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Carol kept wandering aimlessly looking for Anne who have be missing some hours ago

She kept lamenting rubbish whenever she searched a particular place and couldn’t find her

“Where the hell did she go” she curse inwardly using eyes to search every corner

After searching for 5 hours and couldn’t find her, she decided to take a rest and walk to a particular building which look so silent, seem no one was living in the building

She held her big orange Hanful dress and walk to the placement, she sat on it and breath heavily “where could she be” she murmured and rested her elbow on her laps before resting her head on her palm

Her eyes feel so thick and she could feel it ache a lot due to restless night so she decided to use the opportunity to take a quick nap

She closed her eyes and dozed up immediately

“You have to make it tonight, you must not failed…..”

Carol heard the voice in her dream and quickly fling up

She held her chest and released multiple air from her nose “what’s that”she mumbled looking around “am I dreaming or what” she flinched and finally sat back on the placement

“Carol” she heard Anne voice chanting her name loudly

“Oh Anne” she called standing on her feet

“Carol!!!!!!” Anne shouted still running to her

“Ohh…I told you severally not scream my name like that” Carol complained

“Carol I find another way to penetrate inside
Lucifer territory” Anne said when she was near Carol

“Really?” Carol shouted excitedly

“Yes I’m sure” Anne said when he finally got to Carol, he supported her hand on her kneel as she released all the air she has been holding

“How?” Carol asked bending to Anne level

“I heard there is this training ground Lucifer used for practice and no one dear to step on the land if your really treasure your life” Anne explained and Carol stood up, she squeezed her face and pouted her lower lips

“So you want me to loose my life right?” Carol said and supported her hands on her waist “if I loose my life now Maxwell will find another way to sort his problem” she added

“What are you talking about? I don’t mean you will loose your life…I heard if you stepped on Lucifer training ground is either he included you as his training solder or you became slave in his territory” Anne explained and Carol mood brighten up

“Did you mean that…” Carol shouted holding Anne hand

Anne nod her head and smile lightly “yes I mean it” She said

“Yes…let go…Lucat I’m coming for you” Carol said jumping up happily

“Lu…Lucat” Anne called cos she don’t seem to get what Carol mean by ‘Lucat’

“Yes Lucat..that’s my nickname for Lucifer..Lucat..the nickname suit him” Carol said and stop jumping “come let go now” Carol said holding Anne hand

“Yes let go” Anne said and the both started moving

They walk like 30 minutes before they got to their destination

“Finally we’re here” Anne murmured staring at the training ground

“Yes…wow I love the view…how I wish I can practice here” Carol said staring at the training ground marvelously

“Cut the Crap and think of a way to get Lucifer here” Anne chuckled

“To get who here? I thought you said he practice 12 hours a day so definitely he will come here, all we have to do is too seat here and wait for his arrival” Carol said and sat on the floor

“Huh..okay” Anne said and sat beside her

Carol became silent for a minute as she wide her ear 200 meter away from her, she could heard a stream which sound like music to her ear

“Anne,did you hear that?” Carol query facing Anne

“What’s that?” Anne asked with a questioning look

“Stream… I think cascade is near this training ground..should we search for know I love swimming” Carol said happily

“Yes you love swimming but you can’t swim..but wait I can’t hear anything” Anne said and wide her ear also but she couldn’t hear anything

“Are you for real” Carol said and stood up,. She wide her ear again and she could still hear the sound of the stream clearly, the way the sound filled her ear feel like she was near the cascade

“Yes I can’t hear anything..maybe you’re hearing things” Anne said and Quickly held her left ear immediately,she kept mute for a second and stood up hurriedly“I have to be in somewhere” she said and held Carol shoulder “don’t think of loosing this opportunity you must find your way inside Lucifer territory tonight” Anne said in serious voice and immediately run away

“What’s that” Carol murmured in disbelief, this is the first time Anne will sound so serious

She wiggled her head and sat on the floor but quickly stood up when she remembered something “that voice….” She said and squeezed her face “Anne voice” she murmured again “her voice right now sound exactly like the voice I heard in my dream” Carol murmured with a serious tone

“What’s happening to me” she muttered holding her chest in frightened “Am I going crazy…” she muffled

She suddenly heard a foot step and she quickly hid at the back of a baboon tree using her corner eyes to beeped at the direction she heard the footsteps

She stay in a spot for like 2 minutes but no one showed up“what’s all this…am I hearing things again” she hissed inwardly

“What are you doing here” said a stocky radiant voice which made Carol fall on her @zz

The voice came as wishpered from her back which reflect to her shocked

“Aaaa” Carol groaned when her @zz landed on the floor “who the hell…” her voice skipped when she saw the handsome face in front of her, she got mesmerized just the way he blinked his eyes and his well curve brow look so perfect, his round small mouth with his pink Shining lips twisted her mind, she could feel her whole part reciprocating to her mind thought, she felt her body got weaken on the floor, her pant became wet immediately, the first time she will feel something so deep and crazy for a man

“I said what are you doing here” came the guy voice again but this time around it sound to irritated and angry note could be read on his face plainly

Despite the shade look the guy was throwing to Carol, all she could do was to smile lightly

The sound of iron sword bring her back to reality, before she could blinked her eyes a sharp and shining sword was already drained to her neck

“What are you doing” she questioned and wanted to stand up but if she make any move the sword will get sucked on her neck

