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The volume of cries coming from Sapphire was high,she was tearing up so much that her eyes already became red,her hair scattered all over her face. Sunny and Billie sat down at one side staring at her with pity written all over their faces,they’ve been trying hard to make her stop but all of it fell on deaf ears as she only cried even louder.

“I can’t believe….I can’t….he….he….” She hiccuped and sniffs in.

“He pushed me….off…for her” she said in between her cries,breaking down even more.

“I don’t think tears is the next thing right now Sapphire,we planned to get rid of her right? What’s the next plan….” Sunny asked.

“Plan? Did you just said plan? You don’t even know what all these means right?! We can’t dare to touch that girl anymore! She’s on the same level as you are right now Sunny,even queen mother already approved her,you know Kaine would protect her no matter what,she’s now officially known as Kaine’s girl,don’t you get it?!” Sapphire shouted.

Sunny run her hand through her hair and sighed out.

“That girl is a witch, when the heck did she got here to achieve that position already?! Just when,I’ve been here for years…..” Billie paused.

‘And he never looked at me once’ she completed her statement in her mind.

“I don’t know what she did to my Kaine,,but never,I’m not going to give up. There will be a way somehow,I believe so…there will be a way” Sapphire muttered.

Sunny move closer to her and wiped her tears.

“It’s okay,everything will be fine. But I’m really going to teach her a lesson,I don’t care if Kaine gets mad, she’s weak anyway” Sunny scoffs.

“I don’t know what to do.. I need to make Kaine like me no matter what,he should be mine” Sapphire muttered.

“I gat you” Sunny kissed her cheek.

Behind them, Billie only rolled her eyes at that statement.




Bluey was standing in the living room, waiting for Kaine to come in and as soon as he showed up,she moved closer and hugged him without thinking twice.

Kaine didn’t move or make any attempt to hug her back,Bluey broke the hug after a while and looked up at him.

“Thank you….for everything” She said softly.

Kaine stared at her as she continue smiling at him,her legs rubbing against each other,he notice she always does that whenever she’s happy or shy,such a baby.

“Everything is fine now” He said and Bluey smiled again.

“If I hear about anyone bullying you and you do nothing about it,,,then I’m going to punish you by myself,real one” He added and Bluey bite her lips.

“I won’t f-__-k you if that’s what you’re thinking about” Kaine scoffed and Bluey’s eyes widened.

How could he say that so casually and rawly?

“I’m talking about real punishment,so you better don’t push me into that. I don’t like soft girls,I don’t” He told her.

“I’m sorry” Bluey mumbled.

“You can go now…Fang will show you to your new room” Kaine said and a gasp escaped Bluey’s lips.

“New….new…room?” She stuttered.

“Go” Kaine said and she watched him leave her sight toward the bedroom stairs.

She gulped and immediately went outside as If to confirm if she’s dreaming or not, Fang immediately waved his hand like he’s been waiting.

“Are you really?” He asked and Bluey nodded absentmindedly.

“Where are we going?” She asked impatiently.

“Your new room” Fang replied with a smile.

“I have a new room? Really?”

“Of course,you’re the boss’s girl. You should be comfortable” Fang replied and Bluey bit her lip.

That word ‘boss’s girl’ made her cheeks turn red.

Fang and Bluey walked through a long, enclosed hallway, the walls decorated with fancy artwork and dimly lit by soft lamps.

Bluey have never calmed down to check this place out properly anytime she passes,but now she’s more interested because it seems to be the way leading to her new room.

Finally, they arrived at Bluey’s new room, it’s actually really close to Kaine’s suite,,to make it easy for her to get to his place faster she guess.

Fang opened the door, and they stepped inside. The room was huge! A big, queen-sized bed sat in the center, with a massive closet beside it, currently empty but waiting to be filled. The curtains were beautiful, with colorful patterns and soft folds.

However, the dressing table with mirror,couch,table and others just sat at the center of the big room with no arrangement yet.

“You can arrange them anyhow you want,,they are new actually” Fang told her and she nodded gently.

