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Octavia had found her way to the kitchen all by herself. Yeah, she had vowed not to ask anyone else so she doesn’t meet more Ɓîtçhes.

“Oh,my! Look whom we have here!! The blue eyes lady!” Paula giggled as soon as she spotted her.

She was putting on an apron and had been stirring something in a pot.

“Hi” Octavia forced a smile.
It almost looked fake on her.

“Hello there. How’re you doing?” Paula asked, warmly.
So warmly, it made Octavia feel relaxed.

“I’m fine, I guess. I need… something to eat”

“Oh! Of course. Take a seat and I’ll be done in a giffy” she winked at her and Octavia smiled and took a seat.

The kitchen was quite big and stuffed. There were only a few ladies working at the moment, but so many boys kept trooping on, coming to take food, drink, or something else.

In a short while, Paula attended to her with a sumptuous meal and she started eating immediately.

“In case you need anything, just signal me” Paula winked at her and walked away and Octavia focused on her meal.


After a long while, she was done eating and she thanked Paula and left.

She returned to the room and quickly showered. Ah!! She’s been longing for this for a long time now.

She stayed under the shower for a long time, washing every part of her body properly.

She felt the door from the main room open and guessed Mica back back. She ought to.

But where has she been going all these while huh? She wasn’t so sure it was a mission because she was the only one who kept leaving. If it were to be a mission, she’d have gone with a lot of people, right?

Well…. she was still new into the system and perhaps, that was how Mica acted.

She rouded up with her bath, tied a towel round her and left.
Getting to the bedroom, she found Mica in the room, dressing some things.

Mica turned to look at her.

“Hey” she called lowly

“Um…good evening. You’re back” Octavia said.

“Yeah. I got the clothes for you. You can check them out and fix them in the wardrobe later on” Mica said and Octavia noticed the bag of clothes on the floor. Wow! It was much.

“Thank you” she smiled and went towards the bag.
She needed something to wear

“Did you…get the pills?” She swallowed hard and asked.

Oh! Please, she didn’t want to hear any more excuses.

Mica stared at her for a while before answering: “Yeah”.

She dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a tiny tab.

“Thank you” Octavia said gratefully as she collected the tab from her and opened it.
She reached for a bottle of water and with it, she gulped down the tab.

Ah! At last. She could go finally feel at ease.
“How was your training with Moscow today?” Mica asked as she resumed what she was doing.

“It was crazy, but I passed it. He made me steal from a policeman” she replied and Mica’s eyes dimmed immediately.

“What? Is he crazy??” She growled. “Dmn it! I knew he was going to go beyond limits. You shouldn’t be stealing from from such dangerous people on your first day”.

Octavia thought of telling her of her encounter with the Master, but she quickly waved it off.

There was no need, was there?

She took out the cloth she wanted from the bag and wore it on. Wow! It was a short black town and looked really good on her.

“There’s a little house party going on in the other building, Octavia. Hurry up so we can join them” Mica said.

“I’m…. I’m not going” Octavia said repugnantly.

“You need to get used to this, Octavia!” Mica snapped.
“You can’t be a member of this clan and act secluded, you know? You need to learn how to flow. Come on!”

Octavia bent her head like a child being scolded. She h@ťěd parties; h@ťěd crowd.

Mica finished with what she was doing and urged how to go with her and Octavia, having no option, decided to follow her.


Just like Mica said, it was a little house party by the members of the clan, just to dance and drink…nothing more.

Octavia felt so cringy as she walked in with Mica. The place was dmn too noisy for her.

“Hey!! Blue eyes is here!!” One of the boys sn_gg@ed when he saw Octavia.

Octavia could barely survive there.

The room was almost dark, loud songs being played and halfly dressed ladies dancing on stage. How do they survive this?

She walked beside Mica and they found a table.

“You should drink this” Mica said as she handed her a glass of drink and Octavia gulped it down.

“Hi Mica” a lady showed up, looking really drunk.

Octavia quickly recognized her to be Mica’s room mate, the one that never sleeps in the room.

“What’s up bae? Can’t believe you’re still in this camp” Mica chuckled.

“Of course, I am. Come dance with me, blue eyes. Pleaase…”

Octavia scoffed and just stared down at the table, ignoring her.

“Hmph. I guess I should be on my way then” the lady laughed and scuttled off.

More thing’s happened and soon, Mica left Octavia to flow with some of her friends.

The party went on for a while and when everyone became tired bit by bit, they started dispersing.

Worst of it all, it started raining.
Becca stood impatiently at the balcony the whole time,her eyes glued to the gate. Where could Khalid be? Why wasn’t he back?

It was so dark and late already and raining heavily. And worst of it all, his line wasn’t going through. Was he fine?

She was overly worried. Where could he be? Why wasn’t he back?

Well, Khalid was one powerful man and she knew she shouldn’t be worried about him. But still….

Shortly, she saw the gate opening and her heart beamed when she confirmed it was his cars.

Oh, perfect. At last.

She breathed out in relief as they drove speedily to the garage and boys rushed out of it, getting an umbrella ready.

