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“Why aren’t we going to my apartment?” Sally ask as they got out of the car.

“Isn’t a wife meant to stay with her husband?” Xavier ask in return.

“I do know that I’m meant to stay with you but my things are still at my apartment”

“That has been fixed already” Xavier reply just as a bickering May and James walk out of the apartment.

“You two are here” May said, running towards them.

“Have packed every thing you own and brought it here and also, I added a little accessory which I know will be useful for you tonight, its your wedding night afterall ” May whisper for ear alone.

“Since we’ve got our job done, then we will also take our leave” James said, taking hold of May hand.

“But I don’t want to leave yet” May argue.

“You do and don’t you think it’s best we leave the new married couple so they can be alone” James said dragging her to the car.

“You drive, I want to take a nap” James said, tossing her his car keys.

May stared at him in disbelief before waving at Xavier and Sally who were watching the two of them.

“So, shall we go in?” Sally ask nervously when May drive out of view.

She went ahead of Xavier and had just gotten to the stairs when he lift her into his arms, bridal style.

“What are you doing?” A startled Sally ask.

“Carrying my wife over the threshold, isn’t that a compulsory tradition for newlywed?” Xavier return, smiling down at her.

“You don’t have to” Sally said shyly, returning his smile.

He carried her in and set her down gently, his arms still around her.

“What do you want to do?” He ask suddenly.

“Erm, Am a bit hungry. How about I get change and cook something for us” Sally said this, pulling away from him but he pulled her back and kiss her.

When he move away to stare at her, Sally was watching him, her lips slightly apart.

“I am hungry but not for food” he said softly.

As soon as he said that,Sally wound her arms his neck, pulling his head down for a kiss while he lift her into his arms.

Sally wound her legs around his waist while Xavier palm her @zz for support, he walk them both to the stairs, taking it one at a time and not for once did the kiss stop.

He got to his room and place her down, his hands finding her zip.

Her gown fall at her feet, exposing her to his gaze.

“You are lovely” he said, heavily arouse.

He took off his clothes, leaving him to her gaze and she had to gulp down real hard when she saw his manhood, pulsating for her.

They both got into bed and this time, Xavier kiss her slowly, taking his time to explore all of her while Sally Mõ@ɲ out his name.

When she could take it no more, she pull him to her, opening up for him as he penetrate into her folds, making her gasp out in delight.

Then he began to move, slowly at first then faster, both Mõ@ɲing in pleasure.

With their love making still on, he lift her off the bed and onto his laps still penetrating her.

It went on till they both reach the pinnacle of ecstasy.

Still in a sitting position, Xavier tighten his hold around her and gently whisper.

“I’m never letting you go”

“Do you mean that?” Sally ask, moving back to see his face.

“I do” he said and she kissed him, feeling happy to know that he is possessive of her.

They got under the sheets, wrap in each other arms.

“Can you hear me even without your hearing aid?” Sally ask, noticing he isn’t wearing it.

“I can’t but I can read your lips and that is something am used to” Xavier reply, kissing her.

“Do you want us to see your mom, tomorrow?” Xavier ask.

“But you are busy”

“I can make time for it”

“No. I overheard James talking on the phone and you are working on impressing a new investor. I want you to focus on that and during the weekend, we can go see my mom”

“I hope she likes me” Xavier said softly.

“She will, don’t worry” Sally reply, placing her head on her husband’s chest while feeling like the most happiest woman on earth.


“Quit starring at me or I might be tempted to drive us into a tree” May thr_@ten as she drive along the busy road.

“I told you to stop starring” May said again and that got James starring out through the window.

“Are you angry?” May ask, seeing the serious look on his face.

“James” she called again when he said nothing.

“I keep wondering what our relationship is? I mean, I kissed you that day and since then, you’ve been rebuffing me. If you don’t like me then it’s best you let me know” James finally spoke.

May let out a sigh and stop the car beside the road car.

“Why did you stop?” James ask.

“To do this ” May reply, pulling off her belt to get onto James lap, palming his cheeks in her hand, she kiss him.

“Does that tell you my answer?” May ask when they pull apart and all James could do was to nod in silence.

“Now that you’ve gotten your answer, I better get back to driving the….” Her words trail off when James tighten his hold on her.

“Forget about driving and kiss me again” he said softly and she claim his lips once more

Their second kiss turn out to be more fueled than the first. In no time, May had her top yank off along with James shirt.

