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^^Teach her lesson^^


After eaten the full chicken, Carol lay down flatly on the floor

Her eyes magnet on the ceiling her two leg separated along with her two hand

She clearly heard the conversation between Oscar and Trigger but nothing concern her as long as her stomach is full

“Wooo…I’m full” she giggled happily and quickly spring up when she heard a footsteps

Just like a prayer come true, Frida work into the prison with a wicked smile

Carol could read the smile on her face and she knew what she meant

“There you’re” Frida said moving closer to Carol

She take the first step but was unable to take the second step when Carol blowed her with heavy wind making her body to knocked on the iron door, she bounced back to Carol blood dashed from her mouth including her nose

“How…dar…dare… this to…me” Frida sauntered and Carol smile before bending to her

“Dare? Did you just say dare?” Carol teased and laugh loudly…”I haven’t even start anything yet” she said and gripped her fist landing Frida hot punch on her mouth and the blood rushing from her mouth multiply by two

Frida coughed and whimper for help but her voice was to low causing Carol to laugh by her reaction

“You want to scream? Okay should I help you do that?” Carol asked and Frida gently nod her head which made Carol smile again “ohhh girl…you’re d@mn funny….okay okay I will help you but before we do that let me explore your nose” Carol said and hold Frida nose, she twisted it hard making Frida to released heavy breath

Carol twisted her nose until Her creamy nose turned to red, she released her nose and smile satisfactory“yes….let help you now but before that you have to sleep” Carol said and gifted her soundable slap making Frida to close her eyes instantly

“Ohh yea I feel relieve now” Frida said and stood up “I’m tired of this d@mn room” She added looking around the room

“Let just invite blood”She murmured and hold her throat with her two hand squeezing it together, she squeezed it hardly making her throat to glum together “oh…blo…od” she cried out and blood flooded her mouth followed by a wickedly smile

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she scream loudly and fall down on the floor heavily


Lucifer teleport inside his room and stared at Carol pretender face

She was blinking her eyes which Lucifer didn’t failed to notice “will you opened your eyes now or should I drop you” Lucifer uttered but Carol wasn’t moving rather she hugged his neck closely

She could feel his warmth stomach, and she explore his fragile body with her head,the way his heartbeat ring on her ear

Lucifer wide his eyes and shook Carol’s body in other to wake her up but Carol wasn’t moving

“You….”Lucifer said and Carol opened her eyes nervously smiling awkwardly

She gently removed her hand from his neck and Lucifer dropped her

Carol stand straight her eyes staring at the floor

Lucifer blinked his eyes repeatedly and folded his hand on his chest “what did you do to Frida” Lucifer asked and Carol look astound

She gently raised her head up and it met with Lucifer owns and she quickly blinked it down “the….the thing…the things is that….she…she lunge fight at me first….and I couldn’t stay back…” Carol voice skipped and Lucifer released another heavy air

“I’m not asking you that…..I knew you’re the one that scratched her”Lucifer said and gaze her, he walk toward her leaving inches between them “who the heck are you? How did you got the power to made Frida loose her mind within a second and why did you kept appearing on my face” Lucifer asked and Carol shifted back in fear

“I gain my power from the mighty who raised me and I kept appearing to your face cos I wanted to stole something from you” Carol mind wanted to scream but she only released a smile

“I don’t ….understand your…question” Carol said

Lucifer wide his eyes and suddenly grabbed Carol two shoulder at once shocking her to the second moon

“What are you doing” Carol queried sweat licking out of her body

“Just who the hell are you? Why won’t you stop giving me restless night and why did you keep
Appearing on my dream and you won’t hesitate to wander my head” Lucifer shouted and Carol became froze on a sport

What is he talking about? Wandering his head or what? “I am just me….I don’t understand your long note…can you please let go of my shoulder it hurt a lot” Carol said and Lucifer squeezed her shoulder more hurtful

“Arrrsh….let go of me please” Carol said tears soaked in her eyes

“Answer my question who are you” Lucifer groaned

“I don’t understand you…can you just let go of me”Carol released hot tears

‘Why is she crying? Did I fold her tight?’ Lucifer mind wiggled and he quickly left Carol shoulder making her to fall down heavily

“Haaaaa…Haaa” Carol cried like a baby massaging her shoulder with her palm

Lucifer expand his eyes and quickly bend toward her “did you feel hurt” Lucifer asked and Carol gently nod her head “I’m…I….I’m…I’m sorry if I hurt you” Lucifer pleaded and Carol looked shocked

Did Lucifer just apologize to her or is she hearing wrong ?

