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Oh no!

Her nîpples stood at tension, poking the foam of her bra as goosebumps covered her skin, spreading through the layer like fire.

She felt her throat drying up rapidly as her fingers threaded the locks of his hair.

This is the first time all her life. First time she’d be getting any part of her body exposed to the opposite sèx.

Ok fine…he saw her backside in the bathroom, but that was because this crazy guy barged in, but right now she’s in his trap.

In his arms.

In the pool with him.

Just the two of them, and she’s not fighting it.

She could feel the hard bang of her heart against the ribcage as their eyes locked, and she gasped sharply when he touched her cleavage, caressing the line of skin with his thumb.

The touch felt new and raw and so good that she pushed further into him before she knew it, and his lips twitched, seeing the response.

“You haven’t been touched before?” His voice came gravelly, and she swallowed, shaking her head.

“Words” he squinted.

“N…no” she stuttered, her hold on his hair getting tighter as he pulled down her bra straps, and they fell in the water.



The sound of the dropping water on their skins filled the place.

He pulled down her bra cups, and the moment her round bööbs touched the warmness of his palm, she couldn’t stop the sweet Mõ@ɲ.

She shivered in his arms as he pinched her nîpple harshly.

Pleasure mixed with pains, and insane heat pooled between her legs.

What’s he doing to her??

“Ohh..hh” she Mõ@ɲed gently, and he pinched again, leaving deep red marks on her breàsts.


She couldn’t hold back the sounds of pleasure, they sneaked out of her throat and cracked on his face like fireworks.

She’s shattering, unable to look away from his eyes as he tortured her breàsts.

He looks like a devil straight from hell, custom-made to ruin and break her.

He was studying her facial expressions as she panted slowly, and it’s priceless.

She looks so fuçking pretty while Mõ@ɲing.

So d@mn beautiful.

And it’s a turn on.

And her scent….she smells like fresh water lilies.

Damnit, he almost came in his shorts.

If he doesn’t stop anytime soon, he might actually sink himself into her and take her till she bleeds and her blood colours the water.

No matter how beautiful that sounds, he had to restrain himself, not yet.

He slowly let go of her breàsts, and the moment he did, she exhaled, unable to close her mouth.

“Go back” he told her, and she pulled her bra up then drew her blouse down, covering up.

“Did i do something wrong?” She asked.

“Get out” he replied harshly, and she immediately felt used.

She felt like crying, hurtfully trapping her bottom lip between her teeth as she walked out of the pool.

Water was dripping out of her skirt as she made her exit, and when she was finally out completely, he sighed, picking out her fallen bra straps from the water.

His phone dinged where he kept it at the poolside, and he went there to see Amber’s text.

Amber: We should meet soon… I’ll send the location.

“Sounds like a plan” he muttered blankly, typing a reply.

Ken-Z: Cool,. Don’t wear anything under your dress. I want you naked underneath.

Amber: Deal…I can’t wait.

He dropped the phone afterwards, then he looked at Hazel’s bra straps on his palm, remembering the look on her face earlier when he sent her out.

It’s hurt mixed with disappointment.

Is she that fragile to actually torture emotionally?


“Mate!” Eminem rushed in with Natty and Miguel.

“What did you do to the maid’s daughter?” Miguel asked.

“We saw her running out of this mansion on our way here. You didn’t try anything funny, right? I won’t allow you to prey on her like you do to other girls, she’s too small for you” Natty said.

“It’s not that bad though. C’mon I want some drama!” Eminem faked a cough.

Everyone stayed silent, just staring at him.

“You dunno what I mean? Like what happens when the son of the house impregnates the maid’s daughter. It’d make a good novel, dawgs!” Eminem continued.

“No I’m fuçking serious, Emi ” Natty deadpanned.

“Ok, mama bear is serious on this one. Do you actually like her this much?” Eminem giggled.

“I support Natty…she looks too… fragile for you, Ken” Miguel talked, jumping into the pool.

“Did y’all take me serious? I was joking! Of course I don’t support Ken playing with her too! Newsflash! I like her mother’s food so I won’t allow her daughter to cry” Eminem declared, jumping into the pool.

“I get to decide what I do to her myself” Kenzie replied curtly, stepping out of the pool.

His legs are so straight in the black tight swim pants, and his huge meat is bulging as he started walking towards the exit.

