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“I don’t understand what I’m doing here on a Saturday” James mutter, while bringing out some folders.

“You are here to work, I thought I made that clear when I called you this morning” Xavier reply as he sign the document in front of him.

“But I left being your secretary a week ago. Sally should be the one here” James said, bringing the folders to his boss desk.

“Then you might as well just forfeit the bonus I was planning for you” Xavier return,earning James interest.

“Why don’t we go back to earlier and forget I ever complain coming to work today. The bonus will do me a lot of good” James said quickly, opening a file to place in front of Xavier.

“You will need to get me a new secretary”

“Secretary? Is Sally quiting?” James ask.

“Yes, once we are married I have no intention of letting my wife work”

“Okay then I… Oh my gawd! Did you just say you and Sally are getting married!” James burst out.

“We are and you are the second person am telling about it, so make sure you keep quiet” Xavier warn.

“My mouth is sealed and though it makes me thrilled that am the second person you are telling, I can’t help but to feel a bit wary” James said.

“Wary about what?”

“About Sally. Do you think she can be trusted? I mean you only met her a week ago and suddenly you are getting married to her? I kind of find her suspicious, what if you marry her and find out that she’s not who you thought her to be, I suggest you reconsider”

“I don’t have to reconsider a thing and I trust Sally, she knows a lot about me already” Xavier replied.

“Fine then and I only said that because I know how much you h@ťě lies and deceit. The accountant who stole from you some years ago is still serving his time in jail and that’s because you didn’t show him mercy” James reminded.

“You are right, I show no mercy to people who lie and try to deceive me but Sally isn’t like that. She is different”

“Oohh…is it love I see glowing in your eyes” James tease and Xavier smile, a cynical smile.

“Admiration, yes but love, no. By the way, will you be willing to be my best man?” Xavier threw the question at him and when James said nothing, He look up from the document he was signing to see James starring at him, weirdly.

“Is something wrong?” Xavier ask.

“You are going to make me cry” James said, wiping his eyes.

“Do you know this is the first time you said something good to me. It feels like you and I are close already, I’d love to be your best man” James said with excitement.

“You make it sound like am proposing to you”

“It feels like a proposal and am going to remember this day for the rest of my life” James replied, having a dreamy look on his face.

“Wh@ťěver! Today is the photo$h00t right?” Xavier ask, changing the subject into one of business.

“Yeah, we’ve rent out the diamond hotel hall for the $h00t and Adam Parker will be there by one for it to begin” James told him.

“Fine, once we are done here, we might as well head there to see how things are going” Xavier inform, his concentration on pile of document in front of him.

<< MALL >>

“Over here, Sally” Claire call at a distance, waving at her.

“Sorry am late. Traffic was very….”

“It’s okay. At least you are here and that’s all that matters” Claire said, hooking her arm into Sally’s.

“Why don’t we go into that cafe and get something to eat. Am famish” Claire said, pulling her into the cafe where they both order something to eat.

“What’s wrong, you keep starring at your watch?” Sally ask, noticing Claire weird behaviour.

Ever since they came to the cafe, she has been staring at the cafe entrance and then her watch, it’s like she’s waiting for someone.

“If you are expecting someone, I can….”

“Am not expecting anyone!” Claire denied too fast, making Sally suspicious.

“You are expecting someone, right?. Tell me who it is? ” Sally demanded.

“Am sorry Sally. I didn’t want to lie to you but he made me and besides, I think a date between you two will generate something, you are single,he is single, so what’s holding you back. You need to make it work between you two” Claire said, taking hold of Sally’s hand.

“Work? What are you talking about?” A confuse Sally ask.

“Adam Parker” Claire said and that got Sally out of her seat.

“Am not in the mood for a date with him and it’s never going to work between Adam and I” Sally told Claire and turn to leave only to collide into someone.

“Easy there” Adam said, holding her by the waist to steady her.

“Oh! I’m glad you are here, have fun you two” Claire said, dashing out of the cafe.

“Running away?” Adam ask as Sally pull away from him.

“Am not running away. I never should have been here in the first place” Sally reply.

“Am sorry. I told Claire to lie to you because I know that you will refuse if I ask you myself and let me remind you that you agree to go on a date with me”

“I didn’t agree, you just assume. Look, I know it’s my fault for thinking you to be someone else and almost strangling you for it and am sorry but you shouldn’t use this date thing as an excuse to get back at me” Sally said.

