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“Get off of him, get off” James said, pushing Sally out of Xavier arms.

“Take it easy, dude. I don’t plan to do anything and he was the one holding me” Sally return, starring at both men.

“Which you certainly like” James said.

“Not you too. When I met this guy a week ago, he thought I was into him or something and now, you also think am into him. Sorry to disappoint you but he’s not my type” Sally said, taking her shoe from Xavier.

“Did you just refer to him as this guy? How dare you?” James half yell.

“Common! Am just saying my mind, right to freedom of speech, remember! If you will excuse me, have got an interview to be” she said waving at the two men before going up stairs.

“Okay,that was rude. Seems like she’s one of the thirty people requesting to be your secretary, we can get her to….oh my God! You just smile” James said, feeling startle since he has never seen Xavier smile.

“I didn’t and there’s no need to remove her. She came for an interview and so,we let her have it” he said and continue his journey while James followe.

★ HOW IS IT GOING? DID YOU GET THE JOB?★ May message pop into Sally’s phone and when she was about to answer.

A lady showed up, asking her to go into the interview room.

Smoothing the crease off her dress, Sally took a deep breath and went into the interview room.

A lady in her mid fourties and a man in his mid fifties sat at a table, motioning her to take a seat in front of them.

They ask the question she knew will come out and she answered as smoothly as she can.

Judging by the smiling face of the judges, she knew she was nailing the interview but then the guy from earlier decided to show up, ruining everything.

“Why are you here?” Sally found herself asking, starring at Xavier who took a seat beside the judges.

“What do you think?” Xavier ask in return.

“If he’s going to be one of the judges then he’s definitely going to fail me. Can you please not let him do that” Sally said to the other judges and they stare at each other before starring at her again.

“But he has the final say” the female judge said.

“How’s that, I thought Mr Landon will be the one having the last say” Sally counter.

“He is” The male Judge said.

“Then why is a total stranger having the last say?” Sally said pointing at Xavier.

“I think you’ve made a mistake, sweetheart. The man seated here is none other than Mr Landon” The lady said and that got Sally starring at her.

“You mean….I…he…are you sure?” Sally ask as Xavier got out of his seat.

He walk towards her, standing in front of her then he gave her his card.

“Turns out am really Xavier Landon, Surprise?” Landon ask as she read the card.

Realizing her mistake and feeling very embarrass, she ran out of the room.

“Mr Landon, if you want we can take care of the rest while you…”

“Just carry on. Afterall you are picking my secretary, have got to be here” he said as the meeting carried on.

A while later, Xavier got back to his office followed by a worried James.

“Is she really the one you pick?” James ask, starring at his laptop which has someone picture in it.

“She’s my choice”

“But there are other candidates for you to pick, why pick her?”

“Cause she’s different. For the first time ever, I meet someone who doesn’t like me even after knowing who I am” Xavier said.

“I don’t get? Aren’t you meant to be happy with the ones fawning over you rather than someone who h@ťěs you” James contradict.

“I certainly detest the one who fawn over me. If you are one of them, I suggest you stop and also it’s refreshing to have someone like that around”


“Why are there but’s in your words. You are meant to be happy since you will stop being my secretary or you want to keep being my secretary?” Xavier ask.

“No! Of course not, I love your choice. I will send her a message” James said dashing out of his office.


May kept pacing around the living room, waiting for Sally to return.

As soon as the door open, May was beside her, bombarding her with questions.

“So how did it go? Did you get the job?” May ask.

“Give me a sec, I need to sit” Sally said, sitting on the chair.

“What’s wrong? You didn’t get the job?”May ask and Sally’s answer is to give her phone to May.

“What is….oh my Gawd! You got the job, you are officially Xavier secretary!” May scream in excitement.

“Exactly that! Why will he give me the job when our first and second meeting was bad”

“What? What meeting? Have you and Xavier met before today?” May ask and Sally explain the whole thing to her.

“Even after the two meeting, he still gave you the job” May said when she finish her explanation.

“Which is why am worried. What if he plans on doing something to me? What if he tries to punish me for everything I did and said In the past?”

“I doubt that. Xavier Landon doesn’t strike me as that kind of person. Look all you need to do is to concentrate on getting his work done and finding some clues that will help me for my exclusive” May said.

“I know that already” Sally said and May gave her a hug.

“I knew you could do it, thanks bestie, this means a lot to me” May said as she pull away.

“I know and I promise to help you as much as I can. Did you know that Xavier Landon is quite handsome” Sally suddenly said.

“Oh, I don’t. Have hardly seen a good picture of him”

“Well he is handsome, very handsome” Sally said having a dreamy look on her and that got May getting up.

“I think there’s one thing you have to keep in mind, Sally” May began.

“You are allowed to flirt with Xavier, lead him on, lie to him, wh@ťěver. Just don’t go falling in love with him” May said.

“I know that already, I can’t possibly fall for….”

“I know you can’t but don’t go falling in love with him, I mean it, I don’t want you falling for him ” May said looking very serious…..

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