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Juliet had just gotten to the junior block when Amber caught up with her.

“Hello there” She greeted, forcing a smile which Juliet knew is fake.

“Hello” Juliet greeted out of courtesy.

“The trip was fun right? Why did you leave early? I would have love to go with you guys” Amber said, acting suspicious by being friendly.

“Err…something happen which is why we left early” Juliet said in return.

“Gosh! Hope it’s not because of what you saw? You know, my confession to Romeo and….”

“What exactly….do you want?” Juliet ask, ending her charade.

“Oh! Is it that obvious?” Amber ask, when Juliet said nothing, she continued.

“I didn’t approach you today to tell you about myself but to give you a heads up about Romeo” Amber began, giving Juliet a h@ťěful look.

“It can’t work between you two. Remember that you are from different worlds. Worlds which won’t ever meet when their parents get hold of what they are up to”

“People like Romeo and Graham end up with people like Natalie and I. Money for money, merger for merger. You have nothing to bring into their family so stay the f-__-k away from him” Amber warn.

“Is that all?” Juliet ask, watching her with calm.

“You think my advice is a joke?”

“I don’t. Infact I intend to put it in mind but for now, I have no intention of staying away from Romeo, keep that in mind yourself” Juliet said and continue her walk leaving a fuming Amber behind.

Juliet walk into the building and got a message from Romeo. A smile lit her face as she click on his message.


When she read that, Juliet made a detour heading for the stairs.

She had just gotten to the second floor when someone took hold of her arm.

On seeing that it’s Louis, she pull her hand out of his.

“Don’t touch me” she said, frowning at him.

“Am sorry. I just wanted to talk to you” Louis said, wondering why he’s being nervous in front of her.

“We have nothing to talk about”

“We do. I still have to apologize to you about my action that day, I….”

“Save it Louis. I get it, you were only doing what Juliet told you. She’s your friend and you will do anything for her just as I will for my friend. I don’t blame you but I do hope that you will keep your distance from me” Juliet said and that broke his heart.

“Juliet I…”

“I need to be somewhere, excuse me” Juliet said ascending the stairs in a rush while Louis watch her go.

She open the door that led to the rooftop and saw Romeo leaning against the wall.

He smile when he saw her and open his arms, urging her to come to him.

Juliet ran towards him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Can I take it that you miss me?” Romeo whisper into her ear.

“A little” Juliet reply shyly, hiding her face against his chest.

“How about I remedy that” Romeo said, pulling back to stare at her, a mischievous smile curving his lips.

Juliet was stun when he kiss her, she stood still, her eyes open but when he deepen the kiss, she shut her eyes and wrap her arms around his waist, kissing him in return.

From the open doorway stood Louis, who was watching the two kiss.

He left as quietly as he came, he stood against the wall when he got to the second floor, his hand on his chest.

“I really am in love with her” He said, finally admitting the truth to himself.

He love Juliet and seeing her with Romeo makes him angry and hurt.

He won’t allow the girl he love slip away from him, Romeo can’t end up with her, he won’t allow that….Louis thought, heading back to class.


“You’ve have no idea how much have miss you” the girl said, her arms wrap around Graham waist.

Judy stood a distance away, watching the scene in horror.

“Hey! Easy there” Graham said, extricating himself d”I think you’ve got the wrong guy” Graham added haven’t yet notice Judy presence.

“What do you mean? Don’t you know who I am? It’s me Judith, your girlfriend” the real Judy call using her full name.

” I do have a girlfriend and that is not you. If I can remember correctly, I once saw you about six months ago. Back then you just got enroll in this school” Graham said, that piece of memory coming back to him at that moment.

“That was the first day we met. I can remember that you told me it was love at first sight. What is wrong with you,Graham? Are you angry at me for leaving for China without saying a thing?” Judith ask, holding his hand.

“How can I be angry when I know nothing about you!” Graham said, pulling out his hand.

His gaze caught Judy standing a distance away and immediately, he walk towards her.

By now, some of the students were watching.

“This is Judy, my girlfriend” Graham said to the stranger who claim to be his girlfriend.

Judy couldn’t look at the real Judy, she avert her gaze hoping she wouldn’t be recognise but she was mistaken.

