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Diana (Arthur’s bodyguard)
I stood beside Arthur while he sat, he was watching Mary on his laptop.

“Seems you like her, young master.” I said.

He closed the laptop and turned to me; “I need to know whom Prince is , find out who he is and get back to me.”

“Yes, young master.” I nodded slightly and walked out.

I had already found out that he stays in a house that was directly opposite that of Arthur.

I walked inside the house and as I searched around, I saw Prince seated under a canopy that was in the compound of the house.

He was only staring at me and placing his left leg on his right leg.

I walked to him and greeted; “Good afternoon.”

“You wanted to tell me to stay away from Mary, is that? Is Mary your property? ” He asked.

“I mean no harm.” I said and raised by two harms up.

“You are not worthy of hurting me.” He said. His hair was still covering his face.

I was quiet for a while and hurriedly tried to uncover his face but he was quick to fall back and used his leg to kick me in my belly.

That was a smart move by him, I almost fell but stood immediately.

He did a front flit and stood to his feet.

“You should be smarter next time.”He said.

” Who are you?” I asked.

“How is it your business?” He asked but I charged at him.

We exchanged blows for few seconds, no one had a hit on their body but in the process, a wrist band fell off his hand.

He did two backflips and disappeared into the house.

Who in the world is this guy?

I picked the wrist band and walked out of the house, I walked back to the room that Arthur was.

He was in his secrete study room that wasn’t accessible to just anyone

“I have a clue.” I typed those words on the keyboard that was created with the door.

The door opened by itself and I walked in.

“Young master, he seems so ski||ed in fighting and I couldn’t bully him into uncovering his face, however, I found this!” I said.

Arthur collected the wrist band from me and returned it to me.

“It’s not my first time of seeing that in his hand, it’s useless to him.” He said and gave me back the wrist band. He turned away from him.

He turned back to me all of a sudden and said; “Wait! let me have it!”

he collected the wrist band and checked the other side of it.

After checking it, he looked away and said; “There is only one person that can have this symbol written on his wrist band.”

“Who is that, young master?” I asked.

“My elder brother.” Arthur said and turned to me. “You can’t know him, he ran away from home many years ago cause dad insisted that he will be titled as young master, he didn’t like that, he only loves to sing.”

“Could it be him?” I asked.

“But…his name is not Prince, find out what his real name is….but! be very careful around him, he is just as powerful as being a young master too. Be clever.” He said and I nodded.

He turned away from me and set his gaze on the closed laptop before him.

“Why would he want Mary?” Arthur mumbled like he was thinking deeply.

“Maybe he was the one that r–aped her.” I said.

“Hum hum! he can’t. He won’t go so low.” Arthur answered and thought deeply.

“Go ahead and tell Mary that she should never sign any agreement with him, that would be his first move. Go quick.” He said and I walked swiftly out.
🥀 Mary’s Pov 🥀
A knock landed on my door and I stood at once to open it. I was expecting Joan but I saw Arthur’s bodyguard.

“I need to tell you this…” She said and I allowed her inside my room

“Did Prince made you sign any agreement?” She asked.

“Oh! yes.” I answered.

“Really? what agreement?” She questioned.

“I thought I would hide it from you and Arthur for a long time but I guess it’s time to spill it out.” I said and sunk to the bed.

I was sitting upright.

“I signed a marriage agreement with him cause he promised to help me revenge who ra-ped me.” I said.

She looked at me and then took her face away.

“You shouldn’t have signed it.” She said like she was pained.

“I shouldn’t, indeed. I was being foolish.” I said.

“Can you hide it from Arthur, if he finds out that I’m into a marital agreement with Prince, he would probably despise me.”

“It’s true, he may feel like he has nothing to gain over you, anyway. But I have never withheld anything from Arthur, I would feel like I betray him if I didn’t tell him the truth about you signing an agreement.” I said.

“Help me in this and I won’t forget it!” I said and she sighed heavily.

She walked away.

I hope she keeps it a secrete from Arthur.

I was then able to check the text I received when I arrived at Arthur’s house with Arthur.

“He chased you out but you can not come to my place for safety, you would rather go to your cruel aunt’s place than come to me, how pathetic!” That was what the message reads.

I knew at once that it was from Prince.

If Arthur had collected my phone, he would think I was lying when I confirmed that I had blocked Prince’s number.

I did blocked his number, this was another of his number.

This guy needs to stay away from me, what exactly is his problem, he made me misbehave few hours ago, if not that I find favour before Arthur, I would have been back in my aunt’s house.

Later that night, I had turned off the light of my room and I was fast asleep.

I was awoken by the most gentle knock ever.

What in the world did Joan want at this middle of the night?

I stood and walked to the door, I had already turned on the light.

I was stunned to see Arthur.

I allowed him walk in and he sat on a chair in the room.

“I’m glad you didn’t sign the marriage agreement, it was a clear bait” He said.

“Did you know Prince? how did you know he requested of me to sign a marital agreement?” I asked

“I’m sorry for disturbing your sleep” He ignored my question again.

Why does he always have to ignore my question, it hurts sometimes.

I will just learn to be quiet around him, if that is possible.

“I do not feel comfortable in my room, I want to sleep on your bed.” He said.

“Oh! I will sleep on the floor then.” I said and took the duvet from the bed and placed it on the floor.

“I will be cruel to allow a pregnant woman sleep on the floor, sleep on the bed, I’ll sleep beside you” He said and my heart skipped.

My crush wants to sleep beside me?

Did he want to make love with me or what?

So many thoughts filled my heart.
To be continued 💗