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An older and wiser Ashton Maverick got out of his expensive Mercedes.

Stanley, his secretary and assistant came running out of the building.

“Welcome sir” Stanley greeted.

“Is everything ready?” Ashton ask.

“Yes sir, they are waiting at the board room for you” Stanley reply, referring to the department heads of Maverick entertainment.

As Ashton got into the waiting Lift, he remembered the deal he made with his crude and domineering grandfather.

The deal is for him to get Maverick entertainment back to his former glory.

Out of the companies they own, Maverick entertainment is the one performing woefully.

Seeing this, his grandfather, Lucas Maverick have given him the task to bring the company out of it’s terrible state and in exchange, he will give him the other company they own and that have always been the one thing Ashton want and he’s definitely going to get it.

“So what you are saying is that we sign a contract with a big artist. Who do you recommend?” Ashton ask the man who has been giving the presentation, they were in the boardroom having the meeting.

“David Jay. He’s currently the most famous singer in New York and added to it. He knows Fannie Grey” Jake, the presenter said, fixing his reading glass slightly over his nose.

“Who is Fannie Grey?” Ashton ask, his interest pique.

“She is the greatest song writer of all. She has won the song writer of the year in two consecutive years added with other awards. Fannie and David are the best two people we need right now” Jake inform.

“Then give them a call”

“We already did that sir but we were turn down” a lady spoke.

“And so, you gave up easily?” Ashton ask, his voice rising.

“It’s not that sir but it’s just that Fannie Grey keeps a low profile, no one knows who she is or what she looks like except for David Ray” Jake said quickly.

“Low profile or not. If we need those two then we get them” Ashton said fiercely knowing what’s on the line.

“Do you have something more to say?” Ashton ask.

“As it turns out. Roman Media are after Fannie Grey and David too” Jake inform.

“Just what I need. From now on everyone should work on how to sign Fannie and David into our company, under no circumstance should our rival company get ahead of us, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir” they all reply together.

A while later Ashton was in his office thinking about the promise he made to his mother on her dying bed years ago when Stanley came in.

“Did you find her?” Ashton ask, referring to Fannie Grey.

“No sir but I have news that she’s returning to Australia on the fifth of September” Stanley inform.

“Great then. On that day I want you and my guards to go wait for her at the airport. Once she arrive, I want you to bring her to me, Kidnap her if necessary but make sure you bring her to me, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir” Stanley said in return, quietly leaving the room to do his boss bidding.



In a auditorium filled with people, most of them being celebrities.

From actors to actress to singers to models to producers to directors to famous script writers, bloggers and lastly song writers.

All of the celebrities were seated, waiting for the announcement of the awards which has been taking place for hours now.

Silence fell as the host walk onto the stage.

She smiled at everyone and after talking for while earning everyone laughter, she got to the point.

“So this award goes to the song writer of the year and out of three nominees, one of them will be going home with the award tonight” the host said opening the envelope in her hand.

“And the song writer of the year goes to…Fannie Grey”

Screams and applause filled the air as the great Fannie Grey wins the award again.

And as Always, David Jay, a popular singer got up the podium to acknowledge the award.

“I only have a few words to say and it’s from Fannie Grey herself. And I quote, Thank you for this award and I will keep doing my best to give you all good music”

With that said, David got off the podium as the applause followed him till he got to his seat.

It took a while for the award night to end and as soon as David got the chance, he decided to leave but he was waylaid by few reporters who wanted to know who Fannie Grey is.

🗣️ ” Why didn’t she come to the award herself this year?”

🗣️ ” Is her identity meant to be kept a secret forever?”

🗣️ “Who exactly is Fannie Grey?”

David was save from answering as the security got him safely to his car and immediately, his chauffeur drove off.

“As always you win artist of the year” Charles compliment David who shook his head with pride.

“Once you get to that exit, you can park the car” David told him and Charles did as he ordered.

“Going off to see Fannie Grey?” Charles ask as David sat in the driver seat.


“Why is she always in hiding. She has made herself a mystery which everyone in the city of New York is trying to solve” Charles told him.

“All I can say is that Fannie Grey likes her privacy. Get a taxi home Charles, thanks for today”

With that said, David drive off taking the route which lead into the inner part of York.

When he halt the car in front of the fifth house in a posh environment, David put on a cap so he won’t be recognize and got out of the car.

Susan was the one who open the door when he press on the bell.

“What’s up artist of the year” Susan greeted, doing a knuckle bump with him.

“You know I wouldn’t be chosen as artist of the year if not for Stephanie. Where’s she by the way?” David ask.

