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That evening

Daniel was already in his chamber with Ace, discussing his marriage with Diamond.

“She’s not that ill, all you have to do is take her home and she will get better,” he said to Ace who nodded.

Ace grimmest, Daniel has no idea why he was marrying Diamond. She was young and fresh, just what he needed, the day he touched her âss he knew she was soft and fluffy.

It’d been for a brief moment but he knew what he felt, it was like she was meant for him and he sure knows with time she will have no other choice than to love him after all women are meant to live their husband.

“The priest might be waiting, I shall go call upon her and have them bring her to you so the wedding will begin without wasting so much of your time,” Daniel said calmly.

One would happen no he’s the one coming to marry, instead acting like a man who’s daughter is getting married, he’s acting as though he’s actually the one marrying his daughter

The things Ace was supposed to do was now his duty with desperation write boldly on his forehead.

Picking up his coffee mug, he took a sip from it then sat it back on the glass table in front of him.

He rose to his feet and Ace did the same, he took his waiting stick, waiting for Daniel to Walk out before he follows but Daniel gestured for him to go first and he did.

They walked out of Daniels study and into the hallway, Daniel was so happy throughout the walk back to Lady Gaga’s bedchamber.

Finally he will have legitimate kids, one to take over all his possessions, what could be more than knowing you have kids that will keep the legacy?


Meanwhile Viscount Richard was trying to make his way into the Castle but the guards position at the front gate didn’t let him.

“Get the fûçk out of my way,” he bellowed then shoved at the first guard.

He staggered backwards but another guard quickly stood on the way, Grey quickly came forward, he didn’t even bother to banter words with the gaurds he launched at first guard.

Knocking him down while Viscount Richard Punch the one in front of him.

Four others came rushing at them and Viscount Richard didn’t even budge, he charged at them also.

The first one to get close punch him but he ducked by shifting his head to the side, retaliating with an uppercut, the guards flew high above, landing with a thud.

Viscount Richard staggered, turn’s out another guard kicked him from behind.

He twisted himself instantly and that was exactly when the same guards made to kick him again but Richard caught his leg, flipping him over like the open page of a textbook.

He dropped with a louder thud, groaning in pain, glancing back he noticed Grey already took care of the remaining two so he stepped the guards by the side and into the Castle

The bell went off immediately he stepped foot into the castle, alarming others guards and everyone in the household.

Viscount Richard and His headguard Grey glanced at each other.

“I think you should go, I will take it up from here,” Richard said

Grey shook his head negatively.

“I already sworn my loyalty to you, you own my life now my Lord,” he declared

Even though Viscount Richard knew what Grey said was the truth, he still didn’t want he young man to dîè just cos of him. He has his own life to live and he still needs to grow his family


“Freeze!!!” More than 20 guards came rushing from their right, holding long shinning swords, the surface glittering in the dimmed light of the castle.

Turning to the side Viscount Richard noticed another number of guards, they were completely surrounded without any escape root.

“To what do I owe this visit Viscount,” Daniels voice cut through the air.

Viscount Richard maintained a straight face, he watched as the guards in front of him path way, making way for Daniel who was alone.

By his side was Viscount Ace who’s had a menacing look on his face.

Deep down Richard have come to ruin things for him again, can’t the little boy fo home?

“Viscount,” Daniel called, stopping just few seets from Viscount Richard.

“Duke Daniel,” Viscount Richard take a step forward.

“I love your daughter….”

“The fûçk! Have you gone insane?” Viscount Ace spats, stepping furiously towards Viscount Richard.

How dare the little boy? Diamond was his to fûçk, he wants her in his bed and nothing will stop that from happening?

Richard snorts.

“Leave this minute,” Daniel pointed towards the door.

Thought Deamon already challenged him? Why the fûçk is he here when the duel is yet to take place?

“I won’t fight for someone another man will marry,” Viscount Richard said the only one that came into his mind.

Seriously he didn’t want Ace to marry Diamond, he didn’t even want to imagine.

“You’re in no position to tell me who to marry my daughter off to,” Daniel sneered, already pissed off at the young man.

“You have the fûçk….” Dan lunged at Viscount Richard, gripping him by his collar.

“How dare you? You think my sister is a joke? Didn’t Deamon make it clear to you not to come here?” Dan asked all in one word, squeezing tighter on Richard’s collar as though to strangle him.

“Brother,” a tiny feminine voice suddenly break through the crowdy hallway, make I everyone to look towards the direction of the voice but sadly they couldn’t see anyone

Richard felt his heart leap triumphantly, he knew the voice, he recognizes it as his diamond’s voice. He knew she was getting better

“Brother,” the voice called again, this time the owner was standing right behind Dan.

He place a palm on Dan’s shoulder, stroking it gently.

“Brother please,” the same voice added

Dan didn’t even know what was happening, his sister was sick the last time he saw her so how come she’s calling his name and walking, she’s even stroking his back

Diamond was ill and couldn’t even lift a fork.

“Sister,” he let go of Viscount Richard, held his sister in both shoulders checking her out.

“Brother,” Diamond called sweetly and he pulled her into a tight embrace.

He’d thought he would lose her to dêâth, the way she looked, unable to talk and…. And … Oh, sister!

They disengage from their embrace and he cupped her face.

“But how?” Dan asked curiously, he needed answers.

“Pen, she’s evil,” she said simply, she was tempted to tell her brother everything but not just now, she has Viscount Richard to get lose from her family’s ties.

Stepping by the side, she glanced up at Viscount Richard.

“Viscount,” she called softly

“My lady,” Viscount Richard took her palm, turning the back of her palm he placed a gentle kiss on it

“You moron!” Ace gritted his teeth, he dashed forward to break Richards head with his stick but he didn’t know when he stepped on Princess Luxury’s dress.

His foots left the ground and the next thing he knew was seeing himself flying and landing on the ground with a double thud.

The snapping sound of his waist bone echoing off the hall, pain radiated through him in a wave of heat.

For a brief moment he couldn’t tell what just happened, but the next minute, all the pain that left his body came flying back.

Lewis was still waiting outside oblivious of what’s happening inside when he noticed a red BMW driving out.

He’d seen the same car some day and it was driven by Penelope

He spring to his feet, not even bothered to dust his pants.

“I will expose you, you think it’s over? You think you have gotten away with it? Not cos I will tell the world!!” Lewis yelled

Penelope who’s inside the car stepped on the break, she took in a deep breathe wondering if she should just finished Lewis off or not?

She has let the guys slide on many things, I guess it’s time for hunt.

She held the car handle, she took the gun in her purse, alighting from the car unknown to her that Lewis had a gun in his waist.