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The hoodie girl slowly removes her face mask…….. And it turned out to be………


“who are you and what the hell are you doing in my house, how did you even get in. Connor asked.

“you should not be worried about that , you should be worried your secret will be out soon. Stacy said and Connor looked at her closely .

“You……. I think I know you, you are Annabelle’s best friend. Connor said and Stacy rolled her eyes.

“yes,it’s seems you are smart huh, I have a deal for you. Stacy said.

“what deal are you talking about, is this a prank or what?. Connor asked.

“Trust me we have the same goal, I want Kingston. Stacy said.

“So?, Go get him. Connor said and rolled his eyes.

“$h|t…. You need me just like I need you . Stacy sneered.

“What are you blabbering about. Connor glared at her.

“yours and Dora secret is out and your sister made that possible fool, you didn’t even notice a bit. But that good news for me, I have always want Dora to be out of the way, if she get arrested it’s fine, I will only have to deal with Anna. Stacy said and Connor eyes was just fixed on hers.

“How true is this huh? Connor muttered

“You can stay in your f-__-king house and they will also come here to get you arrested, the only way I can save you is if you will stay with me. Stay said

“But why are you here, what kind of deal is that, I can take care of myself. Connor said and Stacy shook her head.

“i know you want your daughter Connor, and the only way that can be possible is if we work together.

Connor looked at her for a while and run his hands into his head roughly.

“i also know you are a segz freak monkey, I will take care of that. Stay said.

“you mean you are not a virgin? Connor smirked and Stacy rolled her eyes.

“you will find out after the deal, now deal or no deal. Stacy glared at him

“Deal of course, I want my daughter back, I’m also a billionaire, I can take care of my daughter myself. Connor sneered and Stacy smirked.

“But I still can’t believe you are after your best friend long time lover. Connor added.

“Kingston was mine to begin with, she just stole him away because of the stupid looks she got. Stacy said.

“Oh yes she is so beautiful, it’s was very difficult for Kingston to believe Dora then. Connor said.

“Can you just shut it? Stacy glared at him.

“Uhmmm not my problem though, now tell me when am I going to find out if you are a virgin or not. Connor smirked and Stacy shook her head.

“Stupid segz freak. She muttered under her breath.


Dora’s Room.

Dora is pacing around in her bedroom as she received another call.

“What the f-__-k were you saying earlier, where is Leah?. Dora yelled.

“I’m sorry ma’am but Leah has been kidnapped. The nanny replied through the call.

“What???, Trust me I’m going to ki|| you myself if I don’t find her. Dora yelled and end the call.

“f-__-k!!!!, What is going on. Dora yelled.

“i need to do something, I have to look for Leah. Dora said and was about to walk out of her room when Kingston entered

“Going somewhere? Kingston asked.

“i….. I need to go out for a bit. Dora stammered.

“But you can’t do that today Dora, it’s our children’s birthday today, and we only want to have a family party for their birthday. The twins want the party to be simple, so it’s just us. Kingston said.

“Well I… I only want to step out for a bit, I will be back soon. Dora muttered.

“Can’t you make it another time huh,you haven’t been with them all these while and you are not thinking about building a relationship with Laine, you know how you both relationship are, you should do something, stay for the party and prepare it with me. Kingston said.

“But I don’t even have a relationship with that son of yours, so why should I even try. Dora yelled.

“What??? Kingston muttered.

“She is really stupid. Kingston thought.

“Well I uhmm I… Will be there. Dora stammered.

“You better be Dora, now come join me for the preparations. Kingston said

“Why should I though, what about your so called nanny lover, can’t she help. Dora sneered.

“you should behave like a mother for once Dora, and stop looking pathetic. Kingston said and walked out.

“f-__-k how am I going to leave these house. Dora said and run her hands into her hair roughly.

“f-__-k!!!!!, She yelled.


Sliver College

“what did you just say Ɓîtçh. Felix yelled.

“i….. Uhmmm I it’s really not what it’s looks like. Ariel muttered.

“Really?. Felix snapped.

“d@mn I’m so sick of being trying to be nice, yes yes I did it. So what?, That Ɓîtçh always try to steal the spotlight like she is the real princess. I just h@ťě the fact you are always around her. Ariel yelled and Felix shook his head.

“you are pathetic and so disgusting. Felix said.

