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The room was silent until Kaine finished putting on the shoe for Bluey and dropped her legs,he stood up properly and Bluey also got up from the couch.

“I’m….thank you for the shoes” She bowed.

Kaine said nothing and made to walk away.

“I’m sorry for what I said!” Bluey immediately spoke up loud and he paused,then faced her again.

“Don’t cross the line Bluey” He uttered calmly and Bluey bit her lips.

“Leave” He added.

“I’m sorry” Bluey apologized again with a bow and picked up her old shoes, their eyes met again and she still apologized before walking away.

Kaine was walking over to the wine cellar when he heard Fang’s voice making him stop walking again.

“Boss” Fang bowed and walked over to him.

“Is there a problem?” Kaine asked.

“The boss is here” Fang told him and instantly Axe showed up, Kaine raised his brows as his eyes fell on Axe who was also staring at him coldly.

“We need to talk” Axe said.

“You can go Fang” Kaine ordered and Fang immediately went out,leaving just the two guys facing each other with not a nice expression on their faces.

“You must really be enjoying the way you’re deceiving everyone with your game” Axe said with a smirk.

Kaine said nothing and slides his two hands into his pockets,listening to Axe.

“When did you start getting close with Sapphire? You really think I’m going to fall for this? What the f-__-k are you planning exactly?!” Axe half yelled.

“Do you think you’re allowed to come here anytime you want?” Kaine asked icely,glaring at him hardly.

Axe scoffed and chuckled.

“It’s like you’ve forgotten who the boss here is…I f-__-king own this empire!! You’re just like a plant here!! Do you understand?!!” Axe yelled.

“Are you done?” Kaine asked Axe fold his fist ready to punch his face.

“You know what might come next if you raise that hand up” Kaine said and Axe scoffed.

“You can continue playing your games,but I’m going to show you how I get her back to my side,I will do that” Axe said.

Kaine nodded.

“Okay….you can do that…..If you can” he muttered.

Axe glared lastly before storming out of the suite,Kaine rolled his eyes and went into the bedroom.




“So…how was your date with Alex last night?” Knife asked as she joined Sasha where she was having a drink alone.

“Wait, I called for B, she should be here soon,unless she lost her way” Sasha said.

“I don’t think Bluey knows this place,you should have went for her” Knife chuckled,also pouring for herself out of the wine Sasha was drinking.

A minute later, Bluey came into the lounge looking quite confused as if to be sure if she got the right place.

“Hey Bluey! Over here!” Knife and Sasha waved their hands and she smiled brightly before walking over to them.

“Wow,I love your shoes” Knife said at once.

“Thanks” Bluey smiled.

“They really look good on you, I love the color,looks expensive” Sasha mumbled.

“Thank You” Bluey blushed,she was praying inwardly for them not to ask where she got it from and they didn’t ask…because what would she tell them? That Kaine got them for her? She personally believes Kaine wouldn’t want her to say that either.

“Sit down here” Knife tapped on the seat between her and Sasha and Bluey immediately sat down.

“A drink?” Sasha asked and Bluey nodded.

“Don’t worry,it doesn’t contain alcohol,it’s free” Sasha assured.

“How was your outing last night?” Bluey asked impatiently and Sasha laughed.

“Why are you two so interested in that?” She asked.

“Of course why not…just spill the beans please” Knife groaned and Sasha cleared her throat before she started telling them the whole story,how Alex took her to a fancy restaurant and how she was screaming excitedly when he got her ice cream because she haven’t had one in a while. How he drove along the pretty highway and how she felt so happy,till they arrived back in the empire.

“Wow…he’s so cool..awwwn” Knife said and Sasha smiled.

Bluey on the other hand was only thinking if she’s ever going to experience all that…can Kaine ever take her out of the empire to have fun? Sounds impossible.

“So what happened when you two came back? The story can’t end there” Knife said.

“He pecked my lips” Sasha muttered and Knife frowned.

“What? Just that?”

Sasha nodded and went ahead to share the story of how Kael came in and they made out.

“What?!” Bluey and Knife screamed out unbelievably.

“I know…..I was shocked as well. I was definitely crazy,it won’t happen again” Sasha mumbled.

“You shouldn’t do that….Alex will be heartbroken” Bluey mumbled.

