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“Congratulations, you are pregnant” The cheerful looking doctor announce.

“What did you just say?” Stephanie Roger ask, far from looking please.

“I said that you pregnant, three weeks gone to be precise. You will have to register for the antenatal care and….”

“I don’t think I will be needing that, thank you” Stephanie said, taking her things and leaving the doctor office before he could stop her.

She’s pregnant and just when she thought she could put the past behind and look forward to the future but that will be impossible now since she will have a constant reminder.

Stephanie she got into the car her father bought her on her twentieth birthday.

Her father, what will he think when he finds out that she’s pregnant out of wedlock.

If only she had refuse to go to that party, if only she hadn’t drank that night, she wouldn’t have slept with a man she knew nothing about except his name.

Everything was a mess in her head but one thing was clear and that’s the night of the party.

Stephanie shut her eyes as she let herself relive the night that took place three weeks ago.


“Common sweetheart, it won’t last long” Bobby Cruise, Stephanie boyfriend said softly.

The both of them have just return from college for the day and Stephanie had brought him to her room to work on the assignment they were given at school when he brought up the birthday party.

“Do you even know the celebrant?” Stephanie ask.

“Of course. He is the cousin of a friend of mine and have seen him once or twice. Common love, let’s go together” Bobby insist.

“Know when to give up Bobby. Don’t you know that Steph here is a little prude who never goes out to have fun” Bianca, her segzy alluring stepsister said as she walk into the room.

As always she was dress in a very skimpy short and crop top and she had that condescending look, like she’s better than everyone.

“Why don’t you take me instead, sweet Bobby” Bianca said softly, using the pet name she uses for every guy she flirts with.

“Well, if you are sure you want to” Bobby return softly and a look pass between him and Bianca, something that Stephanie failed to see.

“Fine then. I will go” Stephanie said quickly not wanting her boyfriend to be alone with Bianca.

“Afraid I’d steal your boyfriend?” Bianca ask, guessing Stephanie thought.

“The party will begin by seven and if we don’t get out now, we will be late” Bobby said quickly not giving Stephanie a chance to reply.

The three of them set out in Bianca flashy sport car and in no time they got to a place called Maverick Villa.

“What’s the name of the celebrant?” Stephanie found herself asking as they all alight the car.

“Ashton Maverick, I doubt you know him but don’t worry, I will introduce you two during the party” Bobby reply.

“I don’t care about the party, Just don’t leave my side” Stephanie said to him, wondering why she feels a little frighten.

“I won’t”

Bobby didn’t stick to his word cause as soon as they walk in, he was drag off by some of his friends while Bianca went to mingle with the single.

Bianca has always been a social butterfly, something she herself lack. Stephanie thought as she found a quiet place to stay.

She notice Bianca and Bobby dancing along with others and just as her gaze slid past the dancers, she notice a man standing by the stairs watching her.

His had his head bent, accessing her and even though the room look a bit dark, Stephanie could see the light green of his eyes and the cruel smile splaying on his lips which gives him a devilish look.

Feeling nervous under his scrutiny, Stephanie look away from him and when she dared herself to look once again, it was to see him coming towards her.

Immediately, Stephanie left her spot, getting lost in the crowd and she was glad to find him nowhere behind her.

It took a while for her to find Bobby and when she did, she told him that she wants to leave but he stop her.

“Don’t go yet. Stay for a little while” he urge.

“I can’t….”

“Stop being a prude for once and just let go! Am sorry I lost my temper, why don’t you drink this” he said, offering her alcohol.

“I don’t….”

“Just a sip, do it for me babe” he cut her off, pouting his face.

Stephanie had no choice but to drink the alcohol and at that moment, Bobby smiled at Bianca who smile at him in return.

“Satisfied” She said, wiping her mouth.

“Very much” Bobby reply, walking her to a chair.

“Why don’t you stay here, I will go get Bianca and then we will leave” He added and went off.

As Stephanie waited, she could feel her head swirling, her eyes losing focus and most importantly, she wanted to sleep.

She did her best to stay awake but ended up dozing off and when she woke up.

It was to find herself in an unknown room, the sun illuminating in through the window, telling her that it’s morning.

But what happen? The last thing she remembered was drinking the alcohol Bobby gave her.

The sound of a running water coming from the bath room alerted Stephanie of the presence of someone and immediately, she lay back on the bed pretending to be asleep, noticing she had nothing on except for the sheet covering her.

“It was quite a surprise” she heard the male voice as he walk out of the bathroom.

“She turn out to be what I needed” he said again and Stephanie could feel his gaze on her.