“I’m serious ” Natty blocked him.”Look for your regular bitçhes, not her”

“That’s up to me, girl” he replied stonily, and she sighed, crossing her arms on her chest as they started a staring competition.

“Ken, c’mon” she broke the eye contact first, and he smiled his usual sadistic smile.

He hasn’t replied when their phones buzzed at once. All three of them.

They checked to see am inbox from a number saved as Lord Steel, and they exchanged glaces.

“Ok…next gathering is on Saturday. We should start preparing” Natty said.

“Chose a car for the journey, Eminem. And Miguel should get it ready” Kenzie ordered, stepping out of the place.



Hazel sat in bed, quilt piled over her with her phone in hand__her new phone.

She decided to start using the phone Cole got her cos it’s obvious he’d never take it back expect if she throws it out.

She’s currently playing bubble crush, but she kept losing cos her eyes are only on the phone, her mind isn’t there .

It’s filled with vivid pictures of what Kenzie did to her at the pool some minutes ago, and the more she thinks, the more used she felt.

How he told her to GET OUT after touching her like that, and his tone.

Nothing good comes from suckers like him, but still…He has no right to treat her that way.

She bit the flesh on her bottom lip again…to hold back her tears.

She cocooned herself more deeply into the sheets, and she was about to give up on the game when Penny’s text came in.

Penny: Cheeks! You need to visit IG right now! Kenzie just uploaded a picture and it’s to die for!

Hazel was undecided at first, but curiousness made her ask Penny for his IG handle.

Immediately she got it as Ken-Z, she found him easily.

Landing on his page felt like landing in another world totally.

He uploads pictures of himself almost every hour, and only that made it clear that he’s a full-time narcissist.

Fun fact __ he’s madly handsome.

The picture he posted just now was snapped in the pool, and he’s holding two bra straps, colour green!


Those are hers for sure, what the…

She sat up in bed to read the caption__INTERESTING NIGHT.

Interesting? That bastard!

She clicked on the comments section which clocked 7 thousand already, and what she saw almost made her puke.

Girls are literally auctioning themselves for sèx, posting their faceless nudes for him to see, and some wishing it’s their bra straps he’s holding.

Pu$$y and breàsts pictures filled her screen.

It’s so vulgar that she had to leave there and go back to the pictures.

He wears the same sadistic smile in all his pictures, only the wise will know the smile is all fake.

He’s in every picture, and Miguel seems like the introvert of the group cos he’s always getting dragged in by Eminem.

Natty is always beside Kenzie.

Hazel saved some of her pictures immediately.

“Baby” Maria came in, and she dropped the phone quickly.

“You don’t have to worry about Kenzie anymore, I took care of it” she said.


“I just…did it …” she replied, and Maria sat beside her in bed.

“Why didn’t you tell me about the upcoming audition?” She asked, and she blinked.

“How did you find out?”

“Penny told me you silly girl! Are you afraid that we’ll go broke if I give you the money for your audition dress?” Maria held her face.

“I’m seriously fine with not going ” she insisted.

“No you’ll attend the audition. I know how hard you love to be an idol, can’t ruin your dream” Maria smiled.


“I’ll give you some money to go get the dress tomorrow, ok?” Maria assured, and Hazel hugged her with a big smile.

“Thanks, mum”

If only her father is here…will things change???



Natty got hungry even after the plenty dinner she had, so she decided to come for more.

She was about to push the door open when she heard talks from inside.

Seems like Hugo and Anna are discussing, and it’s about Kenzie.

“Georgia is not getting better at the psycho ward. She tried to jump down the balcony today” Anna said.

“I stopped worrying about her since long ago, Anna. She’s the architect of everything happening to her right now so I see no reason to feel pity” Hugo replied straight.

“But Kenzie needs her to heal since she caused his emotional wounds” Anna said.

“Can you hear yourself Anna? You know him the best in this house so you should understand that he’s only waiting for her to get better so he’d ki|| her by himself, and I won’t stop him ” Hugo replied and stood.

“Hugo!” Anna called, rushing after him as he went upstairs.

Natty sighed and opened the door afterwards.

She went straight to the kitchen and dished out some pasta from the leftovers, and she was about to get chicken when someone blew air on her neck from behind.

“Fuvk!” She jumped, turning swiftly to grab the person’s face violently.

Survival instincts.

“Ahhh!!!” Lee’s scream made her quickly let go, and her eyes widened when she saw her fingerprints on his face already.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t know it was you!”

