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A house as big as empyrean, everywhere was gloominess at same time altruistic, a heavy air was blooming but not moving anyone inside the house

A woman called Gwendolyn could be seen in one side of the house she was sitting on a wing white chair, staring at a space vigorously, she was having a white hair which is blowing heavily at the direction of the air, she was putting on a white long gown which stand straight too her feet, waiting patiently for the Devil bride too arrived, her appearance could easily tell that she is not an ordinary woman.

Sheryl was standing beside her; she was parking her hair in ponytail style. Sheryl was Gwendolyn personal assistant; she was always with her every day.

“They should be on their way already” Gwendolyn said devilishly

“Where did you think the bride will come from?”Sheryl asked demonically, not moving her gaze from where she was staring at.

“We have too wait and watch”Gwendolyn answered and sat properly on the chair, shd shifted her gaze ruthlessly, she stood up Hurriedly moving her legs majestically, Sheryl followed her immediately moving slowly on her back, Gwendolyn stop walking and face Sheryl “Something is strange don’t you think so?” She asked

Sheryl bowed her head immediately not wanting too look straight into her eyes”I dare not too suggest” she answers her eyes magnet on the floor

Gwendolyn let out a evil smirk before facing the front, on facing the front she sighted a figure, it was a young girl who wasn’t putting on any cloth and blood was staining all the part of her body

Gwendolyn take a step forward and in a second she appeared in front of the girl, Sheryl move too them, she dare not too use her powers when with Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn stretch her hand on the girl head, she closed her eyes for a second before opening it

She move backward and stare at the girl

She raised her left hands up and a white sword appeared on her hand immediately, she pointed the sword toward the girl’s neck and the girl shifted back in fear, shaking her head nervously

Gwendolyn pulled the the sword down “She is not the chosen one ,but something is strange about her “She said before folding her right hand,she folded it for a second before unfolding it,she stared into her Palm and a figure appeared on it

“Why am I here” The figure muttered and Gwendolyn quickly shakes her hands off which made the figure to disappeared

“The second girl lost her way here”Gwendolyn muttered

“Maybe because she is not for Lucifer”Sheryl suggested with a shrug not moving her gaze from where she was staring at

“No, even if she wasn’t for Lucifer she supposed too arrived here before anything “Gwendolyn murmured breathing heavily, she surely know something is wrong, she shifted her gaze back to the girl infront of her, she move closer too her and grab her hands, she stared into her palm and a Alphabet appeared on it

“HAZARDOUS” read before leaving her hands, she faced Sheryl and Sheryl bowed her head immediately, Gwendolyn stare at her for a moment before saying “You will have to go somewhere now”

“As your lordship ma’am “Sheryl replied.

Gwendolyn stared at Sheryl, her eyes blooming in different colors, a loud thunder strike,which make Sheryl disappear instantly

”Sheryl looked around the dim forest and fear covered her up, she looked around but find no one “Where is this ? She murmured in a silent tone

“You’re in Mercus land” came Gwendolyn voice

Sheryl looked shockingly before searching around but she wasn’t seen Gwendolyn only her voice could be hear

“You can’t see me, just do as I say”Gwendolyn said when she noticed Sheryl was searching for her and Sheryl nod her head

“Face your back and go straight”Gwendolyn voice said and Sheryl do so, she started walking, she walked for some minutes before she heard Gwendolyn voice again

“Stop”Gwendolyn shouted and she stop walking

“Turn too your left said, move your feet five times you will heard a voice of a girl crying, search for her”Gwendolyn said and Sheryl followed her instructions

She started looking around after taking a five steps to her left side, some minutes later she find a small girl crying loudly, she walk closer to her and bend to her level, she cleaned her tears and smile dryly “stop crying dear” she said and carry the girls and disappeared immediately

“Welcome “Gwendolyn said after Sheryl appeared in HAVENLY “Drop her”she instructed and Sheryl dropped the girl

Gwendolyn move too the girl and starred straight into her eyes a lite thunder strike from the girl eyes making Gwendolyn shifted her eyes and move back

“What happened”Sheryl asked when she noticed Gwendolyn movement

“I don’t know”Gwendolyn muttered before raising her hands up, a sword appeared on her hands, she pulled the sword to the girl neck, the girl stay steal not moving back, not even shifting in fear, the girl only stared at Gwendolyn fearlessly

Gwendolyn eyes shifted too her hands
She was holding a white piece of cloth,she move closer too her and collet the clothes from her, as soon as the clothes torched Gwendolyn’s hand the clothes turned into ash and flows away

Gwendolyn know immediately that she is the chosen one but something feels so strange

“Where is this place?”The girl muttered which surprised Gwendolyn

she starred at the her strangely before saying “Can you talk ?”

