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Ariel happened to pass by and stopped when saw Abigail kissing Felix then she clinched her fist so hard.

“i guess I have to take care of her first. She muttered under her breath staring at them………. .

Felix pushed Abigail slightly away from himself.

“What the heck, why did you do that?. He glared at her and Abigail slowly lick her lips.

“I’m Abigail… I’m trying to remind you of your promise.

“What is she mumbling about?. Ariel muttered from where she is and clinched her fist.

“you are Abigail, of course I know that, you are coralyn’s friend. what gives you the d@mn right to kiss me.

“i’m just trying to remind you of the promise you made to me years back, I’m the same girl that you stopped from going to the orphanage, you said you are going to marry me right. Abigail sneered.

Felix eyes widened.

“she is that sick girl. He thought.

“Did you really take my words serious at that day, I was only trying to save you from ruining your life by going to that orphanage.

Abigail clinched her fist a little bit.

“so you were not attracted to me?

“No I’m not and I was never, I only saved you because that city is very bad, and the orphanage you were about to go to, I and my elder sis had to flee from there because they were about to sell the girls to some men for prostitution. Felix muttered.

“i only did that because you were adamant, jezzz I think I made a mistake with that stupid deal, you f-__-king took it serious.

“i…. I… I’m sorry, I only wanted to remind you. Abigail stammered and Ariel scoffed from where she was standing.

“Lies.she muttered

“Thanks,I need to leave. Felix said and walked away.

Abigail watched him as he walked away.

“whether you were serious or not, you will be mine, mine alone. Abigail muttered under her breath.

She was glaring at Felix as he left.

“What a Ɓîtçh, maybe she will be of help because Felix love coralyn and not her, I need to do something. Ariel muttered to herself.


The school is on break, and Leah is busy going through what they have done so far. She is a very intelligent type but don’t want to miss from any angle.

Lily is busy with two of her friends, Mira and Janice.

Mira is the same age as Lily and she is very intelligent and always get the first position, she is a cool type and very friendly. While Mira is 8 years old, she is the biggest in the class and a bully, lily is close to her mostly because she feels cool around her, Mira is very dull, she knows absolutely nothing and that why she repeats class, most importantly they both come from a rich family.

“Hey lily who is that girl, she look so much like Laine, and she even introduce herself as Leah Raymond, are you a triplet or something. Mira asked.

Lily was quiet for a while and clinched her fist under the table as she glare at Leah h@ťěfully, she forced a smile and look at Mira.

“Triplet?, did I ever mention such to you?, she is my nanny’s daughter and just happened to look like Laine, she is just a simply lookalike. Lily replied.

“i think she looks so much beyond that. Janice replied and lily glared at her.

“She is Just a lookalike who my dad just have pity for, she is not my sister, you got that?. Lily yelled at Janice

“Oh well chill, I was just saying though, she looks so much like Laine to be a lookalike. Janice muttered and Lily scoffed.

“She is just a nanny daughter and uneducated one at that, I bet if she knows anything or she is just as dull as her mom. Lily said and Janice scoffed.

“That not nice lily, you shouldn’t speak like that . Janice said

“what!?, It’s simply the truth, she is just living up to my dad’s name, I don’t think she has a dad of her own, she just want to share mine. Lily said and Janice shook her head.

“Lily must you be so bitter?. Janice muttered and Lily scoffed.

“you mean she is poor like her so called mom who is a nanny. Mira said.

“if I’m to say something, I will say Leah is so pretty and take a look at her skin, it’s well maintained, she looks nothing like the poor and even if she is, what the big deal. Janice asked.

“Oh sweet Janice, there is really a big deal to it, she shouldn’t attend this school if she is poor, she is just a burden to lily’s dad. Mira replied and lily smirked

“if you both are really smart, I will advice you to focus more on your studies, I know you are intelligent lily but sometimes it’s just really off, and Mira you should focus more on your books rather than talking about someone’s life, my mom has asked me to stay away from you just because of your attitude, I thought you will change if you are friends with me and lily, I thought we could influence you to read but I guess you just want to grow up being a stupid school bully and you lily I don’t know what got into you suddenly and I hope it’s not Mira’s influence, you have become so bitter over the blue. If you both continue this way I have no other choice to break this friendship now if you will excuse me I will like to say hi to Leah. Janice said and walked out.

Mira’s mouth is so widely open while lily clinched her fist.

“Did she just talk to me or give a speech. Mira asked but liky stayed quiet as she watched Janice walking up to Leah.

Janice put on a beautiful smile as she got to Leah.

