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Lucifer stepped into his room and walk straight to the bed, his eyes never depart from Carol sight and Carol also

Even tho she wasn’t seeing anything her eyes never withdraw from Lucifer eyebrows she might really not know but her stared is driving Lucifer nut

Lucifer trekked to the bed and laid her down her gently

“Are we in my room now? Can you please call Anne for me? I really need her by my side” Carol frazzled

“No we’re not in your room, we’re in my room” Lucifer spoke with concern full his eyes, the tactility to held her cheek bulge his mind but his self conscience kept pulling him back

“Why? Why are we in your room? Are you going to keep me here? Won’t you treat me?” Carol rushed her question while her hand searched for Lucifer hands

Lucifer stared at her for a moment while his mind run errands searching for a way to cure her illness, even tho he will later searched for the being behind her blindness but for now the main goals is to cure her

Bailing a soft breath, he stretch his hand toward her cheeks and cleaned her tears before picking up her two hand “you’re inside my room because you belong to my world” Lucifer answered her question and Carol ruined her face

“What did you mean by that?” Carol asked

“You can take a nap I will be back” Lucifer pronounce and stood up

“What did you mean by that? Belong in your world? What’s that supposed to mean“ Carol question and Lucifer shook his head worriedly

“Don’t worry about that…just sleep…I will be back soon” Lucifer said and Matched out of the room

“What’s wrong with him”Carol mumbled and took a long breath before closing her eye

“I’m here to stay close to Vernon not to be a laundry woman……….”Anne fizzle spreading the crown princess cloth on the wire

After spreading 4 Hanful cloth she rested her hands on her waist as the memory she shared with Vernon last night played on her head making her cheeks to turn into Rosy red

She slapped her chest playful and picked up another cloth inside the bailer beside her ready to spread it when she heard a Voice chanting her name loudly

“Anne !!!!! Anne!!!!” The voice screamed and Anne quickly turned back only to Find Bee running to her

“Why is she screaming” Anne bluntly said directing her gaze back to the cloth

“Anne !!! I have a bad news for you” Bee shouted running closer to Anne

“Did you heard the news” Bee said when she finally get to Anne

“Yeah…I do heard about the game that will hold at the counter tonight” Anne said carelessly

“Not that one….don’t be surprised…”Bee said and Move her mouth closer to Anne ear “I heard Carol got blinded this morning”Bee said and Anne eyes got enlarge dropping the cloth in her hands

“What are you talking about”Anne query and Bee twisted her mouth

“That’s what I heard and also I heard her illness is uncured”Bee said again

“Where is she now?….I mean Carol?” Anne asked staring at a space vigorously

“She got transferred to Master’s territory” Bee said and Anne run out immediately

“What’s wrong with her” Bee mumbled happily

Anne run inside her room parking all her cloth inside her bag, if not for the promise she made to Gwendolyn that once she entered the palace she’ll restrict her power she’d have teleport immediately she heard the news about Carol

Her mate maid kept throwing her lotta questioned but she ignored it all and find her way outside the room

“Anne”. A male voice called her name from the back and she turned back to find Prince Rome standing manly at her back with his Guard

“Where are you going” Prince Rome asked and Anne hide her bag to the back

“Am…erm….Ca…” Anne tried to speak but tears take control

She can’t just firm the statement of Carol getting blinded

“Why’re your crying” Rome said and quickly walk to her

“I heard Carol get blinded this morning so I’m going to her” Anne managed to explain and Rome release soft breath

“I’m sorry” prince Rome whispered “the guard at the gate won’t allow you to vacate the palace”

“Why that? Why won’t they allow me” Anne voice skimpier and Prince Rome pulled her into his embrace

“Don’t worry… I’m going there this evening…we can go together” Prince Rome Said caressing Anne back slowly

“What are’y going there to do” Anne asked breaking the hug slowly

“I’m going there in other to monitor and protect her… I won’t leave her side until she regain her sight” Prince Rome explained and Anne enlarged her eyes

“What did you mean by that?”

