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^^A way to cure her^^

“Master can you tell me the reason why you’re going through tiny lane just to cure her, why’re you been so imitated just because of a mere girl you met month ago……is there something you’re hiding from me? Oscar questioned Lucifer who was standing elegantly in front of him

Going through every difficult just to make sure he find a quality doctor that can cure Carol illness

“Am your master, you don’t have to know every length of things that bordered my mind…your work is to say okay when I said go….okay?” Lucifer said his eyes glowing in magnificent color

If there is anything to do just to cure Carol illness then nobody can stop him from doing it

“When is the Doctor arriving?”’Lucifer asked and Oscar ruined his face

“He will be here soon” he replied and Lucifer nod his head in understanding

“Lucifer” Carol called from the Inner room she was and Lucifer quickly matched to her

“See?…when did he became a slave….I don’t seems to get this” Oscar complained inwardly

“Did you need anything”Lucifer asked when he got to Carol inside the room

“Erm…..I…just want to asked if you can….I mean if you can help me to get a maid that can…..bath…me…I stink a lot” Carol said as her eyes searched for where Lucifer was not knowing he was right in-front of him

“Am here” Lucifer said and picked up her hands resting it on his cheek

“Ohhh…so you heard me” Carol smile and Lucifer released a breath

“Yes I heard you…”Lucifer answered

“I can’t trust you with anybody….so am….going to bath……”

“The doctor is here” Oscar announced which shut Lucifer up

“Come in” Lucifer ordered and sat beside Carol

The doctor came in and Oscar stayed back

The doctor bowed and walk close to Lucifer and Carol and sat down in-front of them

“Is he here to treat me?” Carol asked excited but Lucifer ignored her questions since he wasn’t sure maybe the doctors will find Medicine to her illness

“Stop shaking I won’t eat you alive” Lucifer said when he noticed the doctor was shaking

“Ohh…you notice that…I’m…not….scared…I’m just frightened because this is the first time I will sit close to you” The doctor said and Lucifer nod his head

The doctor sat properly and stared at Carol “wow she is so cute” he murmured and Lucifer ear Enlarged

“Cute” Lucifer recalled and the doctor quickly wiggles his head “I guess you’re in your early 25 so you won’t want to loose your head” Lucifer said devilishly and the doctors swallowed down emptiness

“I’m sorry… please can you tell me her relationship with you” The doctor said bringing out some equipment inside his bag

“Am just a slave to….”

“She is my wife” Lucifer said Loudly snatching a gasp from the doctor and Carol

“What…what’re you talking…about” Carol asked holding Lucifer hands tightly

“Don’t worry”Lucifer smile to her and directed his gaze back to the doctor

‘Ohh he might really love her…this is the first time I will see a devil smiling’ the doctors thought and smile broadly to Carol “Please can you stand up….she have to lay down” he said pointing to Carol

Lucifer stared at Carol one more time before standing up

Carol gently laid down and the doctor creep to her holding some equipment

Silent strike the room only The doctors murmured could be heard

Lucifer stand vigilant glaring at each thing the doctor did to Carol

After Some minutes…the doctor withdraw his hand from Carol and ordered her to sit down and Carol did

“Did you find anything” Lucifer asked coming to sit closer to Carol

“Jurouloease” the doctors called

“Jurouloease” Lucifer recalled and the doctor nod his head

“Yes Jurouloease is a vital illness and a strapping Ritual that can only be practice by Loretta the most vicious of the Sharma on earth Jurouloease required a lot of magiciant knowledge and if the sickness stay much longer in a body it can ceased life” The doctor explained causing a tears to slipped down Carol eyes

“So you mean Loretta is responsible for her illness?” Lucifer asked and the doctor jugged his head

Cold water of sadness poured on Lucifer body making his body to shiver in anger…who dare not to know Loretta among all the devil from HAVENLY…Loretta was a cursed Sharma who was sent down by Gwendolyn..a powerful Sharma who won’t hesitate to take bundle of life just to breath for a second

“There is only one way to cure her” the doctor spoke and Carol mood brighten up a lil bit

“Which is?” Lucifer asked

“Her blood”

“Her blood?”Lucifer recalled and the doctor nod his head

“Yes her blood…her blood will be the one to cure her sickness”