“Hey. Janice said with a smile and Leah smiled back

“Hi……… Leah replied with a smile

“you are new right? Welcome to FAITHY’S DIAMOND, oh sorry my bad, my name is Janice and I will love to be your friend if you don’t mind , I mean you have been stucked up in your books after since we are on break and you didn’t even say anything to anyone. Janice said and Leah smiled.

“i guess you are the talkative type. Leah said and Janice stare at her.

Leah laughed when she saw the expression in her face.

“Chill Janice, I am Leah and will be happy to be your friend. Leah said and Janice smiled.

“gosh I thought you were gonna turn me down with that response. Janice laughed and Leah chuckled.

“thats just Leah’s style girl. Leah said

“i guess you are the sassy type. Janice said.

“uhmm you are so smart and that makes me like you more. Leah muttered

“So what are you up to Leah. Janice said and Leah looked at her

“i think you should have have your sit Janice. Leah said and Janice sit right beside her.

“so I’m just going through the topic I missed right before I joined, I would have asked Laine for help but he is out with his friends . And I decided to do it myself since I have nothing to do and I think it’s not so much difficult. Leah said and Janice smiled.

“i think lily just envy her, she doesn’t look like a dull type. Janice thought as she stare at leagh jotting book.

“you have a very nice handwriting Leah. Janice replied.

Lily who have been staring at them the whole time looked at Mira and smirked.

“i think we should have a little fun with my nanny’s daughter Mira. Lily said and Mira chuckled.

“i don’t know why you are this way but I definitely love this side of you not the so smiling type and sweet one. Mira said and lily glared at her.

“i’m not evil okay, I just don’t like Leah, so keep those thoughts to yourself. Leah said and Mira scoffed.

“hmmm as if. Mira muttered and Lily rolled her eyes.

“Now let have some fun, shall we?. Lily said and get up, walking towards Leah and Janice with Mira.

Immediately they got there, Leah and Janice stop talking and look at them.

“Oh look what we got here , it’s Laine’s lookalike, my nanny’s poor child. Leah screamed and got the attention of the whole class.

👥:I thought she is their hidden triplet

👥:She is just a lookalike yet have right over lily’s dad name?

👥:What is going on

👥:Leah is pretty though

The class started mumbling among themselves and lily smirked happily.

“what are you trying to do lily?. Mira asked

“What am I trying to do??, I just want to make it clear to everyone that she is not my sister, she is just simply a lookalike.i don’t want anyone having this misconception she is our triplet. Lily said

“lily that’s enough. Janice said

“she is just saying though, she is avoiding misconception. Mira said and Leah smiled.

Lily got pissed seeing leah smiling.

“i just want to make it clear everyone, this girl Leah is just a burden, both her and her Mom are just finding a way to forcefully be in my dad’s life.

👥:Is Leah mr Royal daughter from her nanny

👥:I think that’s it, or her mom might be those woman who wants to become another man’s family, someone who is already married.

Leah got pissed immediately and get up.

“you have crossed all the whole limit lily, you won’t like what I will do to you if you dare speak that way of my Mom. Leah glared at lily and lily got scared of her glares.

“Hey are you trying to act like a bully, is that what your Mom taught you huh. Mira said

“Oh gosh if I will love to talk right now, I will be no difference to lily, she might end of crying her eyes out, or should I say I might just end up being black hearted like hers. Leah sneered and Janice smiled

“she is really a sassy type, I love her actions. Janice thought

“watch it will regret this… Lily said but was cut short by Leah.

“i don’t think I should clear the misconception lily, or your bed might get soaked with your tears tonight. Leah said and move closer to Lily.

“The next time you speak this way of my Mom, trust me I will make you regret it. Leah glared at her for the last time and walked out.

“you are so much worst than I thought lily,you should learn to talk well I think. Janice said and lily felt a little bit bad but she shrugged it off.

“This is just the beginning. She muttered.

“i think I love the way you talked to her, I guess you are learning from me after all. Mira said

“i’m nothing like you. Lily glared at Mira and walked out.

“But she was totally looking like the best bully few minutes ago. Mira said and scoffed

Sliver College

Felix is still looking all around for coralyn and saw her reading under the school tree, immediately he saw her, he smiled to himself.

“Finally……. He muttered

He walked up to her and stayed directly at her front.

“Hey,I…. need to speak with you. He said

“well I don’t want to, I already told you I won’t disturb you right, so just let me be. Coralyn said and continue reading her book.

“Can you please hear me out first, I just want to apologize for blaming you, I found out it was Ariel, it’s turned out to be she is just like her sis, and she f-__-king tried to frame me and blame you for it. Felix said and coralyn keep staring at him

“More or less, I just want to say I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Alyn. Felix said and coralyn looked at him for a while before laughing out loud.

