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Mica walked out of the room and met Draco where she’d requested him to wait for her.

“What is it, Mica? You told me its urgent”, Draco asked as soon as she got to where he was.

He paused and looked around, trying to make sure no one was close enough to eaves drop

“I need your help, Draco. I need you to help me leave the building, please. I need to go somewhere important” she hushed.

“You want to leave?” He made a crumpled look. “But where are you going that’s so important?”

She sighed and looked around.

“I’m….I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. But its important, please. Don’t say no”. She pleaded.

Draco stared curiously at her.

Well, over there, you don’t leave the building unless you’re asked to, or assigned on a mission. So, that was the reason Mica needed the help of one the Master’s personal guards. At least, they had higher authority.

“Okay; come on”, he titled his head and started walking away while she followed without reluctance.

They got to the parking lot, took a red car and with Draco at the driver’s seat, he started moving the car.

They drove straight to the gate but stopped right at it since they couldn’t go pass the securities.

The securities came with their guns to have a look at the car

“Draco” one of them called.
Mica was at the backseat

“I need to go somewhere with Mica. She’s running a personal errand for me. Open the gate” he said strictly but the boys hesitated.

Well, considering it was someone like Draco, they knew they could trust him.

They opened the gate and gave them free access while they drove out

“When will you be back?” Draco asked as he parked by the roadside.

“I don’t know. Before evening”, she replied. “Thanks a lot for this”.

She tapped his shoulder before opening the door and leaving the car.

She stood by and watched him drive away before proceeding. She needed to do this.

She stopped a cab and boarded it to the train station.

She was headed home – to check up on her parents. She needed to know what was wrong with Octavia and why she ran away from home.
Octavia had fallen asleep after Mica left. Well, she had nothing to do and no one to talk to.

But after sleeping for long hours, she discovers she was bored and needed to do something. She thought of taking a walk round the building, but the thought of meeting with strangers nibbled at her and she quickly waved it off. She h@ťěd strangers. No reason, she’s just never liked them.

She took a brief search around the room and found a book and pen. She returned to the bed and started drawing on it.

Yeah, Octavia was quite good at art. She loved it.

She leaned her back against the wall and drew what she had in mind perfectly. It was a car.

She was only good at drawing objects and has never attempted to draw a human.

She drew the car perfectly and despite the fact it wasn’t colored, she still admired it. She’s always admired her works.
She turned to another page and made a different drawing – drawing the picture of a basket containing water. Yeah, it was crazy, right? But she did it.

She took so much passion in it. But after the third drawing, she became bored again and felt she had to do something else.

She stood up from the bed and went to stand in front of the window. There were people moving around, seeming to have fun. She suddenly wished she could blend with them,but they seemed so difficult for her. So difficult.

Taking a deep breath, she took a bold step and left the room.

She had opened the door creakily, looked left and right and satisfied that there was no one, she stepped out of the room.

With her hands fisted beside her dress, she took the left path and started walking slowly.

She walked, took the stairs and finally stopped when she got to a balcony.

The balcony was empty – to her pen advantage – and she went there to stand and have a clear view

Wow! It made her seem like she was flying as the cold breeze blew her hair around when she stood at the top. She could see everything clearly – the people, other buildings, cars, everything. She felt high.

She smirked as she enjoyed the view. For the first time since she arrived, she found something she liked. She could perhaps, stand there forever.

“Wow! Look whom we have here”, she suddenly heard a voice and turned quickly to see a familiar face.

Of course, she was the same lady she always saw with the Master – Becca. She was with one other lady.

Octavia shot her a stare and lowered her gaze to the floor.

“Isn’t this the determined newbie?” The lady with her asked teasingly. Her name was Tara.

“Yeah, she is. And the one who got lucky enough to be touched by Khalid”, Becca said
Octavia lifted her eyes to look at her when she noticed a covetous echo in Becca’s voice. Was that jealousy, she thought.

