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When Stephanie left Maverick Limited she got a message from Bianca.


When Stephanie read the message, she didn’t want to go but curiosity got the best of her and she ended up going.

After all, she needs to talk to Bianca since she might be able to explain the details of three weeks ago.

In no time, Stephanie made it to the hotel and while on her way to the room Bianca told her she will be in. The receptionist handed her the card key.

“Miss Bianca told me to give you when you arrive” the receptionist explain.

Stephanie wonder what Bianca is up to as she made way to the lift which whisk her up to the third floor.

She found the room and was about to knock when she decided to use the card key.

Stephanie walk in, hearing muffled voices, something told her that what she’s about to see will be unpleasant.

She open the door slowly and saw Bianca in bed with Bobby.

“Do you think Stephanie remembered what we did that night?” Bianca ask, unaware of Stephanie presence at the door.

“What night?” Bobby ask.

“The Ashton Maverick birthday night. Do you think she remember we spike her drink?” Bianca ask again.

“I hope she doesn’t. Don’t you know she might file a report on us. When Benny told me the girl he hired for that night had bail on him and that he needs a girl to present to his cousin Ashton as a birthday gift, I offered Stephanie just to get some money. I feel like a heel” Bobby said softly.

“Why blame yourself? It’s Stephanie fault for not sensing a trap and falling into it and besides, you are planning to end things with her, you can use her night with Ashton to break up with her” Bianca return gently.

“Do you think so?” Bobby ask.

“Of course. Make her feel guilty and end things with her, for sure she will let it go. It’s time we make our relationship public” Bianca told him, trailing her finger down his chest and he chuckle.

Not being able to withstand it, Stephanie open the door walking in on them.

Bobby had a surprise look as he sat up but Bianca was smiling, like she had intended for Stephanie to hear them.

“Stephanie” Bobby called softly.

“How could you? How could you do that to me! If it had been money you want then you should have told me, you didn’t have to go far” Stephanie yell at him.

“Steph I can explain” Bobby said getting off the bed.

“Explain what? You don’t have to explain yourself to her!” Bianca yell, getting off the bed too.

“Bianca is right. You don’t have to explain yourself to me, she called me here to listen to your conversation and I heard everything but keep one thing in mind, Bobby. She will never make you happy, not like the way I did” Stephanie said, dashing out of the room.

“I won’t cry, I won’t cry. They aren’t worth my tears, none of it” Stephanie mutter to herself like it was some sort of chant to prevent her tears.

She got to her car and drive away from the hotel. Tears were glistening her eyes but Stephanie wouldn’t let it pour.

She got home in one piece and after parking her car in the garage, she went into the house which has been in the Roger family for years.

Stephanie was heading to her room when someone call her name.

She saw her father striding towards her with her stepmother, Bianca’s birth mother trailing after him.

“Sweetheart, I think you should let her explain” Brenda said to a angry Martin Roger but he wasn’t listening.

As soon as he got to where Stephanie was, he gave her a slap which sent her falling on the floor.

“Martin!” Brenda called, holding onto Martin arm.

“You stupid child. I told you, don’t ever do something that will bring shame to this family and yet you did!” He yell, his voice sounding like thunder itself.

Still holding her cheek, Stephanie stared at her father who toss some pictures on her.

They were pictures of her going into the hospital and leaving it.

“Dad I can explain” she said quickly but he shut her.

“Tell me one thing. Are you pregnant?” Martin Rogers ask and Stephanie gave a nod.

“Who’s the father? Is it that squarmy Bobby you are dating?”

“No” Stephanie said.

“So, you’ve been sleeping around! Do you know how much I had to pay the reporter who followed you today? A hefty sum of money just to buy his silence”

“I told you. Do not do anything that will ruin the reputation your great grandfathers and I have built but you had to…you had to…I really want to hit you again” Martin Roger said, trying to control his anger.

“Am sorry Daddy. I didn’t mean to do this. I know how much our family reputation means to you” Stephanie said, still kneeling on the floor.

