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“If the flight has been cancelled then what are we going to do?” Natalie ask.

“We just go back home and forget the trip” Louis said,getting a smack on the back from Amber.

“Louis is right, It’s over guys, let’s just head back home” Travis said getting up, prepared to leave but Natalie took hold of his hand.

“What do you mean go back home? After everything we did just to go on this trip and now we have to give it up for a cancelled flight, hell no! What do you intend to do about this, Amber?” Natalie demand.

“If you will just stop shouting then I will have it figured out” Amber said In return, her head conjuring up things.

“Have got it! I know what to do. I only have to make a call and we will be on our way to sunshine resort, give me a sec” Amber said, leaving the lounge to get some privacy.

“Have any idea what she has in mind?” Natalie ask Louis who shrug in return.


“Okay, now that Graham has left, you better start spilling the whole thing” Darren said, settling himself on the couch.

“Spill what?” Judy ask.

“Common babe, I walk in on something earlier, you and Graham were kissing right?” Darren said.

“We…yes, he kissed me and was about to do it again when you came in and….”

“And do you like it? ” Darren ask, cutting her off abruptly.

“I did” Judy said without hesitation and added.

“And that makes me a bad person to Graham and to the real Judy”

“No! You are not a bad person. Remember you did your best to end it and if you like Graham kisses then all I can say is that you go for it” Darren said.

“Go for what?” Judy ask, feigning ignorance.

“Go for Graham, go for your feelings, go for love, just go for all of it” Darren said making her laugh.

“And what makes you think that I love Graham? ” Judy ask.

“Cause I know you,Judy. You like something at first and gradually it turns into love which am sure will happen with you and Graham soon” Darren said, getting up.

“Time to head to my room. Take care of Clarissa, she came to be with Juliet” Darren said and left the room while Judy thought about what he said.


Juliet woke up to find Clarissa watching her on the other bed, immediately, she sat up.

“What are you doing here?”

“I hope you don’t get angry but I sort of lied to Darren just to get here. I told him that am your friend, I hope you aren’t angry” Clarissa said quickly.

“Am not” Juliet said getting up to leave.

“Am I not worth being your friend?” Clarissa question got Juliet turning to her.


“You did it the first day we met, you shun me off even before Knowing me and now you are doing the same thing. All I want is to have a friend, someone I can interact with and I thought you could be the one but….forget it” Clarissa said, starring at her hands while looking sad.

“I didn’t mean to shun you off the first day we met. Unlike you, I wondered how someone as perfect as you will want to be friends with me” Juliet began.

“Why will you think that?”

“I thought you were like the rich kids, like a snob but am glad to know you are different and if you don’t mind, I’d like to be your friend” Juliet said and that got Clarissa leaving the bed to give her a hug.

Juliet got a chance to read Clarissa mind when she hug her and what she heard only made her happy.

“Glad you two are up already. The guys wants us downstairs for a volleyball game” Judy inform.

Sometime later on the beach, Judy sat on a chair watching the other play.

With Juliet and Graham being a team and Clarissa with Romeo as the other team and Darren being the referee.

Everyone was having fun and seeing how happy everyone is makes her happy too….Judy thought as she pull out a book to read.

Darren join her then, seating on the empty chair beside her.

“Doesn’t he look hot?” Darren ask.


“Who else if it isn’t your Graham” Darren said and Judy found her gaze drifting to Graham who only had a pair of red shorts on.

When they had join them earlier, His body had been the first thing she notice and it’s the main reason she chose not to play since she will be distracted by it.

“He’s not” Judy said, trying to hide the admiration she felt.

“We both know he is and those girls starring at him are prove that he’s devastatingly hot” Darren said referring to some girls who had stayed close just to watch Graham.

Judy had seen them there earlier and she wonder why she feels angry.

“Easy girl, don’t let your eyes pop out with jealousy. I think it’s best you join the game and show those girls that Graham is yours” Darren said and went back to join the others.

Judy was still watching the girls that she fail to notice the ball coming towards her until it hit her on the head.


“Judy!” Graham and the others came to her, crowding her and asking if she’s okay which she assure them that she is.

Others went back to play the game leaving Graham alone with her.

“Are you sure you are okay?” He ask, brushing back a strand of her hair.

“I am” Judy said softly, liking the feel of his hand on her.

“Let me see” he said, moving close to her to inspect her forehead.

This inspection of his got them very close and he couldn’t stop himself from kissing her.

Judy didn’t pull away, she kissed him back with the same passion and when he pull back to stare at her, she smile at him.

They were leaning in for another kiss when someone arrive.

“Hello everyone” Amber greeted, alerting them of her presence along with Natalie, Travis and Louis.

“What are you doing here?” Romeo ask, walking towards them.

“What do people do in a resort?” Amber reply, moving towards Romeo to give him a kiss on the cheek and then Graham.

“But you didn’t tell us you are coming?” Graham said.

“I wanted it to be a surprise. Hope am not ruining anything?” Amber ask and not waiting for a reply, she turn to her own set of friends.

“I also brought some friends of mine. We all know each other somehow and I hope that we get along” Amber added.

“Hello Judy” Natalie said waving at her but Judy ignore her.

“What’s with the look, aren’t you happy to see me, come give me a hug” Louis said, giving Romeo a tight hug.

“Since you all are having fun, I hope you don’t mind if we join you? But first we have to get change, see you soon” Amber said leaving with her gang.

“Of all the time, she chose this moment to show up with her crew!” Graham said, looking furious.

“Graham this resort belongs to you guys right? Can’t you find a way to book them somewhere far from us?” Darren ask.

“There’s no way! Amber has as much right to be here because half of the resort belongs to her family” Romeo explain.

“I need to go shower, see you guys later” Judy said heading to her room with Juliet following.


“Now that we are here, what’s the next step?” Natalie ask Amber who gave a shrug.

“I brought you guys here, shouldn’t you think of the plan yourselves” Amber return, starring at her manicure nails.

“Fine then. I thought of something” Natalie said starring at Travis who has been quiet ever since their arrival.

“The plan is for you to invite Graham and Romeo to dinner. Well, don’t tell them that it’s for dinner, make it sound like you want to see them for business or they won’t show up”

“Got it”

“And so while Amber and I dine with them. Travis will make his move, you go see Judy, take her out to somewhere and get some alone time with her, likewise Louis and that’s the end of the story” Natalie finish.

“Louis isn’t here to listen to your plan” Travis said.

“Which is why you will go and tell him about it. I bet he’s at the club dancing with some girls, you will find him there” Amber said walking Travis to the door.

“Finally” Amber let out when Travis left the room.

“What? Don’t you like my plan?” Natalie ask.

“I do but it’s a bit boring. I know of a way to make it fun,how about we mess with the Robert sisters?” Amber suggest.

“How can we do that when Graham and Romeo is around” Natalie remind.

“Don’t worry, what I have in mind will get Graham and Romeo disappointed in the Robert sisters, what do you say?” Amber ask lightly.

“You know am in ” Natalie reply, smiling at her……