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As soon as the door open, Judy was envelope in a hug.

“Am so sorry. It must have been a horrible time for you when the real Judy show up, I should have let you tell him the truth from the beginning” Sophia said, pulling back to stare at Judy.

“I should have also insist but I was too caught up with my feeling that I let it slide. Is he here?” Judy ask, referring to Graham.

“He is in his room. Do you want me to accompany you so we can explain together?” Sophia ask but Judy shook her head.

“This is something I have to do alone” Judy reply.

She was shown the way to his room by one of the maid and when she stood in front of his door, Judy took a deep breath before knocking.

When she got no reply, she open the door and walk in.

She saw him lying on the bed, his back turn on her.

“I already told you all that I want to be alone” he said without turning around.

“It’s me, Graham” Judy said and immediately, he sat up, watching her with pain filled eyes.

“Can we talk?” Judy ask.

“Talk about what? I thought everything has been said at school!” He snap in reply.

“That isn’t all Graham. If you will just give me a chance to ex….”

“Save your explanation, Judy. It means nothing now that I know the truth. I’m a fool played by you”

“I didn’t play you, Graham. With everything that has happen, you should know that I love you. My love for you is sincere”

“Sincere? You call being deceitful sincere? Are you even sure you love me? For all I know it might be part of your deceit ”

“It isn’t. I do love you Graham, you have to….”

“Don’t come any further!” Graham said which got her stopping halfway.

“Please, give me a chance to explain”

“Why should I? You are nothing to me, you are neither my girlfriend nor a friend. So why should I give you a chance to explain more lies!” He yell at her, loosing his cool.

He turn his back on her, his eyes on the dog, gently searching for food in the garden.

“Go away, Judy”

“Graham” Judy call as tears slid down her cheek.

“Go away Judy. I don’t ever want to see you” he said harshly.

Hurt by his final words, Judy left his room in tears.

She saw Sophia waiting downstairs for her.

“It didn’t go well, right?” Sophia ask.

“He doesn’t want to see me again. I have to go” Judy said, running out of the house before Sophia can stop her.

A angry Sophia took the stairs two at a time, heading to Graham room.

“I don’t want to talk to anyone”

“That’s too bad nephew cause you are going to talk whether you like it or not!” Sophia yell, startling him.

“I should have followed her when she insisted on seeing you alone. If you intend to blame her then you will have to blame me too”

“What are you talking about?”

“You see, I told Judy to pretend to be your girlfriend, I started this whole $h|t!” Sophia inform.


“How can someone be so cruel? Not only did she pretend to be me, she also made him spend on her! She’s such a devil” Judith blurt out, doing her best to control her anger.

“You should be glad that you return on time to stop her from doing more harm” Natalie said.

Both of them are in a private lounge provided by Amber father.

“Hello girls, what did I miss?” Amber ask, walking into the lounge and after Natalie introduce them, they continue their discussion.

“We need to do something to get rid of that girl” Judith said.

“Something like expulsion” Natalie suggest, chuckling.

“My dad won’t expel with no reason” Amber told them.

“Isn’t this reason good enough?”Judith ask.

“Sadly no. If we have to get her expel, we need to look for evidence, something defaming, something that will ruin the school image. My dad always does his best to protect the school image and if someone tries to ruin it,he will get rid of them with no hesitation” Amber said.

“What do you suggest we do then?” Natalie ask and Amber roll her eyes in frustration.

“For now. Why don’t you go explain everything that happen between you, Judy and Graham to my father” Amber suggest to Judith who left the lounge to do just that.

“Why did you send her off when you clearly said before that your dad won’t bother about it?” Natalie ask.

“Oh, seems like you were listening unlike that stupid girl” Amber said harshly.

“Why the insult? She can be a good ally to us”

“Ally? That girl is no ally to you, she’s your rival just like that stupid Judy Robert”

“Didn’t you think that with Judith around too, your chances of getting Graham is getting slimmer?” Amber ask.

“It did come to mind but right now am more interested in getting Judy out of the game” Natalie told her.

“Girl, I suggest you leave the Judy and Judith saga and face Sarah Stone”

“Sarah Stone? Who is that?”

“For someone who intends to date Graham Stone, shouldn’t you know everything about him?” Amber ask, feeling pissed already.

“I do know a lot about Graham and… Sarah Stone! That’s his mom, right?” Natalie ask, recalling who Sarah Stone is.

“Yes. And like I said earlier, if I were you I will focus more on Sarah Stone. She’s the only key to what we want now”


“For one she is Graham and Romeo mother and she’s someone who believes in money and merger”

“Sounds interesting, continue” Natalie urge.

“Sarah Stone isn’t too hard to get along with as long as you come from a wealthy family and have good connection and background. You will become her favorite person”

“Wealth, Connection and background. The Robert sisters doesn’t have those three things” Natalie said softly.

“But you and I do. I hope you now understand why we need to focus on Sarah Stone?” Amber ask and Natalie nod in reply.

“If we are going to focus on Sarah Stone, what do we do about Judith?”Natalie ask.

“What else? We make her our puppet” Amber said, both laughing cruelly.


“Are you sure you want to leave?” Juliet ask Judy.

“Yes. I need to be alone, I need to think and I can’t do that here” Judy reply.

“Do you want me to accompany you?”

“No. I want to be alone,can you tell Mom about it when she gets back from the mall?”Judy ask as they both walk out of the premise.

“I will. Take care, okay” Juliet said, waving her off.

When she was out of sight, Juliet was about to go in when the arrival of a car stop her.

Graham got out of the car and as soon as she saw him, her temper rise.

“What do you want after telling her to leave?” Juliet demand.

“I need to talk to her” Graham said.

“Why? To hurt her more?. Judy has been hurting ever since she began pretending to be someone else. It’s time she stop getting hurt”

“I know. I didn’t give her a chance to explain but my aunt did the explaining and now, I need to see her. Tell me where she is, please”

“She’s not here, she left some minute before you arrive” Juliet said after seeing the desperate look on his face

“Tell me where she went, I really have to see her” Graham insist.

“Fine then. There is this free train that work for two hours, Judy always go there if something is bothering her and that’s where she went”

“What station is it?”

Half an hour later, Graham made it to the station and after making enquiry, he got into the train, wondering if Judy is already in it.

His search of finding her prove futile and as he got out on the front door, Judy got in through the back door.

The both of them miss seeing each other but that didn’t stop Graham from looking.

He called her for the sixth time and there was no answer.

The horning of the train signify it’s take off and Graham stood outside wondering what to do next.

On the other hand, Judy pull out her headset to put it on.

Putting on her favourite song, she close her eyes, trying to forget everything that has happen for the past hours.

The arrival of someone beside her got her opening her eyes.

Shock mingle with a feeling of sadness wash went through her when she saw Graham sitting beside her.

“I heard we will be on this train for two hours?” He ask, a cute smile curving his lips.

Tears slid down Judy’s cheek and he wipe them away.

He took hold of her hand, gave it a light kiss and then he said softly.

“I love you no matter who you are ”


“Update on my sons?” Sarah Stone sat in the Chairman seat, swirling her chair to stare outside through the huge glass window while waiting for the weekly info about her sons.

“Err…Mrs Stone, I think you should read this message, it’s from a certain Amber Diaz” Jerome, Sarah’s personal assistant said, giving her the tab to read the message.

“Did you say Amber Diaz?” Sarah ask.

“Yes, do you know her?”

“Somehow but her message here tells me a lot. Book me the earliest flight back to New York, seems like my boys are misbehaving ” Sarah instruct, her eyes still on the tab, reading Amber message again……