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It was Sally’s first day of work and she arrive early, was shown to her desk by the receptionist.

She was setting her desk when James showed up.

“I see you are here early” he said, giving her a nonchalant look.

“I have to, wouldn’t want to look bad on the first day” Sally reply, forcing a smile on her face.

“Really? That’s so good of you”

“What exactly is your problem? Did I do something wrong to you?” Sally ask.

“You didn’t do anything, I just think you are up to something. I was so sure you weren’t gonna get the job yesterday but somehow, he chose you which makes me suspicious of you and so, you better watch it, my eyes will be on you” James said and left.

Sally shook her head gently just as a girl came in with four to five files in hand.

“Hello, am Claire. I was told by James to come fill you in on what to know about the boss” Claire said, smiling at her.

Sally knew then and there that she and Claire will get along just fine.

Claire use an hour with her, telling her the things to know and soon as Claire went back to her department, Xavier showed up.

He was on the phone as he walk by her desk, he didn’t even acknowledge her or his greeting which got her going to his office.

He must not have noticed her….she thought as she knock on the door and walk in.

“Good mor….” He put his hand out, signifying to her to keep shut.

She decided to wait for him to finish talking but then he look her way and wave at her to leave.

“That was rude” Sally mutter as she return to her desk.

The day went on smoothly and she did all her part not wanting him to complain.

She was typing a memo when two men came in and Xavier got out of his office to welcome them himself…shouldn’t that be her work? She thought as she decided to make them some coffee.

A while later and with three cups of coffee on a tray, Sally went into his office, apologizing for intruding.

“I thought you might need something to warm up with while….”

“Tell me, Sally. Is doing what I didn’t ask of you your job description?” Xavier ask, his face on the papers spread out in front of him.

“Well I thought….”

“You thought wrong. Now take your coffee and get out” he ordered which got her marching.

An hour went by before the meeting ended, he escorted the gentlemen out and called Sally, telling her to bring in her book and pen.

As soon as she got in, he began dictating for her, she was in the middle of writing something when he move towards her checking out what she’s written.

“What are you writing?”

“What you instructed me to…”

“Wrong. When I dictate, I want it to be short and precise not something cheesy like this. Start again” he said.

Sally tore the sheet she was writing on before and started all over.

During lunch time, Sally had decided to buy him something since he didn’t leave his office for Lunch.

It’s all part of her plan to get close to him….Sally thought as she held the bag which contain his food.

She knock on the door and went in, walking towards his desk.

“What’s that?” He ask when she put it on his desk.

“Food. I notice you don’t have time to go out for lunch and so I picked up something for you on the way” Sally said, smiling at him.

“Yeah, thanks but take it back. I don’t eat food bought by someone else” he said not bothering to look at her.

A angry Sally pick up the food, prepared to leave when she change her mind and turn back to him.

“You do know that you’ve been acting like a jerk all day?” She ask,not caring if he’s her boss.

“I know you are angry at me for not recognizing you as the great Xavier Landon but that doesn’t give you the right to belittle me. If being a jerk is the way you act then it’s best I leave” she burst out and turn on her heels.

She had almost gotten to the door when she heard him say.

“This is the you have been looking for all day”

“I beg your pardon?” Sally turn, giving him a confuse look.

“Do you know why I hire you? It’s because you h@ťě me and am a point in my life where I would rather have someone who h@ťě my guts around me than having someone who fawn all over me” he explain.

“Earlier today, I was expecting the cold and h@ťěful you but then you turn to jelly trying to butter me up which I don’t like” he added.

“So you want me to show my real feelings which is hating you?” Sally ask.

“I’d rather have that than you acting all cute and friendly when I know it’s the last thing you want. When it comes to work, you do wh@ťěver I want and after that, we both stay in our lanes, agree?” He ask and that got her nodding.

“Agree. You’ve no idea how stupid I felt trying to suck up to you but since you want me to just be myself then I will, boss” Sally said, giving him a smile.

“Fine then. If I need you, I will call you…for work” he added the last part and she nodded once more before leaving.

She had gotten back to her seat when she admonish herself.

Yes, she h@ťěs Xavier Landon but if she h@ťěs him, how will she get close to him and help May get her exclusive.