Becca smiled and moved closer to her. “How’re you doing?” She asked, but Octavia could tell she was being sarcastic.

“I’m fine’, she mumbled anyway.
She didn’t talk to strangers, but she could tell this lady was troublesome. So, she was doing everything she could o avoid her

“Did you enjoy last night? With Khalid?” She asked and her friend answered from behind:
“Of course, she should”.

Becca scoffed and crossed her hands.

“You better learn to adapt to the rules here, blue eyes. Because I wouldn’t want you getting Khalid to touch you again. Do you understand?” She asked, but Octavia kept shut.

“I can’t believe you even had the guts to hurt Master Klaus. Just wait for him and be ready, because he’s definitely gonna come over to punish you. You can’t go free with that”.

Octavia looked at her and wondered why exactly she was trying to install fear into her.

“Its just a friendly advice, you know? You had the chance to leave, but you threw it away. Now, you have to dance to the music. I seriously don’t know why Khalid didn’t whip you after last night. All he did was punish you with s’x. Hmph”. She scrawled at Octavia from head to toe, then walked away with companion.

Octavia bit her lip in abashment as they walked away. Slowly, she turned around to face the balcony again, her hands on the bars. Becca’s words seemed to have an impeccable effect on her as she chewed on them.

Was Master Klaus really going to come over to punish her?

Well, she had been thinking about it. She hurt one of the clan Masters for no reason and felt she had to get punished for it. She couldn’t just go free like that. She felt he might want to punish her himself.

But the problem was, was she ready to face him? To face his anger?

Her breath hitched at the thought of it. And still staring into space, downstairs, she spotted Becca – walking with the same lady she’d seen her with.

She stared at them for long as they walked majestically, receiving respectful greetings from others they came across. Becca was really respected, wasn’t she?

Well, of course. She was the Master’s girlfriend.

Suddenly, Octavia had a crazy idea and fixing her eyes on her, she released her powers and made her stumble on the floor.
Mica got off the train and boarded a cab home – a place she never thought she’d be in years.

As she sat at the backseat, next to the window, she kept thinking of her father – the family she’d lost. Everything happened when they lost their mother.

Their father changed, brought in another woman few weeks later who became a pain in the @zz, and so many stupid things happened that led to her leaving the house and going to join the X-family. Her father kicked her out and she had promised him he was never gonna see her face – ever again.

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After a long ride, the cab got to her destination and she settled the cabby and continued the rest of the way on foot.

She brought out her face cap, wore It over her head and continued walking – face down.

She badly wanted to know why Octavia left the house. She knew, of course, something was wrong – very wrong.

Perhaps, there was something wrong with their father and step mother. Maybe, they were attacked or something?

Ugh! She couldn’t guess right. She just needed to see for herself.

She slowed down her pace when she finally spotted the house – the smug little house.

She stood behind a tree and stared sullenly at it, the old memories flashing in – both the memories she loved and the ones she h@ťěd. Her jaws clenched.

The door was closed, everywhere looked neat and empty. Could there be at home? Or not?

Or could her be suspicions be correct?

She stared for a long time and was about making a move when suddenly, the door opened.

She maintained her standard behind the tree and strained her eyes to have a proper look. A little girl came running out – giggling and jumping.

Clarissa – that was Mica’s step sister. The daughter of Agatha.

Mica watched keenly as she ran out of the house and landed on the sand, rolling on the floor.

“Clarissa!” Someone called and came out of the house as well and Mica twitched when she saw it was Agatha.

‘Oh my God! Look at you! You’re getting yourself so dirty, Clarissa! Come here”, she cooed as she went to pick the little girl from the floor.

“No! Leave me, mum. I wanna play more”, Clarissa giggled in her mother’s arms.

“If your father comes home and finds you dirty, you wouldn’t be getting more ice cream today, you know?”

“Oh….I’ll talk to him. Let me be…”

The baby danced her legs in the air as the woman took her into the house and locked the door.