“You don’t even know them” Knife teased and Sasha laughed.

“But I can feel it…Alex seems to like her alot” Bluey said softly and Knife nodded in agreement.

“Kael told me that as well” Sasha chuckled.

“Why would they like me tho? I’m not that great” she muttered.

“But I like Alex more” Knife Said.

“Me too” Bluey said

“I’m not dating anyone right now, I’m not ready for that. Not just this place…..I prefer us as friends…but he’s willing to wait” Sasha mumbled.

“You’re blushing” Knife said.

“No I’m not” Sasha immediately snapped and they laughed.

Billie came in with Lupa and Gelato and they frowned immediately they saw Bluey.

“Who said a maid is allowed in here?” Lupa glared.

“Bluey is not a maid,are you senseless?” Knife snapped.

“Then what is she? If she’s as important as Sunny is…then she shouldn’t be wearing those rags anymore” Gelato said and Lupa laughed.

Bluey pressed her lips together and got down from her seat.

“Bluey stay,you’re not going anywhere” Sasha said.

“No…I just remember I have something to do” Bluey said and immediately walked away.

Sasha glared at the three girls.

“Are you picking a fight? How dare you say that $h|t to her?!” She shouted.

“The only $h|t here is her…you sure she doesn’t stink? Wearing those uniform every d@mn time…..”

Knife pushed Sasha off her way and slapped Lupa on the face angrily.

“Hey!! Are you crazy?!” Gelato yelled.

“You might want to fight” Sasha spoke up and Lupa made to go forward, Billie grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

Lupa looked at her.

“Sluts” Knife spat before walking away, Sasha followed also.

“Why did you hold my hand?!” Lips shouted at Billie and threw her hsnd off.

“You know you can’t win any of them” Billie said

“Are you scared of them or you just can’t support us like you always do with Sapphire and Sunny?” Gelato asker and Billie frowned.

“You see I’ve noticed you only treat us like we are nothing,you hang out with Sapphire and Sunny most times and only come to us when we ask for it…do you think so less of us?” Gelato snapped.

“If you think so” Billie muttered.

“Really? If we think so?” Lupa asked again.

“You heard me” Billie muttered.

“Don’t talk to us again” Gelato grabbed Lupa’s hand and dragged her out of the lounge.

“Who said I’m dying to talk to you both?” Billie scoffed.




Bluey entered and met Clara doing some clean up,none of the maids are in sight,just her.

“Working alone?” Bluey asked and Clara smiled.

“I knew you would come…have you eaten?” Clara asked and Bluey shook her head.

“Come here,I left some rice from you” Clara said and Bluey sat down on the nearest table.

Clara dished out the food for her and she began to eat.

“Kaine told me you will start cooking for him… I’m not needed anymore. I just have to prepare wh@ťěver you need to cook” She said and Bluey nodded,trying to swallow the huge bite in her mouth. .

“Take it easy girl” Clara chuckled and gave her a glass of water.

Bluey immediately drank out of it.


“I wonder how you gained his trust so fast ..did you cook something for him?” Clara asked and Bluey nodded while blushing.

“He finished what I served him…everything” She mumbled.

“ you’re trying to say you’re a better Cook?” Clara asked.

“No! Not that!” Bluey immediately said and Clara laughed.

“I’m glad….that’s out of my work then. Thanks Bluey” She said.

“It’s nothing…I love cooking too. I always do the cooking when I was still at the orphanage” Bluey mumbled with a sad face and Clara nodded.

“Do you miss home?” She asked.

“Honestly…if you asked me this few weeks back,I would have teared up while nodding my head…but now…” Bluey shook her head.

“So…what changed?” Clara asked.

Bluey finished chewing before speaking up.

“I want to stay with him….here” She muttered while staring at her fingers and there was silence.

She looked at Clara.

“I sound stupid right? But that’s how I feel right now…and I’m scared…I’m going to be heartbroken definitely,,,,he doesn’t even see me that way” She said.

“You’re right….that word doesn’t exist in Kaine’s world. But as you’ve been doing, continue. Who knows? You might change it completely,just the way he got you shoes” Clara teased and bluey blushed.

“Eat up” Clara said and continue her work while Bluey ate her food in silence as well.




Bluey was just coming from Kaine’s suite after cleaning, she didn’t see Kaine all through anyway,he wasn’t inside.

