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🥀 Mary’s Pov 🥀
It was on a Saturday and I was in my room, I was careful of acting there cause I thought I was been watched, I couldn’t really see any traces of camera, though but the last time, when I was dancing, Arthur sent a message telling me to be happy.

I had read and was bored, I could not just stay inside all day, so I decided to take a stroll out.

My room was upstairs, I took the stairs down to the large living room.

I didn’t see anyone in sight, I firstly went to sit in the living room then decided to walk out

As I stood, my phone rang.

I sat back at the living room hoping that no-one would show up.

I saw that the caller was Prince.

As soon as I picked it, his voice cane through.; “Come out.”

He hung up.

I looked at the screen of the phone and wondered if he was watching me too or it was just a coincidence.

I stood and sighed, I looked around the very silent house and walked to the exit.

I twisted the knob and walked out.

I looked around and suddenly sighted Prince seated before a house that was directly opposite that of Arthur.

I walked to him and stood before him.

“Mary, sit beside me.” He said.

“No, what do you want to tell me?” I asked.

“Not until you sit.” He said.

“Then it seems you are not ready.” I said and turned away from him.

Not like I was planning to walk away, I was a bit curious to know what he wanted to say cause I know it would be related with the ra-pe case he was working on.

“I found out who R@P£D you.” As those words dropped from him, I stiffed.

I turned back to him and asked; “Who?”

“Same person that took you in.” He answered.

“Arthur?” I questioned as my heart beats heavily.

“Yes, Arthur! ” He answered.

I closed my eye and prayed in my heart that it is not true.

“Proof?” I tried to ask.

“Proof? well, just trust me, he was the one.” He said and walked inside that house.

I started walking back to Arthur’s house, I almost believed it cause it made me sad but then I realized that Prince could be playing a game on my mind.

“Where are you coming from?” Arthur asked.

He has sat on the seat that I had stood from before going out.

“Erm…Prince invited me over. ” I answered.

“Okay, would you love to stay with Prince or remain here?” He asked

“I’m grateful you took me in, I was not taking it for granted.” I answered.

“Don’t heed to Prince’s call again. You do have his mobile number, right?” He asked.

“Certainly.” I answered.

“Block it.”He ordered.

I didn’t think twice at all, I added the number to blacklist.

” Stay away from him.” He said and stood.

“Erm… ” I struggled to bring my first ever request before him.

“Keep it.” He said and walked inside.

Oops! He doesn’t even care about what I wanted to say, I had wanted to ask him if he knows Prince or knows why he can be that powerful to suspend someone in his father’s school.

I sighed and started walking back to my room, I hope he really allow me speak with him someday.

But like seriously, why did he take me In?

Why? … did he suddenly like me? no no! Could he be the one that R@P£D me?

I angrily threw the door to my room open to go and meet him and ask.
As I appeared at the living room, I saw Arthur’s bodyguard standing at the living room, her looks were firm and not really fanimorous.

“Where is Arthur’s room, please?” I asked.

She did not answer but walked to me.

“You should be calm and suspend all thoughts, don’t let Prince play a game on you- That was what Arthur wanted me to tell you.” Arthur’s bodyguard said.

“No, no! I want to see him.” My voice was seriously cracking like it would soon break into tears.

“You can’t.” She said.

“It’s important.” I said and pushed her away.

I ran to the room I supposed Arthur was but could not find him there, I searched almost all the room in that house and still couldn’t find Arrhur.

Thought he lives here, where could he be?

I then walked back to Arthur’s bodyguard.

“Where is Arthur?”I asked and bursted into tears.

” You are behaving irrationally.” Joan appeared behind me and said.

“I assumed you had heard something about young master that made you really angry?” Joan asked.

Are they all watching me or what?

“I want to see Arthur and ask him questions, tell him to come out of where ever he is.” I requested.

“Why are you acting like a creditor that must see his debtor, you saw young master few minutes ago but you still needed to see him now. Seems you did not know how powerful young master is?”Joan asked.

” He didn’t allow me speak when I wanted to.” I said to Joan.

Tears were just pouring like streams of water from my face.

The more I think of Arthur raping me, the more my heart bleeds.

Though Prince didn’t have any proof as to if he was the one that really r-aped me but…why would he ra-pe me? why is he more interested in my pregnancy? Why would a man be interested in a pregnancy that is not is?

He might be the one, I want to put the question to him cause I know he wouldn’t lie.

“Return to your room, you have caused too much trouble.” Arthur’s bodyguard ordered.

“He….R@P£D me.” I declared and they both exchanged glances.

Arthur’s bodyguard then signalled to Joan, Joan understood immediately and went upstairs.

I do not have an idea what Arthur’s bodyguard had signalled her to do but after I declared that Arthur ra-ped me, none of them utter any more word.

Joan came back with a travelling box and said; “This are all your luggage, you will need to leave at this moment.”

“Also, when you have a substantial proof that it was young master that r-aped you, please come and serve him a court letter. You are too much trouble for the house.” Arthur’s bodyguard said.

“Good luck to you and your baby.” Joan said and I looked around in shock.

Have I misbehaved that much? I think I’ve gone too far.

I still have many opportunity to see Arthur, why do I make it look as if I would not see him anymore.

Plus I do not even have a proof yet that he R@P£D me….Na! I’ve gone too far.

That is not the way to be grateful.

“I’m sorry.” I pleaded and looked at the faces of Joan and Arthur’s bodyguard pathetically.

“It’s not our order, it’s from young master, please take your leave.” Arthur’s bodyguard said.

Really? Arthur ordered them to let me go, but when? he was not even there when I was getting angry.

How exactly do people communicate here?

“Please leave, immediately.” Arthur’s bodyguard reiterated and I went to where my box was.

I dragged it out painfully.
To be continued ❤️‍🩹