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“So how do you like the surprise….. Mom. Leah said and smiled.

“L….. eah?. Dora stammered.

“Oh thank goodness you didn’t loose your memory mom, you can still recognize me. Leah said.

“So Dora do you want to explain yourself or I should do the honour, do you want me to explain all your stupid tactics to get into my house. Kingston yelled at Dora.

Annabelle who have been watching everything closely got impatient and felt like dealing with Dora.

Annabelle immediately walked up to Dora.

“i should punish you , you know. Anna said.

“Anna it’s…. Dora said but Anna cut her shut by giving her a hot slap.

“That for pretending to me. Anna said.

Annabelle gave her another hot slap.

“And that’s for stealing my man.

“f-__-k!!!!! My cheeks. Dora cried

Annabelle gave her another hot slap that made her staggered backwards.

“That for sleeping and sharing the same room with my man. Anna yelled and Kingston chuckled.

“Please spare me, someone please save me. Dora cried out

Anna gave her two hot slaps at once.

“That’s for taking my children away from me and playing with their life’s including your own daughter lily. Anna snapped.

Annabelle gave her another hot slap.

“Please stop slapping me , I beg of you. Dora cried and try to fall to Anna’s kneels but Anna held her giving her two slaps.

“That’s for keeping my daughter locked up till date. Annabelle sneered and continue slapping her.

“Someone save me she is going crazy. Dora cried out.

Lily was staring at the whole scence as she cries. She is completely confused with the whole thing..

Kingston saw Anna is not going to stop, he immediately pulled her close to him by the waist.

He pulled her backwards from Dora s bit.

Annabelle continues to struggle as Kingston held her.

“Let go of me ston, I need to teach this Ɓîtçh a lesson, I really need to. Who dare her take my children away from me. How dare her . Annabelle yelled.

Mrs royal immediately felt bad, she is also part of all these. How can she do that?, She took Annabelle’s children away from her just because she doesn’t want her son to get married to a pauper.Now she doesn’t care if the whole truth gets revealed, she needs to pay for everything she has been doing. And she was also helpless then.

“What’s going on here Kingston? Mr royal asked.

“Dad actually……… Kingston explained everything

“Wait what, lily is not your daughter? Mrs royal asked.

She has no idea lily is not Kingston’s daughter, all she know is that Kingston explained to her how he got drvgged and slept with an unknown girl.she did findings and found out about Annabelle, that’s she is just a pauper and looking like Dora a bit. She also gst to find out Annabelle is pregnant.She doesn’t want her son’s marriage to get destroyed. She knew if Dora finds out she might do anything to ruin Kingston. And that why she…….
Six years ago.

Kingston mansion

Mrs royal walked into the house and met Dora at the dinning table, she is currently eating lunch. Immediately Dora saw her she got up and embraced Mrs royal.

“Mom.she said happily but inwardly she scoffed

“How are you my dear, hope you are not stressed huh, are you taking care of yourself and the baby. Mrs royal asked and Dora rolled her eyes secretly.

“yes yes yes mom, I’m fine so chill. Dora said and Mrs royal sighed.

She sit down herself since Dora didn’t offer her to do so

“i want you have a word with you Dora. Mrs royal started.

“What is it mom?. Dora asked.

“i… Actually three weeks back, Kingston came to see me concerning a issue and he haven’t told you about it yet, so please can you listen to Ms first. Mrs royal said.

Mrs royal explained everything and Dora scoffed inwardly, she immediately put on a act

“Wait what?, Kingston got another woman pregnant?. Dora yelled.

“No,he was drvgged and….. Mrs royal tried to explain.

“drvgged?, That just a f-__-king excuse. All these are excuses to cover up for him, you know we did a court marriage now, and you know extacly what will happen if I decide to tell the court your precious little son cheated and got another woman pregnant, his life will be ruined you know. Dora snapped.

“you can’t do that Dora, Kingston is your husband you care for him right? Mrs royal said

“I don’t care wh@ťěver happens to that cheat, he just cheated on me. Dora yelled.

“And I’m going to make sure the worlds hear all this. Dora added.

“Please I’m beging you Dora, please don’t do that to me son, his business will shut down please, don’t ruin him. Mrs royal said and fell to Dora’s kneel . Dora smirked as she smile foolishly.

“i will only agree not to if you do what I tell you to. Dora said.

“what is it?, I will do anything please don’t just ruin my son. Mrs royal pleaded.

“you said she is pregnant right? Dora asked.

“yes I secretly followed her to the hospital and she was told she will be going to be having twins. Mrs royal explained.

