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{Lucifer bride}

The Air was blowing heavily,Everyone running speedily, The weather was so dim to the extent that it’s hardly for you too see the person in-front or beside you

The Air was so strong destroying the frail house

A man could be seeing in the middle of the Road, he was folding his hand on his back inhaling the scent of the Air, his shining gray hair gust at the direction of the air,moving backwards and Front

He was putting on a big white robe cloth which is nearly torching the ground

“THE BRIDE WOULD BE BORN TODAY”The man murmured before matching one of his leg on the ground, which make all the sand in the storey booze up, in a blinked of eyes the man has already disappeared

“The bride will be born today”

Of course the Devil bride will be born today,The chosen one for the Devil,Who everyone fear in the village


Athena was in the labour room, his husband was outside Waiting patiently for her too deliver

“Breath out and breathe in”The doctor told Lady Athena as she was trying hard to push the baby out

Athena face was pale as tears piled up her eyes, Blood decorated her white cloth, she held a rope and a white Napkin was sucked on her mouth

“Hummmmmmmmmm” She breathe Heavily making the baby bounce out from Her virgina

The sound of the new babe filled the room as the baby cried slowly

“My lady, you just gave birth too a new babe bo…..” The doctor was unable too complete her word when a nurse shout out

“Another babe is coming” The nurse yell out, the doctor quickly dropped the baby slowly on the bed and concentrate on the one coming

“My lady please push out”The doctor said

After a lot of effort Athena pushed harder and the second baby come out, the nurse quickly rushed out too tell Arthur

The doctor break the news to author and he quickly rushed in to take a look at her dear wife

He got inside the room and bend down and torch Athena forehead “Thank you my wife”He said before carrying the baby’s preciously to his arms

Both of them were having Golden eyeball which is shining brightly

“My lady, you must pull yourself together, you have too deliver the baby girl too Lucifer tonight” The doctor said and a sad expression took over Athena face

Author also was feeling the immensity pain but there is nothing he could about it cos it’s the king order

Author stand up and help his wife on her foot, he gave Athena the baby girl keeping the boy too himself

Athena body was still shaking and blood was still on her clothe

They open the door slowly and she step out carrying the baby, her face expression show that she is not happy, giving her daughter to Lucifer the devil was never her prayers…. The worst part of it is that,He will firstly send the baby too HAVENLY

Athena step out gently holding her daughter valuable

She began her step,she dare not too look back if she really treasured and love her life and her daughter’s life, she will be hearing a lot of strange sound on her ways but she dare not too search for where the sound is coming from

Oscar the personal assistant for Lucifer was lying down on the bed inside his room flatly, his sword was with him

He has lost in thoughts not even knowing someone has entered his room, he felt the hands on his body and he fastly stand up grabbing his sword, before a second he brought out his sword and put in on the person throat

“What are you doing”The voice yell out and Oscar looked at the person

“Ohh it’s you, Apple”He said before pulling his sword down

“Did you want slide my head” apple said and Oscar raised his head up,he stared straight into her eyes and wiggle his head“I dare not too, but you too stop behaving like a witch” he said

“I’m surely a witch”Apple said which made Oscar too smile

“Come and have a hug my beautiful witch”Oscar said opening his arms widely for her, Apple stand from where she was sitting and rushed too hug him, they hug for a minute before breaking the hug

“But what are you thinking about?”Apple asked after breaking the hug, she jumped on the bed

Oscar joined her, he sat down properly before giving her his whole attention“They will give birth too Master’s wife today”

“So? Are you not happy for him “Apple questioned using her hand too cares his eyebrows

“No, I’m happy for him, I don’t like how lonely master used too be, I want him too marry too, but you know this is the third time he will be sending his wife too HAVENLY and none of them returned”Oscar said with a sad face

“Let just pray they returned safely this time around“Apple said before holding Oscar neck “How about we make our own babe tonight” She said giving Oscar seducing look

“You know we dare not too have child now, we can just play”He said and grabbed her waist, his lip landed on her lip kissing her roughly and sweetly,
Apple also respond to the kiss, holding his neck tightly while oscar was busy eating her lower lips angrily, his hands trailed to her under cloth and grabbed one of her pink Ɲīpplë squeezing and,rounding his finger on it which is making Apple whimper slowly

Oscar break the kiss and quickly off Apple cloth, he bend his head and his mouth grabbed her erotic Ɲīpplë, his tongue playing with, his second hand grabbed her second peak pressing it roughly

Apple grabbed his hair Mõ@ɲing sweetly into his ear

Oscar free her Ɲīpplë and his hand traced down to her Pů$$¥
Her Pů$$¥ was already wet so it was easy for his finger to find it way in

“f-__-k”Apple groaned when she felt Oscar finger inside her

Oscar was f-__-king her with his one finger soon he added another finger making it two
He was f-__-king her hard, his finger moving in and out of her
Charlotte was Mõ@ɲing loudly

“Ahhhhhh”Osca….. “

Y”eah yes just like that “

“f-__-k me harder”Apple kept Mõ@ɲing

Oscar stood up from the bed and off his trouser, his standing erotic prick came too view

He move close too Apple again and gave her a peck on her lips before his pencil penetrate inside Apple hole

“Ahhhhhhhhh”Apple Mõ@ɲed when she feel Oscar d!ck inside her

Oscar started moving in and out of her making it fastly and rough

Faster”Yes yesss yesss”Don’t stop please” Apple Mõ@ɲed feel the room

Lucifer was in his chamber, he surely knows, his bride will be given birth today, but he have no clue about where the bride is coming from, weather it’s from Ling family or the yang family

Willow the wife of Max was already in Lucifer house, holding her daughter, of course she too gave birthday today, she knock the door gently, her body was weakened and look faint, she knocked the door again and the guard hurriedly open the door,on seeing it’s Willow, they quickly bowed their head showing her respect

Lucifer appeared infront of them suddenly and snatched the babe from Willow’s hand

Willow fall down heavily on the floor as the wind coming from Lucifer body was heating her strongly

Lucifer raised the child up, he stared at the sky, his peach eyeball started glowing broadly, his short finger became longer tuning into pure red, his black shining hair blowing up and down, an invisible wind blow off the daughter and she disappeared immediately

“My daughter, my daughter
Bring my daughter back please”Willow cried out

Lucifer was about too entered his chamber when he noticed Athena appearance, she was shaking and crying at same time, she just witnessed what happened to Willow’s daughter

She was frightened that her daughter will disappear and never returned

She turned back too run away, but Lucifer appeared infront of her and took the child away from her
Athena fall down immediately and stop breathing

Lucifer did exactly what he did to Willow’s daughter to Athena’s daughter also and the child disappeared

Lucifer stared at Athena died body on the floor and breath down heavily “You’re warned not too look back until you deliver the baby too me”He said before a wind surrounded him and he disappeared immediately