Still kissing his arms went around her to unhook her br@, leaving her to his gaze.

“You sure?” James voice came out hoarsely.

“I am” May reply, initiating the kiss again.


Sally woke up very late and she had no one to blame except for her husband who wore her out through the whole night.

She found the note he left to inform her that he already left for work and that he prepared breakfast.

Sally went downstairs to see the food he prepared and a smile spread across her lovely face.

She decided then and there to prepare lunch and take it to him.


Done with the task at hand, Xavier sat on his desk, thinking about his grandmother who he hasn’t heard from ever since he told her about his marriage to Sally.

It’s very unlike her to stay quiet after the news he gave her.

“Sorry to intrude boss but Genova wants to see you” James inform.

“Let her in” Xavier ordered and a while later, Genova stroll in.

“Hello there” she greeted.

“Hello. I hope my grandmother didn’t send you to….”

“She didn’t. I came on my own because I want to talk to you” Genova said quickly, cutting him off.

“About what?”

“Can we talk about it while having lunch. I already book us a restaurant and….”

“Okay. Let me inform James and we will be off” Xavier said briskly, wanting to give her a chance to talk.

A while later, Xavier and Genova walk out of the elevator, heading outside.

Genova watch as Xavier driver showed up with his car, handing him the keys.

“Err, I suggest we use my car” Genova said quickly taking hold of his hand.

“Yours is at the parking lot. Let’s just use mine since it’s here already” Xavier insist.

The arrival of Sally in a taxi got Xavier pulling away from Genova’s hold.

He was smiling as he approach Sally and Genova watch jealously as they both kiss each other.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming ”

“If I did then it will no longer be a surprise” Sally said, starring at Genova who was approaching them.

“Hello, Sally” she greeted with a smile but Sally could sense the hostility in her.

“Are you heading out?” Sally ask after replying Genova’s greeting.

“Yeah. Err, Genova invited me out to lunch” Xavier reply, feeling a bit guilty.

“It’s just that I want to talk to him and It’s a private discussion” Genova said, putting her arm in Xavier who shrug it off.

“Oh, okay. I brought you lunch but if you are going out, I better save it” Sally said.

“Why save it when you brought it for me” Xavier said, taking the lunch box from Sally, he turn to Genova, a sorry smile plastered on his face.

” I will have to cancel with you Genova. As you can see my wife came all the way here to see me, I can’t let her leave without….”

A loud explosion behind them ended wh@ťěver Xavier was saying.

The three of them fell on the floor due to the impact of the explosion.

“Are you okay?” Xavier ask Sally whose arm was oozing blood due to the fall.

“I am. Take a look at Genova” Sally said,holding onto her arm.

“I am okay” Genova reply, her eyes on Xavier’s car which is now burning.

“That’s your car! If you had been in it, it would have exploded with you in it!” Sally said in shock while Xavier pull her into his arms.


Marie got downstairs to see that Mathew had prepared lunch for her but she ignored it and got herself cereal and milk.

“If you keep eating that, you won’t get enough norishment ” Mathew said, standing by the door way.

“What I eat is none of your business” Marie return dryly, eating a mouthful of cereal.

In an instant, Mathew was at her side taking the bowl which contain the cereal to empty it in the hand washing.

“Why did you do that!” Marie yell at him.

“Be mad at me all you want but I won’t let you starve yourself. I prepared some good food for you, so eat it!” Mathew ordered.

“And who are you to tell me what I should or shouldn’t eat!”

“I am your brother” He said, reminding her of who he is.

“Right, you are my brother” Marie said, her anger dissipating to be replace by a sad look.

Marie turn to leave but Mathew took hold of her hand, pulling her into his arms to kiss her, a fierce but tantalizing kiss.

They were both breathing hard when he pull away.

“You have no idea how hard it is for me to stay away but you know we have to” Mathew said softly.

“We don’t. It’s a choice we have to make and it’s not a must that we follow through. What matter is that you love me as much as I love you” Marie return, wrapping her arms around his waist.

” I love you Marie, I love you so much”

“Then kiss me, kiss me Mathew”

They lean in for a kiss, their lips touching each other slightly when they heard the door bell.

“We don’t have to answer” Marie said softly.

“You know we do” Mathew return both heading to the door.

Mathew open the door to find the least expected person there.

“Mom!” The twins called in unison……..

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