“Darn! I almost lost my face ” he whined.

“I’ll get ice pack for it” Natty quickly rushed to the freezer and got one, coming back to start pressing his face with it.

“I’m cute, aren’t I?” He said.

“I’ve always known you’re a narcissist like your brother ” she laughed.

“Nah, I’m different from Kenzie. At least, I’m not breaking hearts for trophies ” he replied.

“You do know he’s doing everything to heal, yeah?” She said.

“But there are other ways to heal, and what he’s doing is not helping at all, but he doesn’t listen to anyone” he replied, and she smiled.

“How old are you?”

“Kenzie is three years older than me” he replied.

“You’re 17?”

“Yeah, will be in college next year, but I’m attending oxford ” he replied proudly, and she smiled again, dropping the ice pack.

“Good for you, Lee” she said, taking her plate of pasta

“Goodnight, and thanks ” he said.

She replied with a wink before stepping out, and he chuckled, taking the ice pack for disposal.



“I can’t believe I’ll actually be attending the audition tomorrow! I definitely can’t wait to see Amber in person” Hazel gushed, coming out of the store with Penny and the bag containing her new purchase.

“I can bet it with anyone that we’re the two who’ll get chosen tomorrow” Penny replied happily, and Hazel smiled largely, but her smile cleared when she remembered what happened with Kenzie in the pool yesterday.

She hasn’t seen him since then.

His friends came for breakfast in the main mansion this morning, but he wasn’t with them.

They said he wasn’t interested in breakfast, and that made her bite into her tongue.

Is it right to ghost her after the intimacy?

Or is she the easy one for allowing it???

“Are you ok?” Penny’s voice brought her back, and she blinked twice.

“Huh? Of course!” She covered up with a smile.

“Let’s get ice cream! Right there!” Penny pulled her to the other side of the road where they got their favorite ice cream flavours in waffle cones.

They were about to cross back when Cole’s car stopped beside them, making them halt.

“Cole!” Penny beamed.

“It’s been a while, pennywise” he smiled.

“It’s Penny, just Penny! How many times do I tell you?” She pouted, and he grinned, facing Hazel who’s eating her ice cream slowly.

He smiled when he saw the new phone with her.

“You girls wanna go out for lunch?” He asked.

“No!” Hazel quickly replied.

“Yes!” Penny nodded.

“What are you saying? He has a girlfriend and I don’t wanna get in trouble” Hazel whispered.

“Not like you’re dating him. He’s just a friend and he offered it himself. Grow up Hazel, stop being a baby!” Penny retorted.

“Ready?” Cole asked, opening his car door.

Hazel looked him in the eye, and he pulled her to the car.

“C’mon… just an hour ” he said.

She entered the car with a grunt, and Penny rushed in with her.

He bit his lip before settling on the driver’s seat.

Katherine’s text dinged on his phone almost immediately.

Katherine: We need to talk, like now!

He ignored it and dropped the phone.

They haven’t talked since she did what she did, and now she wants to meet?

He has taken enough of her bossiness… he’s not a pushover.



Kenzie entered the dinner house at exactly 6pm.

He was supposed to meet Amber by 5:30, but he knowingly came 30 minutes late cos he suspected a foul play, and now it’s looking real cos she’s not on seat yet.

He settled on a couch, retrieving his phone to give her a call, but throughout the five rings, she didn’t pick.

He gritted his jaws, clicking on texts.

He typed her a message…

Ken-Z: Is this some kinda game? It’s sick, and I’m losing interest.

She read it and didn’t reply, and he almost smashed his phone, but he kept his cool.

He turned off his screen, rubbing his tattooed neck for a minute before rubbing his lips slowly.

She’s knowingly playing with him, and she’d be stupid if she thinks she’s a pro-gamer like him.

He shifted his attention to the chandelier hanging up, and the bright light made his eyes dim.

He picked a bottle of vodka from the table and threw it at the chandelier, shattering it across the room.

Four staffs rushed in almost immediately.

“Are you ok master?”

“Are you ok?”

“Is everything alright?”

Several questions were thrown at him, but he answered none.

“Add the chandelier bill to my tab” he said, stepping out of the house.

That little dim reminded him of Hazel, and he h@ťěs it.

He has been locking out her thoughts since yesterday and has been avoiding her sight because if he sees her, he’d actually do what Natty h@ťěs.

