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“Give her the napkin, let her cleaned the mess” Lucifer pronounced without even knowing when the word split his mouth, his eyes got wide on his own word

Carol could only started on a froze sport pitching her nails hurtfully

A lot of maid were already gathering around murmuring some horrible word to Carol

Lucifer eyes was fixed on the sky, the word he made about Carol cleaning his face was not said by him cos he will never allow a mere maid to touch him, but what could he do? His voice pronounced the word and he is not the type to swallowed the sentence he made

Carol stared at him with red eyes, for some reason she felt bad for him

She walk to Oscar and collected the Napkin from him, he stared at Lucifer for a second before starting to clean his maggot face

Frida gazed them with her teary eyes, why the hell did that girl have to stay close to Lucifer

She marched one of her legs on the floor angrily before running out of the place

Lisa, her personal maid quickly followed to her departing from the scene also

Carol cleaned Lucifer face even tho he was far taller then her she managed to cleaned it by standing on her tip tone

Lucifer shifted his eyes downward and his heart skipped when he made a face with the strange girl

Her face is to pretty to look off so rather he glued his eyes on hers monitoring how she shifted her gaze

Carol also raised her head and her eyes locked with Lucifer eyes

They both stared at each other on a lane eyes, not blinking it for a second

The stared took more then a minutes before Lucifer unlocked it and move one of his leg back

“Lock her up” Lucifer command facing Oscar before storming out of the scene

Carol traced him with her eyes wondering what he was up to, the gaze he shared her just a minutes ago confused the hell out of her

Oscar walk to Carol and pushed her toward the prison roughly

Carol couldn’t fight back since she already lost in thought

Anne released a wicked smile from the corner she stand,look like everything is going smoothly


Frida walk to her room vigorously, nothing can measure the anger cooking in her right now

She stroll to her bed and fall on it heavily

“What have I done wrong, is god using my past life to torment me? Why did I have to pass through hell in the name of been the chosen one…I’m tired,,I’m d@mn tired” Frida yelled at the rate of crying

“Permission to come in” Lisa said from the door and Frida shifted her gaze to her direction

“Permission granted” she whispered under breath and Lisa quickly rush in

“Are you crying?” Lisa query and run to Frida

“I’m not crying” Frida answered and stared at a space as if thinking about something

“Prepared my bathtub….with warm rice water” Frida articulate with devil smirk

Lisa puzzled her face cos if she could still remember, Frida just took her bath not quiet long so why is she requesting for another bathtub

Without questioning her audacity Lisa stood up and went to prepared the bathtub

Within a minutes she came back and announce to Frida that the bathtub is ready

Frida stood up and trot to the bathroom

The bathtub was made with bronze, the walls and floor of the bathtub were decorated with ceramic tiles and the wet areas were equipped with drainage hole and sewage pipes

Microveggy flowers was spread ontop of the water creating radiant smile to the bathroom

Frida evict her clothe and walk to bathtub, she dug her body inside the water leaving only her head outside her eyes staring at all the maid inside the bathroom angrily

“Lisa” Frida called and Lisa walk to her, she whispered some word to her ear which made Lisa eye to enlarge

Lisa nod her head nervously and went out

“Y’all should go out” Frida said to the standing maid and they’ll bowed before leaving the bathroom one after the other

A minutes later, Trigger walk inside the bathroom with heavy look, Lisa just told her the chosen one got wound on her kneels by falling down and that seem to be spinning his head

He walk deeper inside the bathroom but couldn’t find anyone

Even the bathtub was filled with a new water cos he could tell by it smell but no one was there

“My lady” Trigger called turning his back to the bathtub

Frida who buried her body inside the water raised her head and pretend to be drowned, she closed her eyes and rested her head on her shoulder

Triggers turned to the bathtub and his eyes enlarged thrice “my lady” he shouted and quickly dogged her body inside the bathtub

His skin touched Frida’s body and he could sense she was naked

He can’t pulled her out of the water in other to avoid seeing her nakedness and he can’t leave her to drown

What will he do?

