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^^feverish kiss^^

“But it’s possible, your cloth prove it” Lucifer smile.

Carol also knew her cloth is d@mn wet but to accept the truth was d@mn hard, but what could she do? Lucifer was holding her waist right now, and his hand was touching her cloth, which mean there is no way she will deny it.

“Can’t you just pretend as if you saw nothing? Can’t you?” Carol asked as tears tied up her face.

“Why should I? I don’t know how to lie” Lucifer said and pushed her more closer.

Even tho Carol couldn’t see, but the hotness coming from Lucifer’s nose tell her she’s closer to his body.

Lucifer move his head closer to hers and peck her cheek “sorry for stolen a kiss from you earlier” Lucifer said and Carol’s cheek reddened again.

“Huh…hu..ok..ay”Carol uttered but was surprised when she felt something soft on her lips .

No doubting, Lucifer gave her a peck on her lips.

“I don’t stole this, I kiss you willingly and I’m still going to do it again” Lucifer declared and he used his strength to lift her to her toe.

Carol stood up waiting for the next shocking move from Lucifer.

She kinda enjoy the closeness between them but if only she could see, it would have been more better.

Lucifer stood closer to her while his eyes magnet on her Pink lips.

He swallowed the hungriness for her as he gently calm his nerves.

Ever since the days he has been living on earth, no one has ever made him so nervous. But right now, he feel so nervous and shaking.

“Are you still there” Carol asked when she could not feel his touched on her body, she could only heard the sound of his breathing.

Without answering her question, Lucifer leaned Closer Matching his lip with Carol’s own.

Carol was shocked at first but didn’t take quiet before she reciprocate.

At first, the kiss was slow motion but gradually, Lucifer tighten his lips on hers while using his tongue to cleaned her mouth, moping all the sugary inside her mouth.

Even tho Carol couldn’t see, she managed to cup Lucifer’s neck with her two hands while her tip toes stand on the floor, her eyes was closed but her mouth was working hard, Sucking and eating Lucifer’s lips hungrily

Lucifer supported his hand on his waist, caressing it gently.

Carol won’t seized to released a Soft Mõ@ɲ anytime Lucifer dig his tongue inside her mouth slowly.

Tho she never felt something so feverish but she love it. She enjoy the hotness mix with desire coming from Lucifer, She asked for more as she use her hand to push Lucifer closer.

Lucifer was already loosing his mind cause his hand was searching every corner of Carol’s body.

Truly Lucifer is a commoner in Romance aspect, but He red a lot of book about romance and beside the more he kissed Carol, the more he wanted more, he just wish to have her all.

Steadily and Romantically, Lucifer walked his hand to Carol’s Břě@šť, Massaging it slowly gaining a Mõ@ɲ from Carol every seconds.

Carol also was enjoying it, the touches, the hotness coming from his nose, and the Cool cold His hand was transforming to her body, she enjoyed it all and she craved for more.

Lucifer completely loose his mind as he planned to carry Carol to the bed but the knocked on the door stopped him.

When Carol heard the knock, she gently removed her self from Lucifer grip, Moving a leg back.

Lucifer wasn’t answering to the knock, he was only staring at Carol’s lips as he used his mind to Curse the person at the door, Cause if not for the person he would have still be enjoying Carol’s cares.

“Master, the Chosen one is here” Oscar announced from the door.

Lucifer bailed his irritation through his nose and supported his hand on his waist

“Tell the chosen one I’m not in the mood to talk to her” Lucifer answered and walk to Carol who was still on stand with her innocent face.

“I think you have to use the bathroom, your cloth is still wet” Lucifer said and Carol’s cheek reddened.

“Why did you bring up that?” Carol asked moving her gaze to the floor.

Lucifer stared at her and smile flashily.

“Let go” he said and carried her in a bridal style walking out of the room.

Carol wrapped her hands on her neck “Are you going to bath me?” She sucked her lower lips in embarrassment

“No, but if you want me too, I will” Lucifer said and Carol wiggled her head, trying to erased the Thoughts from her mind.


Anne stay inside the dark room weeping all the tears in her.

What happened to Carol was still a shocked to her.

Hadn’t been Lucifer wasn’t around, what would have happened?

The more she think about it the more tears escaped her eyes.

Carol have been her other half since the day Gwendolyn sent her to the world.

She take care of Carol more than she take care of herself.

She would rather get hurt than to let Carol get hurt.

She always protect her but today she was completely helpless.

She knew Carol his safe in Lucifer’s Arm but still she was worried.

What if Carol got kidnapped again and she end up dying?

If only Gwendolyn could give her the chance to ki|| the Ling family cause she knew they’re the one behind Carol’s Blindness but Gwendolyn restrict her from doing so.


She heard someone calling her name which made her to raised her head up.

“Prince Rome” Anne called surprisedly when she saw Prince Rome coming inside the room.