“Yes for you I can do anything. Ariel said and moved closer to him, she tried to touch him but Felix reply didn’t let her.

“Try to do that and you will regret ever coming to this earth, trust me you are lucky you are a woman, I would have made sure to give you the punishment you will never forget. Felix glared at her.

“you just can’t hurt me because you like me Felix, you are in love with me, right now I don’t disgust you but your heart is hurting. Ariel said.

“she is right, he really hurting but not because of her, it’s because cora………. d@mn he f-__-ked up and cora is so right about him being a fool. He thought.

“You are so wrong dear, I think I love someone else and I’m feeling this way because I hurt her just because of your stupid tactics. Felix said

“you love cora?. Ariel asked

“Yes Ɓîtçh, I love Alyn and not you. Felix said and was about to walk out.

“you will be mine whether you like it or not , not even your stupid love for cora can.

Felix smiled and looked at her.

“you are really sick in the head , you need help. Felix said and walked out.

“you will be mine Felix and if you are not, you can’t belong to someone else. Ariel yelled and dailed Aaron’s line, then he picked up immediately.

“What’s up, did your little boyfriend dump you huh. Aaron teased her.

“Shut it okay, I think I will need your help again just like high school time. Can you do that to her again. Ariel said

“Of course, she will pay for that slap, I won’t take it easy with her at all. Aaron said and end the call.

“Get ready coralyn, your past is running through your shadow now. Ariel said and smirked.

“Its was so fun then, but it’s will be more fun now, because I will make sure everyone in this school watch the vedio. Ariel smirked again.

Felix is mumbling to himself as he walk and suddenly bumped into someone, and it’s turned out to be Abigail.

“Oh f-__-k am so sorry. Felix said and Abigail smiled .

“it’s okay, I mean it fine. Abigail said and bend down to pick her books that fell due to the way Felix bumped into her.

The truth is she saw Felix coming and intentionally bumped into him , just to gain his attention.

Felix immediately joined her to pick her books since it’s much.

“I’m so sorry once again. He said and Abigail smiled.

Abigail looked at him for a while.

“you…. you don’t remember me? Abigail asked unknowingly.

“What?, What do you mean. Felix said.

“i…. I… Uhm …. Sorry just….. Abigail stammered and Felix interrupted her.

“oh yes I think I remember you. Felix said and Abigail eyes widened as she smile widely.

“You are coralyn’s friend right. Felix asked and her face fell

“uhmmm yeah. She said simply and get up since she has finished picking up her books.

“Here.Felix said as he hand over her books to her.

“Thank you. Abigail said and smiled.

“Please where can I find coralyn. Felix asked.

“why is he looking for Coralyn, I thought she said they are not friends, did she lie to me. Abigail thought.

“Uhmmm no I haven’t seen her around for after I left for lunch. She lied.

She is actually going to meet up with chance and coralyn at the library.

“Oh…. Thanks, and I’m so sorry once again. Felix said and walked away.

Abigail smiled as she watch him walk away.

“He didn’t remember?. She thought and her face fell again.


12 years ago.

Abigail was just eight years old then, she was sitting outside the supermarket crying her eyes out because her mom just died and her sister is on her way to pick her up.

The owner of the supermarket who is a woman and was close to Abigail’s Mom walked out of the supermarket and meet Abigail sitting right in the front of the supermarket. She signed loudly.

“Common Abby, you need to come inside right now, you might catch a cold. She said

“i don’t want to leave miss Vero, I want to stay here, please ask my step sis not to come pick me up. Abby said.

“you can’t stay here Abby, your mom is gone and you know your dad also died two years ago, so you just have to stay with your step mom and sister, they will take good care of you . Miss Vero said.

“Can’t I stay with you instead, I don’t want to go over there. Abigail said

“I wish you can my daughter, but right now we have no other choice than you staying with your sister and Mom. Miss Vero said.

“They are not my family, and I won’t go anywhere. Abigail yelled and run off.

“Abby please hold on, don’t go anywhere please. Miss Vero said and run after her.

While Abigail was running she bumped into Felix. He was looking so unkept.

Abigail saw the way he was dressed and looking so dirty.

“ewww why are you looking so dirty. Abigail said and Felix rolled her eyes.

“Come with me, you need to have a bath and change into something else. Abigail said and Felix stares at her

“Why do you care if I’m unkept or not, I don’t need your help, rich people are always the same. Felix said and stare into space.

