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“Take this, use it to dry yourself” Xavier said once they were in his suite.

“There’s a bathrobe I seldom use, you can put it on while your clothe gets dry but I already call James, he will be bringing us fresh clothes” He added as he began to leave the room.

“What about you? You also need something to dry yourself with” Sally said to him.

” I don’t need it” was his reply but she went after him and put the towel in his hand.

“You need it as much as I do. I will use the bathrobe,thanks” she said, giving him a smile.

Sally found herself halting at the door, she turn to him.

“Why did you help me? I thought we both agree to stay out of each other business” Sally said.

“We did but watching a $cvmbag act like a $cvmbag isn’t my thing. If it bothers you then you don’t have to think about it, I will help anyone if they are in the situation” he replied.

“It doesn’t”


“I said it doesn’t bother me. Infact I love the way you kick Andrew @zz, Thank you” she said, giving him a genuine smile.

It took an effort for Xavier to look away from her.

“Go change, you are ruining the carpet” he said.

“Same goes for you” she retort and went into the room.

It took a while for her to get into the bathrobe and after setting her clothes to dry, she went back to the sitting room to join him.

She could heard his voice before she called him.

Xavier was on a video call with someone and judging by the angry look on his face, that someone could be very important and so, she hid behind the wall, watching him.

“What do you mean that I shouldn’t care? You’ve just cost us a model and your picture with that girl, whoever she is, is plastered everywhere” the feminine voice said, bristling with anger.

“The model is an @zzhole, I had no intention of using him which is why I will get us a new model myself and as for the girl, she’s just my secretary” Xavier answered.

“Secretary? She was all over you! Don’t you remember what I told you?” The lady said again.

Sally was still in her hiding place when James came up behind her.

“Spying on him?” He whisper into her ear, startling her into screaming out.

This got Xavier starring at the two of them.

“If it’s your secretary, give her the phone” the lady talking to Xavier said.

“Grandma you don’t have….”

“Give her the phone” the lady said with authority and sighing out in frustration, he gave the phone to Sally.


“Am ending the video call, I want to talk for your ears alone” Xavier’s grandmother said, ending the video call to give her a normal call.

While Xavier and James check out the clothing James brought, Sally spoke to his grandma and ended the call sometime later.

“What did she say?” Xavier ask, taking his phone from her.

“She errr…she invited me to her house. She said she has things to talk about with me” Sally reply.

“Always meddling. You don’t have to….”

“I want to! I want to meet her and….and help clarify things” Sally said quickly, her head running with different thoughts.

If she gets to go see his grandmother, there must be something she can find out for May. May will be so thrilled when she hear this.

“Here, James brought you this. I will go change first” Xavier said, taking his pair of fresh clothes to the room.

“Happy right?”James ask, intruding into Sally’s thought.

“You must be happy that you are getting close to the boss like you want but I know you have a motive and am going to be watching you, I mean it” James said and instead of replying, Sally head to the room.


“I told you to find out his secret not to get plastered with him on the net” May burst out as soon as she walk in.

“And I tell you that it’s nothing. He was only helping me with Andrew, you should have seen the way he dealt with him” Sally said, a dreamy look on her face but May’s snapping finger jolt her back to reality.

“So? Are you in love with him because of it?” May ask.

“Of course not! Am grateful but not in love with him. Xavier is not my type and he never will be” Sally said with certainty.

“Guess what, have been invited to his home by his grandma” Sally inform earning a smile from May.


“Yeah!” Sally said and they scream in happiness.

“I can’t believe this. We will be able to get my exclusive easily with that” May enthuse.

“Don’t worry, I will do my best to find out his secret tomorrow but there’s one thing. There’s this guy at work, he keeps suspecting me, can you deal with him” Sally said.

“Leave that idiot to me, he’s not going to get in our way” May assured.


Wearing a short black gown, May walk towards the bar counter ignoring the whistling and looks from other men.

She sat on a chair and order a martini, she look around and saw her prey.

