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<Arrival of the real bride>


“Did I really have to go their as a commoner, you restrict me from using my power, you restrict me from taken any slave along, did you really want me to suffer until I stop breathing cos how the hell did you want me to survive that d@mn life you want me to live”Carol yelled at the top of her voice

Her mission was to penetrate inside LICIFER chamber and steal the of huel book, the secret book which contain different types of power

They restricted her from taken any accessories, how will she cope?

“Stop yelling and get out of my sight, have already told you everything you needed, you’re restricted from using your power so you will be able to move freely so stop shouting, you have only six month to complete the mission, don’t waist a minute of the time, you’re not getting any extra time” Maxwell instructed

Maxwell was a powerful man who rule the village of Toggong after the death of there pass king, he was a vicious who everyone fear in the village including the Minister, they dear not to argue with him or exchanged in unmeaningful word with him

His Regime was peacefully not until The Arrival of Chan his junior brother,he was also after the throne and he is ready to go through thin and thick to snatched the position from Maxwell

To make the people living in Toggong village have peace of mind, the minister decided to Make the two went on a secret mission by stealing the book of Huel stole by Lucifer when they embark on war in 1989

Th book of Huel was a powerful book which contained many secret

The first person that stole the book will be the one to rule the village of Toggong

And Maxwell know no one can succeed in the mission more then Carol

Ever since the day he has been taken care of Carol he knew what she is capable of doing, she might be a playful kid but once she set her mind on something, nothing can stop her from doing it

“Okay have heard you but can you at least let Anne follow me, you know she can’t do without me and I also can’t do without her, she is my favorite” Carol pleaded with a low voice

“Have told you before Carol, you’re not allow to go with anyone or are you deaf, Now get out of my sight” Maxwell said with the mighty in him

“Okay what if I refused to go, will you ki|| me?” Carol said Walking closer to Maxwell as if she wanted to ki|| him

“If you’re not interested to know about your family then refuse” Maxwell said devilishly, she knew the only thing to make Carol calm her body was the hearing of her parent

Starting from the day she has been raising Carol, he knew she was a strong girl who never give up easily once she set her mind on something nothing can ruined it and that’s why he insisted she must be the one to find the book

Carol calm her body and smile dryly, the only thing that can make her do what’s not on her will was the hearing of her family, nothing can stop her from finding the origin of her parent “okay Maxwell, I will be on my way now and I will be back before six month” She said and stared at a space wickedly “Huel Book…Lucifer…I’m coming for the both of you” She added as whispered and face Dorothy “I’m sorry but I will have to use my power for the last time, Someone is waiting for me” She said to Maxwell and disappeared immediately

“That witch”. Maxwell shouted


Carol Teleport inside the market place

she stared at each one of the marketer searching for a particular person

The market was so busy,some people where selling while some where purchasing

“I will surely miss this place” she murmured happily staring at a particular donut, she inhaled the scent of the donut and swallowed hard

“Are you eating the scent” said from someone at her back

Carol look back and a smile broad her face “Anne” she scream and the girl call Anne run to her and hug her tightly

“No one can separate us, Absolute no one” Anne said and give her the cloth handbag which contain Carol wears

“Yes,no one is capable to separate us”Carol added nodding her head, she collected the bag and hung it on Her shoulder

“Where are we heading to now?” Anne asked

“We’re going to fujiang Village” Carol answered and walk closer to Anne she shrug her shoulders with her own and used her head to point to the fresh donut in-front of them “before we start going can we at least enjoy our self?” Carol said and Anne smile

“Of course we can..I have…”

“Anne….Where are you…you better bring back my money now” Said from the back which cut Anne word short

“That must be lord Lushar” Anne said swallowing emptiness every second, she face Carol and held her two shoulder “Carol, did you remember the race we took when we stole Dorothy money two month ago?” She asked and Carol stared at the sky as if she remember something

“Yes I remember, we run like a dog, Moving like a snake, we run faster and faster but” Carol said And face Anne again “but at last we get catch” Carol said

“That’s good you we’re going to start another race… this time around we’re going to run like a snake and move like a dog cos I stole Lord Lushar money and if we get catch then we will have too starve for the rest of our life…” Anne said and Carol wide her eyes in confusion

“Anne.. you better bring your f-__-king d@mn @zz here” the voice shouted again but now seem the person is closer to them

“Carol will you run now or get starve for the rest of your life?” Anne asked fastly

Carol stared at the donut again and face Anne back “if I run now I’m going to eat multiple of this when we get to fujiang village?“ she asked and Anne nod her head “then we don’t have to run, let just use my power, Maxwell can’t ki|| me” Carol said and held Anne hand, she dragged her to a corner and closed her eyes, she murmured something’s and they both disappeared to another location

“’re getting good every day..but where is this?” Anne asked when they finally arrived at different locations