“My lady” he called again shaking Frida body maybe she will wake up but all to no bail

“You’re here” Frida murmured suddenly and Trigger got shocked

He form a confused look and stared at Frida in wonder

Frida opened her eyes and quickly locked her hand on his neck

“I miss you” She said and coil there lips together, eating his lower lips hungrily

Triggers could only stared at her face, did he just got set up?he jiggled his head and break the kiss,he held Frida both shoulder And wishpered slowly “what are you doing? Are you okay”

“What did you think…you don’t like it” Frida said again and depend the kiss but Trigger quickly broke the kiss

“I’m sorry but I can’t do this” he said with the aim to stand up but Frida pulled him back

“If you take a step I will frame you for molested ………thousand of maid are waiting outside, if you take a step I will scream for help” Frida thr_@ten and Trigger solidify

Frida smile and gently pulled him down “come here honey” she mumbled and interlocked there tongues again, kissing him tenderly, her tongue rolling inside his sweetened mouth

Trigger only sat and watched Frida doing her best, the first time someone will win him over, he kinda have interest in what Frida was doing but same time the step can ruined his 10 years planned, but right now there is nothing he can do to save himself

Frida gently creep to him and sat on his lap

She grabbed one of his hand and landed it on her Břě@šť making Trigger eyes to get enlarged again “Squeeze me” Frida lustfully said in inside his mouth

Trigger could feel his body reacting to Frida move as his rod raised head every second Frida Bounced her @zz on it

Without knowing he felt his hand squeezing frida Břě@šť slowly and reciprocating to the kisses, his second hand grabbed her waist supporting her to have more access to his sugary mouth

“Hunnnn” Frida released sound of pleasure when Trigger squeezed her Břě@šť more tenderly


“Brother are you really going to get married…I mean the selection of the princess is tomorrow,are you not going to do anything to stop them?” Prince Rome uttered

He was with his brother in his chamber, right from the day the Queen told them about the arranged marriage he have been finding a way to put an end to it cause he knew if the time comes for him to marry they will also apply the same rule which he passionately h@ťě

Vernon released a hot air and dropped the novel in his hand, he sat properly and gave Rome his full attention “Rome” he called and Rome nod his head in respond “have told you before that there is nothing I can do to halt the law of arranged marriage in the palace….the happiness of been a crown Prince ended the moment you clocked eighteen once you take a step into your nineteen years you will started seeing the sadness behind been a crown Prince…..I will just advice you not to fall inlove before they planned your wedding so you won’t experience damages of heart” Prince Vernon explained and picked up his novel again

Rome crushed his face with the the Pronouce of not falling in love cos he have been dreaming about a particular girl for the past one week and he eventually know he had something for her even tho he can’t specify it but he knew his feelings contradict with love

“But how are you going to handle the one you love? We you abandon her and started a new life?” Prince Rome asked with concern face

Vernon dropped the book again and stared at a space, how will he abandoned someone he truly love? Never will he allow that to happen “I’m not going to abandon her, she will live with me in the palace” Prince Vernon said and Prince Rome wide his eyes

“Live in the palace?” Prince Rome recalled and Vernon nod his head

“After the selection of the bride tomorrow there will be selection of new maid and she will be present, I will put in all my power for her to be selected” Prince Vernon said and Rome smile

“Brother did you have anyone in mind..I mean…anyone you already have crush on during there stay here” Rome teased revering to the maiden that have been staying in the palace for the past 7 day

“Not at all, I find no one interesting “ Prince Vernon replied and Prince Rome nod his head

“What about we take a stroll, the palace look so bored”Prince Rome suggested

“Shall we?” Vernon asked standing up

“Yes we should” Prince Rome replied smiling



Lucifer was in his chamber as usual his eyes fixed on the novel in his mind but his mind occupied the thought of the strange girl

For some anonymous reason he couldn’t get rid of the thought of this particular clumsy girl

‘Who is she? Why does she kept appearing on his face every day? Even tho he wasn’t seeing her his mind filled with her though?’

A lot of different question crossing his mind but no one could gave him the proper answer

His thought was distracted by the multiple nocked on the door

“Come in” he coldly ordered without even knowing who was at the door

Set of five maid entered his chamber each holding tray of food,Anne was part of them

They’ll bowed, without making a pin sound they walk to the middle table in other to set the dishes

“Four of you should go, leave only one person” Lucifer command and four of the maid bowed and walk out of his room as if they have planned it ahead

“You can set the dishes” Lucifer said to Anne who was still kneeling before the table, he returned his gaze back to the book in his hand

After some minute he raised his head up and squeezed his face cos the girl he ordered to set the table wasn’t doing anything, she only kneel before the table and stared at the floor “are you deaf” Lucifer asked and walked to the girl

Anne raised his head and burst out laughing loudly, within a second her skin transforms to another being which took a gasp from Lucifer

“Jezebel?” Lucifer Call and She stand up

“It’s been a while..LUCIFER” Anne said and Lucifer released a soft breath

“What’s happening….what are you doing here?”Lucifer asked and Anne smile devilishly

“I got tired of Havenly…wanna try the fresh air this word provide” Anne replied with a smirk