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“There’s no way am going to let Sally leave with you. You will just have to take her over my dead body” Adam said fiercely.

“Fine then, your wish is command” Xavier reply, making a move towards Adam but Sally got in his way.

“No! No fight, please” she said softly, starring from one man to another.

She pulled her hand out of their hold and turn to Adam.

“I know you are worried about me and am grateful but I can take care of myself and besides, I have to talk to Xavier” She explain.

Adam knew when to back off when needed and this one calls for it. He stood watching her walk off with Xavier and all he could do is to let out a sigh.

“Get in” Xavier ordered, opening the passenger door for her.

“Are we leaving? What about Genova and your grand…”

“I could careless about them! You are more important” he snap, motioning her once again to get in.

Sally got in and watch him walk round the bonnet to join her in the driver seat.

Sally would have love to ask him where they were headed but he was too busy making calls to some people.

When he ended the call with the fifth person, she decided to break the silence.

“Where are we going?”

“To the court, we are getting married” He said, his answer making her go speechless.

“B…but how is that? How come we are getting married and…and what about your grandma?”

“Like I said earlier, I don’t give a d@mn! If she can pull up something like that then I can too. She needs to know that she doesn’t own me anymore and I can do wh@ťěver I want” Xavier replied.

“So you are marrying me just to prove a point to your grandma?” Sally ask, feeling a bit heartbroken.

The sudden halt of the car on the road side startle Sally but she didn’t have enough time to recover her wits because Xavier release her belt and pulled her on his laps, claiming her lips at the same time.

Sally was taken back at first but then she went with the flow, kissing him back.

They kiss for a long time and when they both pull away, their lips were red and slightly swollen.

“Is this enough to prove to you that am marrying you for you and not because of my grandmother?” He ask, his voice causing a thrill in her.

Sally didn’t trust herself to speak, she could only nod in return.

He set her back on her seat and did her seat belt, his hand grazing the top of her br*st, causing a ripple of shuddering.

Xavier notice this and smile at her, earning a blush.

“Being this way I can’t help but to wonder how our marriage life will be? Certainly hot, right?” He ask, teasing her .

They got to the court office where surprisingly, James and May was waiting.

“They will be our witness” Xavier explain.

“The bride and groom to be look a mess” May said, noticing their ruffled hair.

“This is your first time meeting May, right? May meet Xavier and Xavier this is May my best friend” Sally did the intro while fixing her hair.

“To be honest. I don’t support this marriage but if Sally is sure about it then I will go with the flow. I only hope that you keep her safe” May said to Xavier.

“I promise to protect with my life” Xavier reply.

“Sorry to intrude but we need to get this started if we want the judge which I had to persuade for long to marry you two” James said.

They all went into the register office and sometime later, Sally and Xavier were pronounce man and wife.

The two married couple were smiling at each other as they walk out of the register office.

“So, are we having an after party?” May ask watching the two.

“An after party will be great but I have somethings to take care of”

“Does that include me?” James ask.

“It does” Xavier reply earning a grumble from him.

“Like I told you before. Sally will no longer be working now that she’s married to me. You will be my secretary until I get a replacement” Xavier told him.

“But….” James stop to stare at May.

“Why are you looking at me?” May ask.

“You do know why am looking at you” he said softly.

“You two seem a bit suspicious” Sally said, watching them with keen interest.

“It’s not what you think. There’s nothing going on between us” May said quickly.

“Really? Then what about the kiss we shared last night?”

“A kiss? Sound interesting ” Xavier said, a smile on his face.

“It’s nothing and didn’t you say you have something to do?” May said quickly.

“Yes but before that. I need you to do something for me, May”

“What is it?”

“By one tomorrow, I need you to write about our marriage”

“An exclusive? You can count on it” May told him.

“And also, I won’t be able to take you with me tonight. Go back home with May and I will come for you tomorrow” Xavier said to Sally. Giving her a brief kiss before going off with James.

“Does he know that you are in love with him?” May ask, watching them drive off.

“He doesn’t and I don’t intend to tell him for now. I want to take things slow and who knows, he might someday end up falling for me too”

“And if he doesn’t?”

“He will cause am going to devote my time to making him love me” Sally reply.

“What about Desiree?”