“Thank you Fang” Bluey muttered,she was smiling excitedly and she walked round the room,touching the wall then the curtain,she stared at herself in the mirror for the first time in a while,the dressing table look really amazing,she sat down on the couch then the bed. Obviously it’s totally different from her old one,it’s super soft and comfortable.

“Bluey!!” Knife and Sasha came in and she turned with shock.

“How did you find out?” She asked.

“I told them” Fang confessed and Bluey chuckled.

“I will leave now,enjoy” Fang smiled and walked out.

“Whoa! I love this room” Knife jumped on the bed.

“Stop acting this way,come on” Sasha groaned but Knife ignored her and remained flatly on the bed.

“This place is so large and beautiful, I’m so happy for you B..finally you’re getting what you deserve” Sasha said.

“Thanks Sasha” Bluey smiled.

A knock came on the door and it opened,all eyes turned to see Bian and Risky coming in.

“What the f-__-k” Knife immediately adjusted her short gown.

“Wow” Bian muttered,looking around.

“Since when did you two started talking?” Sasha asked Bluey.

“Since today” Bluey replied.

Knife and Sasha groaned.

“Do you make friends so easily?” Knife asked.

“Oh please, everyone won’t be like you okay? I like her and she likes me too” Bian scoffed.

“Right” Bluey nodded with a smile.

“But you know you should ask him to respect you right?” Knife asked Bluey and Bian’s eyes widened.

“What are you talking about?” Bluey asked.

“He’s….” Knife tried to talk but Bian jumped on the bed and covered her mouth.

“Nothing” Bian said to Bluey.

“I don’t think so” Risky laughed.

Knife bite Bian and he screamed out pushed her away.

“He lied to you right?” Knife turned to Bluey who was still confused.

Risky and Sasha were already laughing.

“What lie?” Bluey asked.

“This kid is nineteen” Knife said and Bluey gasped.

“He told me he’s twenty one” She said and everyone laughed out.

“His wish” Knife laughed.

“What’s the difference between 19 and 21” Bian rolled his eyes.

“Alot…that means I’m older” Bluey snapped.

“But we are still friends anyway” She added and Bian smiled.

“Thanks for being nice…not like someone I know” Bian glared at Knife.

“Anyhow” she flaunt her hair.

“We should arrange the room..stop the fight” Sasha said.

“I will be glad” Bluey said and immediately they all got to work ..they rearranged the whole room and made it look even more beautiful.




Puma was standing while leaning on the wall,watching as Axe poured all his aggression on the punching bag. He was throwing the punches loudly without taking a single break,he was covered in sweats,it gets worse and worse each time he remembers how Kaine made Bluey sit on his laps in front of everyone just some minutes ago.

That girl should be his…she was originally his and Kaine took her away from him,that was all he could think of.

He used his two fists to hit the bag at once and scream out angrily.

“Boss….” Puma called.

“Get out!” Axe shouted.

Puma immediately bowed and walked out of the gym,as he left,he suddenly bumped into Fang and as usual they both glared at each other.

“Even if you’re blind,you shouldn’t bring that close to me” Puma said.

“Your brain got fried I guess” Fang scoffed and walked away.

Puma fold his fist and turned to glare at Fang before going his own way.


“Honestly I’m restless” Lupa told Gelato as they both approached her room.

“Why?” Gelato asked,sliding her short hair behind her ears.

“What if Bluey reports us to the boss? I called her a maid” Lupa muttered.

“You weren’t wrong,she was wearing the maids uniform. And besides,we didn’t know the boss would flaunt her that way” Gelato said and Lupa nodded.

“Billie really didn’t talk to us…..”

“Can you stop talking about Billie,am I not enough?” Gelato snapped and Lupa looked at her before laughing.

“Of course you’re enough, what are you talking about” Lupa pushed her playfully.

“I just thought she would talk to us at least,,we used to be friends” Lupa scoffed.

“Well not anymore, and I don’t care” Gelato rolled her eyes and Lupa smiled.

“Wanna sleepover in my room tonight?” She asked and Gelato nodded.

“I was about saying that” she smiled.




“I’m going to miss you” Martha pouted sadly as she walked beside Bluey, they just left her room.