Mica was stunned. Her step mother, step sister, and father…..they all seemed complete. They were all complete and happy. So, what’s going on? Why then did Octavia leave the house?

She scoffed and stared at the shut door properly. Why did Octavia leave the house then? She couldn’t understand. She had been there was a problem and she wouldn’t find anyone at home. But with the look of things, they were all happy and complete. So, what could Octavia’s problem be?

Oh d@mn! For a second, she thought of going in – yes, going in and asking Agatha all the questions she had in mind. But she couldn’t; she couldn’t bring herself to see any of them after all they did to her. She couldn’t go in.

Agatha could be a pain in the @zz, yes. But there was no way Octavia would leave the house because of maltreatment. There was no way she’d act so determined and stubborn about joining the X family. There was something else – something wrong. And she needed to find out.

Perhaps, she had another plan. Yes, one that would work perfectly.

Since she couldn’t go in herself, she’d have to find someone else to do it – someone she trusts that would go in and question them.

Exactly. Her investigations continues tomorrow…..

And with that conclusion, she turned around and left.



She stood at the balcony and watched as people looked at Becca, shocked at the way she had fallen on the floor. Her companion with her quickly bent and helped her up.

“Oh, my! What happened? So sorry”, she muttered.

Becca’s cheeks were flushed in embarrassment as people stole both surprised and mockery glances at her.

With haste, she scurried off with her friend.

Octavia’s lips stretched in a smile as she loved the scene she had caused. And the best part is, no one course suspect her because she was far away. She heaved a sigh, turned around and left.
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Getting to her room, she just laid on the bed and slept. Well, that was all she could do at the moment – sleep.
She didn’t know for how long she slept, but she woke up when she heard the door opening.

She looked smartly and saw it was Paula – the same lady that had served her breakfast in the morning.

“Hm. Still sleeping?” She asked as she walked in, holding a tray with her.

Mica, as usual, didn’t reply but just sat up quietly.

The lady was putting on a shot and top, covered with an apron. And she looked really hot.

“Your sister asked me to serve you this when its time. So, here”, she dropped the tray on the stool in front of the bed.

“And I also brought you a bottle of wine. Thought you might need it”, she winked at Octavia and turned towards the door, but just when she was about opening it, Octavia’s voice stopped her.

“Thank you”, she heard the coolest voice she’d ever heard and Paula was stunned.

She turned back to look at her and smiled.

“Wow! So, you speak after all”, she said.
Octavia’s gaze were low this time around.

“Anyway, you’re welcome, baby” she winked at her and finally left.

Okay; that wasn’t so hard, was it? – Octavia thought.

She took the bottle of wine first, opened it and decanted a little into the glass cup that came along with It and when she was done, she stood up with the cup and went towards the window.

As she stared outside, she took a sip from it. Hmm. It was refreshing – she would admit.

She took another sip and almost gulped the entire thing down. She actually hoped it wasn’t alcoholic.

From the window where she stood, she could see everything going on downstairs since their room was on the third floor.

She saw something that caught her attention when the gate opened and cars upon cars drove in. Her instincts told her it was Khalid.

She watched keenly as they drove in and stopped in front of the water spring and guards from the first two cars rushed out immediately, going to open the third. Just as Octavia had predicted, it was indeed Master Khalid and her heart skipped. She shook a little – tho she couldn’t exactly tell why.

He was dressed in all black, but the golds around him glittered.

Staring at him, Octavia could recall everything he had done to her the previous night and they sent cold shivers down her spine. They made her so scared and nervous – of him.

He was handsome – she’d admit. So charmingly handsome that made her wonder how he could have such darkness in him.

The second door of the same car was opened and another guy stepped out.

Instantly, Octavia felt the wind seize;
Her bIood stopped running.

For the first time, she felt her heart split into two and the glass she had with her, slipped and fell on the floor.

She gasped and moved backwards.

No; it can’t be true. She was having a nightmare.
Her legs shook as she stared at him. What’s was doing there??
No; she wanted it to be a dream. She badly wanted it to be a dream.