“Over here” a voice said from inside and immediately, David walk into the room to see Stephanie rising from the sofa she was occupying before his arrival.

“We win again” David said, walking towards her to lift her by the waist and spin her around.

“Put me down you fool!” Stephanie said, hitting him on the back and he set her down.

“We win again” David said again, showing her the two award with him.

A more matured Stephanie smiled at him before taking the award from him to place it beside the others she received years ago.

If someone had told her that the lyrics she had written for fun will someday bring her fame and money, she wouldn’t have believe it.

She had met David four years ago and back then, David had only been a rookie singer.

When he mistakenly read her lyrics back then, he convinced her to put music in it which she reluctantly agreed to and on releasing it.

It had gone viral, giving a name to David and Stephanie.

Now they are one of the best singer and song writer out there. Stephanie is aware of people wanting to meet her, she had even gotten offers from well known company who wants her to be their song writer but Stephanie refuse, deciding to only work with David.

And that’s mainly for her children sake, she didn’t want the life of showbiz on them and it’s also one of the reason she has been hiding her identity from the media.

Using the nickname her late mother always called her and also using her mother surname, she came up with Fannie Grey.

“You really won’t work with other companies? A lot of big producers approach me today just to get your contact” David said as they were now seated in the dinner room while Susan bring in their food.

“I’m not interested” Stephanie reply.

“Can’t you at least think about it? I mean, I love singing your song but there are other out there who also want to have a chance with you” David insist.

“David is right, sweetie. You don’t want to stay in hiding forever” Susan said as she took her seat.

“I prefer my life this way. Right now, Faye, Frederick and most especially Fiona are my concern ”

“That’s right! I totally forgot. How is Fiona?” David ask.

“She has been transferred to Australia for the surgery. Susan and I plan to leave for the hospital tomorrow, you don’t mind if Faye and Frederick stay with you and your mom” Stephanie said.

Out of her triplets, Fiona is the weak one and that’s mainly because of her heart.

For years now, they’ve been on waitlisting for a new heart for Fiona and luckily, a spot for her was made and the surgery will be taking place in Australia.

A city she vowed never to go to again but she doesn’t have a choice and Fiona’s life matter to her than any vow she made to herself.

“We don’t. You know how much my mom love them” David said, breaking into her thoughts.

“But a heads up, Australia is one of the biggest city who wants the great Fannie Grey. Am sure some of them must have gotten a whiff about your going to Australia, what will you do?” David ask.

“We’ve thought about that as well, Stephanie will be taking the early morning flight while I take the afternoon and besides, she will be using her real name, so we have nothing to worry about” Susan assured.

“I hope things go well for Fiona ” David said, his eyes on Stephanie.

“I hope so too” Stephanie murmur, thinking about her baby all alone at the hospital in Australia.

“I really want to go with you but I can’t due to my new single dropping soon and Faye and Frederick who I will be watching over but do promise me that you won’t look at any Australian guy” David said suddenly.

“Why should she promise you that?” Susan ask, chuckling.

“I don’t know but she shouldn’t. I’d like to know that apart from Frederick and I, there will be no other guy in your life”

“Alright! I won’t look at them,satisfied? Stephanie said, pacifying him just as she will pacify a younger brother.

Susan was the only one who notice the possessive look that cross David face at that moment.


“Good to be back home. I just hope I don’t cross path with those idiots or I swear, I will make them pay ” Susan mutter as she walk out of the airport, breathing in the fresh air of the city.

“Have got a free taxi, Miss” a man said, approaching her.

“Oh, thanks” Susan got into the taxi and in no time they were on their way to the hospital.

She got a message from Stephanie who had arrive earlier than her and is at the hospital with Fiona.


Susan text and look up only to see the driver taking the wrong route.

“This isn’t the route to the hospital” Susan said.

“It is miss” the driver reply, looking a bit nervous and suspicious.

“Stop the car, I said stop the car!” Susan yell and when he didn’t do that, she pull his hair making him scream, he had no choice but to step on the brake.

Susan quickly got out of the car, running for her life but she ran straight into someone arms.

“Are you okay, Miss?” Stanley ask.

“That man is….”

“Thank God it’s you Stanley. She is Susan Grey” the taxi driver said as he approach them.

Susan figured out the two are working together and when she tried to escape, Stanley tighten his hold.

“Nice try. You might have use a fake name so no one will recognize you but I know who you are Fannie Grey” He called, thinking Susan to be Fannie Grey, without waiting for Susan reply, Stanley lift her onto his shoulder, heading to his car.

“My boss will like to have a word with you” Stanley said to a screaming Susan……

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