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Moscow grabbed Octavia by the hand and started leading her out of the room.

He couldn’t wait to see why Khalid was going to do to her. He was definitely going to deal with her. Definitely.

Although, he was a little angry he’d interfered in his plans of drilling her, but he decided to wave it aside and watch what happens next.

Octavia, on the other hand, was patently panicking as they headed for the room.

What was he going to do to her? Did she disobey him again?

Oh! If only she had known. But she had no idea he was watching. She had no idea at all.

They finally got to the room and Moscow pushed her in.

Khalid was facing the table, opening a bottle of wine.

“You can leave, Moscow” he stated calmly and Moscow’s eyes dimmed.

Huh? He’d thought he’d be punishing her in front of him.

He fumed and looked at Octavia. Then, bowed and left the room.

Octavia’s breath almost seized as she realized she was alone in the room with him – again.

She interlocked her fingers in front of her and stared at the floor while he poured himself some drink.

when he was done, he turned to look at her, sipping from the glass.

He didn’t say a word – not at all – and it made Octavia really nervous.

He emptied the glass, dropped it on the table and started marching towards Octavia. And with each step he took, Octavia felt her heart skip along with it.

She was tempted to run, but fought the temptation real hard.

Finally, he stood in front of her and a wild fragrance emanated from him. They clouded Octavia’s senses, almost driving her mad.

He took another step closer, making Octavia think he wanted to swallow her up. She blinked rapidly and moved back.

He took another step and Octavia did same, another and another…and so it went until finally, her black was touching the wall.

She was stuck.

“What do you think you’re doing, Octavia?” Khalid asked as he placed his hand on the wall, right above her head.

There was a mixed smell of cigarette and perfume, coming from him.

She badly wanted to look him in the eyes, his dark pretty eyes, but she forced herself not to as she just stared down at the floor and felt his eyes on her.

“You know the rules over here” he continued, more collectively.

“You know dignity has no meaning here. So, what do you think your doing?”

She gulped nervously and forced herself to talk.

“I….I h@ťě it when….strangers touches me” She said with another gulp and he scoffed.

“But you let me touch you” he said daringly, moving his other hand to touch the tip of her hair.

She looked up at him and said:
“I had no choice”.

For the first time since she got into the room, she was staring at him directly in the face – the eyes. And she could swear, her heart stopped beating for a second.

His lips pushed up in a smirk and in one word, he said:

It took Octavia some seconds to digest what he said.

Oh! Was he really going to punish her? What would he do to her? Whip her?

She sank her knees to the floor, her heart playing party drums.

In the presence of the other guys, she felt nothing. But with this guy called Master Khalid, she couldn’t explain the level of anxiety he made her feel.

She was kneeling right in front of his legs and Khalid, moving his hand from the wall, took them to his belt and unhooked it.

Octavia’s eyes divided into two when she saw him pulling down the tro.user. What was he….
What was he doing?

Her lips parted in shock as she lifted her eyes to look into his face, only to find him staring back at her.

He pulled down the tro.user and his thing came bouncing out. Octavia gasped – inwardly.

It was so long and looked thick and answered Octavia’s wonders on how he’d been able to hurt her with it that night.

“You should know what to do” Khalid said, but Octavia could swear she had no idea.

Not until she remembered………

She had seen it in a movie once – unintentionally.
“You should leave” his voice was a little husky as he pulled his tro.user up and walked into the bathroom.

Octavia was a little weak and almost found it impossible leaving the table.

She took in deep breaths and gathering enough strength, moved away from it.

She wore her clothes back on and taking a glance at the shut door of the bathroom, she turned around and left.

Yvonne – Mica’s friend – knocked on the wooden door, but there was no reply.

She adjusted her bag round her wrist and knocked again, but there was still no response. Was anyone even at home?

She looked around and knocked again and finally, someone opened up.

It was a woman and with her description, she guessed it’d be Mica’s step mom.

“Hi. Good day ma’am” she said with a smile while the woman stared uncomfortably at her.

“Yeah. Good day. How can I help you?” She asked with a look from her head to toe.

Yvonne hesitated for a little, then asked:
“Um….This is where Henry lives, right?”

“Henry?” The woman repeated.
“Who’s Henry?”

“Henry. You know? That black chubby man. He told me lives here”.

The woman shook her head negatively.

“I don’t think you’re in the right place. There’s no Henry here. You should probably check the next street”. The woman replied and Yvonne mouthed an “oh”, looking frustrated.

“Okay ma’am. Thanks for your time. But um…. can I get a glass of water, please? I’ve been walking for ages and I’m so tired, please” she made a pathetic face and the woman looked at her with scrutiny.

“Okay then. Come in” she opened the door and Yvonne sighed as she walked in.

Oops! At last.

The first sight that welcomed her in the room was a baby sitting on the couch, watching the tele with a glass of milk in her hand.