She cleaned her tears and stood up cause something feel wrong between them

How will the mighty Lucifer apologize just because he squeezed Her shoulder

Carol bowed her head hurriedly and quickly run out

Lucifer traced her and exhaled loudly “just who the hell is she” he mumbled


Trigger laid Frida flatly on the foam as he gently wipe her forehead with the white napkin he soaked inside cold water

Her condition is now a lil bit better which gave him a relive mind

He sat beside her and stared at her cute face, tho she was closing eyes but still her face look stunning

Everything Oscar told him kept roaring on his head and he could understand what he meant by toy spy but he can’t just help the fact that he loves Frida

He inhaled and dragged the Duvet up covering her body but stopped when his eyes linter on the mark on Frida’s neck

He gently move his hand toward the mark and explore it with his finger “what’s this” he murmured surprisedly

This mark, how did Frida got the mark and who did it to her?

if his mind could think right Carol was the only one with Frida when he collapsed which mean the mark was made by her

“What the hell is she” Trigger mumbled with his mouth opened

‘Only our family have the ability to discharge this mark’ Trigger thought


“Why did you keep following me Oscar…I thought I made my self Cleared just a minutes ago” Apple shouted and Oscar flinched in fears

“Can you just give me a minutes to explain just give me a chance to explain, I don’t have the plan to sleep with her, she false me” Oscar said and Apple smile

“Really? Tell me in what way did she force you? Just tell me” Apple said and Oscar voice glued together “ you don’t have anything to say Oscar, just get the hell out of my life your sight irritate me” Apple said and split on Oscar body before running away

“APPLE!!!”’Oscar scream tears rolling down his cheek

‘Did Apple just broke up with her ? Just because of Frida’ he thought and cursed inwardly

“Haaa” Carol flinched up when she felt a cold water on her Body

She stood up and rubbed her eyes properly, she checked her cloth and was surprised to see her cloth dripping of water

“Who the hell do this ” She shouted and Raised her head only to see the psycho noise maker she met a days ago “what are you doing” she queried with a wide eyes

“What did you expect me to do?You’re sleeping by this time…I don’t have any option than to wake you up with cold water lazy rat” Akira said and dropped the bailer in her hand

“So you woke me up with water? Are you out of your senses? Are you sick? Did you think you can just barge here and played nonsense just because you’re the second to the head in the kitchen…did you want me to activate my madness to you right now” Carol shouted moving close to Akira

Akira was already shaking on sport cause the look Carol was sharing her right now look so scared

“I’m not here to exchange conversation…,,Lady Mi Is calling for all the maid attention” Akira said and run out of the place

“Ohhh $h|t…she just ruined my dress” Carol complained and use her hand to wipe the water in her body before moving out

“Oh you’re here” Lady Mi said when she sighted Carol coming closer

Carol bowed and stared at maid lining Horizontally “what’s happening” she murmured before joining them

“Oh Carol” Anne wave and Carol move to her side

“How are you doing” Carol asked when she got to Anne but lady Mi replied her instead

“Stop exchanging converse I’m still standing” Lady Mi said and Carol twisted her mouth

“Today, Three of you will be sent to the palace as a gift for the crown Prince who is getting married today” Lady Mi said and the maid started murmuring between them self excerpt Anne who was smiling happily

“Why would you send us as gift? Are we Accessories that you can just transfer any how” Carol said snatching a gasp from the remaining maid

“Are you talking to me?” Lady Mi asked and Carol nod her head

“If I’m not talking to you then who am I talking to?” Carol answered her questions with questions

“Such audacity” Lady Mi mumbled and Smile wickedly “I don’t plan to include you to the maid before but since you have the sharpest mouth I guess the crown Prince won’t be bored to have you by his side” Lady mi said and raised her chin

“You,you,and you will be transfer to the Palace Right now” Lady Mi said pointing to Anne, Carol and a maid standing close to Anne

“What?” Anne shouted and lady Mi squeezed her face

“Why are you shouting? Don’t you want to go? The master himself asked me to include you” Lady Mi said and walked away

Anne opened her mouth, she looked her side only to find Carol rolling down on the floor,she quickly bend toward her and stop her from rolling

“What are you doing Carol” Anne asked as whispered

“Should I be happy? She just sent me away second ago, how am I going to cope, Maxwell will ki|| me if I failed to stole the book from Lucifer before three month” Carol cried out

“Oh there you’re? After slashing me yesterday” Frida voice state and Carol quickly stand up

All the maid at the vicinity bowed as Frida walk to Carol with Lisa in her back

Carol twisted her mouth and smile inwardly “did she think I will be scared of her” she thought

Frida walk to Carol and landed her heavy slap making Carol to fall down her cheek turning into pepper red

“CAROL!!” Anne scream which didn’t failed Lucifer ear who was coincidentally passing by

Lucifer turned to the direction exploring the Scene in front of him

Anne bend toward Carol and help her up

Carol stood up and cleaned her clothe, She touched her reddened cheek and face Frida “let just teach you some lesson in public maybe your $cvm we set” Carol said and Returned back the Slap Frida gave her shocking Everyone

“CAROL !!!” Anne shouted again

“Carol? She is Carol” Lucifer squeezed his face moving closer to the scene

“I am Carol the only crazy girl in the whole Toggong village” Carol said and landed Frida another feverish slap and Frida landed on the floor

“What are you doing” Lisa shouted and Bend toward Frida

“You should ask the p@zzy distributor you call The chosen one” Carol said and everyone’s eyes enlarge again

“P@zzy distributor” Frida recalled and Carol smile “are you sick upstairs” Frida added and Carol bend to her level

“I should be the one asking that question…perhaps they haven’t f-__-k your sense along with your p@zzy” Carol smirk

“How dare you talk Shamelessly to my Bride” come a thick voice

They’ll turned to the direction and saw Lucifer coming closer his eyes glowing in different color

They’ll bowed down avoiding to look straight into his eyes excerpt Carol who kept staring at him wonderfully

“I’m asking again…why are you talking shamelessly to my Bride?”