“So you think that I’m using this date as an excuse to get back at you?”

“Isn’t that what it is? Cause I don’t believe a guy of your calibre has suddenly fallen for me” Sally said just as two ladies walk by.

Two of them recognize Adam and began to take pictures of him, seeing Sally discomfort, Adam carried her bag and walk her out of the cafe.

“I think it’s best I go home” Sally said, wanting to take her bag but he prevent it.

“My wrong doing today is that I used Claire to get you to come meet me but that doesn’t mean that I won’t use this chance to get my date. I have a photo$h00t by one today and I want you to accompany me”

“Adam I….”

“Please, I’d like you to be there” Adam said, wearing a serious look and Sally had no choice but to go with him.


“Now that we’ve been accepted at lake valley, don’t you think this call for a celebration?” Marie ask Mathew as they left the dean office.

“Sally made it clear to us that we should head home as soon as we are done” Mathew said, reminding her of their sister instruction.

“And since when do you listen to Sally? You’ve always do what you want and so, a little sightseeing together won’t hurt, right?” Marie ask, trying to make him agree.

“Am going to get us a Popsicle and then we go for our sightseeing” Marie said, taking his silence as a yes.

She ran towards a man with a popsicle truck and got them two Popsicle.

Marie was heading back to Mathew when she saw him talking to two girls, he was laughing at something they told him and that made her boil.

She watch them exchange number and when the girls left, she walk up to him, angrily tossing him his Popsicle.

“What’s wrong?” Mathew ask noticing her anger.

“You tell me not to give out my number and yet you give yours out!”

“I didn’t give them my number. They were just asking for direction”

“Direction my foot! You act like a cassanova while you expect me to stay a virgin forever. That’s unfair” Marie said, turning to leave but Mathew stop her.

“Is that tears I see on your face….common, Marie. Me giving out my number doesn’t have to cost your tears” Mathew said softly.

“It has! You have no idea how much I h@ťě it. I h@ťě it when you give out your number, I h@ťě it when you talk to other girls and I h@ťě you for talking to them and giving them your number!” Marie lash at him.

“Okay, I won’t….”

“Excuse me, do you mind if I….”

“He has a girlfriend and that is me. So go away!” Marie yell at the girl who approach them.

“Why did you tell her that, Marie?” Mathew ask, the moment the girl left.

“I don’t know, jerk!” Marie reply storming off with a confuse Mathew following behind.


Sally stood beside two makeup artist along with the photographer crew, watching Adam do his thing.

While most of the girls drool over him, Sally found herself thinking about Xavier.

He would have also make a fine model, Sally thought, a smile splaying on her face.

“What’s funny?” Adam question jolt her back to the present.

“Are you done?” She ask.

“Nope. We are just taking a break to touch up my make up” Adam reply as the two makeup artist appear at his side.

“Now that you’ve seen me doing what am good at, do you find me charming enough to agree to be my girlfriend?” Adam ask, smoothing his brow but Sally’s attention was on his hand which was bleeding.

“Your bleeding” Sally said,taking hold of his hand.

“Oh this, I got scratch while putting on my watch but it’s nothing. I only have to clean it….”

“Don’t you know that an open wound is bound to get germs. The earlier you have this thing covered, the better for you” Sally said, still holding onto his hand.

“Be on standby Adam” the photographer said.

“Sorry but he has to attend to this” Sally said before Adam could speak.

“But we don’t have much time” the photographer insist.

“So what? If this injury worsen are you going to do something about it? All I ask for is an extra time for him to get it taken care of” Sally return and the photographer had no choice but to agree.

Sally took him to his changing room and help cover up the wound.

“Done” Sally said, letting go of Adam hand to see him starring at her.


“For the first time in my life, I find a woman to be very very attractive” Adam said, leaning towards her.

“Am glad it isn’t me” Sally said, trying to move away but he took hold of her hand.

“Sally, how about dating me for real?”


“I want you to be my girlfriend and am serious about it ” Adam said.

The two were focus on each other that they fail to notice the arrival of someone else.

“I don’t think that will be possible” Xavier said, bringing their attention to him.

“Cause you see, the lady is mine” he added, marking his territory to predators like Adam……

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