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Mary’s Pov
I stood from the dinning after I was satisfied, I sauntered back to my room.

Arthur just changed my life for good , that stupid aunt of mine made life so horrible for me.

I remembered that prince said I should phone him whenever I was alone.

I picked my phone and placed a call across to him.

He didnt pick but called back.

Good afternoon. I greeted after realizing he wasnt ready to speak first.

Were you hurt that your friends got suspended? He asked.

I shouldnt have signed the marital agreement cause you would have been a cruel husband. I let out.

I was never cruel to you, I only revealed to your friends that Im not to be toyed with. He said calmly.

Who are you? I asked boldly.

Prince. My name is all you need to know about me, can we talk about the ra-pe case now? He asked.

Cant you reverse what you did for my friends? its so unfair. I said and he hung up.

Was that a glitch in connectivity or he actually hung up?

I wouldnt have phoned him back if not because I was curious in finding the identity of the person that rap-ed me.

I put a call across to him and he picked at the second ring.

Do you hang up? I asked.

I can do that again. He answered and I sighed.

Okay, about the r-ape ,Im all ears. I requested

Okay, listen carefully to the names of male students that were present at the location the day you got rap-ed. He said and I listened keenly.

He began to list the names of students; And the last name is Ha ni Arthur.

Excuse me? Arthur was there the day I gt R@P瞿D? I questioned.

He was. He answered. Do you suspect that he had been acting well towards you cause he was the one that r-aped you?

No, no! I had never thought about that but now that you made mention of his name, it makes sense now. But how do I confirm he was the one?

Before confirming if he was the one or not, what will you do to him if you find out he was the one? He asked.

Cat got my tongue and I didnt know what answer to give.

Ill start working on confirming if it was one of the students or a random person that ra-ped you He said.

Were you there? I asked.

Come again! He requested.

I mean were you there at the location where I was ra-ped? I asked and he was silent for a while.

Answer me? I asked.

You think I ra-ped you?

Wh@聽ver. I think is my problem, were you there on the day I got ra-ped? I asked firmly.

I was beginning to get angry like he was the one that ra-ped me.

Were you there? I shouted out in pain but he hung up without replying.

I threw my phone to the side of the bed and cried out hard.

Could he be the one that ra-ped me and was only trying to push it on someone else?

Remembering the occurrence of that night always traumatize me.

A knock landed on my door and I weakly stood to open it.

I opened it and Joan came into view as I had guessed.

Young master ask about why you were crying? She asked.

Im fine. I forgot that I did not clean my tears before opening the door for Joan. So I quickly cleaned it.

Someone appeared behind her and as Joan turned to behold who it was, she left without turning back to me.

The person appeared and it was Arthur.

He walked inside my room and sat on my bed.
My face dried up and became empty of tears, I became nervous that my legs grew cold.

I stood still at the entrance not knowing if I should go and sit on the bed or something.

But妃y crush really sat on the same bed that I had slept? this is beautiful.

Sit. He ordered and I went to gently take my sit on the only golden chair in the room.

Without looking at me, he said; Why were you crying?

I wanted to reply with nothing but I knew that would be absurd, he knows I cant cry without a reason.

I still couldnt get how he sees what I do in this room.

You have been saved from your aunt, why are you sad? He asked again.

I actually got ra-ped, and it hurts anytime I think about it. I let out slowly.

My bodyguard informed me. get over it quick and move on. He said and finally turned his face to me.

Its not so easy. I said softly.

I will find who r瓊ped you and deliver him to your hands, will you be happy if I do? He asked.

I furrowed my brow, if I had known that Arthur would help me, I wouldnt have signed the foolish agreement that Prince made me signed.

Ill deliver whoever ra-ped you to you in 14 days, do you trust me ? He asked.

Yes. I answered and set my gaze at him but quicky took it away quickly after our eyes met.

He stood and walked out.

I sighed and slumped to my bed.

I was really confused right then, Arthur wouldnt stoop so low to rape any lady considering how wealthy and handsome he was.

With a tap of his finger , he would invite many ladies to make love with them easily.

Prince is the mystery that I was beginning to suspect. But I will wait till I find out who ra-ped me before I know what to do.

I laid on my bed and rubbed my belly gently.

We arrived at school the following morning and I could not wait to see Prince.

I need to ask him the question he snobbed on call yesterday.

I was alone inside the class when a student tapped me and said ; Same place yesterday- Prince.

The student walked away.

I understood immediately that Prince wanted me to come to the room where he had requested that he wanted to have sx with me.

And I was glad on the other hand that Arthur didnt take the scandal that Prince created to heart.

I wouldnt have gone there but I was beginning to suspect that he was the one that ra-ped me and I would just put it to him before him.

I walked hurriedly upstairs and arrived at the room, I entered the bright room and saw Prince.

He was holding a folded envelope, his hair covered his full face.

Tell me, were you there the day I got rap-ed? I asked.

I was. He answered.

Did you rape me? Its you, right? I asked.

Not me.He answered.

So安ho? why didnt you include your name when you were listing the names of students that were present? I questioned.

I chose not to. He answered indifferently.

He walked to a corner of the room and rested the back of his foot to the wall.

Dont think too far, Mary. My help is without bias, I might have hurt you in the past but not r-ape. He said.

Excuse me? hurt me? when? how? I asked, I was very curious.

Is Prince someone I know.

I did not rape you; Im still working on finding who ra-ped you.Till then, believe my words. He said and walked away.
To be continued 歹往