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Master Khalid remained silent for a while, drilling more fear into her.

Her body was visibly shaking as she stood behind him, she tried to digress the movement into fists on the tip of her cloth.

But she wondered…. what became of the Master she’d hurt? Was he later fine?

Khalid puffed out more of the smoke and finally, he passed out an ordered:

“Go on your knees”.

Octavia didn’t hesitate as she let her knees sink to the floor.

She almost let out a light whimper, but restricted herself as she didn’t want to sound weak in anyway. Mica had told her he h@ťěd weakness.

After some more while, Khalid finally turned around to look at her.

He put out the tobacco pipe and the smoke reduced.

“What did you do?” He asked calmly, but even beneath his calm tone, she could decipher the irate echo.

She lowered her gaze to the floor and gulped nervously.

“I’m sorry..” She whimpered, almost to her hearing alone.

Khalid scoffed and began walking towards her,,taking a leaping step.

He got to where she was and struck her hard in the face, Octavia winced.

“I thought you were warned?” He snapped.
“How dare you disgrace me in front of my minions?”

Octavia felt a cut on her lips and she bent her head downwards in pain and fear, not saying a word.

Khalid crouched in front of her and pulled her hair.

“I’m talking to you!” He growled into her ears and she forced herself to whimper a “I’m sorry” again.

He looked at her with so much anger.

“I should ki.ll you”, his voice was a low growl.
“No one disobeys me – no one at all. You just failed your first test”.

He let go of her hair and stood straight and Octavia wished he’d just let her go.

Khalid walked away from her
And went to stand in front of the table.

A part of him wanted him to let the boys punish her, but the other part wanted him to do it himself and he heeded to the second.

“Take of.f your ¢Iothes and get on the be.d” he passed the command and Octavia felt her bIood run cold.

If not for the fact she was still breathing, she’d have concluded she was dead. She thought she was dead.

He was going to do the same thing the previous man had almost done to her. The same thing was going to happen.

“Make me repeat myself again and you’ll lose your head”, Khalid turned with a snap and with his hands stretched towards her, she started ¢hoking.

Khalid finally released her when he figured it was enough,,and by that time, she was close to unconsciousness.

But she managed to get a grip of herself and slowly, she lifted her ¢Ioth up her head.

Well, it wouldn’t the first time she’d be going nude in front of him.

He was backing and with out being told for the second time, she ambled to the be.d.

Her raced heavily. She was going to have segz for the first time, used by someone she barely knew.

She whimpered as she got to the King sized bed and laid on it, her face down. She couldn’t afford looking at him in the eyes because in the first place, she wasn’t used to looking at strangers.

Her breath wavered on the sheets where she buried her face and soon, she heard the sound of belt and ruffling of clothes.

She held onto the sheets tight to stop herself from getting up and running away cause that was all she wanted to do at the moment.

But Khalid wasn’t someone she could dare and she knew it. Despite the little time she’d gotten to know him, she had already realized he wasn’t someone she could mess with and it scared the hell out of her.

Perhaps, that was part of the reason she needed to be there.
Later on, she heard the sound of clothes and figured he was dressing up and shortly, his cold voice came:
“Get out of my room”.

Octavia felt so weak,
but considering how scared she was of him, she forced herself to leave.

She whimpered as she grabbed her gown from the floor and slipped it through her head. She stood at a spot and tried not to look at him and using a lot of efforts, she started towards the door.

She was almost dragging her feet along and somehow, she felt his eyes behind her.

She got to the door,,opened it and took leaping steps out.

Mica who had been pacing tho and fro the hallway, worriedly waiting for her sister, finally spotted her and without hesitation, ran to her immediately.

“Octavia!” She called out, her heart breaking at the sight in front of her.

Tears streaked Octavia’s face and as her sitter got close to her, she released herself and fell on her body.

She sniffed over her shoulders as Mica was fast enough to hold her.

“Hey; its okay. Its okay”. Mica cooed, patting her back.

She held her round the waist and assisted her to the room,,ignoring the stares from the few people they came across.

As soon as they got to the room,,Mica helped her lie on the bed.

“You’ll be fine. Okay?” She encouraged her, her hand over her forehead.

Octavia just nodded tearfully and closed her eyes to sleep.
To be continued ❤️‍🩹