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“What’s going on? What happened to mother? Let me go I command you!! let me go! I am your Lord!!”

“Mother! Mother!!!!”


“He watched his mother dîé right before his very young eyes and his brother Dan was peeping from the door outside, from that day everything about him changed, he loathe his father and dedicate all his life’s to his siblings especially Diamond,” she finished, wiping her with her right thumb before swapping them away with her palms.

Princess Luxury who has been standing by the door finally held the door handle when she felt the woman was done speaking.

Everything was too much; she just didn’t understand how Deamons mothers dêâth has anything to do with her baby.

Why would he kîll her baby? Just cos his mother dîêd during childbirth doesn’t mean he should hold grudge against innocent children that did nothing to him.

“I’m sorry,” lady Gaga’s voice broke through the thick air, coursing her to remember her pain once more.

“I know it’s hard,” she took a cautious step forward

“I have lost three and you’re right when you said I wasn’t your Mother, I’m not truly but I can be your friend,” she paused now standing in front of her.

Her eyes not leaving Luxury’s.

“I hope someday when you calm yourself, you will get to understand that love is the greatest gift,” Lady Gaga walked past her and out of the room.

Princess Luxury didn’t say a word, she kept standing there and staring into empty space.

Penelope paced back and forth in her chamber, deep in thought.

How dare Lewis? How dare an ordinary Clark boy thr_@ten her? She was a noble lady and she’s to be respected by all.

She was soon to be lady Arnold and Should be respect at all times. Just cos the fóól gave her a child he now thinks he got something on her.

She has stayed low for so long, I guess is time she play her own games, she doesn’t need to wait upon Hazel again.

She nodded a sign of relief, walking out of her chamber

Diamond was trying to reach the cup of water in top of the center table four feet away from her when she heard the door crack.

Hope flashed in her eyes instantly, finally, someone who’s gonna give her drinking water was around and she doesn’t have to struggle anymore.

“Bîtch,” Penelope’s voice ran through the door, she pushed it open as though the door was the reason behind her sadness.

“When are you dying? You are supposed to dîè now so what’s keeping you?” She asked, her eye not leaving Diamonds

Getting close, she grabbed Diamonds hair then pulled her closer.

“Dîê! dîê fool….”

“Let her go!” Another voice echoed through the room.

Princess Luxury strode to them, Penelope released Diamond then scoffed.

“She’s not dying anytime soon so better fûçk off, you don’t want me to send you to your own early grave,” Princess Luxury said, standing up to her.

Her face showing no emotions at all, with the pain in her heart all she truly wants is to deal with anyone who wants to kîll someone especially Diamond.

She didn’t know why she suddenly liked the girl after their encounter before she fall ill.

“This isn’t over, we shall see to the very last,” Penelope walked away, bumping her shoulders into princess Luxury.

Swiftly, princess Luxury swing her hand around, grabbed her by the hair then pulled backwards.

Ready to slam her head against the wall nearby but….

“Enough!!” Lady Gaga shunned seriously.

Princess Luxury released her hold on Penelope then walked over to the single chair in the room, Settling down on it.

Penelope walked out while Lady Gaga stood staring at Princess Luxury, after a few minutes she turned around and walked away.

The room became dêâd silent.

Five minutes passed without princess Luxury nor Diamond saying a word to each other.

Princess Luxury sat up straighter, she glanced at Diamond thinking back on what Lady Gaga told her and why Deamon loves her so dearly.

Diamond pointed at something just by the door and princess luxury glanced back.

“What’s that?” She asked, getting up from the Couch, she walked over and picked up the little bottle.

It was more like a child feeding bottle but smaller than that of a child’s own.

It actually dropped from Penelope when she walked out from the room.

Princess Luxury kept it on the table but she picked it up again, now going through the label.

“Heard she was with child, how dare you harm an innocent child? That was supposed to be my grandchild… You could have just married her!” Daniel rasped, pointing fingers at Demon.

Lord Demon didn’t say a word, he just stood there motionless as though he wasn’t being spoken to by his father.

“What where you thinking? You brother has whores and bastards around him and the only legitimate child I could get from you, you throw it away…..”

“I will never give you a child, not even by mistake,” Lord Deamon fired back, meaning every word coming out from hus mouth.

“You!!!” Duke Daniel spring to his feet, striking him instantly but Lord Deamon blocked his fist then pushed him back on his chair.

His eyes flashing with barely contained fury, he has heard enough from his father and he doesn’t give a shît anymore

“If you fûçking raise your d@mn hand at me again as though I’m yours, I will make sure you don’t leave to tell the story of legitimacy,” Lord Deamon thr_@tened, his chest raising and falling

The sound of his tooth clattering against each other echoed off the room as both men engage in a stare down.

Their raze sharp gaze could cut a glass.