“What did you say..I’m the best of the best” Carol said feeling her own energy

“But where are we?” Anne asked again cos it won’t be funny if they’re now in a different place that will make there journey long

“Let walk ahead and ask cos I have no ideal” Carol said and the two start walking

They walk for like five minute before they saw a Restaurant, even before entering the Restaurant they could feel how sweet the food they sold will be in their nose

Carol inhaled all the smell with her nose as if she was eating with her nose

“Stop inhaling the smell let go and eat the food” Anne said bringing out her purse money, she shake the purse and the sound of the coin filled there ear

“What can I really do without you”Carol said as the both find there way inside the restaurant

They find a sit beside the two boy seating at the right corner

The servant of the shop went to them and take there order

After shot minute the servant brought there order which is Rice and Boiled chicken

Carol and Anne stared at the food and dig there hand inside the plate as same time eating as if they’re starve for years

“But how did you manage to stole Lord Lushar money”Carol asked her mouth filled with rice

“What did you expect” Anne said and gave Carol a keen eyes “I used the trick you thought me” Anne said and Carol burst out smiling

“Did you mean you mix his food with dog poop?”Carol asked laughing out loud

“Yes I mixed his food with dog poop and mix his water with urine…”Anne said and covered her mouth with her palm “ oh my Gawd I can’t stop remembering his puzzled face when he taste the food…cheeeese” Anne shouted

“Can’t you guys eat without running your mouth?” Said from one of the boy sitting close to there sit “I mean why would you talk about poop when eating” he added with a disgusting look

Carol looked around and directed her gaze back to Anne, they both shared a meaningful glance before laughing out loudly “I can’t believe my ears” Carol said and Anne nod her head before sipping water from the Wooden cup in-front of her

Anne might not see the face of the person that talk cos her back was facing them but the way the guy made his statement sound so funny

“Hey mr man…we’re talking with our mouth not yours so face the food in front of you and stop poking mouth”Carol yell out supporting her hands on her waist

The second guy wanted to stand up but the first one stop him “did you mean I’m poking mouth?” Asked by the first guy and Carol smile again

“ yes you’re poking mouth…What? Did you want to beat me with your face that look exactly like dog poop”Carol said and Anne smile

“His face look exactly like the poop I serve Lord Lushar this morning”Anne added

“But Anne you’re not seeing his face”Carol said giving Anne some look

“I can’t see his face but his voice described him…so sulking” Anne said

“Mind what you will say that’s the crown prince of Fujiang village” one of the servants walking at the restaurant wishpered to Anne and Carol

Carol smirk and folded her hand on her chest “If he is the Crown prince then i am the crazy Betrothed Crown princess that will make his life miserable” she said loudly making sure the guy the revers to as Crown prince heard her well before standing up

she walk closer to the guy table and put one of her leg on the empty chair “are you really the crown prince?”she asked and the first guy they refers to as the crown prince inhaled loudly

“Yes I am ” He answer staring straight into Carol eyes

Carol stop talking for a while as if thinking about something, she pouted her mouth and looked around the shop before directing her eyes back to the front “wow you nearly got me soaked inside the water of your stupidity” Carol said and touch his nose “stop playing around by telling people you’re the crown prince” She added and pintched his nose hardly

“What did think you’re doing…hahahaha” The guy scream waiting for the guy seating beside him to stop Carol but he wasn’t doing anything, he only stared at the scene as if he was enjoying what’s happening

Anne quickly stood up and run to Carol he dragged her away from the guy and bowed her head and help Carol bowed her head by pushing her head hardly “we’re sorry please spare us” Anne said and dragged Carol to their sit, she quickly carried there bag and run out of the restaurant

“Who the hell is she” The guy Carol squeezed his nose earlier yell out before facing the boy beside him “ Why are you not doing anything? Did you enjoy the way she pinched my nose??? She nearly departed me and my nose” the guy yelled holding his nose

“You told me not to meddle with the matter…remember?” The second guy asked and the first guy inhaled loudly

“Did you want me to lock you up?” The first guy asked

“No..your majesty” The second guy said bowing his head

“Haa…the hell” the first guy said angrily


Anne dragged Carol roughly until they departed from the restaurant

“Why are you dragging me?” Carol finally got a chance to said breathing out loudly

“He is the crown prince of Fujiang village” Anne said and bring out a book, it was a book that contain all the photo of the crown prince, she opened the book to a particular page and show it to Carol

Carol snatched the book from her and take a look at the book, her eyes became thrice widen when she saw the pics of the guy he pinched his nose earlier “he is the second crown prince of King Marshal the current king of fujiang” Carol said and Anne nod her head

“I’m doom…what if he find me and ki||ed me..what if she turn me into a slave in the palace”Carol said and Held Anne hand “what if he find two of us and ki||ed us at once” Carol said seating on on the floor

