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“I see what’s going on. You badly want me to punish you, and I will help you with that,” Alejandro leaned back in his chair.

“All of you leave and don’t come back until I say so,” he ordered the maids, who promptly obeyed.

Camila watched the maids leave from the corner of her eye. Her heart skipped a beat as she wondered what Alejandro would do, but she remained glued to her chair. No matter what happened, she had decided not to show any sign of intimidation in front of him.

When no traces of the maids could be found, Alejandro stood up from his seat and moved in front of Camila. She stared back at him with a daring look. Suddenly, he grabbed her by the neck and roughly pulled her up.

Camila tried to process what was happening or where they were going until her back harshly hit the wall.

“You’ve been so stubborn. I should put you in your place,” he said, forcing one of his hands into her mouth. Despite her resistance, he made sure his hand went deep into her throat. She struggled to breathe and began to choke.

He removed his hand, her saliva trailing from his fingers. With his spare hand, he lifted her dress above her hips. The cool air hit her legs, but his focus was on her black lace P@ŋtîēṣ. Without hesitation, he slipped his hand underneath them, touching her bare p@zzy.

Camila gasped, her mouth staying open as his hand moved inside her, touching her slowly at first. Her hands gripped the gold pillar beside her, but it wasn’t enough to keep her from almost falling.

“Recite the rules I gave you,” he ordered, still gripping her neck as his hand worked inside her. One of his fingers entered her p@zzy.

Camila couldn’t reply. The sensation of his finger inside her was making her head spin.

“I said, recite my rules,” he demanded, tightening his grip on her neck.

“Rule number one: don’t touch what isn’t yours,” Camila managed to say.

“Number two,” he prompted, adding another finger and moving faster.

“What happens in the Ruiz estate stays in the Ruiz estate,” she said, her breathing labored, her legs trembling. She knew she would fall if Alejandro’s hand wasn’t holding her in place.

“Number three,” he added another finger, and her eyes rolled back.

“Rule number three: I shouldn’t touch you under any circumstances,” she said, barely coherent.

“Number four,” he tried to add a fourth finger, but she was too tight to accommodate him.

“Alejandro…” Camila pleaded, unsure if she wanted him to stop or continue.

“Number four!” he repeated, slapping her p@zzy.

“Don’t meddle in any of your affairs or business,” Camila’s head was spinning, and he was moving faster than ever.

“Last rule,” he demanded.

“I shouldn’t break the rules, or I will face the consequences,” she gasped.

“And what are the consequences?” Alejandro felt her walls tighten around his fingers. She was about to Com.

“You said you would f_ck me so hard that I would wish I never broke the rules or thought of breaking them,” Camila replied. Alejandro buried his face in the side of her neck as he moved his fingers faster.

“Don’t hold back. Let me have it,” he ordered, and Camila allowed herself to Com on his fingers. Her eyes saw stars for a few seconds until the 0rg@zm subsided.

Alejandro released her neck, and she collapsed on the floor, a breathing mess.

“Is this punishment enough for you, or do I need to try harder next time?” he asked.

Camila did not reply; she couldn’t bring herself to look at his face.

“Get yourself cleaned up and meet me in the car,” Alejandro said. He walked to the table, cleaned his hands with a napkin, and left.

Camila didn’t know how long she sat on the floor, but eventually, she had to stand up and get dressed. She couldn’t believe she let him touch her like that, and she couldn’t believe she also enjoyed it, even if she tried not to admit it.



“Isa!!” Gloria and Abby rushed to hug Isabella the moment they saw her. She held their shoulders as they walked to their lockers.

“Girl, I’m hearing some rumors about you and want to confirm them personally,” Abby started, her valley girl accent drawing out her words.

“What did you hear?” Isabella asked.

“That you hurt someone and will be suspended for a month,” Gloria said.

Isabella rolled her eyes. “Yesterday was hell for me. A new girl came in and thought she could steal everything I’ve worked hard to achieve in this school. Miss Abigail sent me to sit with Brett,” Isabella said, squeezing her face as she recalled the previous day.

“Brett, that poor scholarship boy?” Gloria asked in disgust, and Isabella nodded.

“But to be honest, Valeria is actually smoking hot, and she has the latest Chanel bag,” Chappelle piped in.

“Didn’t Dad say he wouldn’t get you a Chanel bag?” Abby asked, her eyes wide.

“She also said she has a Debbie Wingham bag collection in her closet,” Chappelle added, causing Isabella to glare at her.

👥 Cyber boys are here today!!!

👥 Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Someone pinch me; I’m going crazy!!!

👥 Oh my God, Ace changed his hair!!!

👥 Elijah is so hot!!!

👥 Marry me, Easton!!!

👥 I love you, Elijah!!!

👥 Alan, your jacket is fire!!

👥 I watched your live stream yesterday, Jeff. I’m so proud of you!!

It’s not nothing. It’s just five hot guys who grouped themselves because they have one thing in common: gaming.

Elijah, Ace, Easton, Alan, and Jeff run the cyber team. They have been to several game shows and live streams and never fail to return with an award.

The boys are recognized everywhere but they go to school at Briarwood. Elijah is the leader of the group and the hottest. He’s tall enough to be a high school dream guy, and he has a cute smile that drives the girls crazy.