“Twins?that going to be so much easier, she made my plan more simple. Dora smirked.

“I have a nice plan, the day she will be giving birth, I have to give birth that day too, and we will exchange one of the twins. Infact I will be leaving your precious life for good, I will act dead. And I will take her twin abroad. I want my child to be in so much care, so we will be taking her babies okay. Oh yes everything about me , you will be taking care of it. Dora said and Mrs royal eyes widened.

“Take her babies, yes I don’t want a pauper for my son but I also don’t want to take her children from her. That’s not nice. It’s evil. I’m a mother and you are going to be a mother Dora, please don’t do such and try to forgive your husband. Mrs royal explained.

“Are you f-__-king with me huh?,do what I ask or you wont like the consequences, just one call old lady and your son’s life will be ruined. Dora yelled.

“i…. I’m sorry, I will do what you ask of me please don’t ruin my son . Mrs royal pleaded as she cries

“Good.Dora said and smirked.

“Is she really a woman?. She royal thought as she sighed.

Still on flashback


“Good,our plan is working perfectly. Connor said.

“why do you want to ruin him so much huh?, I thought you are both friends. Dora said.

“Shut it woman, you are getting paid for your job right, so just do your job . Connor said.

“Am I just a pawn in your game huh, don’t I mean anything to you. Are you using me?, Don’t you love me?. Dora said.

“Love????, Aren’t you getting paid to do your job. Connor said.

“But I’m pregnant with your child, I’m going to be a mother . Dora said.

“A mother? Connor smirked.

“Well I only care about that child in you, after I have made Kingston suffer a bit, I will take my child back. Connor said and Dora hissed.

“f-__-k you. She said and walked out.

“Ɓîtçh.Connor said.

Connor stared into space as he remembered Dora’s word.

“Don’t you love me?………

“The only person I have ever loved was stolen from me because of Kingston, that’s why I will make him feel the taste of that pain .Connor said and closes his eyes as he remembered how it’s all happened

2 years ago

Connor walked up to his girlfriend’s room door as he was carrying a beautiful flower . He just want to surprise her by putting a smile on her face. He loves his girlfriend so much.

Though Kingston told him his girlfriend have been disturbing him , trying to make out with him but Connor does not believe him infact they had a big fight the last time Kingston told him that .

Connor smiled as opened the door slowly, he want to give her a big surprise but what he saw surprised him instead.

Kingston and his girlfriend are both on the bed naked.

Connor’s soul left him immediately he saw that, he felt broken.

He mistakenly drop the flower and that woke Kingston and his girlfriend.

Kingston opened his eyes slowly, his head was banging a lot.

“$h|t what is going on. Kingston muttered as he opened his eyes to see what is going on clearly.

“where am I?, Kingston asked himself as saw himself naked with Connor’s girlfriend right beside him.

“Baby… Jane said as she hold unto Kingston’s arm ignoring the fact Connor is staring at them.

“f-__-k Ɓîtçh what are you doing?. Kingston yelled and shove her hands away from his arm.

“You don’t need to pretend sugar, don’t be a baby because of some stupid friendship. Jane said and Connor eyes widened as tears slips out.

“I…. What am I doing here, how did I get here. Kingston stammered.

“what do you mean, you came to my room yourself yesterday. I told you to tell this dude what has been going on Kingston, I mean you are the real deal in the school not some stupid shadow who follows you around, look at you , you got the looks, the brains and you are so good In bed. Jane said shamelessly.

“f-__-k you Ɓîtçh, nothing happened between us, and stop making things up, I have never had anything to do with you . Instead you throw yourself at me like the piece of trash that you are, you are my friend’s girlfriend and how could you do that, you disgust me. Kingston yelled.

“Well you said the opposite yesterday night, you couldn’t stop till this morning. Jane said

“i….. How did I even get here, all I can remember was that I was on my way home and was knocked out by someone, you planned this right. Kingston said and Jane rolled her eyes secretly

Connor just walked out of the room angrily,he has had enough, he can’t take it in anymore, he might just end up doing something he might regret if I had stayed , he loves Jane too much and she just broke him into pieces.

Kingston saw that and immediately start putting on his clothes. Jane laughed out loud as she watch him.

“That was easy. Jane said.

“You are such a Ɓîtçh. Kingston sneered and continue putting on his clothes.

“i warned you Kingston, I asked you to get on a secret affair with me but you choose not to, I told you …. You were gonna pay, now explain to your stupid friend that nothing actually happened between us, it’s was all made up. Jane said abs smirked.

“i will prove my innocence Ɓîtçh. Kingston said and was about to walk out but have said something that made him stop.