She should have thought things through before agreeing to his terms.

Sally was still thinking of what to do when Xavier came out of his office.

“Get your things, we are going out” he said using the stairs and she quickly followed wondering why he often use the stairs when there’s the lift is working perfectly.

They were in the car when she decided to ask him where they were going.

“To meet with a model. He will be $h00ting an advert for one of my hotel” He reply.

“Okay, sir” she said, jotting it down on her note.

In no time they got to Diamond Hotel, one of the wealthiest and influential hotel in the country.

Never would she have thought that she will be entering a place like this….Sally thought as she followed her boss.

They were led to the hotel restaurant where a private room has been book for them.

“Xavier Landon” Xavier said, introducing himself to the two men in the room.

Sally was too busy checking out the interior of the room until a familiar voice called out her name.

“Oh my Gawd, Sally Sawyer! What are you doing here?” The guy ask, watching her with amusement.

She should have ask for the name of the model cause if she had, she won’t have come to a place where her good for nothing Ex will be.

“Do you know my secretary?” Xavier ask and got Andrew laughing.

“You mean Sally here is your secretary? Where did all the dream of being a famous opera actress went to? I always say it, you don’t have enough ambition cause if you do then you won’t be working as a secretary” Andrew said, making fun of her.

“Stop it Drew!” His manager said and put forth his hand to Sally. ” Nice to meet you, am Greg” he said and they all took their seat.

Just like her, Andrew had been nothing, he only had the dream of becoming a model but Sally had made a mistake of giving up her chance to work with a drink company two years ago.

She had given that chance to Andrew who became famous and then dump her while saying she’s not enough for him.

Sally has done her best to stay out of Andrew’s way until today….why did she have to come?

She thought as she toyed with her food while they talk business.

They half way into their second course when Andrew began.

“You know, there was this girl who loved me madly. She loved me a lot that she gave up her spot for me”

“And?” Xavier urge.

“And thanks to her stupidity, I ended up becoming famous”

“Really? You must have thank her for it” Xavier said, eating his steak.

“Thank? Common dude, why should I thank her when she stupidly gave up something precious for my sake. Girls are gullible, I didn’t like her, I just wanted to use her and she was pretty useful” Andrew said, laughing.

“So who is this stupid pretty girl?” Xavier ask.

“Why don’t you guess”

“Can it possibly be my secretary?” Xavier ask, starring at Sally who had been quiet ever since Andrew began his speech.

“Bingo!” Andrew said, laughing again.

Sally couldn’t take it anymore and so she excuse herself and left the room.

A while later, Sally was waiting by the hotel pool when Andrew came up to her.

“What’s up, pretty?” He said and she chose to ignore him.

“Common, I was just relieving the past”

“You know you are a jerk for saying that In front of my boss and your manager. You think you disgrace me by saying all that? Then you are the foolish one cause you only made yourself look like a complete loser”

“Am glad to know that you still remember that I change your life and without me, you would have been nothing” Sally added, walking past him but he took hold of her hand.

“You Ɓîtçh! What the f-__-k did you just call me?” He said, pushing her towards the edge of the pool still holding her hand.

“Let go of me, Andrew” Sally said trying to pull free.

“Alright, I will let go of you”

“No, no Andrew! Don’t!” A scream left her lips when he let go of her hand and she fell into the water.

She came out, gasping for air while Andrew laugh at her.

“Who’s the loser now?” He said, making a idiot pose.

Unknown to him, Xavier was slowly walking towards him.

Sally stared in horror as Xavier gave Andrew a kick which sent him flying into the water.

“Are you okay?” He ask Sally who nodded in reply.

“Give me your hand” he said and when she put her hand in his, he pulled her out of the water.

“What the hell, Xavier!” Andrew yell out.

“I was just trying to show you who the real loser is and also….you will no longer be modelling for me” Xavier told him.

“What? But you can’t do that!”

“I just did, you are fired dude” Xavier said and turn to a dropping Sally to lift her into his arms.

“I…can walk” Sally said.

“If you don’t want to keep on looking like a loser to that loser then put your arms around me and…give him a triumphant smile” He said.

Sally was hesitant at first but she did as he said and that got Andrew feeling more pained….