He started having Flashbacks of how the rich woman that owns the orphanage treats them

“i’m sorry but I don’t want to ask you questions about your personal life, I think you are having a grudge against the rich. But you don’t need to h@ťě me okay, I’m an orphan, I’m just looking for the nearby orphanage so I can stay there, I don’t want to stay with my step sis or her mom. Abigail said and Felix eyes widened.

“Why? Felix said.

“I just don’t want to leave with my dad’s other family. Abigail said and Felix shook his head.

“You are just beautiful, you don’t have brains. Go stay with your step mom and sis, trust me the orphanage here are bad, I and my sis escaped with so much difficulty. Now we want to leave here with the next train. Felix said.

“But not all orphanages can be that way. Abigail pouted.

“Suit yourself then. Felix said

Abigail thought for a while and looked at Felix closely, she does not want to be so unkept like him. Her step mom is so rich, she can stay with her instead right?, and looking as Felix , he is looking so handsome.

She was quiet for a while and start walking slowly towards the orphanage street.

Felix looked her and rolled her eyes.

Annabelle have always told him to always help the people in need.

“$h|t is she stupid or what?. Felix thought.

“Let make a deal . Felix said and Abigail stopped walking and turned her around to look at him.

“What deal?. Abigail asked.

“Don’t go to the orphanage, go stay with your step mom instead. Then if we happen to meet again, I promise to marry you. Felix said and Abigail eyes widened.

“Looking at the way she was staring at me, I’m sure she is interested or likes me, this stupid girl want to ruin her life, only if she knows what those people want to start doing with the girls in that orphanage. Felix thought

“why will you think I’m interested in that kind of deal. Abigail said and try not to blush.

“Of course you are, I know it. Felix said and scoffed inwardly.

“Fine,so how should I remind you of the deal if we happen to meet again. Abigail said.

“Your loss. Felix said.

“What???? Abigail muttered

“I mean it’s your loss if I don’t remember. Felix said and Abigail scoffed.

“Then no deal. Abigail said and want to turn her back at him again.

“f-__-k this girl. Felix thought.

“Okay fine, you can remind me of it by kissing me when you see me again. Felix said.

“ewwww that’s gross but it’s fine.Abigal said and smiled.

“That if we meet again. Felix thought and forced a smile

“Okay so deal then. Abigail said

“I thought you said you are not interested in me. Felix said and Abigail smiled

“What’s your name. Abigail asked instead

“Its Felix….. Felix Raymond the cute boy. Felix said and Abigail smiled

No doubt, Felix is so handsome despite him looking unkept.

“I’m Abby, I mean Abigail. Abigail said.

“Who cares?. Felix muttered under his breath

End of flashback.

Abigail is still staring at Felix as he walked away.

“i was and I’m still interested in you Felix ,and I’m your wife. Abigail said and smiled.

“Now I will have to make you remember this with the kiss. Abigail thought.

The KINGSTON’S MANSION is looking so nice with decorations, Laine and Lily walked downstairs looking so handsome and beautiful. Everyone have been waiting for their arrival.

Dora, Kingston, lily, Ariel, coralyn, Felix and Stacy, and Mr and Mrs royal are waiting downstairs as they watch the twins walk downstairs.Stacy was invited by Annabelle, that’s why she is there.

They continue clapping till the got to them.

Laine and Lily immediately walked up to Kingston and Dora.

“Thank you dad and mummy. Lily said.

“Thanks dad. Laine said and Lily looked at him.

“You should thank mom as well you know, they both planned this. Lily said and Laine stayed quiet.

Dora rolled her eyes as she stay at Laine.

“Dad where is my mom. Laine said

“uhmmm oh she is here. Kingston said as Annabelle and Leah walked downstairs.

Dora rolled her eyes at Kingston’s reply

“Seriously he just replied to that?. Dora thought and immediately raised up her head, immediately she saw Leah beside Annabelle. All the blood in her body went dry.

“uhmmm I’m…… I’m…. I’m screwed. She muttered under her breath.

Mr and Mrs royal along with Ariel and Lily looked so shocked seeing Leah.

She is looking so much like Laine and Annabelle.

Leah immediately walked up to Dora.

“So how do you like the surprise….. Mom. Leah said and ………

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