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^^Want her on my bed^^

“I’m asking again…why are you talking shamelessly to my Bride?” Lucifer asked with dangerous look, staring at Carol devilishly

Carol move a step backward staring at Lucifer merely, she supported her hands on her waist ready to shot a bomb at him but Anne quickly held her back

“Carol I think we should be on our way now, They must be waisting for us in the palace” Anne said and bowed before dragging Carol away from the scene but before she left, she gift Lucifer a shade look before leaving

Lucifer glared at Frida one more time before bending toward her “Sorry, I’m late” He whispered before carrying her in bridal style

Frida wide eyes wondering if she was seeing right or dreaming but everything look so real

She wrapped her hand on Lucifer neck as he made his way out of the scene

“Why won’t you allow me to curse that Lucat of a thing” Carol said when they got inside the room to pack there cloth

She supported her hands on the waist as the screen she wanted to show Lucifer played on her head

“Just shut up And arrange your clothe” Anne said and look back staring at Carol “or did you want o have a soundable sleep inside the prison again?” Anne asked and face back the cloth she was parking

“I should have allow me to reply before dragging me away” Carol said and stared at a space fearfully “my bride my foot” She mumbled throwing her feet on the air before began to arranged her cloth

She stopped what she was doing and hurriedly held her head with her two palm “wait…what about the Huel book? How will I get another chance to come here again? Maxwell will definitely ki|| me now” Carol said as if she was crying

Anne stood up carrying her bag, she hung it on her left shoulder and stared at Carol who was just start parking her cloth “If you have done parking meet me at the road” Anne said leaving the room

“Hey stop your @zz I’m almost done”Carol yelled rushing her cloth inside the bag

“Stop me if you can” Anne said finally existing the room

Carol parked all her cloth running out of the room

^^Lucifer~ Chamber^^

Lucifer walk to her room and dropped Frida on bed slowly

His eyes staring into her eyes magnificently

“Are you okay?” Lucifer asked when he finally dropped her and Frida nod her head

Lucifer also nod his head and stood up gently “OSCAR !!” He shouted and Oscar appeared inside his room immediately

“Told Lady Mi to get the Lounge prepared tonight….”Lucifer said and Direct his gaze back to Frida at the back “I want her on my bed tonight” Lucifer completed his word and storm out of the room instantly

Frida quickly sit up as her eyes enlarge more then usual, What did Lucifer meant by his word “on his bed”

Sweat kicked out of her body and she could feel her throat gumming together

Oscar also stand drain, thinking about Lucifer word, if he happen to sleep with Frida tonight he will find out about Frida not been a virgin and he will find the person behind her dis-virginity

Just with the thought his body run out of blood


“Wow” Carol opened her mouth in awe when they finally get to the palace

The look was magnificent, everywhere dazzling and amazing

“Close your mouth” Anne said which made the girl among them smile

“Stop’s not even funny” Carol said as she made her way to the inner gate

“Did you even know where we’re going” Says by the third girl

“She is heading to western part….that’s where the crown Prince stay” Anne said and followed Carol but suddenly stop “come to think of it, I don’t know your name” Anne asked facing the girl

“My name….my name is Bee” the girl reply

“Bee? Did you mean Bee? Like bee?” Anne asked and the girl nod her head “what a name” Anne said and started walking

Bee smile devilishly before following the same root

“Why is this journey so long..I can’t believe we haven’t met anyone since we have been walking” Carol lament tiredly

“We haven’t walk for 20 minute so cut the nonsense and move forward”Anne said and Carol twisted her mouth

“I’m tired I can’t go any further” Carol murmured and sat on the floor not minding if her cloth dirty in the process

“We will soon reach the external gate…let just keep moving”Bee said trying to help Carol up but she yanked her hands away

“Lemme two can continue moving” Carol replied lazily

“Just leave her..she is too stubborn”Anne said looking at Carol “let just keep going..she will come to meet us” Anne said and hold Bee hand, ready to move but stopped when she heard a familiar voice

“Ohhh….Carol” came a man’s voice from the back Catching the girls attention

Carol quickly sprang up on seeing Prince Rome stepping forward

Prince Rome walk closer to them his hand folded on his back “are you not Carol? The crazy girl I met weeks ago?” Rome asked and Carol shook her head in deny

“’re mistaken..I haven’t see you before..this is my first time seeing you but you know what…people do says I have a unique…they…I mean there are a lot of people that look exactly like me so probably you’re mistaken to chose me for another person” Carol said dramatically, staring at the floor

“Ohh…unique face? And what of your friend? She also have a unique face right?” Prince Rome said staring at Anne who was sweating from head to toe

“About her…hunnn…actually…she….” Carol said pointing her thumb nails at Anne at the back

“Hun?what about her?” Prince Rome said with a questioning look

“About her…”Carol said eating her lower lips hurtfully

“Ohh perhaps she also have a unique face like you” Prince Rome said and Carol smile awkwardly “any way what’re you doing here” Prince Rome said staring Anne whose eyes was only staring at the floor

“Master sent us here as a gift to the Crown Prince” Bee reply and Prince Rome eyes enlarge

“What did you mean?” Rome asked again

“What she mean is that Lucifer….I mean master Lucifer sent us here a gift for the Crown Prince” Carol explained and Prince Rome nod his head

‘So Brother’s girlfriend is Among you’ Prince thought inwardly and straighten his body properly “can y’all introduce yourself by names” Prince said…hopefully he will get to know the secret girlfriend his brother have

“My name is Bee” Bee introduced

“Bee? Like Bee ?” Prince Rome recalled and Bee nod her head “did you also bite?” Prince Rome asked And Bee shook her head in deny

“My name…”

“I know your name…don’t border to introduce” Prince Rome said Shutting Carol up

“Ohh…okay”’Carol smile

“My name is…Anne” Anne said maintaining eyes contact with Prince Rome

‘So you’re the one? The one that gave brother sleepless night’ Prince Rome thought and smile To Anne “ welcome to the palace” Rome said and they all laugh awkwardly

“Are you sure you’re truly a crown Prince?….I mean….we’re your guard” Carol asked and Prince Rome puzzled his face

“You sure have the sharpest mouth among them” Prince Rome said faking smile “follow me” He added with a serious face glaring at Anne one more time before leading the way

Anne and Carol shared a meaningful glance before following him

“Prince Rome” Bee recalled wickedly before following them