“We’re doom” Anne added

Carol quickly get her grip together and collected her bag from Anne “let go now, let run away from him so he won’t be able to find us” Carol said

“Yes once we enter Lucifer chamber,he won’t be able to find us” Anne added happily and they both laugh

“We don’t even know the village we’re”Anne said looking around, luckily she find someone passing by, she quickly run to her and Carol followed her behind

Anne got to the passenger and held her shoulder “please what’s the name of this village” Anne asked hurriedly

“Where did you put your manner……anyway this is Tinggyang Village” the passenger said and walk out

Anne and Carol stay like a statues for a while trying to Remember The village called Tingyang

“Wait…Tingyang village…thirds Village to our Village” Carol shouted and Anne went on her kneel directly

“Carol” Anne called out of imagination and Carol fall beside her “who ask you to use your power?” Anne asked while staring at a space like a fool

“I don’t know”Carol answered as if she will burst out crying any moment from now

“So we’re in Tingyang Village right? Our journey is now multiple right?” Anne asked and Carol nod her head

“Who ask you to use your power in the first place…just who?” Anne Lament raining Carol with slap all over her body

“I have no ideal..”Carol said and stood up “should i use my power again maybe it will help us this time around” Carol asked and Anne stood up

“Are you mad? Teleport again? Which Village will you go now? Poung Village or Tiang? Let just start using our leg, we will get to our destination before sun set” Anne said and started walking away

“I’m sorry” Carol murmured and run to catch up with Anne


<Fujiang Village><Lucifer~Chamber>

Lucifer was seating on his bed his eyes magnet on the book on his hand as he read it according to the line

His handsomeness right now was over measure, just a blink of his eyebrow will make you wet without trying

No one, absolute no one can pass by his side without getting mesmerized by his beauty curve shape

“Master, The chosen one is here” Said by his personal assistant Oscar who was standing behind the door

“Let her in” Lucifer replied without raising his head up

The sound of the wooden door filled the room as Oscar make way for Frida who was dressing in red clothe her favorite color

She walk in with her maid Lisa

Lisa went to stand at the door along with Oscar while Frida walk close to Lucifer and bowed her head giving him his respect

Lucifer eyes was only on the book in his hand not even giving Frida a glared

“That’s how he always be” Frida thought and quietly sat down “Lucifer am here”She said with her cute tiny voice which sound so blurry on Lucifer hear

Ever since He got married to Frida he haven’t for once spare her a glance Maybe because he has been living for the past 6thousand years he find it hard to fall in love

“Have told you several time not to refer to me as Lucifer…” Lucifer said opening the book to another page

“Then what should I call you? Should I call you master?” Frida complained compressing her face,since the day she got married and move inside Lucifer chamber, she has been trying her best to seduce and lure him to like her but all her attempt was failed, No matter how segzy she dress Lucifer never gave her a look and that’s draining her slowly,she was trying her best to act as if everything was fine but not anymore, she can’t just bear it anymore

“You can call me master if you feel comfortable with it….but” Lucifer said and dropped the book in his hand “stop calling me Lucifer” he said and stood up “if you’re done with your conversation then I will excuse my self” he said at once and storm out of the room not waiting for her reply

“Lucifer…” Frida was unable to complete her word when she burst out crying hard, Lisa quickly run to her aid and hug her tightly

“Stop crying your highness…” Lisa said

“He is treating me like a trash………he have nothing for me” Frida cried out loudly

“Don’t say that…he will soon notice you…just give him a little time….he will surely love you and feel your presence” Lisa said

“I hope so..” Frida cried more



“Did you really have to go there as a guard? You can’t Revenge on Lucifer, he is a powerful man, you can’t take him down” Author scolded Trigger his only son

“Dad..I have told you before that I will revenge on the person that ki||ed my Mum and my sis…I have nightmares every night and I can’t have soundable sleep without Revenging on the f-__-k you call Lucifer” Trigger said and kept his sword inside the sword case before walking to Author “Dad don’t be won’t loose me the way you loose Mum and sis..they know me as a commoner not your son…so have a peaceful mind” Trigger said and walk to a bench near his practice ground, cup of water was on the bench, he took it and gulped it down loudly, he took the napkin beside the cup and wipe his sweat with it

Since the day Tigger clock 5 years Author have send him to his close friend in the Fifth village to their village so no one will be able to recognize him as his son

Since the day Trigger known about his mum and his sis death he have come into conclusion about taking Revenge and now is the perfect time cos Lucifer only Bride is in need of Personal body guard and he knew no one can’t take the position from him

He practice day and night to be in perfect shape and now he is in the perfect shape he all needed

No one can stop him from Revenging even his father can’t stop him

“Be careful in everything you do Trigger, you know i have only you” Author said and pulled him into a tight hug

“Okay dad…I will come back healthy and soundly” Trigger said reciprocating to the hug