“It’s you! You were the one who caught us in the library weeks ago. I can’t believe she’s the one you are dating? Am I that easy to forget, Graham?” Judith said, yelling at him.

“What does forgetting have to do with this when I didn’t date you!” Graham return, his temper rising too.

“Is that what she told you? That I….wait a sec? Don’t tell me….don’t tell me you are impersonating me?” Judith ask, directing the question at Judy.

At that moment, Natalie and Travis chauffeur drive into the school premises and on spotting Judy and Graham, Travis told the chauffeur to wait.

“What’s going on?” Natalie ask

“The real Judy is back” Travis said, getting out of the car.

“What does he mean by that?” Natalie mutter, getting out of the car too.

“Did you perhaps get into an accident? Did you lose your memory?” Judith ask,bringing Graham’s attention on her.

“I fell down the stairs weeks ago. I don’t see how it connects to the issue on ground” Graham reply, his arms around Judy.

“It does. It connects a lot and that’s because she’s the imposter” Judith yell.

“Graham, can we go somewhere to talk in private” Judy spoke for the first time.

“Hell no! I won’t let you keep deceiving him” Judith said, taking hold of Graham’s hand.

“Am totally confuse. What exactly is going on?” Graham ask.

“I will tell you what’s going on. You and I were dating weeks ago but I had to leave due to my modelling career. During my absence you got into an accident which somehow wipe out your memory and it just so happen that this girl here bears the same name with me”

“She must have fooled you into thinking you were dating her which is a lie. She’s an imposter pretending to be me, your real girlfriend ” Judith finish, her voice audible enough for everyone around them.

“That’s not true. Judy is my girlfriend ” Graham insist, starring at Judy for confirmation.

“I wanted to tell you the truth, I’m sorry” Judy said, tears glistening her eyes.

Travis showed up at that moment, taking hold of Judy’s hand.

“You don’t have to explain yourself” Travis said to Judy, his gaze on Graham.

“This has nothing to do….”

“Stop it, Graham! Judy here is not your girlfriend, she is your girlfriend” Travis said confirming Judith words.

“What are you doing, Travis” Judy yell trying to pull her hand out of his.

“It’s time he knows the truth! You’ve taken the lie far enough. He needs to know the truth so you can be free” Travis yell at her, tightening his hold on her hand.

“Graham” Judy call, trying to take hold of his hand but Graham move away.

“I need to be alone” He said, heading for the entrance.

“Babe!” Judith call after him.

“Leave him alone to come to terms with the truth” Travis said, holding Judy back.

“Stay out of this!” Judy cried out, forcing her hand out of his.

She ran after Graham and was too late to catch up with him because he already got into a taxi.

Judy pull out her phone and dial his aunt number.

“Nina, Graham knows the truth. The real Judy showed up and told him everything. I don’t know where he is headed but please, call him. I have to talk to him” Judy said, hailing a taxi too.

On the other hand Travis went off in anger while Natalie approach Judith.

“You are Judy, Graham’s real girlfriend?” Natalie ask.

“Of course! I didn’t know that my absence will have someone else pretending to be me!” Judith exclaim.

“Why don’t you calm down and let me buy you something to drink” Natalie suggest.

“Why will you do that?”

“Cause like you, I never really like that Judy girl. Who knows, I might be able to help you get back at her” Natalie said, smiling at her.

“That doesn’t sound bad. Let’s go then” Judith said, proceeding her and Natalie pull out her phone to send a message to Amber.


Juliet and Clarissa were going through an assignment when she notice Amber going towards Romeo desk to show him something.

Romeo got out of his seat, walking towards her.

“Is this true, Juliet?” Romeo ask, showing her the message Amber got from Natalie.


As soon as Juliet read it, she got up putting her things into her bag.

“Is it true? Have your sister been lying to my brother?” Romeo ask.

“It didn’t happen the way you are thinking, Romeo. I don’t have time to explain, I have to go to Judy” Juliet said, dashing out of class.

“That girl and her sister are bunch of liars. Do you think your mother will approve of them when she finds out?” Amber said to Romeo who ignore her.

He went back to his desk, collect his things and also left the class.

“Let me see” Louis took Amber phone, reading the message while Clarissa make a call to Darren to tell him what’s happening……