“I can’t seems to get you” Carol said

“What I mean is that….your blood related weather sister or brother will be the one to Cure you with Velow leaf”

“Velow leaf? That can only be found in Hunty Land” Lucifer said

“Yes that’s why I said her blood… one else can help her……that’s the only way to Rectify her eyes” The doctor explained

Lucifer take a swallowed breath and directed his gaze back to Carol who was already soaked with tears

“But I don’t have any relative” Carol cried and Lucifer held her hand

“Wait…..” the doctor said using his nose to smell every corner of the room “don’t tell me…you’re a virgin?” The doctor asked and Lucifer narrowed his eyes

“What’s wrong with that?” Carol asked

“You can’t get heal when you’re still a virgin…even if your relative prepared the concoction you still have to get rid of your virginity before the medicine work” The doctor announced

Lucifer breath down in worried as many words task his mind…the only thing that can cure her illness seems to be hard…

“So you mean…I can’t get heal if I’m still a virgin” Carol asked and the doctor bob his head “what am I going to do? First of all I don’t know any of my relatives and secondly…my…my…seems the universal planned to leave me blind for the rest of my life” Carol wept and lucifer used his left hand to pulled her closer

“It’s okay” he murmured

“Carol!!!!!!!” Anne voice scream as she made her way inside Lucifer room

“Hun…Anne…Anne” Carol called using hand to search for her

“Am here Carol” Anne said and pulled Her into a warm hug as Carol wept nonstop on her shoulder “it’s okay stop crying” Anne uttered petting her back slowly

“How am I not going to cry? Huh….I’m blind now Anne…am in darkness…even if you feed me dog poop I won’t know……” Carol fished her word with rainy eyes

“It’s okay Carol…remember I’m beside you…I will never allow that to happen” Anne rest assured and Carol incline

Clearing his throat Lucifer raised his brows and directed his gaze to Prince Rome whose eyes never withdraw from Carol’s body “and what are you doing here?” Lucifer asked

“Who?”Carol queried separating from Anne’s body

“Ohh…Prince Rome is here”Anne announced To Carol and she opened her mouth in awe

“What are you doing here?”Carol asked slowly

“I’m here to protect and take care of you”Prince Rome declared and Lucifer scoff

“And who told you to care about her?” Lucifer asked angered laying flatly on his voice which didn’t hesitate to scared the young doctor and Prince Rome himself

“As a…friend…I choose to” Prince Rome answered

“Since you’re here and willing to help I guess you will be capable to find one of her family within three days” Lucifer teased and Prince Rome eyes enlarged

“Why did I have to do that?”Prince Rome asked

“Cause that’s the only way to cure her illness”Lucifer asked and Prince Rome mouth form”o” and Lucifer smile

“You see your power is not needed since I’m capable to take care of my property so I will advice you to leave this instants” Lucifer said and stood up

“Wait….Why are you revering to me as your property?” Carol questioned

“You don’t have to know..probably in the nearest future you will understand” Lucifer answered and Carol nod

“Anne….I think Maxwell will be able to know at least one of my family…”Carol said an Anne face form puzzled

Truly Maxwell know nothing about Carol’s family since she is the one that left Carol in-front of Maxwell door years ago and every time Maxwell thr_@ten Carol with her family her wish was to shut him up but she knew it’s for better “you see Carol I don’t think Maxwell know anything about your origin”Anne said

“What did you mean Anne…you know Maxwell know me more then I know myself…so what are you talking about?”Carol uttered

Without knowing what to say Anne shared a look with Lucifer and shook her head

‘Since she is my real bride…that mean she is from the Yang family’ Lucifer thought and face Prince Some again “respecting you as the Prince of this village please find your way out of my territory before Evening”

“As the Prince of this village…can’t you just give me a chance to stay with her just this once?” Prince Rome asked and Lucifer scoff

“Prince…there is no need to worry about me…you can go back to the palace” Carol said with dry smile displaying on her mouth

“I guess I should be on my way now”the doctor said and stood up to leave but Lucifer stopped him

“You’re not allowed to stepped out of my territory until I give you the permission to do so”Lucifer ordered devilishly making the doctor to sweat from head to tone

Lucifer face Prince Rome and smile wickedly “don’t fall in love with her…you will be break in the end” He said to Prince Rome before matching out of the room

“What is he talking about” Carol murmured confusedly