Felix stare at her as she laugh, he has no idea why she was laughing.

“You shouldn’t be apologizing to me Felix, instead admit you are a fool, because you didn’t for once think how Ariel got the real video of what actually happened there that day. Coralyn said.

“i know I know but please forgive me Alyn, I was wrong, I just want your forgiveness. Felix said

“Are you not hurt huh?, That your would to be girlfriend turned out to dissappoint you.

“Would be girlfriend?, We were just friends cora, no feelings attached and by the way you seem bothered about that.Felix chucked and cora swallowed hard.

“i’m not bothered okay….. I… I’m just saying. Coralyn stammered

“oh is that it? Felix asked

“Yes fool, do you think I like you or something.

“Thats not bad Alyn, I’m not bad right, I’m quite the handsome type. Felix flirt and coralyn scoffed but swallowed hard.

“Can you leave huh?. Cora said

“Pleease just forgive me Alyn. Felix said.

Coralyn had to agree because she does not understand why she is feeling so restless around him,

She does not like him right?. She thought.

“Okay I will accept, if you call yourself a fool. Coralyn said

“Yes ma, I’m definitely a fool for believing Ariel, so I’m a fool for that big mistake and for hurting princess Alyn. Felix said and coralyn chocked on her saliva.

“Hmm uhmmm apology accepted, so please can you leave, like I want to be. Coralyn said.

She is definitely loosing it right.

She can’t be feeling this way for a guy again. She thought.

“well I have another request Alyn, please don’t say no. Felix said

“what is it again. Coralyn said

“Can we be friends please, I don’t want us this way, uhmmm I mean I don’t want us to be enemies. Felix said and coralyn chuckled

“we are not enemies fool and we can’t be friends. Coralyn said

“why?. Felix asked

“Beacause you are a fool. Cora replied and Felix scoffed.

“you are reading that book for the upcoming test right?. Felix said

“Obviously fool…. Cora said and Felix nod his head

“Okay then. Felix said and start pretending to walk away, immediately he walked a few distanced he snatched cora’s book from her and coralyn got up.

“Hey,kindly return that book to me now. Cora yelled.

“Not until you agree to be my friend. Felix said and start running side by side because Felix is trying to caught up with him.

“Give it back fool. Coralyn yelled.

“Don’t be stubborn Alyn. Felix said and smiled.

Abigail saw them as they were trying to catch up with eachother and Felix is smiling so much. She purposely followed Felix secretly to find out what he wanted to talk about with coralyn.

She saw the fact Felix is looking so happy around coralyn

“Did cora lie to me?, Is she trying to have Felix to herself. She muttered angrily and clinched her fist.

“she has to pay for lieing to me. She sneered.

Ariel saw her reactions and smiled.

“i guess I know what to do now, I just have to use this to my satisfaction. Ariel smirked.



The school has ended for the day, the driver is waiting for lily, Leah and Laine to come out of the class.

Leah is ahead of them since she is still pissed off, she didn’t mention a word to Laine though.

Laine was told by one of his friends about what lily did in the class earlier.

Laine pulled lily hands slightly.

“i know you are hurt lily but please stop behaving this way it’s doesn’t suit you. Laine said and lily scoffed

“i won’t stop, they have to pay for doing that to my mom. Lily glared

“Rather do this okay, try to think or talk to miss cora for better understanding since you lack one, I will be giving you this warning lily, don’t ever speak that way of my mom ever again. Laine said and entered the car.

Lily was still staring when someone walked up to her and it’s turned out to be Stacy.

“Can I speak to you lily, I can surely give a permanent solution to your problems. Stacy said.

“learn how to approach little kids ma’am, you suck at it and yes I dont speak to strangers. Lily said and entered the car.

“$h|t she is f-__-king annoying, but I won’t give up. Stacy said and smirked.


Outside a restaurant, Connor is putting on a face mask , he is standing right at the front of the restaurant.

“i need to eat something or I might die of hunger, that’s stupid Stacy can’t even cook. Connor sneered as he remembered how Stacy cooked a burnt pizza earlier In the day.

He chuckled when he remembered how she pouted when she got it burnt.

“shr is cute though. Connor muttered .

He was about to enter the restaurant when a voice stopped him.

“Connnor. The person called out.

Connor froze immediately he heard that voice, yes that voice, he can definitely recognize that voice anywhere and anytime.

Connor looked back slowly as he got the biggest shock of his life when it’s turned out he is seeing his first love standing in the front of him

“Jane!!!!! He called out slowly and Jane smirked inwardly………..