All of a sudden she saw Sapphire and Sunny before her,glaring as usual. She was already used to their hatred.

“Wait..where did she get those shoes?” Sunny suddenly frowned and Bluey looked back.

Sapphire also checked her legs and more glare came from her.

“Those shoes look too expensive for someone like you to wear,you stole them right?” Sunny asked.

“No I didn’t” Bluey said.

“Where did you get them from then? Where” Sapphire glared.

“I bought the shoes for her,any problem?” Bian popped up and Bluey looked at him…he doesn’t look familiar,who is he?

“Bian? You bought her shoes? Why?” Sunny asked.

“I don’t think I owe you an explanation, stop stop acting like dummies thinking everyone’s as desperate as you are…stole the shoes from who exactly? Have you ever seen these type anywhere?” Bian asked.

“Watch your mouth” Sapphire glare.

“Watch you makeup,it’s washing off already. Peace be unto you” Bian snapped and faced Bluey.

“Let’s go” he smiled and grabbed her hand, Bluey said nothing and immediately followed him without asking questions.

“Who are you?” Bluey asked after they’ve walked some distance away.

“Bian….and you’re Bluey right? B&B” Bian said and Bluey smiled.

“Thanks for saving me” She muttered.

“Anytime, since we are friends now” Bian said.

“Huh? I’m sorry but I can’t make guy friends….”

“Don’t worry….I’m different,the boss won’t get mad” Bian assured.

“Why?” Bluey raised her brows.

“I’m totally not a pervert,I don’t like you in that way either,he sure knows. And he wouldn’t take me serious anyway,nobody takes me serious” Bian chuckled and run his fingers through his hair.

“Why? Are you an high school student?” Bluey stared at his face well.

“What do you mean by high school student?”

“You’re quite younger….you look younger than everyone I’ve seen here” Bluey explained.

“You look young also” Bian scoffed.

“I’m twenty,what about you?” She asked.

“Twenty one” Bian lied.

“Really? You look really young” Bluey said and Bian nodded.

“I get that alot…so friends?” He asked and Bluey nodded.

“Yeah,thanks for saving me earlier” she smiled.

“See you around Second B” Bian winked at her before walking away. He rushed after her again.

“Will you come to the pool party tonight?” He asked.

“There’s going to be a pool party?” Bluey asked and Bian nodded.

“Make sure you show up,I will keep your company” He smiled at her before walking away.

“Wait…” Bluey suddenly paused.

“How come he knows my name?” She asked no one in particular.




Kaine and Axe were seated already when queen mother joined them,one of his guards gave her something like a file and she dropped it on the table.

“I have an assignment for you two…just the both of you” she said.

“What is this about?” Axe asked.

“The coming election” Queen mother said and gestured at the file on the table which Axe took.

“It contains the details of Mr Bodmas..a politician,running for the government election. Our aim is to make him step down from the election….his opponent paid for that so we have to make him do it….either forcing him or if he’s too stubborn,you ki|| him” Queen mother said.

“ki||ing might be better….I don’t have time to thr_@ten anyone” Kaine spoke up and queen mother smiled.

“If you ki|| him, there’s an extra bonus according to our client” She said.

“Then let’s do that…when is it?” Axe questioned.

“Tomorrow…he will be home tomorrow,easier to bring down that way” She replied.

“Cool” Axe said and she nodded.

Kaine got up to leave.

“Kaine,we need to talk” Queen mother called him back and he turned.

“About what?”

“You and your girl….is her name Bluey?” Queen mother asked and Axe made a satisfactory face.

“How many times have you asked Axe about Sunny?” Kaine asked and Axe glared immediately.

“I hope we are both forgetting anything here….she’s a maid,doll or wh@ťěver you call it…for me right? What I do for her,to her is none of anyone’s business,just the way nobody cares about the way Axe f-__-k around…isn’t that right queen mother?” Kaine asked.

“Yeah…right” Queen mother nodded.

“I’m glad you understand me…but then you should let Axe understand also that if he touch what’s mine,,I won’t take it lightly.. I’ve never touched Sunny and I believe we should be fair here as well” Kaine added.

“Stop bringing me into wh@ťěver you’re saying!!” Axe yelled.

“I need to tell her so she won’t complain when I f-__-k you up!!” Kaine yelled back.