“you can rethink you know, just have fun with me and I will reconsider telling your friend I planned all this. Just be mine Kingston. Jane said

“you are a psycho. Kingston said and walked out.

Jane laughed out loud looking pathetic.

“you will be mine sooner or later Kingston. Jane smirked.

Meanwhile Kingston tried to fix everything and apologize a lot , he even tried to prove his innocence but Connor didn’t give him a chance. All Connor want is revenge.
End of flashback.

Back to present.

Mrs royal clinched her fist hard and walked up to Dora, giving her a hot slap.

“so you cheated?, And you wanted to ruin my son’s life?. Mrs royal yelled.

“Oh old lady , stop acting pathetic, you were also part of the plans, you paid the God d@mn doctor and collected her babies right?. Dora yelled back and mrs royal slapped her again.

“well I did it because you wanted to ruin my son and I don’t want him to get married to a pauper, I was helpless, you made me helpless. Mrs Royal yelled

“What?, Mom please tell me this is not true. Kingston stammered.

“i only did it for you son. Mrs royal cried and explained everything that happened.

“well I wish you didn’t Mom, you should have just stayed out of it, I would have preferred this woman ruining me instead, but you went ahead to steal Anna’s children. Kingston yelled.

Annabelle just continue to sob slowly, Laine and Leah were close to her, they were trying to calm her down

“i’m dissapointed Mom, please just leave the house right now, I don’t want to speak with you. Kingston said.

“kingston please forgive me son. Mrs royal cried and mr Royal rolled his eyes.

Mr royal walked up to Annabelle.

“My daughter, I’m so sorry, I can’t look at you in the eyes right now because I’m so ashamed of my wife. But I will come see you tomorrow for this. Please I need to leave here now, I can’t bear the Shame my wife caused.Mr royal said and Annabelle just continue to cry, she could not say anything.

Mr royal walked out and mrs royal followed him behind.

“i….. It’s not my fault. She kept stammering as they walk out of the house.

Leah walked up to Dora and glare at her.

“Now back to you evil woman, do you know where you will be going right now huh? Leah asked.

“of course she will be going to the prison. Laine said and lily eyes widened.

“police you can come in now. Leah screamed and immediately the police walked in.

“Take her away. Leah said and immediately the police started pulling Dora.

“you are under arrest ma’am. One of the police said.

“But I didn’t do anything wrong. Dora yelled

“you didn’t?, You are just a substitute, you are a fraud and you kept my doctor away from me. Anna yelled.

“please take her away. Anna added

The police started pulling Dora out.

“Lily, lily please save your mom. Dora screamed and Lily started crying.

“Let go of my mom, let her go. Lily cried but Kingston hold her to himself.

“Please stop them dad, don’t let them take my mom away , please dad. lily cried out.

“Anna you will surely pay for this, I will make you pay, don’t think this is the end of me. I will be back for you. Dora yelled and they continue to pull her out.

“Take her away please, she is so noisy. Leah said.

The police finally pulled Dora out of the mansion.

Lily continue to cry as Annabelle walked up to Kingston who was busy carrying her.

“Lily my dear, please don’t be sad, I’m here for you. Anna said as she cries as well.

Though lily is not hers but she can feel her pain

Stacy watched everything and smirked.

“so much drama. She said and rolled her eyes.

Ariel is still in shock and can’t get over it, her sister was dragged out by the police right in the front of her but she couldn’t do anything at all.

Coralyn was also in tears because of the pain lily is in.

Annabelle tried to touch lily but lily glared at her.

“So you have finally took my mom away from me Miss Raymond, trust me I will never forgive you for this. She yelled and Kingston dropped her down carefully.

Kingston is also feeling so hurt with everything that is going on, he understands how lily must be feeling, Leah and Laine are just smart to understand the situation a bit. But lily is not as smart as they are. She is so fond of Dora and he knew it’s won’t be easy for her to adapt.

Annabelle frozen immediately lily said that.

“Do you think your twin is kinda sick in the head?, How dare her yell at mom. Leah said and Laine sighed.

He understands why lily is like that.

“Lily it’s not what you… I… Annabelle stammered.

“I h@ťě you Anna, I h@ťě you so much, you and your stupid daughter. Lily said and Leah eyes widened.

“$h|t.Leah sneered and immediately walked up to lily.

“i understand you are in pain but if you dare say that again I will put you in so much pain. Leah yelled at lily.

“Did you get that?. Leah said

“Of course I understand your mom is a big fraud so what do I expect from her daughter. Lily said and Leah ………….

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