“Fine then. Since I like the birthday gift, you can come round the office to get the car”

He ended the call sometime later and when Stephanie heard nothing, she open her eyes to take a peek.

He was getting dressed and most importantly, he turn out to be the man from last night.

She went back to pretending and it wasn’t until she heard the door close that the pretence end.

What happen last night? How did she end up in this room? Stephanie thought as she notice a note on the bedside table.


Stephanie read as she also notice the money he left for her.

Did she? Did they? It can’t be possible, she didn’t really sleep with him?

Stephanie kept asking herself, trying to believe that she didn’t but everything around her seem to point out that she did.

Feeling disgust, Stephanie put on her clothes and left the villa before anyone could see her.


Ever since that day, she has try to put the past behind and just when she is begining to, she finds out that she is pregnant.

What is she going to do? Stephanie thought as an idea pop into her head.

Stephanie made a call to her best friend, Stella Fisher.

“I was just about to call you, why didn’t you come to class?” Stella ask the moment she answered.

“Long story and I promise to tell you but I’d like to know something. Do you know who Ashton Maverick is?” Stephanie ask.

“Who doesn’t know him. Ashton is the only son of the Maverick family and the Maverick are f-__-king rich even more than your father” Stella reveal.

“Do you know how I can contact him?”

“Errr…probably at Maverick Limited. He’s currently the CEO of the company but you can check for this info online, why ask me?”

“Cause I….nevermind, thank you, Stella” Stephanie end the call and after getting the address of Maverick Limited, she start the engine and drove off.


At first the receptionist was reluctant to help when she told her about meeting Ashton but Stephanie had to use the only leverage she had against Ashton and in no time, she was led into the elevator by Ashton secretary which whisk them to the seventh floor.

“Mr Maverick is waiting for you” The female secretary said, opening the door for her.

As soon as she walk in, she saw him standing in front of a huge glass window, gazing outside.

“Ashton Maverick” Stephanie called to be sure and that got him turning around. A frown creasing his brow.

“I thought we ended everything that day?” He ask, his voice steady and dangerous.

“We did”

“Then why the hell are you here? You even had the guts to mention that night to the receptionist just so you can see me”

“Am sorry but I had no choice. It’s either that or I have to book an appointment which I don’t want” Stephanie return, wondering why she’s nervous.

“Fine then, what do you want? Money for what happen that night? Fine, how much?” Ashton ask, walking towards his desk to bring out a cheque book.

“I don’t want your money!”

“Really? Isn’t that what whores like you care about?”

“I am not a wh-_-re” Stephanie said fiercely.

“But you are. When I first saw you at the party, I thought….nevermind, you turn out to be a wh-_-re who was payed to pleasure me for the night” Ashton toss at her.

“What? I wasn’t payed to pleasure you, I have no idea how I got to your room that night but I went there as a guest” Stephanie explain.

“Yeah right! You went as a guest”

“You need to believe me, I did….”

“Enough! Have heard about prostitutes showing up for more money but you…you really are the worst. If you are done, I want you to leave ” he said, turning his back on her.

“Am not done! I came today to tell you that I….am pregnant” Stephanie reveal.

She watch him turn to stare at her, registering the shocked look on his face which suddenly change into contempt and fury.

“That’s it! Have had enough of you, Ɓîtçh. Get out!” He yell at her.

“I am indeed pregnant. You should know since you are the first”

“I don’t know! All I know is that if you are pregnant then am not the father. I suggest you take yourself and get out of my face!”

A short knock on the door reveal his secretary.

“Am sorry sir but your fiancee is here”

“Take her to the boardroom, I will go see her there” Ashton ordered briskly

“You are engage?” Stephanie ask.

“Yeah, I am and If you don’t want me to wring the life out of you, I suggest you leave before I get back”

“Before you go can I ask you something” Stephanie said.

“What now!”

“On that day. You mention something about me being a birthday gift. What do you mean?”

“A cousin of mine and his friends told me they had payed you to keep me company for the night”

“Among your cousin friends was there a guy called Bobby?” Stephanie ask.

“Yeah. I remember him because he was the one who told me your name, Stephanie Rogers, right?” Ashton ask.

“Right, it’s Stephanie”

“Look, wh@ťěver thing is going on with you, I don’t care. All I want is that you get out of this room and my life, I never want to cross path with you again”

“Not even for the sake of the child I am expecting?”

“Not even for it. I suggest you go find the father of that child cause it’s not me and I won’t take a bastard as mine” with that said, he left his office causing Stephanie her first rejection……

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