“Answer my question, what are you doing here?” The guy asked again and Carol could only swallowed hard, even with the awkward situation she was in right now she love the fact that the guy was talking directly to her face

“I lost my way here” Carol managed to answer, her eyes was only fix on the guy well fitted body, he was wearing a white robe which look so radiant on him, his hair was stylish to the back which made his handsome face to broadcast more

“You lost your way here?” He asked again and Carol nod her head

“Okay.. stand up” He said keeping his sword back to it sheath

Carol stood up gently and brushed the dirt in her cloth with her hand

“No one come to my shady land and went scout free” said his manly voice

“What’s that supposed to mean? Did you own this land” Carol asked in great surprised, it can’t be true right? The Lucifer she was looking for was the one in front of her

‘nope it can’t be him,Lucifer Can’t be this handsome’ She thought and smile mischievously

Carol looked around when she heard another footsteps coming closer, she wide her eyes and face the guy beside her “that must be Lucat” she murmured and hung her hand on the guy shoulder ”keep your voice low,if he saw you,your head is gone” she said and pulled him down and they both fall on the floor causing Carol to sleep untop of him

The guy widened his eyes and attempt to pushed Carol away but her grip was also tight, if he used his mighty power she might get hurt in the process

Carol glued her eyes on the set of eyes in-front of her, she directed her gaze to his pink lips and her body jogged slowly

“Master” said a man voice coming near to them

“Master?” Carol recalled,she looked around the wooden environment and directed her gaze back to the guy “are you the master?” Carol asked but the guy wasn’t making any pin sound, he eyes was only on her with blank expression

“Maste…. What are you doing” Oscar asked when he finally saw Lucifer and A strange girl in awkward position

Carol looked back and stared at Oscar confusedly

She suddenly felt a strong hand pushing her away making her to roll on the floor

Lucifer stood up and cleaned his cloth with his hand

“Master what’s happening” Oscar questioned again And Lucifer throw him a strong look which made him to swallowed meaningless

Lucifer stared at Carol who was still looking at him in wonder

“Lock her up…..” Lucifer said and face Oscar “I’m going to the waterfall” Lucifer said and disappeared at once

“Waterfall” Carol recalled staring at a space as if thinking about something

“d@mn….waterfall again” Oscar complained and set his full attention to Carol “will you raised your @zz up or I should help you” He asked manly

Carol puzzled her face before standing up

“Match forward” Oscar said and Carol nod her head

“Is your master Lucifer or you’re Lucifer” Carol asked and Oscar stopped walking

“What’s that absurd question?” Oscar asked

“Nothing ..I’m just asking.. don’t misheard me” Carol shock her head

“If you truly appreciate and valued the important of your head kindly keep your mouth shut and move straight forward” Oscar thr_@ten and Carol smile awkwardly

Even if she have no ideal of who Lucifer was, the little drama that happened moment ago tell her the guy she first met was Lucifer



“How far have you go?” Asked by a thick female voice, she was dressing in a black Hanful cloth, half of her face was covered with black napkins, she held her Scabbard vigilant staring at the soul in-front of her vigorously

“She is improving slowly…today, she will find her way inside his chamber” Came another female voice

“Make sure you did everything have no time to waist” said by the first female

“Okay I will…I should be on my way now…she will be waiting for me” said the second female

“Okay” the first female said and turned into a tiny air immediately”

“What the hell” the first girl shouted as she made her way out of the ligneous


Max was seating elegantly on a white soft pillow chair,he was dressing in his red minister clothe which look so perfect on him, a round portable table was placed in-front of him

Two set of white small cup was filled with vodka with wooden jug filled with liquid

Loretta was seating right in front of him, her vinous eyes was staring at Max, the shining lipgloss on her lips make the whole room smell fragrantly

“The silent is getting awkward can you make your statement hurried… I have meeting with the king in the palace” Max said when he can’t take the silent anymore because Loretta has been staring at him for the past 5 minutes without uttering any word

Loretta sat well on the flat chair and grabbed one cup of vodka on the table, she sip it and released a heavy breath before returning the cup on the table “the real bride has arrived” Loretta broke the news and Max wide her eyes

“The real bride? What are you talking about” Max shouted

“Stop shouting and listen to me carefully…I told you before that Gwendolyn was a stubborn creature who never get tired of trying,I told you she will find every way to send the real bride back to The world” Loretta said and released another strong air

“What are you trying to insinuate?” Max asked worriedly

“The real bride has arrived…she is currently in our village,I can’t recognize her but I can feel her strong aura nearly” Loretta said

“In our village?” Max recalled and Loretta nod her head

“She must not see Lucifer” Loretta spoke with mighty in her

“And what if she saw him?” Max asked and Loretta smirk devilishly

“Master, the chosen one is here” Came Rocco voice, the personal assistant to Max

“I think we should find another day for our discussion” Loretta said and stood up to leave

“Let her in” Max said and the door widely opened revealing Frida strong face

Loretta bowed her head before leaving

“Dad” Frida called and walked to Max who was still on seat

“My daughter” Max called happily “what bring you here” he added

“I miss your face” Frida said childish and raised her Qipao 100 yard gown before seating down

“You told me you’re coming two days ago but I couldn’t see you..why” Max asked sipping the drink in-front of her

“Someone bulge me on my way here” Frida said staring at a space angrily

“Someone?” Max called and Frida nod her head

“Yes,a Psycho girl” Frida pronounced heavily