“What are doing alone in this dark room”Prince Rome asked walking closer to her.

“Nothing, I’m here to Clare my mind” Anne lied and quickly stood up, she turned her back to Prince Rome and cleaned the tears in her eyes.

“Don’t tell me you’re crying?” Prince Rome asked worriedly.

He could clearly heard the changing of her voice and the way she reacted Proved him.

“Not like that, I’m just battling with slight headache” Anne said and turned her face to Him.

“Stop lying. Are you crying because of Carol?” Prince Rome questioned and Anne burst into another round of tears not minding her horrible look.

“I my not supposed to cry? She was missing and I couldn’t help, what if Lucifer wasn’t around? What if she end up dying? If anything bad happen to her I will never forgive myself” Anne cried more

Prince Rome released a breath and pulled her into a tight hug, caressing her back slowly “I understand how you feel and I also feel hurt also, but we tried our best, Thank God Lucifer save her before anyone, It’s for the best and mind don’t blame yourself.

Anne tried to pushed him away but Prince Rome hug her more tightly.

“Just stay, I’m in place of my brother” Prince Rome said which made Anne to enlarge her eyes.

“How…di..d..You….know about It” Anne asked and Prince Rome smile.

“You don’t have to know, just rest comfortably brother won’t get angry” Prince Rome rest assured.

Frida sat on the bed inside her room with saturated eyes.

Everything that happened to her today was so suffocated, her plan was failed and Lucifer turned her down again.

Everything look so frustrated and tired, can’t everything go on her own way?

Everything just kept falling apart, nothing Go as plan.

She knew Carol was part of the people blocking her way and that’s why she tried to ki|| her but it was failed.

What she want isn’t a big deal, she just want a comfort pillow and a warm bed but she get nothing.

“Trigger” she shouted out of annoyance.

No one will listen to her pain than Trigger

Trigger who was always standing guard at the door quickly run in.

“My lady” Trigger called walking closer to Frida.

“Trigger” Frida cried and Trigger run to sat beside her.

“Why are you crying?” Trigger questioned with unpleasant face.

“Can you do me a favour? Please?” Frida asked.

“If I can I will render?” Trigger answered sincerely.

“Can you just ki||ed Carol? Please.. just ki||ed her” Frida pleaded which Amaze Trigger

“But why? You just tried to ki||ed her this afternoon and you’re planning to ki|| her again, what have she done to you?” Trigger question With irritation.

“I know, but she is still alive, I h@ťě her, she is trying to stole my man away from me” Frida wiped and Trigger stand up.

“I’m sorry I don’t think I can and beside you never know if there’s something going on between her and Master so why’re your giving yourself a bitter headache” Trigger said.

“Something is definitely going on between them, can’t you see? He came to save her today and beside he always treat her special, He haven’t allow me to sleep inside his room but he allowed Carol to do so, he never hug me neither pet me before but he did all for Carol”Frida explained.

“It’s just imagination, you never saw them together” Trigger said.

“So you can’t help me right?” Frida asked

“I’m sorry…. I will like to excuse myself now” Trigger answered and stormed out of the room immediately.

Frida sucked her lower lips angrily, thinking of a way to bring Carol’s down.

Lucifer stood infront of the bathroom waiting For Carol to be done

Actually Lucifer called A maid to take care of Carol earlier.

Every second, his mind will drive back to the scene he shared with Carol minutes ago.

He wish to encounter more of the minutes.

Soon Carol was done inside the bathroom and the maid escorted her out.

After getting outside, the maid excuse her self leaving only Carol and Lucifer.

Even tho Carol was blind, she could still feel the hint that Lucifer was staring at her.

Her mind also dribbled to the kissed she shared with Lucifer earlier which made her body to wiggled every second.

She enjoyed it and she wish to do more.

Lucifer walk close to her and held her hand.

“Let go” he said and started walking slowly followed by Carol.

They both walk in silent for a minutes until Carol broke it.

“Lucifer” she called with her tiny voice and Lucifer looked at her side.

“When will I gain my sight back, I’m tired of staying in the darkness” Carol said.

Lucifer could sense the sadness in her voice.

He also wasn’t happy, tho if not for her blindness he would haven’t get close to her but still he wasn’t happy.

“You will soon, I will make sure you did” Lucifer rest assured and Carol smile.

“I trust you” Carol smile.

Lucifer stopped working and directed his body to Carol.

Carol also stop walking and stay stiff

“What? Why did you stop walking?” Carol asked.

“My wish, I want to ask for something” Lucifer said and Carol swallowed down emptiness.

Lucifer take a step closer and bend his head to Her ear.

“I told you earlier, I want to feel your warmness” Lucifer whispered and Carol became red.

She take a step backward “what did you mean?” She asked and Lucifer smile

“You will soon know” Lucifer said and carried her in a bridal style.