“I don’t know but one thing is clear that if she messes with me or my family, I will make her pay” Sally said fiercely.

“Woah….That’s a true vixen”

“I can be that and more if it comes to defending the people I love. Well, enough about me, tell me about you and James”

“Oh, there’s nothing to tell” May reply as they made way to her car.


Sally stood in front of the mirror to check her outfit once again and when she was sure about her appearance, she went downstairs to see Xavier having a chat with Marie and Mathew.

“Sis, you got yourself the best guy ever. I just showed him your childhood pictures and he didn’t budge, he even called you pretty” Marie said the moment she came down.

“Why on earth will you show him that!” Sally said, slapping her on the arm knowing how ugly she look during her childhood.

“Let her be, Sally. I asked her to show me and I intend to keep this one” Xavier said, showing her one of the pics.

“Oh no! You can’t” Sally wailed as Mathew fake a cough bringing attention on himself.

“Does mom know about this?” Mathew ask.


“Sally and I will speak to your mom soon, you don’t have to worry” Xavier assured cutting Sally off.

“I do hope you won’t hurt her, she’s very precious to me” Mathew said making tears glisten Sally eyes.

“I will never ever hurt her. I promise” Xavier said again.

Sally gave Mathew a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Love you little brother” Sally said softly.

“Same here”

“What about me? ” Marie ask.

“I h@ťě you” Sally said throwing a pillow at her.

“And I love you” Marie called out as Sally and Xavier left her apartment.

He had driven into the highway when she ask him where they are going.

“We need to announce our marriage to my grandmother. I wouldn’t want her reading about it in the newspaper”

“Do you know where she is?” Sally ask.

“At a boutique. We will go surprise her there” Xavier answered, taking hold of her hand to kiss it.


Desiree Landon and Genova were at the boutique going through some wedding catalogue when Xavier walk in.

“Xavier!” Genova call in excitement.

“Am glad you made it here on time. Come take a seat and help Genova pick a dress” Desiree offered but Xavier shook his head.

“I didn’t come to sit with you guys to pick a dress, I have a surprise for you, grandma” Xavier said just as Sally walk into the room.

“Don’t tell me she’s here to help me pick a wedding dress?” Genova ask, snorting in disbelief.

“No. On the contrary, I will like it if you help her pick a dress for our church wedding”

“What!” Genova burst out.

“You heard me,Genova and grandma, I’d like you to say hello to Sally not as Sally Sawyer but as Sally Landon” Xavier said, startling everyone including the attendant in the room.

“You see, Sally and I are married” he added, flashing them all a smile.

“This is a joke, right?” Genova was the first to speak after Xavier revelation.

Desiree wave the attendant away, wanting them to be alone before she speak.

“Fine. I admit that I went too far by announcing your engagement without consulting you but then you don’t have to go far as to pretend to married to her just to get back at me” Desiree said, looking calm as always.

“This is not a joke, grandma. Sally and I are married. You might want to confirm on the net for yourself” Xavier said.

Genova quickly search the Internet to see an article about it, she showed Desiree who read it and went quiet.

“Excuse me” Genova said and left the room before she make a fool of herself by crying in front of them.

“I won’t ask for your blessings since you won’t give it to us but I do hope that you will respect my choice and my wife” Xavier told a quiet Desiree before leaving the boutique.


“You assured me that this will work out!” Teddy lash at Genova.

“I thought so too and we had it in control until Xavier showed up with his new bride” Genova replied.

“Great! Since it has come to this, we will have to work on my earlier plan” Teddy said and Genova stared at him.

“What? Scared of Xavier dying?” Teddy ask.

“It’s not that. I just…just think that Xavier shouldn’t be punish for wh@ťěver his grand….” Genova didn’t get to finish her sentence because Teddy slap her on the face.

“You don’t tell me what to do and I decide wh@ťěver punishment fit for the Landon. Sophia also had a life when Desiree took it from her”

“I won’t spare any of them and that Sally of a girl will be the one I begin with”

“If Xavier disobeyed his grandmother just to marry that girl then she must be important to him. Once I get Sally out of the way, Xavier will be miserable and that will bring pain to Desiree. I can’t wait for it to begin” Teddy said, wearing the look of a psychopath…..

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