Hm. That should probably be Clarissa – Mica’s step sister.

“Please, take a seat” the woman said to Yvonne as she walked into the kitchen.

Yvonne nodded and took a seat on the couch, opposite the kid who didn’t spare her a glance.

Okay; so, where does she start from in getting the answers to Mica’s questions?

She was only good at stealing and fighting, but she wasn’t good at investigations.

Shortly, the woman returned with the glass of water and handed It to her.

“I hope it’s cold enough?”she asked warmly.

“Of course. Of course. Thank you so much” Yvonne smiled and gulped it down.

Well, she really needed the water because Mica had made her walk for so long under the harsh weather.

“Ah!” She sighed when she was done.
There was still a little quantity in the glass tho.

“The weather’s so hot today” she itched her neck.

“Indeed. I wish I could help you with Mr Henry’s location. But I really don’t know him” The woman said, already sitting adjacent to Mica.

“Ah! It’s fine. It’s fine. I’ll definitely find him. Don’t worry about him. The problem I’m having right now is the sun”. Yvonne grouse and sighed.

Oh geez! She needed to go straight to the point. But how does she begin??

She sipped a little from her water and looked at the woman.

“You live alone?” She suddenly asked, faking a smile.

“Uh…of course not. My husband isn’t home at the moment” the woman replied.

“I see. Man has to be busy, you know? To fend for the family” she chuckled.

There was a short silence.

Ugh!! She should’ve asked Mica for leads. She’s d@mn poor at this.

“You don’t have a step daughter, do you?” She suddenly blurted out.

The woman -Agatha – cringed.

“What?” She asked.

“I mean… you didn’t get married into a polygamous family, right? You should consider yourself really lucky because… I had grown up in one. And trust me, those step daughters and step sisters can really be so b’tchy” she said with a false repugnant look.

Agatha just stared at her and didn’t say a word.

“I have a step sister” The kid from the couch suddenly turned to her and said.

Oh! Just what Yyvone’s been waiting for.

“Clarissa!” The woman snapped, signalling the girl to keep shut and obediently, she turned back to the tele.

O….kay. Yvonne found that a little crappy.

“Don’t pay attention to her. She’s just a kid” The woman said.

“Ah! Of course, I know. Children and their clumsiness”. Yvonne laughed dryly and silence ensued.

This kid could probably be of help, couldn’t she?”

“Um…I think it’s high time I left” Yvonne suddenly said.
” Thanks a lot for the hospitality,ma’am. But… could I get one last glass of water, please?”

“Of course” the woman smiled and stood up.

She collected the empty glass from her and returned to the kitchen and immediately, Yvonne turned to the little girl.

“Hey, hey. What happened to your step sister?” She asked in a whisper and Clarissa turned to look at her.

She didn’t say a word.

“Come on. Talk to me. I’ll give you some toys and chocolates when next I see you” she winked and Clarissa’s eyes dimmed.

“She ran away” she replied lightly.

Yvonne wasn’t too surprised.

“Ran away? Why?” She asked, still whispering.

“Because she’s scared of that wicked man. He’s going to ki|| her if he finds her. He said he’d ki|| her and make her suffer” she answered.


“Which man?” Yvonne asked, wishing the kid would actually knows his name.

“I don’t….know. Buy he’s a….”

Agatha’s footsteps were heard and smartly, Clarissa turned back to the tele.

Yvonne also leaned back on her seat, although she was highly disturbed.

“Here it is” Agatha smiled as she handed the cold glass to Yvonne.

“Ah! Thanks a lot. You’re too kind” she repo and gulped half of the water, then stood up with her bag.

“Thanks a lot ma’am. I’ll be on my way way now”. She said.

“Of course, dear. Bye”.

And Yvonne turned around and left.

Octavia was running from someone that wanted to ki|| her – she thought.

Who could it be? And why would he want to ki|| her? What was her offense?


Now she was more anxious than she thought she could ever be.


As soon as Octavia left Khalid’s room, she headed straight to hers and fell asleep. She was so exhausted.

She slept for hours and was awoken from her stomach.

Ah! She hadn’t eaten since the break of dawn. She’s actually been starving herself.

She left the bed, feeling really weak. She felt like taking a shower so she could wash of the thick substance she felt in-between her l.egs. But she was too weak and really needed to eat.

She left the room and started wondering around. How would she get to the kitchen? She didn’t know her way around.

She saw two ladies and stopped them.

“Please….how do I get to the kitchen?” She asked, taking a lot to be able to speak to them. She h@ťěd talking to strangers.

“Oh! Blue eyes, it’s right on my head” the first lady replied and laughed, together with her partner.

Octavia stared at them disbelievingly.

“Do you really have to be a Ɓîtçh?” She muttered and turned around to leave.

“Did you just say something?” The lady held her back by the wrist and she turned to look at her.

