t wait for Carol to call him “Dad,” a title that would bring him immense joy. In his happiness, he momentarily forgot about Trigger being locked in prison.

Although Lucifer had instructed Oscar to inform Trigger about Carol’s identity, but he hadn’t given permission for him to escape.

The tension in the room grew as Lucifer gently raised the bowl containing his blood, preparing to cleanse Carol’s eyes. The air was thick with anticipation, and everyone held their breath.

Lucifer carefully dipped his hand into the bowl, drawing out some of his blood. With gentle movements, he used it to clean Carol’s eyes, hoping for the magical healing to take effect.

Carol obediently closed her eyes, waiting for the moment of transformation.

After cleaning her eyes, Lucifer returned the remaining blood to the bowl and set it down. “Can you open your eyes now?” he asked, anticipation evident in his voice. Carol slowly opened her eyes, but she remained silent.

Lucifer’s heart skipped a beat. “Can you see me?” he asked, his voice filled with hope, but Carol didn’t make a sound.

She continued to gaze into space, tears streaming down her cheeks. Max couldn’t help but ask, “Can you see us?” Carol’s gaze shifted towards Max, acknowledging his presence.