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“And when I say work, I mean we will do everything a couple do, including sharing a bed, understand?” He said and that got Sally spilling the rest of the juice on herself.

“Oh my gosh!” Sally stood up, her dress drench with the juice.

“You are all wet, you will need a change of clothe. Come with me” Xavier said, taking hold of her hand.

Together they went upstairs and he led her into a room which seem to be his.

“Take off the dress while I look for a dry clothe for you, you can use the bathroom” he said pointing to a door and immediately, Sally went into it.

Trying her best to calm her racing heart. What the hell is wrong with that guy? Why will he just say something like that to her? Sally thought as she stood leaning against the wall.

“Sally, I got you a shirt of mine, you can use it till your dress get dry”hehe Xavier told her at the door.

She open the door and took the shirt from him, shutting the door on his face before he could say more.

“Err…I will be downstairs in case you need anything” he said and left.

Sally change into the shirt he gave her and after washing the juice off her dress, she place it somewhere so it can dry, she hope it dry on time so she can leave.

Sally went downstairs feeling self conscious. Though his shirt covered her arms and neck, it did nothing to cover her thigh which made her self conscious.

“In here, Sally” Xavier called from the kitchen and she strode in to see him slicing some vegetable with an apron hanging on his neck.

“So you cook?” Sally ask, surprise by this revelation.

“Having a husband who cook will be one of the benefit you get when we get married” Xavier said, his concentration on the onion he is slicing.

“Xavier about what you said earlier, I think we should….” Sally’s word trail off when he stop cutting the onion and strode around the counter to stand in front of her.

“Were you expecting our marriage to just be in paper only? Don’t you think people around us, especially my grandmother will find it weird?” Xavier ask.

“But they don’t have to know about it”

“They don’t but I want a child, maybe two or three and I want things to work out between us, I want a real marriage” Xavier said, trapping her against the kitchen counter.

“You know a real marriage is impossible. We don’t mean a thing to each other, we don’t even love each other” Sally said.

“What does love have to do with it. When there’s compatibility between the couple then things are destined to work out”

“Well to me love is the ultimate key. Compatibility doesn’t work” Sally said.

“Should we put your statement to test?” He ask, mischief lurking in his eyes.

“How do you plan to….” Sally didn’t get to finish her question cause Xavier claim her lips.

Sally was shock at first and when she tried to pull away, he wrap his arms around her, drawing her into his embrace while plunging into her lips.

Soon, Sally was feeling heady and limp from his kisses. For a man who have always been shut in by his grandmother, he do know how to kiss, Sally thought as she return his kiss wondering why it made her inside flutter.

“Do you still think being compatible is not enough?” Xavier ask when he ended the kiss.

When Sally said nothing, he let her go and went back to cooking.

Suddenly feeling shy, she left the kitchen and stayed in the sitting room until he finish cooking.

When he came to call her to the dinning room, Sally was back to herself.

“Smells good” Sally said, taking a seat.

“I hope you like it. Have never cook for anyone before”

Sally taste a mouthful of the soup and found herself loving the taste.

“Where on earth did you learn how to cook?” Sally ask in between mouthful.

“My grandmother hired a chef to train me. I had to learn since I was hardly given a chance to eat out” he said, a sad expression crossing his face.

“I didn’t make this food just for us to talk about my sad past. I was hoping you can tell me more about yourself since we will be married we need to know about each other” Xavier added quickly and that got Sally talking.

“What about you? ” Sally ask when she finish telling him about herself.

“I thought you knew everything about me already” He reply, referring to his being deaf and all.

“I only know about your disability. I don’t know much about the man seated beside me” Sally insist.

“What will you like to know then?”

“Everything. We can start with who is Genova to you?” Sally ask before she could stop herself.

“Genova is a friend”

“Really? She gave me the impression that you two are a…thing” Sally added and that earn her a look from Xavier.

“What do you think? Are we a thing?” He direct the question back at her.

“How can I know that? You should tell me since you are the one involve with her” Sally said and he laugh.

The next thing he did surprise her, he took hold of hand and gave it a light kiss.