Octavia didn’t want to waste more of her precious words to her. So, she just made her wrist burn.

“Ah!!” The lady winced and quickly left her.

She looked at her wrist painfully and it was sore.

“How dare you?” She asked angrily, but Octavia gave no reply.

She turned around and left.
Yvonne walked back to the spot where Mica was waiting for her and as soon Mica spotted her, she left where she was seated and ran to her.

“How was it?” She asked anxiously, her eyes reflecting her desperation.

Yvonne placed her hand on her waist and sighed.

“I’m not sure I got exactly what you wanted, Mica. Your step mother was too secretive and wouldn’t utter a word about it” she replied.

“d@mn it! Don’t tell me we came all the way here for nothing, Yvonne!” She said angrily.

“Stay calm, will you?” Yvonne scoffed
“Anyway, like I said, your mother wouldn’t utter a word about it. But your step sister said something that was quite interesting.

“When I had asked if they had a step daughter, the little girl suddenly said she had a step sister.

“Your step mother countered her immediately and it was more like she didn’t want her to talk. So, I looked for a way to distract her, send her out of the room, and when she left, I took the little time I had to question the little girl.

“I asked what she knew about her step sister and she said she had ran away from home. I asked why, and she said she was running away from someone -. Man. She mentioned something like….the man said he was going to ki|| her. So, she’s scared. I’m sorry, Mica. But that’s all I got”.

Mica listened in silence. What on earth could this mean?

Octavia was running from someone? Someone who wanted to ki|| her?

But if she was running away from someone, then why come to the X-family where she could easily get exposed?

“Mica?” Yvonne called when she was silent for too long.

She sighed and looked up at her.

“Let’s go” she mumbled.


Becca walked into the room but couldn’t find Khalid in. She heard running water from the bathroom and figured he was taking his bath.

“Khalid?” She called anyway, but there was no reply.

She walked towards the bed and was about taking a seat when she spotted something on the floor – a drop of


She stood straight and walked towards it immediately, having a clear look at it.

It was indeed a – it was a tiny drop but she could tell it was it.

But…Khalid doesn’t allow anyone have segz in his room, even if it’s meant to be a punishment or something else. He’s the only one who makes use of his room and nobody else.

So… seeing the semen there, she wondered…..

He wouldn’t had possibly had segz with anyone, did he?

She was still there contemplating when the door of the bathroom opened and he stepped out, dripping wet with just a to.wel around his waist.

His tattoo chest was exposed, almost driving Becca insane.

“Khalid…” She beamed, turning away from the spot.

He barely looked at her as he walked over to the wardrobe, opening it to search for clothes.

Becca gulped nervously and walked towards him.

“Getting ready for the party, huh?” She asked.

“Yeah” he grunted, pulling out a cloth.

She turned and glanced at the spot.

“Was… anyone in your room lately?” She asked, wishing it’d lead her somewhere.

She really needed to know what had happened.

“Someone like who?” He spat out.

“I… don’t know. Was just asking”. She shrugged with a smile.

Khalid turned away and ignored her and it burnt her heart.

It doesn’t seem like a guard had molested anyone in the room. Could it be done by Khalid?

But who did Khalid sleep with? He doesn’t really sleep with girls…randomly.

He’s very selective.

“Um….so, you’re really gonna be traveling tomorrow morning, right?” She continued talking and he just nodded.

“Can’t I come alone…. please??” She placed her palms together and begged.

“I told you, Becca. It’s for the Masters alone. Females are not allowed” he answered huskily and she sighed.

She was already used to his grumpy attitude, anyway.

Besides, it’s just a small meeting and he’s definitely gonna be back the same day. They were going to talk about the new leader for the X-Family.

Everyone could tell a war would be coming. Chosing a new leader that would control all the clans was something that only happened once in 10 years. And for this decade, everyone wanted to be a part of it.

Afters taking out the clothes he wanted, he wore them on and began wearing his jewelries.

Becca watched him From behind and admired him, feeling so thankful he was all hers. All hers.

She promised her self never to leave him.

“Can’t I go with you…. tonight?” She asked with a pathetic look, drawing closer to her.

He was going for a little party but wouldn’t take her.

“Don’t worry about it, Becca. The party might get a little bloody and I wouldn’t want you around” he replied.

“But I can….”

“I said no” he cut her off and she clamped her mouth shut.

Yeah, perfect.

She almost rolled her eyes in front of him but good thing she was able to stop herself. He’d have probably plucked off her eyes.

Well, she hoped he’d be back in time because it looked like it might be raining anytime soon.

He finished with his outfit and turned away from the mirror and when his eyes met with Becca, she almost melted. Almost.

“Can I….at least, see you off to the car?” She gulped nervously, almost unable to keep up with the stare.

“yeah, you can” he shrugged as he picked up his phones and car keys from the table before heading for the door.

Becca touched her red cheeks and followed him out of the room.
To be continued 💗