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“You will soon know” Lucifer said and carried her in a bridal style.


He walked straight to his chamber and gently place her on the bed while he rest his hand on the bed facing her directly.

He looks into her eyes and kissed her lips softly.

“What are you planning to do?” Carol asked while playing with her fingers.

She could perceive her hungriness of the desire rolling inside her.

“What did you think I’m doing?” Lucifer asked naughtily and gave her a peck again.

“I no id..eal” Carol voice trembling and Lucifer smile.

“I’m trying to feel your warmness” Lucifer said and parted her legs separately. He stood in-between her legs and started showering her face with kisses.

Carol legs was Lids as she lost the power to control her own desire. The rate while her hearts was raising was so abnormal.

Lucifer crashed his lips on hers kissing her softly and sweetly.

Not the first time Lucifer will kissed her but this time around it seem more personate driving her more craze.

Lucifer indulged his hand on her neck placing himself in a comfortable position.

Carol closed her eyes and dug her fingers inside Lucifer’s hair, intertwining her tongues with his own.

“Luci..fe.r” she Mõ@ɲed softly, and Lucifer sent his tongue inside her mouth, f**cking it lightly.

His hand make a journey down her blossomed and he squeezed it Making Carol to see the second heaven.

There’s Nothing on his head than to Satisfy his hungriness for Carol. But tearing her apart without her concerned can make her angry.

He broke the kiss and stared at Carol swell lips. He pecked it once again and look straight into her eyes.

“Should I stop” he asked with the voice screaming Lust.

Even if Carol want to go against him, his hand won’t allow cause he kept teasing her slowly.

Carol shook her head and gently wrapped her hand on his neck “I will fulfill your first wish” she said romantically with the voice entangled with Lust,she raised her head up for another round of kiss but Lucifer gently place her head down and make his head travel to hers smashing there lips together again.

This time around the kiss was so loud and feverish, they both eat each other’s lips as if there future depend on it.

“” Carol scream segzually triggering Lucifer more. He traced his hand down to her two melon and romance it gently while his second hand separate the downward cloth.

Lucifer raised her gown up and his body embrace her sleek skin.

“I will be gentle” he said and tossed up flopping his cloth on the ground and he gently crawl on her again. Depending the kiss more hotter while his bulge knocking on Carol’s laps.

Lucifer control his huge and he gently penetrate it inside Carol’s tiny hole which made her to whimper but Lucifer quickly cover her mouth with light kiss. “I’m sorry” he said when his bulge finally pierced her and Carol nod with red eyes

He stay for a minute before he start making a move.

At first it was peppery and painful but along the way the both start enjoy it and they crave for more.

Carol wrapped her legs round his laps giving Lucifer the edge to do more.



Prince Vernon sat inside his chamber, flipping the book on his hand to the next page.

The door suddenly opened and Ann the betrothed wife to Vernon walked in with red eyes.

Ever since the day she got married to Prince Rome, he never shared her a glance not to talk of spending a day with her.

The marriage between them was never her wish but her parent force her since it’s the Rule from the king.

She walk in and stand straight in front of Vernon.

Vernon closed the book in his hand and dropped it followed by unhealthy breath.

“Where did you keep your respect?” He asked with cold voice.

Without answering her, Ann started offloading her cloth taking a gasp from Vernon.

“What are you doing?” Vernon questioned shifting his gaze away from her.

“This night count the 5th night we should spend together, did you know?” Ann asked but Vernon wasn’t answering. “You know, we both don’t have interest in this marriage but our parent force us so what can we do? I’m not here to force myself on you I’m just here to show you my nakedness, I want you to be the first man that will take a look at my nakedness so I will have less burden” Ann said and finally offload her cloth.

She walk close to Prince Vernon and sat beside her. She use her hand to direct his head to face her.

Vernon enlarge his head while His body vibrate vinously.

Ann smile Sadly and placed Vernon hands on her Břě@šť “now you saw me and explore me” she said and stood up walking to where her cloth are.

She put on her cloth and stormed out of the room leaving Vernon dumbfounded.

Vernon coughed and use his hand to cover his mouth. The first time he will see a woman nakedness.

His face turn to pepper red and he gently lay down.


The next morning, Lucifer was the first one that woke up and he smile brightly seeing Carol sleeping comfortable on his chest.

Her hair was scattered covering her face but she look more cute.

She stretched her body childly resting her head more comfortable on Lucifer’s chest.

Lucifer stared at her as if she was studying something on her face.

Last night he had made a memorable night with her which he will always protect with all he has.

Living for thousand of years, but yesternight was the first time he enjoy what they meant to be inlove.

When he was sharing the flower night with carol, he notice the more carol shared tears when he penetrate deeper inside her the more he felt a Cupid on his heart. And that made him to wondered how much he love her.

He pulled his hand to her face and arranged her messy hair to the side having a proper look at her face.

if he stay staring at her face through the day, he won’t get tired of looking at her.

He bend his head and peck her forehead.

“Master” Oscar called from outside.

“come in” Lucifer answered slowly making sure his voice won’t wake Carol.

Oscar opened the door and stepped in, the screen he met really surprised him but it never show On his face.

“Its early. what happened” Lucifer asked.

“About Carol” Oscar said and Lucifer grow more interest.

“What about her?” Lucifer asked.

“She’s from the Yang family and she had a twins brother” Oscar said and Lucifer squeezed his face

“Twin brother?”

“Yes and he’s here in your chamber” Oscar answered

“And who’s that?”

“Trigger” He answered.

“Trigger? Frida bodyguard?” Lucifer asked with intense and Trigger nod.