The umbrella was opened and held up for Khalid who stepped out when his door was opened for him.

They ran towards the building and Becca couldn’t see him again, but after a while, he showed up, walking through the balcony where she stood.

“Khalid!” She called in excitement and ran to me.
He was dripping wet.

“Oh my! I was so worried”.

Khalid didn’t say a word but rushed towards the room. He needed to get the clothes off.

Becca followed him to the room and quickly helped him with the buttons of his shirt.

“You shouldn’t had waited for me” he said huskily as she worked.

“Yeah, I know. I just couldn’t help it. And your line wasn’t going through either” she pouted.

She noticed something on his shirt – some bIood stains.

She paused and wondered if he was hurt.

“The party had gotten a little bIoody like I said” Khalid answered the question in her mind.

“But…But you weren’t hurt, were you?” She asked but he didn’t reply.

She helped him take off the shirt and his ki.ller skin came flashing at her. Thank goodness there was no new mark on him – meaning he wasn’t hurt from wh@ťěver might have happened at the party.

“Should I make you some tea while you shower?” She asked, but he didn’t reply.

She looked up at him and found his cold gaze on her.

K…. Khalid?” She called.

“I need pleasure. Get on your knees” he grunted and within a few seconds, she let her knees sink to the floor.

That was a command she was ready to obey at any moment, anywhere.

But at this moment…….
There was a little problem.

I need pleasure.
He pulled his hand out immediately and moved away from her.

“Dmn it! Becca, you’re on your flow??” He growled, his eyes portraying so much anger and disgust.

Becca’s heart skipped twice.

“I’m….I’m sorry, Khalid. It just started few hours ago. I…”

“Then why didn’t you tell me! You know how much I h@ťě this, Becca” he cut her off angrily and her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

“I’m…. I’m sorry, Khalid. We can… make use of the back….” Her voice trailed off.

Khalid grunted and left the bed.

“Get out” he said.


“I said get out, Becca!!”

Shame and guilt washed over her as she jumped out of the bed. Tears were nearly burning her eyes and slowly, she walked away, out of the room.

Khalid stood angrily, facing the window.

He was highly aro.use

The he.ll, Becca just ruined him!

He itched his Jaws, deep in thoughts and finally, he reached for his phone and dialed the line of one of his guards.

Draco picked at the second beep.

“Get Octavia for me” he said with a grunt.

The sound of the rain was so heavy, it hit hard against the window. But Octavia loved the weather. She loved how cold it was.

She laid on the bed, trying to get some sleep while Mica stood facing the window, smoking.

Long minutes passed and finally, Mica put out the cigarette stick, left the window and went to sit on the edge of the bed where Octavia laid.

“Sit up, Octavia. We need to talk” her tone was strict.

Octavia could tell when he sister was serious and when she she was joking and at this moment, she knew her sister had something extremely important to say.

Although, she felt so dizzy, her eyes were overly heavy, but she forced herself to sit, drawing the blanket to herself.

Mica allowed a few seconds pass before speaking up.

“I know you’re running away from someone” she began.
She sat in a way Octavia couldn’t see her face.

“I know someone’s thr_@tening your life and that’s the reason you’re here – to protect yourself. Now, all I want to know, Octavia, is who is he. What’s your offence and why did you have to come here all of places?”

Octavia froze. Her eyes gleamed in the darkness as she stared at the side of Mica’s face. What’s she talking about?

What’s she ..
How did she even know?? Has she been spying on her??

Mica turned and faced her.

“Talk to me, Octavia! I need answers” she said huskily, but Octavia was still too shocked to speak.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and it interrupted the moment, tho Octavia’s breath was still held in suspension.

Mica was pissed and wondered who it could be. It was dmn late and ruined her important moment.

She stood up from the bed in anger and stormed towards the door and when she opened it, she discovered it was Draco

“Draco?” She called in surprise, he anger lessening a little.

What’s he doing there?

“Is…Is there a problem?” She asked, still holding the door.

“Not at all, Mica. But Khalid wants Octavia in his room” he replied and Mica was taken abacked by the incongruous request.

Wants Octavia in his room? At this time and weather?

“But what for? Did she do anything wrong?” She asked.

“I don’t know, Mica. He just gave me the order”

Octavia could hear then clearly from the room and she didn’t know what exactly to be more scared of – Mica’s questions?or Khalid’s request?

Why would he want her in his room? What did she do wrong?

Mica heaved with anger, presently angry and worried.

She turned away from the door and went closer to Octavia.
“The Master wants you…in his room” she said and Octavia felt her lungs become dry.

For Christ sake, what did she do wrong again? What was her offence?

After the morning time she had with him, she didn’t break any more rules, right? She didn’t do anything wrong. So what could possibly be the problem now?

She gulped nervously and left the bed, her legs feeling so heavy and cold.

Mica followed her out of the room as they walked behind Draco.

They left their own block and had to get beaten by the rain before getting to Khalid’s block and approaching his room, Mica had to stop because she wasn’t called upon

But she was overly worried and hoped her sister would be fine.