“Am glad you know that cause I won’t let a child of mine destroy it. I have book an appointment for you with a doctor friend of mine, he will get rid of that thing in you”

“You want me to abort my child?” Stephanie said, surprised by her father decision.

“It’s either that or you leave my house” he said, giving her an ultimatum.

“I can’t do it dad. We are talking about a living being here, I can’t get rid of it” Stephanie said, hoping her father will understand.

“Good, you’ve made your decision. Now, go to your room, pack your things and leave my house” Martin Rogers said, heading back to his study.

“Martin, don’t be like this. Where do you want her to go?” Brenda said after him but he shut the door on her face.

Brenda walk towards Stephanie, taking hold of her hand.

“I suggest you leave, leave and never come back. I’m sure the father of your child will welcome you. That will be better than getting rid of the child” Brenda said, smiling cruelly.

Stephanie didn’t give her a reply, instead she went to her room and pack few of her things.

She left an hour later, choosing to take a taxi rather than her car.

Half an hour later, she stood in front of her aunt’s door and press the door bell.

A woman in her early thirties open the door.

“What a lovely surprise Ste….what’s wrong?” Susan Grey ask.

“Oh aunty” Stephanie call, finally letting out the tears she has been holding in and immediately, Susan pull her into her arms.

When Stephanie had calm down sometime later, Susan got her spilling the whole thing.

Susan Grey is her aunt from her mother side. Ever since her mother died, Susan has been like a mother figure to her.

“How can he throw you out of the house? Not only did he bring in that Ɓîtçh Brenda and her daughter when your mom died, he also send you out! Am going to give him a piece of my mind” Susan lash out.

“Don’t! I’d rather we leave things like this”

“You’ve always been shy and quiet,Steph. You need someone like me to fight for you and you should let me do that now” Susan said.

“I know and I love you for always being by my side but what I want now is some peace of mind for myself and my child”

“That good for nothing Ashton Maverick will also meet his doom, everyone who has hurt you today will meet their doom” Susan curse softly as she pull Stephanie into her arms.

“What do you want to do now? I will support wh@ťěver decision you make”

“A week ago. You said you wanted to move to New York, do you still want to do that?” Stephanie ask.

“I do” Susan reply.

“Then can I come with you? I can’t bear to stay here anymore”

“Sure my love, we will both leave together” Susan told her.


Stephanie woke up to find Susan beside her.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to call the doctor or….”

“Where is my baby?” Stephanie ask.

It had been hard carrying a child for nine months and she had cope with it just for the day she will have her child in her arms and that day is today.

“Why isn’t my baby here?”

“They are at the special room” Susan inform, a bright smile on her face.


“It’s triplets, you gave birth to triplets” Susan told her.

A while later, Stephanie and Susan stood in the special room, starring at her three little angels, two girls and a boy.

“See, you should have gone for the scan when I told you to” Susan admonish.

“I should have” Stephanie reply, her maternal love taking control at that moment.

“Have you thought of names for them?” Susan ask, lifting the boy into her arms to place him in Stephanie arm.

“I have. Fiona, Faye and Fredrick. What do you think?” Stephanie ask.

“Fiona, Faye and Frederick. I love it” Susan said, happiness shinning in her eyes.

“From now on, we will only look forward to the future and never to the past, promise me that?”

“I promise, aunt” Stephanie said, vowing in her heart to keep her children away from the people who hurt her including their father.


Ashton Maverick stood starring out through the huge glass window in his office.

A soft knock on the door got his secretary, Stanley coming in.

“Did you find her?” Ashton ask, not bothering to turn around.

“No sir but I have news that she’s returning to Australia on the fifth of September” Stanley inform.

“Great then. On that day I want you and my guards to go wait for her at the airport. Once she arrive, I want you to bring her to me, Kidnap her if necessary but make sure you bring her to me, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir” Stanley said in return, quietly leaving the room to do his boss bidding…..

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