“Is that not a normal thing ?”She replied strenuously…..

“She is the bride for Lucifer”Gwendolyn mumbled and Sheryl stared at the girl again

“But something is strange about her”Gwendolyn said

“What’s that?” Sheryl asked

“She must spend more then two years here before she can open her mouth too talk”Gwendolyn replied before moving close to the girl, she look straight into her eyes and an image appeared on her eyeball

Gwendolyn took a step backward “it’s Loretta doing” she said

“Loretta?”Sheryl recalled

“Yes Loretta, Loretta is one of the most powerful Shaman on earth, she can change any good thing to bad, she is capable of turning the whole earth into miserable world, she is capable of doing anything too human on earth,
She collided with the Ling family too turned their daughter too the chosen one cos they want her too return safely”Gwendolyn explained

“What did you mean by that?”Sheryl question cos everything look like unsolved puzzle to her

“I told you earlier that something is strange, The deed was from the Ling family, they are the one that Make the Lucifer wife go astray, when the first girl arrived, she supposed too say something because she is not the chosen one, Cause she has a weak soul, and she was scared of the Haven sword” Gwendolyn said

“What will happen now?”Sheryl question again

“We have too keep the chosen one here for seventh years before sending her back, because if we send her back after sixteen years, she will become deaf due too What the Ling family did too her”Gwendolyn said before turning back too Sheryl “I will make sure too deal with The Ling family for what they did to the chosen one” she added

“What will you now do?”Sheryl requested

“I will send their daughter back to the world as the chosen one, and I will make life unbearable for her till the chosen one is ready too return too the earth”Gwendolyn said letting out a evil smirk

“What if the devil one for inlove with her ?”
Sheryl asked with a worried face, Gwendolyn take a step closer too her before saying, “I will never allow such thing too happened”



The rain was falling heavily and the weather was so faint

The rain wasn’t stopping the multiple people waiting impatiently for the bride to arrive

Today the bride will be Coming back

The Yang Family and Ling family where waiting furiously, no one knows where the bride is coming from excerpt Max and Loretta, they bother knew what they did in secret

Author was the most impatient being outside, Loosing his wife and Raising his Boy by himself was hard tax but the only thing that can made him forget about his wife was the arrival of her daughter

Lucifer wasn’t present at the event but He will be the first one to check maybe the bride is coming or isn’t

In a corner around where the numerous number of people where standing, a bright rock which look exactly like a satellite brighten up the sky, making all the people standing closer covering there eyes

“The bride is here” murmured by Loretta, Max who was beside her smile largely cos he knew his daughter will be the one to arrive

Within a second Lucifer has already appeared at the scene

He walk closer to the Rock and Saw a girl standing Elegantly as if waiting for someone

Lucifer mood light up a little bit, after all this years of waiting he will finally get a bride

He walk closer to her and gaze her slowly, something seems strange about her, but what?

One thing is clear to him, if the girl right in-front of him wasn’t the bride she won’t get the chance to return from Havenly but there is this particular sign the girl must give to him but he wasn’t seeing anything

If he told the people that the girl that arrived wasn’t actually his bride they will never believe him cos no one will understand his explanation

Maybe he should keep her with him while looking for where the problem is

“What’s your name?” Lucifer asked And the girl smile as if he was day dreaming

“My name is….my name….is Frida” she skipped her voice, her one side dimples showed proudly

Lucifer went mute for a second staring at her pretty face, to be honest the girl is quiet pretty making him to loose his mind for a second,he wiggled his head bringing himself back to reality

the next thing to do was to confirm the family She came from

He stared straight into his eyes and her blue eyeball turned to shiny Blue glowing loudly

“Ling family” he murmured and held her hand and took her over to the family waiting for her

Author was so Nervous causing his whole body to shake, the fear of loosing his wife and his daughter was to heavy to clasp

Lucifer walk to the people waiting and raised Frida’s hand up “HERE, THE LUCIFER BRIDE IS FROM LING FAMILY”he announced