Octavia proceeded with Draco, her heart beating heavily. They got to the door and Draco knocked on it.

There was no reply and Octavia thought they should’ve returned or waited, but to her disappointement, Draco opened the door and walked in with her

The room was almost dark and had a soft glow on it and Octavia spotted Khalid in front of the wardrobe.

“She’s here, Master” Draco noted, noticing how nervous Octavia was.

“You can leave” he said in a rugged tone and Draco bowed and left.

Octavia was almost shaken, but fought so hard to maintain her stance. She h@ťěd displaying her weakness.

“Take of.f your ¢lo.thes, Octavia. And get on the be.d” Khalid’s command came almost immediately and that was enough to trigger Octavia’s heartbeat.

She felt her bladder become full instantly. Oh, not again. What did she do this time around?

She bent her head and couldn’t make a move, her breath wavered.

Khalid turned and shot her a surprise stare.

“Wasn’t I clear enough?” He asked and noticing the ordersity in his voice, she forced herself into action.

She moved her hands to the tip of her dress and started moving it up.
Khalid’s breath was deep and rough. And Octavia wasn’t any different. As a matter of fact, she was worst.

She winced as she forced her legs down from mid air. They hurt so bad from being kept in that position for so long.

She turned tiredly on the other side. Oh! How does she leave? How does she do it?

She could barely move her legs. They were hurting so bad. She was confused and wondered if the Master was mad at her and that was probably the reason he was that rough on her. That could be the only explanation.

Her soft whimpers could be heard as she made to leave the bed. One leg out, but she suddenly heard;

“It’s still raining out there. You can stay here for the night”.

Her heart summersaulted in her chest twice.

It was from Khalid!!

Oh! He probably might not know it, but he was doing her the biggest favor of the year.

Her eyes were too heavy and she was too drowsy to think about the incongruouity of the offer.

So, still in pains and not having the strength to wonder her mind about, she just closed her eyes and slept.
Octavia had woken up the next morning to find herself still lying on the bed.

Oh!! That was when it dawned on her. She had really slept on the bed. She slept on Khalid’s bed!!!

She flinched and sat up immediately, taking a look around. Khalid wasn’t in the room. Where was she?

Hold on…how could she be sure she hadn’t slept on the bed without his permission?

Ah!! Of course, not. She could still remember vividly. Khalid had been the one who gave her the offer. Yes, she couldn’t forget.

She was about stepping out of the bed when he asked to spend the night since it was raining. So, she was sure she was safe.

She decided to leave the bed so she could get her clothes from the floor and that was when she discovered she had a great problem with her legs. Oh! d@mn, she couldn’t walk! She couldn’t walk!

She crumpled her face in pains and managed to set her legs on the floor. She stood up – slowly – and reached for her gown and taking a lot of effort, she dressed up.

The door opened immediately and she turned to see…
Urgh!! Becca!!! It was Becca coming in.

She sighed, hoping she doesn’t try to trouble her in anyway.

Becca was undoubtedly shocked as well as she stood in between the door and watched with furrowed brows. Hold on… What’s going on?? What’s the newbie doing here – she thought.

“You?” She moved away from the door and walked towards Octavia.
“What’re you doing here?”

She couldn’t understand why she was there so early, her hair looking rough, her face looking pale and her dress looking rough as well. Of course, she wouldn’t spend the night there.

Octavia, with her phlegmatic temperament, just bent her head and didn’t say a word.

“I’m talking to you!” Becca snapped. “Did you come here to steal or what??? Answer me!”

The door of the bathroom suddenly opened and both ladies turned to have a look. It was Khalid.

He seemed to had just finished running a shower as his body was wet and had just a towel tied around his waist.

Octavia was almost overwhelmed by the sight in front of her. Her lips parted open in surprise. Could that be real???

How could he be so….

“Khalid….” Becca called immediately.
She was startled at how nonchalant he reacted towards Octavia’s presence in the room. Did he know she was there or what?

“Good morning, M…Master” Octavia’s voice cracked a little.

There was silence as Khalid ignored both ladies for a few seconds and went to his wardrobe to take out what he wanted.

“You can leave, Octavia” he finally said and Octavia swallowed hard and turned away from him.

She bowed like he could see her and taking a glance at Becca, she walked out of the room.

Becca was astonished.

“Khalid?” She called, going closer to him.

“I dont…. I don’t understand what’s going on. Did she… sleep in here!” She asked, hoping he’d give her a negative answer.

“You ruined me last night, Becca. What did you expect? I needed someone else” he scoffed as he took out a shirt and black trouser from his closest.

That was it. Becca felt a sting in her chest as soon as he made those words. He needed someone else. He used someone else. And Octavia was the person. Octavia slept in his room! Good Lord!!

She lost her tongue. She tried speaking out but discovered her tongue was too heavy to speak. Oh! Creators, Khalid!!! He slept with the newbie – again!!

Khalid took the clothes he wanted and went into the inner room to get dressed. He had a meeting to attend.
To be continued 💗