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“So you won’t say anything, right?” Principal Ray Diaz, Amber’s father ask for the fifth time.

Romeo and Louis kept quiet both of their face colourful with bruises.

“Fine, since you won’t speak. I will have to take a disciplinary action on you two. Go back to your class for now” Ray ordered and the both of them walk out of the room.

“Listen Romeo I….”

“Juliet doesn’t love you and you know that but if you insist on coming between us, you wont just be causing problems for Juliet and I but for yourself too” Romeo said as Juliet approach them, a worried look on her face.

Louis stared at Juliet, hoping with hope that she will see him and not Romeo but he was disappointed when she took hold of Romeo hand and went off with him.

“I lost before I even began” he mutter.

“Get in” Juliet said to Romeo who walk into the school infirmary.

He watch her pick up the first aid box rummaging in it till she found the necessary thing.

She move towards him, cleaning the blood on his face.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” Romeo ask, starring at her.

“What do you want me to say? Congrat?” Juliet ask.

“But you know….”

“No matter what, you should have been patient with him. He likes me but I don’t and you should know that since you are the one I like ” Juliet said and Romeo stayed mute, starring at her.

“I h@ťě seeing you get hurt and it’s all because of me” Juliet spoke when he said nothing.

“It isn’t. I was just….”

“Do you think it’s right that we are dating each other?” Juliet ask suddenly.

“Why are you suddenly asking that?”

“I think we’ve rush into this. How about we give each other some….”

“Space? Is that all you can think of, Juliet?”

“Am sorry but I don’t want you losing your friends and things that are important to you for someone like me” Juliet said in a rush.

“Why is it so easy for you to let go, huh? You always push me away at the slightest thing and it’s frustrating!” Romeo burst out,startling Juliet.

“Romeo you….”

“Forget it! I don’t want to talk to you right now” he said, leaving the infirmary while Juliet stayed behind crying.

Romeo walk out of the building only to see a car waiting outside and in it is his mom.

“Get in!” Sarah Stone said coldly.


“Acting all macho, huh? Do you know how much I had to use to shut the whole school up!” Sarah yell at Romeo who was seated on the chair without saying a word.

“Why aren’t you asking him why he fought? He must have a reason” Sophia speak from where she stood.

“Not a word from you! I left my kids in your care but you only let them do wh@ťěver you want!” Sarah yell at her younger sister.

“Are you blaming me?”

“I am! I shouldn’t have had you watching them. You wouldn’t know a thing since you have no kids of your own!” Sarah lash out.

“That’s it! You’ve just use my problem to hurt me, I’m leaving” Sophia bit out.

“No aunt! Don’t go” Romeo said softly.

“So you do have a tongue?” Sarah ask her son who glare at her.

“Aunt didn’t do anything. Leave her alone!”

“You have no right to order me around in my house!” Sarah yell at him in return.

“It’s okay Romeo, It’s best I leave” Sophia said, disappearing upstairs.

“Do something mom”

“I didn’t ask her to leave. She chose it herself and there’s nothing I can do about that!”

“I can’t believe you. You weren’t like this when Dad was alive, you’ve change” Romeo said from where he was seated.

“Look who is talking? You are not the violent type, you never were but after meeting that maid daughter, you begin to change ”

“How did you know about Juliet?”

“I did my research, you fool!”

“You had someone spying on her? Mom!”

“There’s no need yelling mom! I know i’m your mom already and your mom is very angry at you two. Aren’t there girls that fit our social status?” Sarah ask.

“There are but we just don’t find them attractive enough” Romeo reply.

“Well there’s no way that am going to let you two be with those girls. It’s the reason why have return. I won’t let my son’s let their lives be ruined by some poor riff rats” Sarah bellow just as Judy and Graham walk in.

“Finally, you are back” Sarah said with her most crisp and authoritative voice startling the two.

“Mom!” Graham called as Sarah Stone got out of the sofa she was seated on.

Judy notice Romeo sitting on another sofa, his face filled with bruise.

“You didn’t tell us you were coming back” Graham said.

“If I had then I would have miss seeing the mess my sons have turn into. The younger one goes around fighting while the other has been off to gawd knows where frolicking with a nobody!” Sarah Stone burst out in anger.

“Whoa mom! Judy here is not a nobody, she’s my girlfriend” Graham said and that got Sarah laughing.

“Not if I have something to say about it” Sarah said walking towards Judy.

“I know your type. You think you’ve latch into gold but let me tell you that Graham has nothing until I give it to him”

“Stop it mom” Graham said, standing in front of Judy to shield her from his mother.

“So, your cheap gold digging trick won’t work” Sarah continue not bothered about her son trying to stop her.

“If your poor wretch of a mother have taught you to latch onto a rich boy then you’ve chosen the wrong one. Now, I want you to get out of my house”

“If she leaves then I leave too” Graham thr_@ten.

“See that! See what you are doing to my son. He’s obviously rebelling because of you!” Sarah yell at Judy.

Having heard enough, Judy left the house but Graham followed her.

She had just made it to the entrance when he caught up with her.

“Am sorry Judy. I didn’t know she’s coming back today , if I had….I would never have….”

“It’s okay Graham. I know it’s not your fault, you should go back to your mom. I will be fine” Judy said softly.


“Please, Graham. I need some alone time” Judy said and slowly, he let her go.

Watching her till she got into a taxi. As soon as the taxi speed off, he went back into the house.


Judy got back to Natalie and Travis home only to see an ambulance leaving.

“What happen?” Judy ask two to three maids who were watching the ambulance leave.

“Oh, thank God you are here Judy. Your mother has been taken away by the ambulance and Juliet is there….”

“My mom! What hospital?” Judy demand and as soon as she was told the name, she ran off without waiting to listen to the rest.

The sky was slowly turning dark when Judy got to the hospital.

After making an inquiry, she went to look for her mom, her heart pounding hard.

When she saw her mom and Juliet in the waiting room, her worry vanish to be replaced by relief.

“Mom!” Judy call, rushing towards her to give her a hug.

“I thought something bad happen to you” Judy said, tears glistening her eyes.

“Nothing happen to me. Am perfectly fine” Silvia Robert reply.

“Then who….”

“It’s Natalie. She was found unconscious in her bathroom. She slipped and fell, losing a lot of blood” Juliet explain.

“Oh no! How is she?” Judy ask.

“Still being operated on and she’s in need of blood. Our blood type doesn’t match hers and we’ve been trying to get in touch with Travis but he wouldn’t answer”Juliet said.

“And Mr Anderson is out of the country. He is currently on his way back” Silvia added.

“Can’t we just wait for Mr Anderson to arrive?” Judy ask.

“That’s impossible” the doctor spoke, approaching the three.

“As it is. We need the blood immediately. Have you been able to talk to her brother?” The doctor ask.

“I will try calling Travis myself” Judy suggest about to leave but Silvia stop her.

“There’s no need calling him” Silvia said, wearing a serious look.

“But we need to get Natalie’s relative to donate blood or it….”

“We don’t need other relative since you are here” Silvia said cutting Judy off.

“What do you mean by that, mom?” Juliet was the one to ask.

“What I mean is that Judy is Mr Anderson daughter. You are Natalie and Travis half sister” Silvia reveal, shocking everyone…..