“You can come anytime you want…..”

“What if the boss get mad? No I can’t” Martha shook her head immediately.

“Should I ask him for permission?” Bluey raised her brows and Martha chuckled.

“We will continue seeing each other sometimes anyway,so why bother?” She said and Bluey nodded.

Just then, Sasha and Knife appeared and grabbed Bluey’s hand.

“Bye!” She waved at Martha as the two girls dragged her away.

“What’s going on?” Bluey asked them when they entered Sasha’s room.

“Surprise!” Knife showed her the debit card In her hand.

“Fang gave it to us…it’s one of the boss’s own,we are to take you out and get as many clothes as we can…not just clothes,but other things you may need as well” Sasha explained and Bluey couldn’t believe her ears.

“Shopping?” She asked.

“Of course!” Sasha and Knife said at once.

“So…” Sasha went to open her closet,she brought out a new joggers pants and a top.

“You should wear this and let’s go” She gave it to her.

“Right now?”

“Yeah…hurry up and change. We are ready” Knife said.


“You can change in the bathroom if you can’t do it here” Sasha said and Bluey went into the bathroom.

She got changed and came out.

“You’re bigger than me” She pouted.

Knife and Sasha exchanged glances and laughed.

“Yeah sure…we are going to get yours now so just ignore that and let’s go”

The three girls walked out of the room, Fang was already waiting for them beside the car.



They all entered the car and he drove out of the empire.

“It’s my first time going out since I came here” Bluey muttered with a smile.




Axe and Kaine stepped out of the car, their faces set in stone,none of them smile or look each other in the face. Even though they had a mission to complete together, still their partnership was purely professional. No smiles, no small talk. Just get in, get the job done, and get out.

As they approached the Mansion, two guards blocked their path. Axe took point, his eyes locked on the guards. Kaine followed closely,,his eyes roaming around.

“Move aside,” Axe growled.

The guards hesitated, then drew their weapons. Axe charged forward, his fists flying in swift precision. Kaine hung back, watching as Axe took down the first guard with ease. The second guard lunged at Axe, but Kaine was quick to intervene. He drew his gun and fired at once, the bullets sounding in the air with a deadly whisper coming from him,he dropped dead on the floor immediately.

Axe looked at the guard on the floor then back to Kaine who ignored him and led the way.

They entered the mansion,on high alert. Four more guards awaited them in the foyer, their weapons at the ready. Kaine charged forward, his deadly fists in the dim light. The guards were well-trained, but Kaine wasn’t to be messed with either,,in just a minute,three of them were on the ground.

Axe watched the battle with a calculating gaze, his eyes never leaving Kaine’s back. When the last guard fell, Axe turned and disappeared into the depths of the mansion.

“Find Badmus,” Kaine called out, his chest heaving with exertion.

Axe’s response was a faint whisper in the darkness.

“I’ll handle it, stop acting like the boss” he said.

Kaine’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t trust Axe as far as he could throw him. But for now, they had a mission to complete.

Kaine was on the watch,,he just left Axe to do his thing since he doesn’t want him involved anyway.

About twenty minutes passed, Kaine already ended up ki||ing all the guards in the house because Axe refused to come out,he never planned to ki|| more than five on this mission but now,the blood in his hands just in few minutes are screaming.

The mansion already became quiet,he went in and found Badmus dead inside the bathtub,he was floating on the water, Axe wasn’t there anyway.

Then he stepped out of the mansion, his eyes scanning the grounds. That was when he saw it – the car was gone, and Axe was nowhere to be found.

Kaine let out a maniacal laugh,. He had underestimated Axe, it seemed…Axe really left without him.

“So f-__-king immature” He mumbled and pushed his hands into his pocket before walking away.

As he walked out of the estate, his face hidden behind a mask and face cap, he noticed a group of kids staring at an ice cream shop, they actually look homeless and he imagined them to be orphans,,it’s obvious.

He didn’t know when he walked over to them.

“Want a treat?” he asked,in a low soft voice.

The kids immediately nodded eagerly, and Kaine bought them each a cone. They smiled up at him,looking so excited.