Ace is a hot Asian guy. Black is his favorite color, and he gives off hot goth vibes with his straight hair covering his eyes. He loves rings so much that he pierced his ears, nose, lips, tongue, and even his belly button.

Easton is the playful guy. Apart from gaming, he is also a model and the tallest guy in the group. He has been on several magazine covers and banners, even on the school advertisement banner.

Alan is another handsome member who loves tattoos more than his life. His neck, arms, and chest are covered in tattoos, adding to his hotness.

Jeff loves to be random and casual, but wherever he goes, he’s always chewing gum.

Isabella focused her eyes on Elijah. They were all dressed hotly, but it was only Elijah she could see. Jeff took a bubble gum out of his pocket and threw it towards the crowd of girls, who began fighting over it, including Gloria and Abby.

Elijah’s eyes met Isabella’s, and he smiled at her, showing off his dimples. The moment was brief before he looked away. The students noticed and began talking.

👥 Elijah just smiled at Isabella!

👥 How is she still alive after that!

👥 I’m so jealous right now!

👥 If he even looked at me, I might collapse out of excitement!

Isabella might be standing, but her system had stopped working as she tried to process the fact that Elijah, the boy she had been crushing on for two years, finally smiled at her.



“My pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Ruiz,” a businessman said, shaking hands with Alejandro after they both stepped out of an empty but exquisite building.

“Anytime,” Alejandro replied.

“I will get going now,” the man said, leaving with his personal assistant and security men.

Diego escorted Alejandro to his car and began driving back to the company.

“Boss, we received a mail early this morning from the elite business gala. Should we accept their invitation?” Diego asked.

“Hmm,” Alejandro nodded while going through his phone.

“They made a new condition, boss. The ticket to the gala is a date. They are strictly enforcing a no-date, no-entry policy,” Diego reported.

“Do you think that’s a problem for me? I have a wife now,” Alejandro rolled his eyes, and Diego nodded.

“Contact Mason Delgado and tell him I will be coming with my wife to book measurements for matching outfits,” Alejandro ordered.

“Sure thing, boss,” Diego nodded before speeding up the car a little more.

They arrived at the company, and Alejandro requested for Camila to report to his office. She came in within a few minutes.

“You called for me?” She didn’t look at him as she asked.

“Get ready, we are going out in a few minutes,” he told her.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“Want me to lock you here and punish you again for questioning me?” he replied, raising an eyebrow to show he was serious.

Camila glared at him. She had been trying hard to avoid him and not think about what happened earlier. She nodded and left the office.

She returned a few minutes later, and they both went to the car. The driver opened the door for them while they both sat in the back. Camila kept looking out the window.

“Why are you avoiding me? Can’t get this morning out of your mind?” he teased.

Camila rolled her eyes.

“It’s not that deep, and I don’t wish to look at your ugly face,” she scoffed but stiffened when she felt his hand on her thigh.

“You always want to break my rules because you like it when I touch you, but we have something important to do right now,” he said, squeezing her thigh before letting go.

The car stopped at D•S Styles, one of the biggest fashion design companies. The driver opened the door for Alejandro and Camila.

“Come with me,” Alejandro said, taking Camila’s hand as they headed inside. One thing about D•S Styles is they always have paparazzi at their estate.

The cameras clicked as Alejandro and Camila walked in. Alejandro, used to the attention, walked gracefully while holding his wife possessively.

“Welcome, Mr. Ruiz. Mr. Delgado is expecting you. This way, please,” a woman said, escorting them inside.

They reached an office. She went in and came out before opening the door for them.

“Mason, long time no see,” Alejandro said, shaking hands with Mason, who was no longer wearing his mask.

“Welcome, Alejandro, and congratulations on your marriage. Alvin passed your message about needing a design for an outfit,” Mason said as he and Alejandro began discussing, while Camila listened, wondering about the event Mason was referring to.

After some discussion, Mason asked Summer to lead them to the tailor room, where measurements were taken. Alejandro talked to Mason for a few more minutes before they both shook hands and left.

“What event? Why aren’t you telling me anything?” Camila demanded as they both stepped out of D•S Styles.

“Even if I don’t tell you, you will still go with me. But if it will make you feel better, it’s a business event for tycoons,” Alejandro replied as the driver opened the car door for them.

“And why should I go with you?”

“You’re my wife. You should promote yourself, or your family will lose,” Alejandro replied and stepped inside.

“What difference would it make, anyway?” Camila mumbled, entering the car as they drove to their destination.



The building is huge, about 60-100 floors, just like Ruiz Royal Estate. Inside the boardroom, a presentation was going on, and the clients were listening, including the CEO himself, Rafael Marcus.

He was sitting, but one could tell he had a built body. His face was shaped with a strong jawline, his hair properly gelled, matching his good-looking facial features.

The presentation ended, and everyone clapped.

“That would be all for today. We will meet again tomorrow,” Rafael said, standing up. He was tall, about six foot two.

With his hands in his pockets, he made his way to his office. His phone beeped, and he took it out. Someone had sent him more than twenty pictures in a folder labeled “Ruiz Building Plans.”

Rafael smirked.

💍💍 TBC 💍💍