Lord Demon turned around, walking out of his father’s chamber and Daniel gritted his teeth


he regrets giving birth to Deamon, how dare the boy? He was gonna dîê without legitimate child, never, he can’t allow that

“Calvin!!? Calvin!!!” He yelled out loud, banging his fist against the table in front of him

His footman rushed in

“Your Grace,” he lowered himself instantly.

“Send a message across to Viscount Ace, the wedding shall hold tonight,” he ordered.

The footman bowed again and left


“my Lord, she’s getting married tomorrow evening,” Grey announced as he walked through the door.

Viscount Richard who’s going through the record of lands, cattles, and houses people occupied didn’t even raise his head to look at him.

“Brother,” the front door opened again

A tail handsome young gentleman stepped in, he was dressed in a noble attire very epitome of class and distinction.

The crisp, ivory fabric of his shirt was layered beneath a fine waistcoat of deep crimson velvet, cut with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel and accented with delicate gold embroidery.

A sartorial masterpiece.

Breeches of supple leather hugged his legs, the lustrous material giving way to polished, black boots that gleamed in the soft light of the study room.

A jacket of midnight blue, tailored to perfection, draped across his shoulders, the folds falling in effortless waves.

Viscount Richard raised his head, narrowing his eyes at the sight in front of him.

Now he knew his father was serious when he said he sent for his younger brother.

“Brother,” The young man called again, settling down on the Couch without being told then he reach for the bowel on the center table and took one apple from it.

“Heard you’re going to perish,” he said mockingly.

Viscount Richard totally ignored him, he glanced at his headguard

“Who’s getting married?” He asked calmly.

He will have time for his brother, he already wrote an appeal and will be submitting it so there won’t be any need for a fîght.

“Ms Arnold, the Duke sent out invitations again and this time the wedding will hold,” Grey replied

Viscount Richard felt like he didn’t hear him correctly, the only sound in his head was sounds of drumbeat

The fûçk is getting married? Na! He will never allow that.

He grabbed his coat from his chair headrest, heading out instantly.

The fûçk is getting married? He’s gonna marry Diamond and he doesn’t care what her father thinks, if Deamon wants a fight then hes gonna have it.

“Be careful brother, anyway s I’m here to claim father’s possessions,” his brother laughed, taking another bite from his apple.

“Brother,” Dan called as he strode in through the door.

Strangely there were no smoke of cigarettes lingering in the air, no bottles of liquor, just his elder brother in front of his MacBook

How strange!!

“Brother,” he called, tapping Deamon on his shoulder.

“I’m trying to work so do not touch me,” Deamon said seriously.

Dan has always known him as a no nonsense man but something about him was odd.

“Brother, the Viscount request your presence,”Dan informed.

“Just leave,” Lord Deamon ordered, not ready for chit chat, the only thing he wants is to know why things haven’t been working his won way.

Even though he didn’t want a child, he still wants to know who kîllêd Luxury’s child.

He felt as though haven’t been going his own way and he needed to make things right.


“Leave us,” A feminine voice suddenly sounded and they both turned to check where the voice was coming from only to see Princess Luxury walking in.

Her expression blank, showing no emotions at all. Dan glanced from one person to another, with a nod he walked out of the room.

Deamon resume watching the footage in front of him while Princess Luxury strode delicately towards him.

With each sway of her hips, he felt is whole body vibrate, needing, wanting to hold her, to claim her, to make her scream his names until there is nothing more to screamed again.

Fûçk, now he must confess that she gave him a deadly kiss cos no one has ever brought his to his knees.

“Why?” She asked, now standing in front of him, arms crossed in front of her

She needed answers, he kîllêd her baby and she needed to Know why? Was it because of what happened to his mother that made him resent innocent kids that did nothing to him?

Why was he the way he was? So cruel and ruthless.

“Tell me why,”

“I didn’t harm your child and I have my reasons for not wanting to have kids….”

“Reasons? You mean the promise you made to your father?” She asked, cutting him off.

His eyes narrowed but it was only for a brief moment.

“Keeping a promise to a man who doesn’t give a shît about what you think? Harming innocent kids that did nothing to you….”

“You have no idea!!” He yelled, his tone switching instantly.

“Then make me!!” She retorted, glaring painfully at him with tears in her eyes.

She can’t remember the last time she cried.

“Tell me are you satisfied now? Huh? What did I ever do to you? What did kids ever do to you…”

“Leave!” He cut her off, feed up her.

His patience was hanging by a trade and he might lose it any moment from now.

“I’m done with this conversation so leave….”

“No, I refuse to be cast away,” she shook her head negatively.

She wanted answers so she’s gonna get it before she leaves this chamber

“You cannot caste me away without telling me what I want to hear, did you or did you not kîll my child out of your own selfish interest?”

“I LOVE YOU!!!!” He suddenly yelled, shocking them both.

How he said that, he didn’t know. Why he said that, he didn’t know but all he knows was that he said it and he didn’t regret it…..