“You look like an angel,” A girl among them said,her hair look so long but rough.

Kaine chuckled and ruffled her soft hair.

“I’m the opposite” he said. The girl smiled and waved at him as he walked away.

He pulled out his phone and dialed Fang’s number.

“Bring me my bike, and have someone drive a car with you. I’m not going back to the empire just yet,I will text you the address.” He said and hung up at once.




“I love this one…it will look good on you” Knife said,showing Bluey a red short gown.

“Isn’t this…too short?” Bluey asked.

“Are you kidding me? Aren’t you dressing to look segzy for the boss? This is the type of dress to make his heart shake crazily” Knife said.

“She’s right, As you can see all the clothes I picked….are hot” Sasha winked and Bluey sighed.

“I’ve never wore these type of…”

“Well sorry you’re no longer a nun….we should hurry up,we still have a lot to buy,shoes,cosmetics and others” Knife said excitedly.

“But,,,,we can’t spend too much….”

“That’s like an insult to the boss….are you for real?” Sasha scoffed.

Just then, Fang showed up.

“Girls,,,I need to go. I will send another driver here to pick you up” He said.


“The boss want me to bring his bike for him…maybe Axe left him” Fang said.

“What?! Why would he do that?! What if something goes wrong?!” Sasha shouted and Knife pinched him.

“Quietly please” She said.

“Let’s talk when we get back….wait here after you’re done” Fang told them and they nodded,watching him leave.

“Will he be fine?” Bluey asked the girls,referring to Kaine.

“Don’t worry….the boss always find a way out” Sasha whispered and they continued their shopping.




Bluey groaned out and got down from her bed, she was so worried that it’s driving her crazy already,why the heck is Kaine not back? She already went to his suite about three times but still the same.

She out on her shoes and went out of the room,making sure she locked the door.

The weather was so cold,it might just rain tonight,that made her worries double in her heart. What if something bad has happened to Kaine?

“I know I’m being extra but….I can’t even think straight” She mumbled and slides her hands into the pockets of the hoodie she was wearing,it’s one of the hoodies Kaine gave her.

She was walking and staring at the mobsters also going their own ways, the empire always look even more beautiful in the night,all the lights always make it look so different.

Just then,someone suddenly dragged her back with her hair which made her screen.

“You slut! You must really think you’ve won right!!” Sunny yelled and pushed her to the floor.

The people walking immediately stopped to watch the drama.

Bluey got up and turned to Sunny with a glare.

“I see you’ve gotten bold to glare at me now…you must really think we are on the same level like everyone thinks,you’re going to remain the dirty and filthy slave” Sunny smirked on her face.

Sasha and knife were walking together and they saw that, Knife wanted to move forward but Sasha stopped him.

“She will handle her by herself” Sasha said and Knife stood still,but was looking patient.

More eyes now on Bluey and Sunny.

“You will never be like me no matter how you try, do you get that!” Sunny said. Her plan is to make everyone look down on Bluey,she can never be on the same level as her like Sapphire claimed,never.

“You think anyone want to be in your shoes?” Bluey asked and Sunny frowned.


“I’m not in the mood for this,why not just leave?” Bluey said and turned to leave.

“Hey, I’m not done with you” Sunny grabbed her hand.

“I said I’m not in the mood!!!!” Bluey yelled angrily and threw one heavy punch on Sunny’s cheek with all the strength inside her.

“Ahh!!” A scream came from Sunny as blood splashed out of her mouth.

Everyone gasped in shock.

Sunny fell flat on the ground,her lips landed on Bian’s shoes,kissing it in the process.

“Oops…Sorry but you’re not my type” Bian said and removed his shoe from her lips,then she kissed something white on the floor,the smell was irritating,her tongue also touched it.

“What….what is that?” Someone suddenly asked.

👥 What the heck…..Bird poop!!!!!!

Sunny’s eyes went shut and lost her consciousness.

Bluey gulped,,,,seeing Sunny fainting..that means she might be in trouble…never,,she can’t take the blame,,never,they are in this together.

Without thinking twice,she also fell on the ground and fainted.

👥 Bluey!!!