“What? How dare you talk to me like that” Axe made to rush toward him.

“Axe!!” Queen mother yelled and he stopped….breathing hard as he glared at Kaine.

This was all his plans…getting queen mother completely to his side.

“Criminal” Axe mumbled and Kaine smirked at him.

“You can go Kaine… one is going to hurt her,I’ve never heard you do nothing to Sunny,so Axe doesn’t have any right to touch her either,,you can do wh@ťěver you want for her as well”

“Well said” Kaine muttered and walked out without saying more.

Fang immediately bowed when he got outside.

“So….how did it go?” He asked.

“I don’t care about $h|t anymore,,,they entered my trap the moment she asked me about Bluey,,from now I’m doing wh@ťěver I want without hiding shits” Kaine said and Fang smiled.




Clara was arranging for the maids who will be serving the mobsters at the pool party while Bluey watched on another side.

“Bluey,you told” Clara suddenly faced her and her eyes widened.

“Me? Really?”

“Yes” Clara said and Bluey smiled.

She joined the other maids walking to the pool arena and soon they approached,she could hear the loud music playing from there until finally they entered where the party was going on.

Bluey gasps,it’s first time seeing the pool in the empire,it was so big and the water look so blue and attractive,she seriously was tempted to just dive into the water and swim.

The party was in full swing, with the night air electric and the music pumping. The atmosphere was vibrant and carefree, filled with laughter and splashing water. Everyone was having a blast, letting loose and enjoying the moment.

The guys were looking so d@mn hot, the girls also looking segzy,rocking their bikinis with their banging bodies.

Some were dancing in the pool, their bodies glistening with water droplets as they moved to the beat. Others were lounging around, sipping Ç0çƙtails and enjoying the spectacle. The sound of splashing water and laughter filled the air, creating a joyful and lively atmosphere.

Amidst the revelry, Kaine and Axe sat at separate seats, just chilling at an angle,Sunny was seated on Axe’s laps,they’ve been kissing and making out since the party started,while Kaine was just sitting,smoking,Sapphire was beside him but he wasn’t giving her attention she needed.

“You look so f-__-king segzy” Alex told Sasha.

“Thanks” Sasha smiled.

Kael was sitting at the pool edge,staring at them jealously.

Bian was also there staring at Knife who wasn’t even looking at her until Risky pushed him into the water.

“f-__-k you!” Bian shouted.

Risky laughed and jumped inside as well.

Bian saw Bluey as he immediately waved at her.

“Hi” Bluey waved back…he took a glass of champagne from her.

“Since when did you started talking to her?” Risky asked beside him.

“Not your business” Bian snapped.

“It’s not even my fault that your crush doesn’t have your time,why are you harsh toward me?” Risky teased and Bian glared at him.

“I’m sorry….” He apologized and ended up laughing again.

Meanwhile,as if luck wasn’t on Bluey’s side again,she was asked to join the maids serving Kaine and Axe,as soon as she got there her eyes locked with Kaine’s own but she immediately looked away,not when Sapphire was trying her best to flirt with him.

“You’re here again” Sapphire waved at Bluey, Axe also glanced at her shortly but said nothing.

Sunny started kissing him again and Bluey couldn’t help but wish that was her on Kaine’s laps,but it was that same moment Sapphire got up from her seat and sat down on Kaine’s laps, Bluey took her lips in.

“Wine” Kaine raised his empty glass.

“Oh” Bluey immediately walked over to him and took the wine bottle,she poured the wine into Kaine’s glass and dropped it again.

She wanted to return to her position but Kaine got hold of her skirt gently which made her turn,the maids there also stared curiously.

“Here” Kaine tapped his laps and Bluey gave him a confused look.

“Get up Sapphire” Kaine mumbled.

Axe and Sunny turned their faces,including the maids and guards behind them..he just chased Sapphire off his laps.


“Get up” He repeated and Sapphire stood up from his Laps.

“Come here” Kaine grabbed Bluey’s hand and her butt landed on his laps.

Loud Gasps followed.

“Master” Bluey froze as all eyes fell on her,,Sapphire glaring like she would ki|| and Bluey was almost shaking with fear.

She tried getting up but Kaine wrapped his hand around her waist instead.

Louder gasps filled the air.