“Aside from being a friend. Genova mean nothing to me, you can be rest assured that I won’t be cheating on you when we get married”

“Wh@ťěver” Sally said, pulling her hand out of his, she stood up.

“Am going”

“But your dress isn’t dry yet. Just spend the night here”

“Spend the night? What do you think of me?”

“It’s just a harmless suggestion and beside It’s too late for you to go home ”

“I don’t care. Am going home ” Sally said, walking past him.

She had just made it out of the dinning room when he caught up to her, lifting her into arms bridal style.

“Xavier!” Sally cry out in shock.

“If you are scared that am going to exert my husband rights on you then you shouldn’t be. The day I exert that right will be on our wedding night, so just stay the night, I won’t touch you and for your peace of mind, I will be using the guest room” he said, assuring her.

Sally didn’t protest as he took her to his room and lay her on the bed, she quietly watch him put the duvet around her and then he gave her a brief kiss on the forehead and turn off the lights before leaving the room.

A smile appear on Sally’s face as sleep claim her.


Marie got up at the crack of dawn to get something to drink.

She was heading for the kitchen when she notice Mathew on the sofa, quietly she went towards him and pull the fallen sheet over him and instead of leaving, she stood there starring down at him.

The arrival of a car got her walking to the window to see who it is and she was surprise to see Sally getting out of car.

As Sally walk up to the apartment, Marie burst out, running towards her.

“Who brought you just now? Your lover? Why didn’t you let him in? I will have like to meet him” Marie bombard her with questions.

“For now, that guy is none of your business. Give me a hug, you dummy” Sally said and Marie hug her.

“I miss you so much”

“Me too, what about Matt?” Sally ask as they walk in.

“Over here” Mathew said, walking towards them to give Sally a hug.

“I can’t believe you two are this tall. When I last saw you, you were shorter than me” Sally said playfully.

“Time flies sis and besides you hardly come home ever since your argument with Mom” Marie said while Mathew gave her a look to shut up.

“It’s okay. We all know that argument made me leave home anyway, how is she?” Sally ask.

“Still the same. You know your mom ” Mathew answered and Sally wrap her arms around them.

“It’s so good having you two here. Hope you stay for a long time” Sally said.

“Oh! Glad you are back. You need to see this” May said, coming downstairs to show her the video she took of Andrew.

“Is this….”

“Saw him last night during my team outing and video it. This will definitely ruin his career, payback for what he did to you” May said and Sally did a high five with her.

“Your the best” Sally said, laughing at the comments written about Andrew online.

Mathew and Marie join them, wanting to take a look and Sally got a call from Claire.

“Are you free today?” Claire ask.

“I am”

“I’m wondering that since it’s the weekend, why don’t we meet up. There are some things I want to buy at the mall and I don’t want to go alone, say you will come, please” Claire plead.

“Okay, what time?”


“You say who?”

“Miss Genova, she’s in the sitting room” the maid replied.

“She’s here to see Xavier. Let her know he isn’t here and make sure she leaves” Desiree said, getting out of her seat to leave the study.

“But she’s here to see you, madam. It was you she ask for the moment she arrive”

“Are you sure?” Desiree ask, wondering what Genova could want from her.

A while later, Desiree went to the sitting room to find Genova waiting for her.

“And so, to what do I owe this visit?” Desiree ask as Genova sat on the sofa, crossing her legs before flashing Desiree a devious smile.

“I want you to help me get married to Xavier” Genova said.

Desiree first reaction was to laugh, she laugh as hard as she can before giving her a reply.

“And what makes you think that I will help you? You know already that I don’t like you. I only tolerated you because you are the only friend Xavier has”

“Like wise. I also tolerate you because you are Xavier’s grandmother but am willing to put that aside as long as you help me”

“Think about it, will you have him marry a girl you don’t know or will you have him marry me? A girl you’ve known a long time ,who is willing to compromise and do your bidding?” Genova added.

“Are you trying to say that if I help you, you are willing to do everything I say and want?” Desiree ask.

“Everything” Genova reply.

“Well, it’s a tempting offer”

“Which is why you need to give me an answer now. Will you help me or not?” Genova demanded, waiting for Desiree response……

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