Not that he cares, but their friendship is golden to him, and he won’t let a maid’s daughter ruin it.

He entered his car, and he immediately got a text from Eminem.

Emi: Tonight is the audition for Amber’s band. I think she knowingly told you to come just to play you. *Laughing emoji*

Kenzie’s palm tightened on the phone.



There are 50 girls who got picked for the audition, and the building is bubbling with the sound of music and the feel of dance.

The participants filled the hall, and they all have their entry numbers attached to their chests.

Hazel is number 40, and she’s already fidgeting, blowing air out of her mouth to calm herself as she awaited her turn.

Maria wanted to follow her, but she declined, so she came with Penny who’s number 42.

Her knitted skirt and armless crop top stood out of all the outfits she has been seeing cos of the bright green colour, and she started hoping it’s not too tacky.

“You didn’t forget your lines, right?” Penny asked after returning from the restroom for the uptenth time .

“I didn’t, you’re sweating” Hazel replied, fanning her with her fingers.

Inside the hall, there are six members of the team, then Amber and Hope are in front of them as the main judges.

Amber was smiling as she stared at her phone screen, reading Kenzie’s texts and imagining how disappointed he must be feeling.

She almost laughed out loud.

“Focus, Amber” Hope cautioned beside her, and she rolled eyes before dropping her phone.

Immediately she concentrated back on the stage, Hazel came in.

A spotlight came on, circling her completely as the tune of the song she registered started playing.

She followed the beat with her mind, and Amber smirked proudly.


She was about to return to her phone when Hazel began singing, her ordinary voice seeping through the room.

Her phone almost fell from her as she snapped her attention back to the stage.

How could she sound exactly like late Erika?

How could…

Hazel started dancing enthusiastically too, smiling and cheering herself up in the middle of the spotlight.

Her high notes came out perfectly, and Amber’s bones almost cracked.

She looked at Hope and saw her smiling already, obviously enthralled by her

The team at the back are already cheering her up, and that boosted Hazel’s energy.

She went on a even higher note which angered Amber so much.

She was unaware of when she threw her phone at the stage.

The phone hit Hazel on the forehead, wounded her right there.

Blood trickled out, and Hazel fell on her butt, holding the head in shock.

“Amber are you crazy?” Hope spranged up with the team.

Everyone ran to the stage to help Hazel up…

“I changed my mind, we’re only taking in one member, and it can never be her! Look at her eyes, she uses medical lenses, meaning she’s partially blind without them, and her perfume smells like charcoal, I can smell it from here! She needs to leave!” Amber barked, rushing to the stage too.

Hope ran after her.

“Get out of here!” Amber ordered Hazel who’s currently surrounded by the team.

GET OUT, again?

Why does everyone keep saying that to her?

Is she ugly or unappealing or what???

To think that she likes Amber the most, and she’s treating her this way when she did nothing wrong.

Tears stung her eyes, and her blood stained her face.

“You’re not fit to be in the band! Leave!” Amber shouted bitterly again.

“Stop this $h|t, Amber! She’s joining in!” Hope replied.

“Not here!” Amber stepped forward and pushed Hazel.

She fell back, but it’s not on the ground.

She fell into waiting arms, and the spicy scent made her gasp, her stomach did the flip as she looked up to see Kenzie’s blank face

What’s… what’s he doing here???

“Kenzie?” Amber sounded, looking shocked too.

Kenzie remained frank, and she smiled.

“Did you come for me cos you were tired of waiting at the location?” She said and started coming closer, but her movement paused when he got his phone from his pocket.

He flung the phone forward, and eyes widened when the phone flew straight to Amber.

It got her right eye, and she staggered back, falling on the ground as that eye went blind temporarily.

“Fuvk it!!! Kenzie!!! Kenzie!!!!” She cried out, and her second eye closed automatically.

Darkness took over, and water filled her face from the underlids.

Hazel couldn’t believe her eyes as the team started trying to help Amber up, but she couldn’t even stand.

“Kenzie how dare you!!! You’re screwed!!! Do you know who my father is?!!” She cried again.

Kenzie smirked.

“No I don’t. Your mother didn’t tell you?”

“What!” She gasped.

“And she doesn’t smell like charcoal, it’s water lilies, fuçking water lilies!” He snapped, and Hazel’s eyes widened

He grabbed her small wrist and took her out with him.

She smiled widely, feeling euphoric. ‘You came for me, again’