James was with two male friends and two ladies, they were all drinking and eating while listening to James rambling on about Xavier.

“Tell us more about your boss” one of his friend demanded and that made May smile.

James spilled everything he can even adding insult to it and when he could say no more, he left his friends and went to order himself a drink at the counter.

It was then he notice May starring at him.

“Hey segzy? Wanna hang out with me?” James ask.

“Won’t your girlfriends have a thing to say about that” May said in return.

“They don’t since they don’t own me but I might as well let you” he said, moving towards her but May push him back.

“Thanks but no and also, I’d like you to listen to this ” she said, playing him the video of him insulting and talking about Xavier.

“You record that?” He ask, looking surprise.

“I wonder what will happen if I show this to your boss”

“I will be fired. Common, delete it. I can’t lose my job” James pleaded.

“I won’t say a word under one condition and that’s for you to stay away from Sally. I heard you’ve been troubling her at work, stay away if you don’t want any problem”

“Sally? So she sent you?”

“No, wh@ťěver I did today is of my own free will. Keep what I said in mind or this video might just find it’s way to Xavier, see you later” May said waving at him.

“Seems like this two are planning something and I will surely find out” James mutter while starring at May @zz.


Sally was ushered in by the maid and while the maid went to get her something to drink, Sally stayed in the sitting room, admiring the beauty of the room.

Suddenly, she heard Xavier voice coming from a room so she followed the sound and got to a door.

Luckily the door was slightly open, she could see Xavier and an older lady in the room.

“Are you going to do this everytime? Why can’t you just trust me?” Xavier burst out.

“You very well know that I can’t do that even when I take my last breath, I won’t ever trust you” the cold looking woman said.

“Why? Is it because of that? You think that because of it, I will always be unworthy”

“If I thought you unworthy then I would never have made you the CEO of Landon group. Even with your problem you’ve shown me just how good you are but good isn’t enough, I want you to be perfect and so, you shouldn’t be distracted by anyone”

“You mean the opposite s*x ” Xavier contradict.

“You know why I let Genova stay around you? It’s because she’s not a thr_@t, she doesn’t see you as a man and no one will when they find out about you” His grandmother yell at him.

Hearing that made Sally feel a bit sad for Xavier, the arrival of someone got Sally leaving the door.

She got back to the sitting room without being seen and a while later, she saw Xavier storming upstairs while his grandmother joined her in the sitting room.

“You must be Sally Sawyer, am Desiree Landon, Xavier’s grandmother” the cold looking woman said, stretching her hand for a shake which Sally immediately took.

“You must be wondering why I invited you here today?” Desiree began as they take their sit.

“I will get straight to the point and not beat around. What you are thinking is hopeless” Desiree said suddenly.


“I know your type. You pretend to be nice and Innocent just to seduce the boss, if you think you’ve got yourself a man in Xavier then you are wrong” Desiree explain much better.

“But I….”

“Save your excuse for someone else. I called you here so you can listen…I did a little about your background, I know the kind of family you come from and I know about you wanting to be an actress, I can give you anything you want as long as you stay away from my grandson”

“Xavier and I aren’t in such relationship” Sally said quickly.

“I know but you want that kind of relationship. So before you get your way, it’s best that I get rid of you. Tell me, how much do I give you to get out of my grandson….”

“Get up Sally” Xavier said harshly, walking towards them.

“Am still having a conversation with her” Desiree said.

“It isn’t a conversation. You are insulting her and that’s enough!” Xavier said, taking hold of Sally’s hand and pulling her out of the room.

Some time later, Xavier drove the car without saying a word while Sally kept starring at him.

“Your grandmother can….”

“Can be so domineering at times. She’s been ruling my life ever since my parents died and even when am an adult, she just won’t stop” He said cutting her off.

“How about showing her that you can take control of your life” Sally found herself suggesting and that got him stopping the car by the roadside.

“You are right! If I need to stop my grandmother, I need to break out of the shell she’s wrap around me which is why I want you to marry me” Xavier said, shocking poor Sally……

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