“You don’t have to know” Prince Rome said and tapped Anne shoulder twice before decamping from her

“What’s wrong with him” Anne mumbled tracing Prince Rome with eager


Carol sat on the bed hugging her two legs closer, tears streaming down her cheek

She couldn’t stop thinking about the word the doctor stated earlier

Her sickness is uncured which mean she will stay blind forever, Being a kid she always pray everyday to meet her parent but seems the universal wasn’t on her side cause even tho she meet her parent today, there won’t be a great happiness between them

Different thought crossing her mind as she wept nonstop

“Oh there you are”

Carol heard the horrible familiar voice and she quickly fling up but fell again

She knew instantly that Frida was the one inside the room

Hot sweat fighting there way out of her body as fear take control of her soul

She knew that her life is doom, even when she wasn’t blind Frida abuse her so many times and now that She became blind She knew Frida Will make life Terrible for her and that alone heavy her mind

“Oh why’re you shaking? Thought you’re a brave lady with parakeets mouth” Frida pun walking close to Carol

She bend to her level when she finally got to her landing her a feverish slap causing Carol to rolled on the floor

“What are you doing?” Carol shriek tears taking turn after each other

For some reason her mind scream Lucifer name but her mouth wasn’t cooperating, screaming his name will make the situation worst

“Trying to teach you some lesson….oh wait….don’t tell me you can’t see” Frida said covering her mouth with her palm

“What did you want from me? Why are you picking on me? I did you no wrong so why are you frustrating my life” Carol spoke in a low tone which Frida hardly heard

“You don’t know what you did? Did you perhaps have memory issue or You’re just pretending?” Frida questioned wicked smile crept on her lips “with your situation your brain must’ve went for holiday” She added and creep to Carol

“Don’t move closer….please” Carol pleaded…supporting her two hand to the back

“So you know the word please” Frida smirk and raised Carol chin up with her index fingers Landing her another memorable slap

Carol held her red cheek and she could feel the heat coming from it, her hands feeling the tears that saturated her cheek, right now she feel so empty and The thought of running away engraved her mind

“You still don’t get the reason why I h@ťě you did you?….You f-__-king slouching my man, how dare you,.. can you explain the reason why you’re in his room? Can you….you’re a f-__-king whores who slept around like a dog fool” Frida screamed

“What?….whores? Did you just said whores ?? You know that word is packaged for you not me, you’re the one that slept around like a dog not me, you slept with your bodyguard and you still have that gut to opened your lips and blunt on me……’re so shameless and I’m ashamed to be your gender” Carol vocalized not caring if Frida got angry and decided to take her life

“Seem you’re still confident enough to open your mouth to talk” Frida smirk and stranglehold her strangulating it hard which made Carol eyes to turned into pepper red “just die….die…die” Frida screamed shaking the whole room violently

“What…ar..e…you…” Carol whimper holding Frida hands for freedom but Frida was flattening her tightly “ple… don’t..kil.l me” Carol pleaded before closing her eyes and her breath ceased for a minutes

Frida smile wickedly and free her neck “don’t wake up again just die” Frida flung and stood up

She turned back and electric wire shocked all the Spain in her body and she could sense her cloth convey, the fury eyes infront of her throw a shady digger into her body hitting every bones on her

Sweat constructed her body bringing up a panic foundation, she couldn’t help but to swallowed the saliva that mix with the fright in her

Her cloth sopping with the water that stream out her flesh causing her legs to weak on the floor

“What are you doing?” Lucifer asked angered bowing on his voice his brown eyes turning into red that won’t ceased to make Frida peed on her pant

Taking a step closer Frida fell down as she wish the floor could just opened and bolt her

“Asking again what are you doing here in my room” Lucifer asked his eyes magnet on Frida’s body On the floor

“I’m…am…am…here….”Frida splintered And Lucifer took a step closer to her

“I warn you severely not to hurt her especially in my presence” Lucifer pronounce heavily While walking slowly To Frida

“But why? I’m your bride so why did you chose to cared for her more then me..” Frida cried and Lucifer bend toward her

“You…you’re not my bride…you’re just a forgery Snail” Lucifer scream before directing his eyes to Carol and tears jogged from the sclera side of his eyes down her cheek Shocking Frida

“Why….wh…why….why’re you crying” Frida stuttered And Lucifer raised his head upward

“Because….because…her pain hurt me”
Lucifer utterance and stood up “OSCAR!!!” He screamed and Oscar Appeared immediately

“Lock her up until I gave you the word to free her” Lucifer ordered snatching a gasped from Oscar and Frida

“Yes master” Oscar quickly answered and walk To Frida

“What are you doing Lucifer…am your bride…why will you lock me up” Frida blabbered As Oscar dragged her out

Lucifer unplugged unpleasant breath and walk close to Unconscious Carol

He touched her forehead and gently sat beside her, helping her up, he rested her head on his laps brushing her hair to the back

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry Carol” he cried while folding her body tightly to himself