The dope opened immediately and she turned in fright to see it was her sister.

She didn’t know if she was to feel relieved at that moment, or more terrified.

Mica paused at the door and her brows furrowed as she stared at the broken glass on the floor. She was surprised

She looked at her sister who was almost shaken and asked: “what’s wrong?”

Octavia turned to glance at the window and saw the Master walking away with his guards – and him

“It’s…its nothing. Um…the glass just slipped from my hand. I’ll clean it up” Octavia gibbered a reply.

Mica walked closer to the window to have a look and she saw exactly what her sister was seeing, but in a different way.

All she saw was Master Khalid and his guards – together with his bossom friend – Master Zack.

To her, she felt Octavia was scared because she had seen the Master – Khalid. She felt the previous night’s incidence had made her scared of him.

Well, it was normal.

“You should go sit on the bed. I’ll clean this up”, Mica said and Octavia walked quietly to the be.d.

she had to control herself; yes she had to do it. She couldn’t bring up any suspicions.

As she sat and leaned her back against the wall, she huddled her arms and legs together and tried not to shiver.

Master Zack – why was he there? What connection did he have with Khalid?


Khalid and Zack walked into the house together, to his relaxation room.

Zack took a seat while Khalid reached for the wine bar so he could pour them some drink.

“How was the trip, dude?” Khalid asked, popping a bottle of wine.

“Stressful, you know. Got a lot of work to do” he shrugged.

Zack was almost like Khalid – almost.

He was tall and handsome, cruel, feared and respected. Most people think his heart is darker than Khalid’s, but they were yet to confirm.

“How was the party yesterday? Heard one of your newbies crashed Master Klaus” he asked with a chuckle.

Khalid handed him a glass of his own drink and took a seat, holding his.

“Well,,yeah. Some weakling who’s determined to join the clan”. He replied.

“Weakling? You don’t take no weakling, Khalid. Why did you accept her?”

“Well, I tried to send her away, but she’s too adamant about it and insists on staying. She hasn’t been accepted, tho. Still undergoing my tests”.

“Urgh! I’d say you ki|| her, Khalid. Weaklings doesn’t belong to the clan”.

“I have my eyes on her and if she breaks one more rule, I’ll ki|| her” Khalid replied quickly, then gulped from his glass.

“Anyway..” Zack leaned back on his chair.
“Is she around? I’d love to see her”.

“Why?” Khalid inquired, staring at him beady eyed.

“Oh! Come on, dude. I just wanna have a look at the weak lady who was brave enough to crash Master Klaus” he laughed and Khalid also chuckled – grimly.

“Okay, then. If you say so”, he shrugged and called on his guards.


Mica – after cleaning up the mess that was caused by her sister, went to join her on the bed.

“How have you been?” She asked.
At that time, Octavia’s nervousness had lessened a bit.

“I’m..I’m fine. Slept all day”. She answered.

“Hope you didn’t get into trouble with anyone?” Michael asked and she shook her head negatively.

There was a brief silence.

“The lady….Becca” Octavia spoke up.
“She seems troublesome”.

Mica scoffed and shook her head.

“Becca’s a Ɓîtçh” she said. “I don’t know how she had gotten into Khalid’s life in the first place, but she’s been using it greatly to her own advantage. Tho, I heard something like….she had saved his life.

“You should try your best to avoid her, Octavia. Hope you didn’t get into any trouble with her?”

Octavia slowly shook her head, deciding there was no need telling her about the encounter she had.

“You should go on and eat. You might be called upon any moment from now to get further instructions on your training”. Mica said and was about standing up .

“Did you….get the pills?” Octavia asked and she paused.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, causing a distraction.

Mica looked at the door and went to answer it and when she opened it, she discovered it was the guards.

“Mica” one of them called
“The Master wants your sister in his other room – now” he passed the order and Octavia, who could hear them clearly, felt her heart stop beating.
To be continued 💝